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Chapter 1713 - Chopping the Ghostly Sail!

“Cut three origin souls!” Wang Lin endured the pain and let out a roar.

As he roared, the double shadow blade rose up and fell down. There was a flash of blood light as the blade sliced through Wang Lin. His body trembled violently as this origin soul was split into three parts by the mysterious power of the Sealing Extermination Clan!

At the same time, one blade collapsed into pieces.

Wang Lin clenched his teeth and roared without hesitation, “Cut three bodies!”

As he roared, the blade that only had one shadow remaining sliced down toward Wang Lin. It was no longer silent but created a loud howl!

The long blade cut through Wang Lin and then collapsed! As it collapsed, Wang Lin’s body divided into three!

These three bodies were fused with three souls and contained the three origin souls. At this moment, the three bodies flew toward each of the different Sealing Extermination Clan altars!

After the three altars absorbed the three Wang Lins, the blood light around them became even stronger. They slowly rotated around each other, and in the blink of an eye, seven days passed.

After seven days, the light form the altars had faded a lot, but they were still flickering. Another seven days passed and the blood light disappeared completely.

The moment the blood light disappeared, a powerful aura erupted from one of the altars. This aura was too powerful for the altar to endure, so it ended up collapsing.

As it collapsed, the first Wang Lin walked out!

At the same time, another altar was rapidly trembling. It instantly disintegrated and pieces of rubble scattered. The second Wang Lin walked out!

Shortly after that altar, the blood pavilion erupted layer by layer. The ancient one aura was too powerful for the blood pavilion to withstand, so it shattered.

The third Wang Lin walked out from the destroyed blood pavilion!

The first Wang Lin said, “Three Life spell…” 

The second Wang Lin calmly said, “Force open the fortune…”

The third Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a strange light as he muttered, “Three bodies, return into one!”

As the three Wang Lins spoke, the three bodies all took one step forward. They overlapped and began to fuse. After a long time, they fused into one person!

His white hair danced and he opened his eyes as he floated there. He felt the powerful vitality flowing through his body. There were three parts, and each was equal to himself at full power.

“The Three Life spell, it is indeed mysterious. With this, I’ll have three lives!” Wang Lin opened his eyes, which were now filled with determination.

He raised his right hand and the soul of a woman appeared. This woman was the one who had hidden herself inside the blood pavilion, someone he knew.

“Our grudge is gone. I’ll send you into the reincarnation cycle. Behave yourself!” Wang Lin waved his right hand and the woman’s soul disappeared without a trace.

Wang Lin looked at the remains of the three altars with eyes filled with pity.

“My soul and body are far too powerful. The altars of the Sealing Extermination Clan could not withstand the impact of transforming me. Now that they have collapsed, there will no longer be anymore Three Life spells…”

Wang Lin shook his head. What he had divided was not just his Ancient Dao Bloodline, but also his avatar. It could be said everything was divided into three, and as a result, he had three lives.

“My body has obtained the Ancient Dao bloodline and my ancient demon and ancient devil bodies have reached eight stars. It is about time to leave… However, before I leave, I need to refine the Ghostly Sail. With that, I might be able to form my seventh essence!

“Once the restriction essence appears, my cultivation level will increase from mid stage Spirit Void to late stage Spirit Void! With my Ancient Dao bloodline, I should be able to battle late stage Arcane Void cultivators!

“There is also the battle essence. Back then, all the comprehension turned into the star of law. I’ll need some time to readjust, and if another essence could be born, then I’ll reach the peak of Arcane Void!” Wang Lin muttered to himself before sitting down. His right hand reached out and the Ghostly Sail appeared.

“The restriction essence is only secondary. More importantly, since Fan Shanmeng was able to borrow it to perform the illusion spell, this sail must contain the Great Soul Sect’s illusion dao spell...

“The illusion dao is the key, I need to study it. If I can gain some insight, perhaps I can use this treasure to look for the third soul, just like the Seven-Colored Daoist was trying to do!

“Right now it all depends on who can find the third soul first!”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and various complicated plans were being deduced in his mind.

“I don’t know what the Seven-Colored Daoist saw, but from this anger, he shouldn’t have found where the third soul went.

“Aside from him, there is also Old Ghost Zhan; he is also looking for the third soul. I don’t know what method he has… But they can’t be looked down upon. They triggered the war between the Inner and Outer Realms to find the third soul. Now that the war is over, they are perhaps using that method to search for the third soul...

“Originally, there were only two of them searching, but now that the four generals have appeared, they are the third force that is also searching...

