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Chapter 1707 - Expectations from the Immortal Astral Contient 

“With ancient demon body, extract the soul of the demon and form a drop of blood! Extract!” Wang Lin raised his right hand to press on his body and let out a roar. His body trembled violently.

His left eye immediately melted and intense pain washed over him. Even Wang Lin clenched his teeth in pain. Wang Lin felt like a part of his body was being pulled out, and a drop of blood flew out from his left eye.

This drop of blood was the size of a nail, floating before Wang Lin. Inside the drop sat a small ancient demon that looked like Wang Lin.

“With my ancient devil body, extract the soul of the devil and form a drop of blood! Extract!” Wang Lin’s voice was calm, forming a stark contrast with his painful expression.

As he spoke, his right hand formed a seal and pressed on his body again. Popping sounds came from his right eye before it collapsed. Wang Lin’s body rapidly withered until it was like a skeleton.

After his right eye collapsed, a drop of black blood filled with monstrous devilish energy flew out and floated next to the ancient demon blood. There was a small ancient devil Wang Lin sitting inside it.

“With… my ancient god body, melt everything and form a drop of ancient god blood!” Wang Lin’s vision was blurry and he could not see clearly. The pain was already beyond his limit, but he still held on. He had to survive this Ancient Race Heavenly Blood calamity!

His body melted rapidly. The first parts to melt were his legs and arms, then his entire body was surrounded by a blood mist. Then his entire body disappeared and became part of the blood mist.

The mist moved and rapidly condensed. After about seven minutes, it formed a drop of ancient god blood!

At this moment, on this altar, from the view of Wang Lin’s avatar, his original body had disappeared without a trace. Only three drops of blood remained!

The three drops of blood floated there, and inside each one sat a tiny Wang Lin. At this moment, the three figures opened their eyes and the three drops of blood rapidly fused. After a few moments of silence, the three drops of blood fused into one drop!

This drop of blood was the essence of the ancient god, ancient demon, and ancient devil bodies! It was Wang Lin’s everything!

Different from the blood of the celestials, this blood was not golden but gave off a black light. It caused the surroundings to look hazy.

The moment the three drops of blood fused into one, an ancient aura spread out from it. This drop of blood contained the passage of time and the ancient clan’s heaven-defying will. It shot into the sky and flew off into the distance.

No cultivator in the entire cave world would notice this aura, because this aura belonged to the ancient clan. It didn’t belong to any cultivator!

This had aura appeared to summon the ancient clan. As the aura spread out, anyone who had the ancient bloodline in the cave world would feel it. They would feel a power from their bloodline.

In the Inner Realm, the ancient demon in the Cloud Sea that hadn’t died after all those battles opened his eyes in shock. He stared into the distance as he felt this aura, and he faintly felt like worshiping that aura.

Inside the invisible rift around the collapsed planet Dong Lin sat a woman who was also an ancient god. At this moment, her eyes opened and became filled with horror. She was startled for a moment before her body began to tremble uncontrollably.

“Ancient Race Heavenly Blood…”

In the Outer Realm, in the Ancient Tomb, Tuo Sen hadn’t left; he had decided to stay inside to complete his inheritance. He was still sitting there with his eyes closed.

Wang Lin had given him the memory inheritance he always wanted. After years of fusing with it, perhaps he was still Tuo Sen or perhaps he had become the awakened Tu Si!

But at this moment, he suddenly opened his eyes and his pupils shrank.

On the Immortal Astral Continent, the east and south belonged to the celestials and the west and north belonged to the ancient ones. Because the Immortal Astral Continent was so large, many cultivators or ancient ones had never left their own country.

At this moment, in the northern part of the Immortal Astral Continent, there was a giant, floating city. Just the size of this city was as big as the cave world. It was impossible to see the edges of this city!

The space below the city was completely dark, a place that would never see sunlight. This was the ancient country’s prison for celestial prisoners!

With the city acting as a suppression tool, many celestial bloodline cultivators were imprisoned here.

