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Chapter 1714 - Restriction Essence

In this cave world, whether it was the Inner or Outer Realm, or any of the spatial fractures, it was rare to see a storm of this many restrictions.

These restrictions were originally only simple seals, but now there were too many of them overlapping, making it impossible to see them clearly. It was like a layer of misty light that formed an endless storm.

This majestic scene was something only Wang Lin could feel. The beasts inside the spatial crack all chose to avoid this storm of restrictions. The beasts all escaped through various exits in panic.

This was like a beast tide. They rushed out from the spatial crack, and in just a few days, the area round spatial crack in the Cloud Sea was filled with countless beasts.

They didn’t run too far, they just floated outside the spatial crack. They stared at the crack in fear while trembling.

The beast tide that appeared in the Cloud Sea attracted the attention of a lot of people. Some people wanted to enter the spatial crack to see what was happening, but they were stopped by the terrifying restriction storm!

The storm inside the crack was still raging, and the ghostly howls were spreading in all directions. Deep within the restriction storm, Wang Lin sat there with this eyes closed. His eyes twitched as he continued to deduce the restrictions.

The Ghostly Sail had been cut open by Wang Lin and formed this restriction storm. Wang Lin didn’t panic at all, as if all of this was within his expectations. He calmly deduced the restrictions and slowly grasped for the restriction essence.

Restrictions were actually just a type of formation. To understand their essence, one needed a powerful divine sense. Wang Lin had already reached the mid stage of Spirit Void, so his divine sense was powerful enough to comprehend this essence. At this moment, his divine sense spread out within this spatial crack. As he continued to deduce, the amount of restrictions within his divine sense reduced.

This wasn’t the restrictions disappearing, it was them fusing. Every two restrictions he deduced would fuse into one.

As time passed, the speed of the fusion increased. Soon, after almost every breath, a lot of restrictions would disappear and new ones would appear.

“The restriction essence is a type of computation, and computation encompasses everything. It can even be used to divinate the future and change it. This requires an extremely powerful divine sense… The All-Seer was very well-versed in this art, and I couldn’t see it before. I fear he hid his amazing abilities in restrictions!” Wang Lin opened his eyes, revealing a flash of coldness.

He still dreaded the All-Seer. The All-Seer was like someone gazing at him from the dark, making him feel uncomfortable. But when he looked back, he could not find the source of that gaze.

After seven days, the restriction storm inside the spatial crack had shrunk greatly. Nearly half of the restrictions had disappeared and fused together.

However, Wang Lin couldn’t relax at all. He found that although the restrictions had fused, they were still constantly changing. If they didn’t fuse back into one in one go, they would eventually multiple into even more.

Even now, the restrictions were showing signs of splitting. Just one split would make all of Wang Lin’s previous efforts disappear!

His divine sense was like a large net that surrounded all the restrictions. At this moment, his eyes lit up and he began to deduce and condense the restrictions.

The further this went on, the more difficult it became. His divine sense was divided into countless copies as he continued to deduct and integrate the restrictions.

Ten days of time passed by in a flash. The area which Wang Lin’s divine sense covered had shrunk in half, and the number of restrictions had decreased greatly. However, the splitting force coming from the restrictions had almost reached a peak.

Wang Lin remained motionless, but his expression was extremely solemn. He had used his full divine sense and computational abilities to find the opportunity for a third fusion.

Another ten days passed. Just as a small portion of restrictions was about to split, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes.

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed enlightenment as he murmured, “A restriction is a type of formation, and a formation is a grand dao! The heavens and earth also have formations, it is the rule! People also have their own formations, it is fate! This restriction formation is simply the rule a cultivator set!

“Shake the world with the rules you set yourself! Restrictions, fuse again!” The restrictions surrounded by his divine sense fused once more!

This was the third fusion!

After this fusion, there were only about 10 million restrictions left, but these 10 million restrictions were very complete. They seemed to contain no flaws, and they each released a powerful aura.

 It would be very difficult to fuse them again!

