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Chapter 1710 - A Wisp of Soul

Five drops of blood and one drop of purple Soul Blood shined brightly before the statue. After Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo sealed the aura with the power of his Empyrean Sun, these six drops of blood flew off into the distance.

Ripples appeared in the sky, forming a giant vortex, and the center of the vortex seemed to connect to the void. The six drops of blood flew into the vortex and disappeared before everyone’s gazes.

The last to disappear was the purple Soul Blood. The appearance of this drop of Soul Blood shook everyone. They also revealed disbelief, horror, and awe!

They looked at the demonic purple light that came from the Soul Blood and watched it disappear into the vortex. After that, they became sober and the shock became even more intense. The shock was like a wave that shrouded their bodies and souls. 

“Purple Soul Blood… My God, I saw a drop of purple Soul Blood! In all the generations of the ancient country, there have only been nine drops!”

“Legend says that the Ancient Ancestor gave nine drops of Soul Blood to his three sons. These three sons each created one of the ancient clans. My clan is the Dao clan formed by his third son, and it has lasted until today…”

“Now the tenth drop of blood has appeared… This…”

“Who is experiencing the first calamity of the third trial? I have never heard of Soul Blood appearing during this calamity. This matter… This matter is too amazing!! This is definitely a shocking event for my ancient country!”

“There are three calamities in the third trial, the first calamity being the Ancient Race Heavenly Blood. He obtained nine drops of blood followed by a drop of Soul Blood, and this is only the first calamity. If he reaches the second calamity, Ancient Dao Three Distractions… What kind of fortune will he obtain in that calamity?”

“There is also the last calamity, Blessing of the Ancient Ancestor. If he obtained such high recognition from the Ancient Ancestor, I can’t imagine what he will obtain then… Maybe the legendary Ancient Ancestor inheritance that no one has obtained before?”

Debates began to echo as everyone was shaken by the drop of Soul Blood. Fortunately, this place had been sealed by Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo, and with his powerful might, he prevented people from leaking what had happened here.

Otherwise, this matter would set off a huge wave on the Immortal Astral Continent. The Ji and Shi clans would definitely come to investigate once they learned of this. It could even cause a dispute.

It has to be said that the appearance of the tenth drop of Soul Blood was simply too important for the ancient country. If Wang Lin could obtain two more drops, then he could scatter his essence blood and form the fourth ancient clan like the Ancient Ancestor’s three sons!

If the celestials knew of this, they would be shocked. Even though this wouldn’t set off a huge war, they would send people to pay close attention.

Everything was because of this drop of Soul Blood!

After the six drops of blood disappeared into the vortex and the blood light disappeared, the aura disappeared as well. Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo waved his right hand at the red sun that shrouded the area.

The sun suddenly gave off even brighter light and divided into nearly 1 million pieces. It landed on the bodies of everyone here, forming a sealing spell.

After everything was done, the sun that shrouded this place dissipated and the sky returned to normal. The wind blew by as if it wanted to blow away the shock and tension that was here.

Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo looked into the distance and stepped forward without hesitation, disappearing without a trace. He was going to the celestials’ land, to the Seven Dao Sect, to the cave to take that child back home!

After Xuan Luo left, the city in the sky remained silent for a long time. Then the man in the royal robe left with an extremely gloomy heart. After he left, everyone else slowly left while still filled with shock.

Everything that had happened here was buried deeply at the bottom of their hearts. As they scattered, they all looked at where Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo went. There was complication, envy, jealousy in their eyes, but what overpowered all of that was expectation!

They were looking forward to Grand Empyrean Xuan Lou bringing back the person that shocked them. They were even more looking forward to seeing what this person looked like and who this person was.

“My Dao Clan is the weakest of the three ancient countries… I hope the Grand Empyrean’s return will change all of this…”

It wasn’t until everyone had dissipated that the emperor returned to the depths of the city in the sky, to his palace. This palace was so large, it was very difficult to see where it ended. It was filled with intricate carvings and was extremely luxurious.

There were many servants inside the palace. Their faces were pale and they were extremely nervous. This fear came from the terrifying aura that came from one of the sub palaces to the east.

This aura was filled with an irrepressible sense of anger.

