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Chapter 1715 - Blood Lines in the Eye as the Rule

What were rules? It was likely that very few people considered this. Also, what was the distinction from laws? It was something people had pondered for millions of years but found nothing.

This was something even Wang Lin was confused about. Sometimes, he thought he had figured it out, but he was just invalidating his previous guesses most of the time.

Rules, laws, formation of the world. This was Wang Lin’s current speculation.

What were heaven and earth? The heavens and earth of the cave world were the Heavenly Dao. What was it that allowed it to determine the rules and laws of this world and give birth to them?

Wang Lin didn’t understand. Even though his battle essence had formed a new law, he still didn’t understand what it was. He just knew that whether it was law or rules, they were intangible. However, if they were tangible, they would become lines that would entangle themselves around everything.

Just like how countless blurry lines would appear around someone when he used the Stop spell. These lines were Wang Lin’s understanding of rules and laws.

Every line was different; they intersected to form rules, and the will above them all was law.

This was heaven and earth, this was the Heavenly Dao!

Wang Lin’s understanding of restrictions was that when the world was born, the earliest creatures worshipped the heavens until doubt formed, and finally they began to question the heavens. They began to imitate rules and laws to give birth to a technique!

This technique was formations and restrictions!

Throughout these days of comprehension, he was not studying the difference between restrictions but searching for the origin of restrictions.

In his view, if these invisible lines were rules and laws, he would need to form his own lines if he wanted to form his own restriction essence.

These lines would have to become part of his body for this to succeed!

He had cut open the Ghostly Sail, and as he was being surrounded by the countless restrictions, he thought of a method. That was using the blood veins in his eyes!

The blood veins in his eyes would become the lines of the rules of the world. After fusing with all the restrictions, his eyes would become something like the heavens and earth. His eyes would be the restriction essence, his thoughts would be the will of the rules of this world!

No one had thought of this method throughout the ages, Wang Lin was the first one. He was bold, and once he decided on something, he wouldn’t casually change his mind.

The illusory red eye appeared before him, and the blood veins in the eye were clearly visible. Wang Lin let out a roar and the blood veins expanded, shrouding a large amount of restrictions.

At this moment, Wang Lin raised his right hand and pressed toward his left eye. An illusion of his left eye appeared and formed another huge eyeball.

After these two pupils appeared, blood veins flashed and spread out, fusing with the restrictions. After half an incense stick of time, there were no restrictions remaining, only two giant eyeballs floating there.

With a thought from Wang Lin, the two illusory eyeballs flashed and rapidly dissipated. They disappeared into Wang Lin’s eyes, then he closed his eyes.

His three bodies fused back with his original body and he took a step forward. He overlapped with his original body and fused back into one.

His scattered divine sense slowly condensed back into his body as well.

The six essence swords slowly rotated around Wang Lin. The aura of the essences made Wang Lin’s figure a bit blurry.

Everything in this space calmed down, as if nothing had happened. Only Wang Lin remained sitting there, motionless.

However, an extremely powerful aura spread out from his body. This aura was formed by his powerful mid stage Spirit Void cultivation. At this moment, the aura seemed to be boiling and showed signs of increasing.

This aura became stronger and stronger. As it spread out, the six essence swords around Wang Lin buzzed in joy, joy for the birth of the seventh essence!

Wang Lin’s eyes suddenly opened and revealed a gaze that would terrify anyone who saw it. His gaze had no color, but if anyone were to meet Wang Lin’s eyes right now, they would have the illusion that his eyes were blood red!

At the source of that gaze were blood lines. These blood lines intersected like the rules of the world.

Every line of blood contained restrictions. Wang Lin’s gaze was calm as he looked across the space around him. He could see countless fuzzy lines; these lines were rules.

Wang Lin raised his right hand and gently picked at something. The action looked ordinary, but he had picked up a line that others could not see.

The moment he picked up this line, a block of cold ice appeared in the distance. It appeared far too suddenly and immediately froze the area.

When Wang Lin let go of the line, the ice in the distance shattered and scattered in all directions.

Wang Lin’s expression remained calm and his right hand picked up another line. In the distance, the space suddenly collapsed, forming a black hole. This black hole released a powerful suction force that sucked up the surrounding dust.

After a long time, Wang Lin closed his eyes, and when he reopened them, his right hand formed a seal. He pointed three inches away from his eyes. The red light from his eyes gradually became monstrous. The blood lines in his eyes slowly moved. He endured the intense pain until they all fused into one line!

One eye, one dao!

This blood line was formed by all the lines. It wasn’t vertical like the pupil of a python but horizontal across Wang Lin’s pupil. The red light spread out and gathered at the tip of Wang Lin’s finger. The red light became brighter and brighter until it became a ghostly, scarlet red restriction light.

After a long time, Wang Lin lowered his right hand and pointed forward. There was a flash of ghostly light and a long sword slowly began to take shape before him.

This sword was illusionary, and there seemed to be countless restrictions inside.

The moment this sword appeared, Wang Lin’s long hair moved without any wind and popping sounds echoed inside his body. The aura inside him increased greatly from mid stage Spirit Void to late stage Spirit Void!

Wang Lin suddenly raised his head and clenched his right hand. Due to the increase in his cultivation level, the space around him trembled as if he had grasped it in his hand.

Wang Lin slowly stood up and waved his sleeve. The seven swords formed by his essences entered his body and disappeared one by one.

Wang Lin grasped at the void and the Ghostly Sail that had a gap appeared in his hand. With one gaze, the gap rapidly closed until there was no defect remaining.

The ghostly face on the sail was still strange, but now it looked more familiar to Wang Lin.

This Ghostly Sail was now Wang Lin’s own treasure!

“The Immortal Astral Continent’s Great Soul Sect’s illusion spell is also a kind of restriction. It is part of the restriction essence. Restrictions are illusionary, just like rules. If you say they exist, they exist. When you’re powerful enough to ignore them, they don’t exist...

“This is an illusion… It is similar to true and false but also very different! Although I have comprehended the restriction essence, it is not complete. It only formed based on my own understanding...

“For the true restriction essence to form, it would require one to turn oneself into the heavens and earth. Make your own rules become the rules of the heavens and earth. Make your own will become the will of the heavens and earth. This is very difficult, difficult, difficult…”

Wang Lin’s shook his head in silence. He put away the Ghostly Sail and walked away.

“There are still a lot of things that need to be done, and it would take some time to study the illusion on this sail… However, it is time to leave this place.” Wang Lin’s white hair fluttered as he gradually left this place.

Wang Lin’s harvest on this trip was great. His Ancient Dao bodies had reached eight stars, he had reached the late stage of Spirit Void, he had obtained the Ghostly Sail to control the ship, and had even formed an alliance with Fen Shanlu.

Most importantly, he had seen a method of searching for the third soul.

At the same time, on the Immortal Astral Continent, within the land of the celestials, a rare battle was occurring in the sky above. It was very difficult to detect, and the cultivators below didn’t have the cultivation level to detect it. For many cultivators, they just saw that the sky had been hazy this month and that fog seemed to be churning.

“Xuan Luo, you’re a lot weaker than before. It should be time for your reincarnation… I don’t know if you have found a guardian. If not, I can gift you one.”

A blood sun shined brightly, and Xuan Luo spoke calmly from within, “Dao Yi, you have been blocking me since I entered the Celestial Mainland. If you continue, I’ll kill your entire sect!” 

“Kill my entire sect? Since you’re so anxious, you must have some important matters in my celestial land!”

“Everywhere I need to go is important. Are you going to make way or not!?” Xuan Luo didn’t even bother scheming and coldness appeared in his eyes.

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