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Chapter 1711 - Ancient Dao Defying

The fifth drop, sixth drop… until the ninth drop of blood flew out from the vortex and shot toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes shined brightly as he stared at the drops of blood that were flying toward him. He didn’t dodge and allowed the five drops of blood to land between his eyebrows. They seemed to penetrate through his body.

When the fifth drop of blood fused, a thunderous rumble came from Wang Lin’s body and a powerful force erupted from the blood. Wang Lin couldn’t help but take a few steps back, his eyes shining brightly. That powerful feeling made him clench his fists.

At this moment, the sixth drop of blood followed shortly after and entered Wang Lin. Thunderous rumbles echoed and all the blood in his body seemed to boil. He rapidly absorbed the bloodline force inside this drop of blood. It flowed through his entire body, and when it entered his heart, his heartbeat was like a roaring bolt of thunder.

He retreated once more and let out a roar at the sky. Intense pain came from his body. This pain was countless times stronger than the fusion of the previous four drops of blood. It was as if his body was being torn apart and new flesh and blood were growing!

Shortly after, the seventh drop arrived, and the moment it entered the spot between Wang Lin’s eyebrows, his expression became twisted. The veins on his body swelled and the speed of his blood flow reached a limit. Wang Lin’s body began to move strangely, and as the blood flowed through his body, his bones also gave off a red light.

The ancient bloodline forced inside his body rapidly increased. It went from very thin to extremely pure.

The members of the ancient clan were same as the celestials. The stronger their bloodline, the more noble their identity and the more power they could display.

The fusion of seven drops of blood made Wang Lin’s bloodline second only to the Ancient Dao Emperor. It has to be known that the emperor was a descendant of the Ancient Emperor and therefore held the Ancient Ancestor’s bloodline. As a result, after obtaining six drops of blood, he became the Ancient Dao Emperor!

However, Wang Lin didn’t have any ancient one bloodline and hadn’t received recognition yet. Even though this was the case, the bloodline formed by seven drops of blood could compare to the emperor, who already had the bloodline and had obtained six drops of blood.

The difference between the two was a difference in essence, like that of an emperor and an ordinary citizen. However, this difference wasn’t immutable, and the eighth drop of blood flew toward Wang Lin. The moment it fused with him, the bloodline became even more pure and the rumbles from his body became more intense. Bursts of pain came from Wang Lin’s bone marrow, causing him to continue to retreat and tremble.

The ancient bloodline was the same as the celestial bloodline, it changed the bone marrow! Once the bone marrow was changed, the blood one produced would change and the power of the bloodline would be born!

However, it was difficult to change the bone marrow from within, so external force was needed to slowly change it. This external force was the drops of blood that had entered Wang Lin’s body. As they flowed through his body, they were rapidly changing his bone marrow! Wang Lin’s bloodline had gone from ordinary to noble, from a mess to authentic!!

The fusion of eight drops of blood didn’t make Wang Lin’s blood become pure enough to reach the same level as the emperor, but it was infinitely close, just a trace more! This gap was crossed and surpassed once the ninth drop fused!

Nine drops of blood fused with Wang Lin’s bones and changed his bone marrow completely. He now had a bloodline that was even more pure than the emperor’s. In terms of bloodline, Wang Lin had the most pure blood among the Dao clan!

However, it was not over yet. The appearance of the Soul Blood caused the surroundings to be bathed in a purple light. This purple blood had a strange force, and the moment it appeared, it captured Wang Lin’s full attention.

He looked at the purple drop of blood. A sense of longing from his blood filled his body. The purple blood released a monstrous purple light and imprinted itself between Wang Lin’s eyebrows!

It didn’t fuse with his blood or bloodline; this drop of blood fused with Wang Lin’s soul!

The purity his bloodline would allow Wang Lin to erupt with ancient power, but it wouldn’t change his soul. In the end, his soul would still be that of a member of the Ancient Dao clan. However, this Soul Blood could change Wang Lin’s soul, allow his soul to be above the others of the Dao clan!

Allow him to truly become an existence more noble than that emperor! It would be as if he had become the Ancient Ancestor’s fourth son!!

The moment the drop of Soul Blood flew over, Wang Lin was stunned and his eyes were filled with confusion. His body moved back on its down until he landed on the altar. He leaned against Ye Mo’s arm and lied there.

The vortex slowly dissipated and soon disappeared without a trace. Everything returned to normal, as if nothing had happened. If there was any difference, then it was quiet. It was so terrifyingly quiet that there was not the slightest bit of sound.