Wang Lin’s face was pale. Fusing three times was his limit. To fuse all the restrictions back into one was far more difficult than he expected.

He couldn’t relax at all, and this invisible pressure forced Wang Lin to pay extra attention. This made him even more tired.

“Restrictions, fuse!” Wang Lin roared, strengthening his divine sense. His divine sense squeezed from all directions and a thunderous rumble echoed. The 10 million restrictions around Wang Lin were fused by force.

However, this fusion was only half-complete, so some restrictions collapsed. They didn’t disappear but split into several more restrictions. As these restrictions collapsed, even more restrictions collapsed.

As a result, in just a few short breaths, these 10 million restrictions rose in number. Wang Lin’s divine sense could not hold them in and began to expand.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. If he didn’t stop this immediately, his attempt would fail! His original body walked out, leaving his avatar sitting there.

After his original body walked out, the Ancient Dao aura surged out. His body trembled and his ancient devil body walked out and stopped on one side. At the same time, his ancient demon body walked out and stopped at the other side.

The remaining ancient god body retreated backwards, forming a triangle around his avatar with his ancient devil and ancient demon bodies.

“Restrictions, fuse!!” Wang Lin’s avatar’s expression became fierce and let out a roar. His divine sense became even stronger, and at the same time, his three Ancient Dao bodies integrated their strength into the divine sense. The fusion of the restrictions increased rapidly.

Thunderous rumbles echoed. Whether it was the restrictions that were fusing or the ones that were splitting, Wang Lin’s divine sense forced them all to condense.

In the blink of an eye, the amount of restrictions decreased greatly until there were less than 5 million restrictions around Wang Lin!

This was the fourth fusion!

These 5 millions restrictions were like 5 million wild horses that didn’t want to be tamed, and each one shined brightly. If not for Wang Lin’s divine sense, which was being strengthened by his three Ancient Dao bodies, trapping them, they would immediately scatter in all directions.

Wang Lin’s eyes were red and completely bloodshot. The lines of blood in his eyes intersected as if they formed some strange rule.

Everyone has eyes, pupils, and blood veins! However, the shape and amount of blood veins were different for everyone! These blood veins appeared when Wang Lin was tired, but they were also the method Wang Lin had thought of to help give birth to the restriction essence!

“Restrictions, fifth fusion!” Wang Lin’s right hand formed a seal and the six essence in his body flew out. The six essence swords flew out and rapidly rotated. Two swords rotated around each of his three original bodies, with his avatar in the middle.

The moment the six swords appeared, the 5 million restrictions were forced to fuse once more. Thunderous rumbles echoed as the restrictions fused for the sixth, seventh, and eighth times!

The repeated fusion lowered the amount of restrictions even more. It wasn’t always just two restrictions fusing; sometimes three, four, five would fuse.

As a result, after the eighth fusion, there were only several thousand restrictions left around Wang Lin!

These thousands of restrictions all contained the four great restrictions, as well as some that didn’t belong in the cave world. They were hundreds of feet large and vibrated as they floated there.

Staring at these thousands of restrictions, even more red lines appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes.

“3,172… That’s enough!” Wang Lin stood up and raised his right hand. He hit his chest with his right hand and spat out blood.

After this mouthful of blood appeared, Wang Lin waved his sleeve. The blood split into 3,172 parts and flew toward every restriction.

“Blood restriction, ninth fusion!!” Wang Lin roared. He was using his blood to fuse these restrictions once more. The blood light shined brightly. As the restrictions began to overlap, the blood light became even more intense. In the end, only nine restrictions remained before Wang Lin!

These nine restrictions were tens of thousands of feet tall, like small mountains. They gave off an ancient aura as they floated there!

However, just as the nine restrictions formed, one of them suddenly collapsed into countless restrictions and scattered in all directions.

Shortly after, the other restrictions also shattered. This sudden change made it so Wang Lin couldn’t think. He quickly raised his right hand and pointed at his right eye.

With this, Wang Lin’s right eye sprayed out blood and a giant pupil appeared in the blood mist. This pupil was filled with countless red lines!

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