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Chapter 1712 - Three Life Spell!

Since arriving at the altar, Wang Lin hadn’t had time to observe this place. Most of his attention had been on the arm on the altar. Even though he was very cautious and had scanned this altar with his divine sense, he hadn’t found anything abnormal.

However, after he absorbed the blood and the Soul Blood, along with the ripple caused by Heaven Ripping, the veil covering the altar was lifting. Wang Lin’s eyes shined.

“Why would the altar appear here, and why is Ye Mo’s right arm here…” Wang Lin pondered as he carefully looked at the altar.

This altar was very ordinary; nothing looked abnormal about it. If not for the ripples echoing above it, it would be very difficult to see anything strange about it.

As the Heaven Ripping spell disappeared, the ripples also slowly faded until they returned back to normal.

Wang Lin stood up and walked off the altar. At the same time, his avatar also got up and walked forward. After taking one step, his avatar and original body overlapped.

The two figures slowly overlapped and slowly fused together.

Wang Lin moved his body, and after finding no discomfort, he looked back at the altar. Then there was a flash of coldness in his eyes and his hands formed seals, sending restrictions flying out. There were almost one million restrictions.

He pointed forward with his right hand and the 1 million restrictions flew out toward the altar. They landed on the altar one by one.

Every restriction caused the altar to trembly lightly. As more restrictions landed, the altar trembled even more violently. Near the end, thunderous rumbles echoed, as if the altar was going to collapse.

As the altar trembled violently, fine cracks appeared on it. Soon, rubble began to fall off from the altar and scattered.

Wang Lin became cautious. His hands formed seals and created even more restrictions. They surrounded the altar and slowly landed on it one by one. This caused the altar to tremble even more violently, and even more rubble fell off.

After half an incense stick of time, a layer or rubble had fallen off the altar, and it looked like a layer of fog surrounded it. The altar had shrunk about a circle in size, and even more cracks had appeared on its surface.

“The strangeness about the altar is likely what’s within… But there is a strange force preventing me from seeing what’s inside with my divine sense.” Wang Lin stared at the altar and created 1 million more restrictions. The countless restrictions landed on the altar and even more layers fell off until it was only half its original size.

Just at this moment, when the altar was covered in cracks, one of the cracks seemed to reach the center of the altar. A blood red light erupted from the crack and took the shape of a fan. It was as if a gem had been found hidden under mud and an opening allowed the light to shine through!

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he stared at the crack releasing the red light. He controlled the countless restrictions around him and they all flew into that crack.

However, just as the restrictions got near the crack, more red light came from another crack. Shortly after, the third, fourth, fifth… More than 10 rays of light shot out from the altar, forming a red ripple. When the large amount of restrictions touched the red ripple, it was like snowflakes touching hot charcoal. A sizzling sounds echoed and they all immediately dissipated.

All of this happened in the blink of an eye, and all of the restrictions disappeared due to the red light. It was as if they were natural enemies!

Wang Lin stared at the altar that had shrunk more than half and was surrounded by the red light. His eyes shined brightly.

“This red light looks very familiar… Could this altar… be…” Wang Lin’s heart trembled. The moment the red light spread out and got close to him, Wang Lin’s right hand clawed at the red light.

Ye Mo’s giant arm suddenly appeared before him and also clawed at the void before him.

“Heaven Ripping!” Wang Lin let out a roar and his right hand tore to the side. With this roar, he used the full power of Ye Mo’s right arm and also his 8-star ancient god, ancient demon, and ancient devil power.

This tearing force was powerful enough to rip the heavens apart!

Thunderous rumbles echoed and the red ripple coming from the altar distorted violently and was torn apart by Wang Lin.

What collapsed with it were the cracks on the altar. Under Wang Lin’s Heaven Ripping spell, the cracks collapsed on a wide scale. The red light wanted to prevent this but was unable to resist.  

Thunderous rumbles echoed and the altar collapsed completely. The large around of rubble scattered, and what was revealed before Wang Lin was an octagonal shaped blood pool-like object that gave off a dazzling, red glow!

