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Chapter 1718 - Reincarnation Integration

After a long time, Qing Lin frowned. He withdrew his divine sense from the All-Seer’s avatar’s soul and returned it to Wang Lin.

“There is nothing wrong… This soul is no different from other avatar souls, and it is very weak. It could die at any time.”

“You also can’t find it.” Wang Lin pondered a bit before saying, “How about this: I’ll merge with it and your divine sense will enter my body to see if there is any change to my essences.”

Qing Lin nodded.

Allowing someone else’s divine sense to enter his body while he was completely immersed in fusing with the All-Seer’s avatar soul was very dangerous. If the other party had any ill intent, it would greatly harm Wang Lin.

However, Wang Lin trusted Qing Lin. Although they hadn’t spent much time together, given all that had happened between them, it was enough to obtain his trust.

Qing Lin felt very emotional toward Wang Lin’s words. He understood Wang Lin and knew how cautious Wang Lin was. Hearing Wang Lin say such words showed how much Wang Lin trusted him.

Wang Lin didn’t speak more and sat down before Qing Lin. Before him was the All-Seer’s avatar’s soul. He closed his eyes and his mind entered the All-Seer’s avatar’s soul to fuse with it.

Qing Lin’s eyes shined on the side and he wiped away all distraction in his mind. His divine sense entered Wang Lin and carefully looked around. This caused Qing Lin to tremble, and his eyes were filled with disbelief.

“Seven essences!! Before, I heard he had six essences. Six is already unimaginable, but now there are seven!! How exactly did Wang Lin cultivate to have seven essences? This… This is simply too amazing!” Qing Lin took a deep breath and looked at Wang Lin with shock in his eyes.

However, what shocked him even more was that when his divine sense entered Wang Lin, he not only felt the essences, but also another power that made his heart tremble. This power made him feel like he was an ant facing the heavens. This aura that shocked him was Wang Lin’s bloodline!

The aura coming from the bloodline was very ancient and seemed to exist along with the world! All life had to bow and tremble in fear and awe before this aura.

This aura was extremely tyrannical. It seemed like it would erase you from reincarnation itself if you dared to show it any disrespect!

Qing Lin’s face immediately turned pale and he subconsciously took a few steps back. His gaze toward Wang Lin was no longer filled with shock but horror.

“I knew he had the body of an ancient god, but the aura coming from his body does not belong to an ancient god!! What kind of aura is this? It is so terrifying!!”

After pondering for a moment, Qing Lin forced his heart to calm down and began to observe Wang Lin. This was also the key moment of Wang Lin’s fusion with the All-Seer’s avatar’s soul.

As he watched, Qing Lin’s expression suddenly changed. He vaguely felt that each of the seven essences inside Wang Lin, especially the restriction essence, had split a part off and began to operate on their own outside of Wang Lin’s control, as if they were being manipulated by a strange force.

Wang Lin didn’t notice any of this but just felt like something was wrong.

While he was fused with the All-Seer’s soul, the sliver of restriction essence cycled even faster inside Wang Lin!

“Something’s wrong!” The more Qing Lin saw, the stranger he felt. With no hesitation, he pointed to the spot between Wang Lin’s eyebrows.

“Stop spell!!” With one point, Wang Lin’s body trembled and stopped. Everything inside him was forced to stop by the Stop spell.

Next, Qing Lin’s finger slid down to Wang Lin’s chest. Then he pulled out a thread out from Wang Lin’s chest and wrapped it around his finger.

Qing Lin’s eyes lit up as he stared at the thread. This thread was a portion of the restriction essence that was moving on its own. Qing Lin’s divine sense gathered on this thread. When he entered it, his mind rumbled and the world around him suddenly became chaotic. When he could see clearly again, a familiar star system appeared before him.

This star system was the Summoned River!

“Wang Lin’s restriction essence that moved on its own was brought here!!” Qing Lin was here with his divine sense and saw the thread before him. The thread extend into the distance with no trace of it ending.

There was a flash of coldness in his eyes and Qing Lin followed the thread.

“I want to see if it’s the All-Seer’s original body causing a problem or someone else!” Qing Lin’s expression was gloomy. He followed that line into the distance.

About half an incense stick of time later, Qing Lin had chased into the distance. However, a burst of seven-colored light shined where the thread was extending toward.