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the palace. The resident palace for the emperor collapsed and a powerful shockwave spread. Some of the workers and bodyguards couldn’t avoid it fast enough and all died miserably.

The smell of blood spread out. A person gradually walked out from the ruins of the collapsed palace. He was the man in the royal robe. His eyes were calm and lacking any emotion. After he walked out from the ruins, he didn’t even look back before he slowly said,

“Clean this up. I want to see a new palace in three days.”

After he spoke, hundreds of smoke-like figures appeared and knelt before him.

The man in the royal robe waved his sleeve and disappeared without a trace. When he reappeared, he was in the tallest tower in the palace. He stood there, facing the world as he overlooked the palace and the Ancient Ancestor statue that pierced the sky.

“I’m the Dao country’s emperor, a true descendant of the Ancient Ancestor, and his blood flows through me. A mere heir of Ye Mo, what qualifications does he have to be valued so greatly by Xuan Luo?

“Soul Blood…” The man in the royal blood looked calm, but his right hand formed a fist. He suddenly began to laugh.

“This is good as well, this will be a bit interesting. I want to see what kind of wave he can set off. Even though he has the Soul Blood, he will still have to kneel before me!”

The man in the royal robe smiled even wider and withdrew his gaze. He waved his right hand and a fist-sized red bead appeared in his grasp.

There seemed to be countless mist-like clouds inside, slowly rotating, and there was a soul sitting inside. It was impossible to clearly see what the soul looked like, one could only tell it was the soul of a woman.

This soul wasn’t complete, it was only part of a soul.

The man in the royal robe looked at the red bead in his hand and slowly said, “Ye Dao!” 

“Servant is here!” After the man in the royal robe spoke, the light behind him became twisted and an old man in black walked out. He knelt down on one knee before the man in the royal robe.

The man in the royal robe calmly asked, “Did you find her?”

“Emperor, this servant has searched the entire ancient country and couldn’t find this woman. Now I have sent people to the celestials and will receive news soon.”

“There is no news from the Imperial Teacher?” The man in the royal robe frowned.

The old man kneeling there remained cool and calmly spoke,

“Although the Imperial Teacher gifted the soul of this woman to your majesty, the Imperial Teacher can’t find her. However, this woman will be of great use to your majesty in the future. With this woman, your majesty can have a complete ancient country!

“He only told this servant that he was divinating the future of my ancient dao country, and his mind was integrated with the underworld. He went to a strange place he had never seen before and extracted her soul from a piece of Heavenly Dao…”

The man in the royal robe silently pondered for a moment and then looked at the red bead in his hand. His eyes revealed a strange light.

“This woman looks too ordinary for me to acknowledge. However, if she is really as Imperial Teacher says, then I’ll take her as my empress! Continue to search for people among the celestials. If you really can’t find any, then find a woman in the ancient country who can fuse with this soul.”

“Yes!” The old man in black got up and was about to leave. He hesitated for a moment, and after pondering for a long time, he clasped his hands to speak again.

“Emperor, before the Imperial Teacher went into closed door cultivation, he said one more thing…”

“Speak!” The man in the royal robe looked at the red bead in his hand, and his voice was filled with majesty.

“He said that his divination may or may not be true. When he extracted the soul of this woman, he saw two images. One was the Emperor uniting the ancient country, and the other was the Emperor dead...

“In these two images, there was another figure present! This figure was a bit vague and the Imperial Teacher couldn’t see him clearly, but this person had a head of white hair!”

“Interesting. You can leave.” The man in the royal robe revealed a flash of coldness in his eyes. He looked at the bead in his hand and slowly smiled.

“You woman, who are you… What kind of relationship do you have with the white-haired figure the Imperial Teacher saw…”

The soul of the woman inside the red bead sat there motionless. Her figure was obscured by the mist and she seemed not to know what was happening at all.

At this moment wind blew by and landed the man in the royal robe. The bead also seemed to feel the wind, and the mist around the woman seemed to churn. Just as her figure was about to be revealed, it was suddenly covered up by the finger of the hand that clenched the bead.

In the cave world, in the rift in the Cloud Sea, the giant vortex above the altar rumbled. The blood light shined on Wang Lin’s body, making him look like he was made of blood.

His eyes narrowed and stared into the depths of the vortex. He eventually saw a few drops of blood fly out from the vortex!

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