An aura Wang Lin was familiar with spread out from this octagonal blood pool, and Wang Lin was filled with joy!

“So it turns out to be that!!”

There was a clan in the Ancient Star System called the Sealing Extermination Clan, and they had a spell called the Three Life spell! In order to cultivate this spell, one would need the complete altar, but for some reason, it was split into three parts, and these parts had disappeared.

Wang Lin was lucky and obtained the blood pavilion from the Blood Ancestor in the Brilliant Void. That blood pavilion was one of the three altars! Then he learned of the Three Life spell and obtained the second altar from the ancient demon in Allheaven.

As for the third altar, Wang Lin had looked for it but couldn’t find it. When he saw the blood light, a rumble echoed in his mind and he began to speculate.

Right now he was certain that this blood pool gave off the same aura as that blood pavilion and the other altar. This was the aura of the Sealing Extermination Clan!

“Three Life spell!! I didn’t expect to obtain the last altar here. If I can learn it, my overall strength will increase greatly!” Wang Lin’s heart started beating rapidly. He had been tempted by the Three Life spell, and now that he had obtained the third altar, he was very happy.

Without hesitation, Wang Lin waved his hand and the altar he got from the ancient demon flew out, and shortly after, the Blood Ancestor’s blood pavilion also flew out!

A woman had gone into the Blood Pavilion before, and she was someone Wang Lin knew. However, over the years, her body had long disappeared and only a wisp of her soul remained.

The three altars floated before him, and they blood light they gave off began to mix. It was obvious they were drawn to each other!

Wang Lin had obtained the method of cultivating the Three Life spell from the woman from the Sealing Extermination Clan inside the Ancient Tomb. At this moment, after pondering a bit, Wang Lin sat down.

“The Three Life spell of the Sealing Extermination Clan is dangerous to learn… However, compared to the benefits, the danger is worth it!” Wang Lin’s right hand reached toward the void. A clan mark that gave off a ghostly light appeared in his hand.

This clan mark still had some dried blood marks on it. It was the Sealing Extermination Clan mark! Wang Lin had extracted it from the Sealing Extermination Clan woman who wanted to kill him back in the Ancient Tomb!

Staring at the clan mark, Wang Lin pressed it between his eyebrows. A burning feeling spread out from the mark. Then countless branches extended out from the clan mark and attached themselves to Wang Lin.

This kind of pain wasn’t enough to affect Wang Lin at all. He remained calm as he bit the tip of his tongue and spat out a mouthful of blood.

“With the Sealing Extermination Clan mark, I activate this altar and summon the sealed Sealing Extermination Clan’s ancestral spirit. Turn into the sealing blade to cut three souls, three origin souls, three bodies!” 

The moment Wang Lin’s voice echoed, the blood he had spat out condensed together and began to wiggle before him rapidly. Then the three different altars all released blinding, red light that was absorbed by the blood.

The blood slowly turned into the shape of a blade. It wasn’t large, only about 10 feet long. It looked like overlapping shadows, and if one looked at it for too long, their vision would blur.

Looking at it with his divine sense, Wang Lin immediately noticed that this wasn’t one blade but three blades overlapping each other. The overlap created a strange aura around them.

Wang Lin roared, “Cut three souls!”

The long blade suddenly rose up and silently chopped down from above Wang Lin’s head!

This blade sliced through Wang Lin’s entire body!

Wang Lin’s body trembled violently and his face turned pale. Unimaginable pain filled his body, making him feel as if his soul was going to collapse. However, he endured the pain and two souls slowly flew out from his head!

However, just as the blade cut through Wang Lin, it seemed to be unable to withstand the power of Wang Lin’s soul and collapsed! Out of the three overlapping blades, only two remained!

Wang Lin’s soul had fused with the Ancient Ancestor Soul Blood and was now an Ancient Dao Soul, so how could this mere blade cut his soul? If not for the fact that Wang Lin’s soul was formed by his essence blood, the blade wouldn’t be able to cut his soul at all.  

Even though it had cut Wang Lin’s soul in three, this blade couldn’t withstand the rebound force from Wang Lin’s soul. It dissipated forever and could never be summoned again.

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