An ancient voice echoed when the seven-colored light appeared.

“Qing Lin… This is not something you should get involved in. Scram for this old man!” With that voice, the seven-colored light flashed violently. It turned into a blade that chopped down toward Qing Lin.

This blade occupied almost the entire star domain. As it moved, the entire star domain seemed to tremble. Qing Lin’s eyes narrowed. He stopped moving and opened his arms after forming a seal.

“Star, moon, sun, three light protection. Three swords, open the river!” Starlight, moonlight, and sunlight gathered around Qing Lin to form a barrier, and it collided with the blade.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and the blade collapsed. Its collapse caused Qing Lin to tremble, and he disappeared from this star domain.

In the Celestial Realm, on the snowy mountain, the thin line in Qing Lin’s hand collapsed. He retreated a few steps, and his face was extremely pale.

Wang Lin was also shocked, and the Stop spell dissipated. He separated from the fusion and opened his eyes.

Qing Lin slowly said, “I never saw the All-Seer, but I saw seven-colored light! When you fused, a trace of your restriction essence extended out toward the Summoned River due to some mysterious force. I chased after it but was cut off by a seven-colored blade.”

“Summoned River…” There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes.

“If my guess is not wrong, then the soul in your hand is your connection to him. Through his soul, he can steal your essences! This person is indeed amazing to think of such a method, but how did he do it? How could he steal your essences with a mere avatar...

“And there is also one thing that makes no sense. If he really is stealing your essences, why have your essences not been reduced… Also, there is something strange about this person. Although that spell looked simple, it actually contained the power of the entire world. It is not simple,” Qing Lin slowly said after pondering.

The killing intent in Wang Lin’s eyes became even stronger. These were things he had pondered but could not understand.

“Perhaps he chose a method similar to imprinting…” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up.

Just at this moment, an ancient voice echoed across the snowy mountain and entered Wang Lin and Qing Lin’s ears.

“Early in my years, I heard of a spell. This spell is called the Reincarnation Integration spell…” At the same time as the voice appeared, a blue light appeared in the sky, reflecting off the snowy mountain. Dao Master Blue Dream walked toward the snowy mountain.

“Qing Lin greets senior Dao Master.” Qing Lin was startled and clasped his hands at Dao Master Blue Dream.

“Reincarnation Integration spell?” Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed.

Dao Master Blue Dream landed on the mountain and smiled as he looked at Qing Lin. Then his gaze shifted to Wang Lin. It was filled with kindness.

“I heard that this spell came from the Sovereign. It is said to be one of the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign’s spells. However, not even the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign was successful in cultivating it...

“The key of this spell is to go through countless reincarnations and regard each reincarnation as part of oneself. In the end, they devour each other in order to complete this spell. There are other complicated matters, but I have never seen this spell.

“However, I know that if the avatar created through this spell is obtained by someone else, that avatar will fuse with that person after a short period of time!

“Once they become one, the side that devoured more obtains everything you have, including your aura and cultivation… However many essence you have, the other party will have that as well...

“This spell is too evil, but once it is successful, it is very powerful…. From your current state, along with what Qing Lin said and the soul in your hand, I’m 40% confident that someone has used the Reincarnation Integration spell on you!”

Wang Lin silently pondered.

“Although I don’t know the specifics of this spell, all spells have a weakness. This Reincarnation Integration spell is the same. If you can devour the other party, your cultivation level will increase,” Dao Master Blue Dream spoke slowly, his eyes shining.

“I’ll help you find the person who used this spell on you. I want to see how talented this person is to cultivate a spell that even the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign couldn’t cultivate!

“However, you have to kill him yourself as you and this soul have already integrated into one. Perhaps this is a great fortune for you.” Dao Master Blue Dream raised his right hand and a monstrous, blue light condensed in his hand. He pressed it between Wang Lin’s eyebrows!

Wang Lin’s mind trembled and everything before him was covered in blue light. He saw the stars fly by before him inside the blue light. At this moment. he saw the Summoned River and the floating meteor in the Summoned River!

And the All-Seer, who was sitting inside the meteor. He suddenly opened his eyes in shock! Wang Lin’s gaze overlapped with the All-Seer’s gaze at this instant!

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