All the fierce beasts had hidden themselves. They trembled and didn’t dare to make a sound. There seemed to be a pressure spreading out in this strange silence.

Wang Lin was unconscious. If he didn’t wake up, this place would remain quiet for tens of thousands of years. If he didn’t wake up, no sound would appear here. This pressure came from his body and spread out across the surrounding area.

Wang Lin’s original body was asleep and his avatar was floating outside the altar. His avatar sat there with its eyes closed and remained motionless.

As Wang Lin was asleep, he had a dream. This dream was different from the dream dao; it wasn’t clear and very blurry. In this dream, Wang Lin saw a person.

This was an ordinary-looking man. His body was extremely large and the heavens and earth seemed to be below his feet. He stood there, looking over the world with a hint of contempt. 

“If I want this sky to collapse, it will collapse. If I want this earth to break, it will break! If I want a being to die, no one would dare to stop me. If I want no celestials to remain alive, who would dare to save them?

“I’m an ancient one. I was born before the heavens and earth and survived the beginning of the world. However, before me, there were celestials. The celestials wanted to make me their slave, so let me destroy the celestials!

“If I fail, then all my future generations will become enemies of the celestials and vow to rid the world of celestials!

“But will I lose? I’ll never lose!!

“Nine drops of Soul Blood I give to my three sons. You all take command of my ancient people. Wait for my reincarnation, wait for my heir to appear...

“Obeying means being a mortal. Defying means being a celestial. Defying the celestials means becoming an ancient one!”

This dream slowly come to an end as the ordinary-looking man spoke those shocking words. Even after Wang Lin opened his eyes, those words still echoed in his ears.

The eight ancient god stars between Wang Lin’s eyebrows revealed a hint of a purple glow and slowed rotated. The ancient devil and ancient demon stars in his eyes also rotated and gave off a faint hint of purple.

This purple came from that Soul Blood, it came from Wang Lin’s ancient one soul!

He slowly sat up and looked at the space before him. After pondering for a long time, a powerful aura that looked down upon the world came from his body. This aura disrespected heavens and the earth. Even if the heavens and earth decay, I won’t decay! Even if the world withers, I won’t wither!

This aura belonged to the defying nature of the ancient ones!

At this moment, Wang Lin was vastly different from before!

As he sat on the altar, his gaze swept past his surroundings. His gaze moved past his avatar and eventually landed on Ye Mo’s giant arm. His eyes shined brightly.

This arm contained a powerful force. This power seemed to be able to tear open the world. This was Ancient Dao Ye Mo’s most powerful force!

Staring at this arm, Wang Lin slowly raised his right hand and pressed down. The moment he pressed down, his 24 stars rotated and a burst of purple light surrounded him. This purple light entered Ye Mo’s arm.

In an instant, the giant arm trembled and seemed like it was going to struggle and resist. Although Wang Lin had obtained Ye Mo’s inheritance, it wasn’t perfect. If he wanted to merge with the arm, there would be some difficulties.

However, this was only difficult for Wang Lin before he went through the Ancient Race Heavenly Blood calamity. Now that he had obtained nine drops of blood and the drop of Soul Blood, it was simply insignificant to him.

“Ye Mo, give this arm to me.”

Wang Lin spoke slowly. It was as if he was muttering to himself, but also as if he was speaking to the dead Ye Mo. His voice was calm, and as he spoke, the purple light from the 24 stars became even stronger. It spread out an aura that would frighten Ye Mo if he was alive.

This aura entered Wang Lin’s right hand and he pressed down on the arm once more. There was a thunderous rumble and the arm stopped struggling. The arm slowly shrank until it integrated with Wang Lin’s right hand, causing his right hand to suddenly become very different!

Wang Lin’s right hand was extremely rough compared to his left arm and was covered in countless complicated runes. It also gave off a hint of greenish blue. It could frighten anyone at a glance.

He raised his right hand before him. Wang Lin’s gaze was calm as he looked at his right arm. After a long time, he grasped at the void!

“Heaven Ripping!”

Space trembled, and as Wang Lin’s right hand ripped, the world collapsed. The shadow of a huge arm appeared behind him and tore open the space. A large rift appeared before Wang Lin and widened. It had been torn open by him.

This heaven-tearing power could even kill an early stage Arcane Void cultivator! Even mid stage Arance Void cultivators would have to retreat in fear!

With this tearing force, the altar Wang Lin was on buzzed and trembled. Ripples echoed as if it was resisting the fallout from the Heaven Ripping.

Wang Lin carefully looked at the altar below him as the ripples echoed. His eyes revealed a strange light.

“There is something strange about this altar!”

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