“There is also that other force from the Five Element Planet. They have been hiding there for countless years and should show themselves soon...

“Third soul, who are you…” Wang Lin silently pondered, and the thoughts in his mind gradually became more clear.

“Only by finding the third soul can I go to the gate and open it to take everyone to the Immortal Astral Continent…” Wang Lin closed his eyes, and after a long time, he opened them. His eyes were calm and he no longer thought about these things. He was about to observe the Ghostly Sail.

However, just at this moment, Wang Lin’s expression suddenly became serious, as if thunder had rumbled in his mind. He looked into the distance and his expression gradually became gloomy.

“I forgot one person!” There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes. He suddenly remembered one person. If someone were to tell him that person had died, he definitely wouldn’t believe it!

“All-Seer!! That person obtained the Heavenly Dao blood. Even though the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor said that the blood had problems, there is no way the All-Seer is dead. He never appeared during the war with the Outer Realm, he disappeared without a trace...

“His schemes were amazing, and he has schemed against me many times. Now that he is hidden, how could I forget about him?” Wang Lin’s expression became gloomy.

“The Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign was split into three souls and seven fragments. As for the seven fragments, I only know that Qing Shui is one of them. As for the other six, I have my guesses. The All-Seer… Is he one of the seven fragments or… the third soul!” Wang Lin’s eyes shined. He recalled that the third soul had crossed the Summoned River and entered the Brilliant Void.

“If the third soul ended up in the Brilliant Void, then it is very likely the All-Seer… If he really is the third soul, it would be far too easy to find… Is he or is he not…” Wang Lin frowned. He could never see through the All-Seer. From the moment Wang Lin first became the All-Seer’s disciple, his dread already existed. It became even stronger as All-Seer became even more mysterious.

“The All-Seer has devoured a large amount of disciples, and I saw 3,000 avatars in his body… I didn’t know why he was doing this and thought he was just trying to reach the third step...

“However, looking at it now, perhaps he was trying to form Joss Flames with those 3,000 avatars. It is possible… Or did he have some other purpose?” Wang Lin thought of many things, but the more he thought, the less he understood what the All-Seer was doing.

“The All-Seer’s fate soul was also not in the divine retribution in the Ancient Celestial Realm…” Wang Lin silently pondered for a long time before he slowly suppressed this thought. It was useless to think about it now. As time passed, he would naturally get his answers.

His eyes lit up and he looked at the Ghostly Sail. He carefully examined it and saw that it contained countless restrictions. These included the four grand restrictions and more.

“If I want to give birth to the restriction essence, I must fuse all these restrictions. Once I master them all, the restriction essence will form,” Wang Lin muttered as his divine sense spread out. He became immersed in the restrictions on the sail.

Restrictions appeared in his mind one by one. First he had to know how many restrictions were on this sail.

As his divine sense carefully spread out, the sail moved without any wind in Wang Lin’s hands. The ghostly face became even more fierce.

During these ten days, Wang Lin remained motionless and spent all his energy on studying the restriction. Millions, tens of millions, hundreds of millions, and billions of restrictions flashed through his mind.

It wasn’t until the tenth day that Wang Lin slowly raised his head. His eyes were bloodshot.

“They can evolve on their own, it is impossible to calculate their exact amount.” Wang Lin frowned and massaged his temples. He had grown very tired during these ten days.

“This is a perfect restriction group that has been fused with this sail. Only by breaking the sail can I see through how they were formed…” Wang Lin stared at the sail and revealed hesitation in his eyes.

After a long time, he clenched his teeth and his left hand reached out at the void. There was a flash of blood light and the blood sword appeared in his hand. A cold light flashed in Wang Lin’s eyes and he sliced down with the blood sword.

A thunderous bang rang out when the blood sword penetrated the sail and tore open a gap. The moment the gap appeared, Wang Lin’s divine sense rushed into it.

Shortly after, the ghostly face on the sail became fierce, and it released waves of roars that echoed across the area. It was as if a violent wind was blowing out from the sail along with countless restrictions . The restrictions surrounded Wang Lin, filled this endless void, and spread across every inch of the Cloud Sea!

The spatial crack in the Cloud Sea was completely occupied by a storm of restrictions.

Wang Lin’s figure was drowned by the endless amount of restrictions!

When the restriction storm that occupied the entire Cloud Sea dissipated into one restriction, Wang Lin’s restriction essence would form! He would have the power to battle late stage Arcane Void cultivators!

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