At the center of this ancient city stood a huge statue. This statue was very large, looking as if it supported the sky above the Immortal Astral Continent. Even if you were far away, you could still see this statue!

This statue was that of a middle-aged man. His expression was majestic as he looked at the earth below him. He gave off a gaze that made it seem like he looked down upon everything.

In his eyes, what was this sky, what was this earth, and what did celestials count as?

His hands were stretched out as if he controlled the entire Immortal Astral Continent. His huge palms felt like they had the power to destroy the entire continent! A young man stood on his left hand.

This young man had a head of black hair and wore a black robe. His black hair fluttered in the wind as he looked at the statue before him with respect in his eyes.

A faint light had appeared between the eyebrows of this statue a few days ago. This light was red, and it almost looked like condensed blood. It was this shocking scene that caused this young man to be standing here staring at it.

Behind him floated thousands of figures. Behind them floated tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of figures.

Although there was a large amount of people, there was no noise. Everyone’s gazes were locked onto the young man in black and the statue.

After a long time, the young black-haired man seemed to slowly mutter to himself, “Has the time arrived…”

Just at this moment, nine giants about 100,000 feet tall were walking over from the distant void. Behind them was a man dressed in a royal robe who looked almost exactly like the statue. As he walked over, he had his hands behind his back.

Behind him followed nine more 100,000-feet-tall giants.

His appearance caused the nearly 1 million ancient country cultivators to bow.

“Greetings, Ancient Emperor!”

Only the black-haired young man didn’t bow and still calmly looked at the statue.

The man in the royal robe didn’t seem to mind at all. He walked past the 1 million people bowing to him and arrived beside the young man. He smiled as he clasped his hands and spoke with respect without losing any of his dignity,

“Ye Su greets Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo.”

The black-haired young man was one of the nine suns, Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo!

The black-haired young man slowly said, “The time is almost here, you’re a bit late.” 

“I hope Grand Empyrean can forgive me. The Ji and Shi emperors are both very concerned about what is happening here, and I was talking to them with my divine sense.” The middle-aged man in the royal robe revealed a wry smile and nodded.

The black-haired young man let out a cold snort.

“The three emperors, Ji, Dao, and Shi. You are the emperor of the kingdom of Dao, and there are times when you don’t need to bother giving them any attention. This matter is a great event for my Dao kingdom, so of course they are concerned.”

“As Uncle says.” The middle-aged man changed the way he addressed the young man.

After hearing the middle-aged man call him “uncle,” the black-haired young man’s expression softened slightly.

“Uncle, this matter is very strange. I wonder, what are the chances?” The man in the royal robe looked at the statue of his ancestor, who looked just like him.

The black-haired young man pondered for a long time before speaking. “Ye Mo’s heir is an accident, I don’t know what happened. I merely felt it through the bloodline. As for whether he can obtain the recognition of the Ancient Ancestor, I’m not sure.” 

“He is the heir of Ye Mo? This… How is this possible?” The man in the royal robe trembled. Apparently it was the first time he had heard of this.

“Back then, Ye Mo…” Before he could finish speaking, he was interrupted by the black-haired young man.

“Seven days ago, my ancient clan’s ancient statue gave off the heavenly blood light. This matter is normal, but this heavenly blood light has been gathering for seven days and still hasn’t formed. This kind of thing is extremely rare!

“Even for me, the blood light only gathered for nine days. I carefully searched everyone with the ancient bloodline and found that no one had begun the Ancient Race Heavenly Blood calamity. Then I performed a divination to find the root!

“It was Ye Mo’s heir!

“If he succeeds, and if he can come to the Immortal Astral Continent, then I’ll consider taking him as my disciple. My only disciple! To be able to reach such a point inside the cave world and then be able to come out means he will become someone very powerful in the future! A powerful person for my ancient race!

“After I reincarnate, he can help guard the ancient race! I hope he can succeed!” the black-haired young man said slowly as he looked at the statue

Time slowly passed. Eight days, nine days, until thirteen days went by!

Still in complete silence, all the surrounding ancient clan members looked at the blood light around the statue become more intense during these days. More and more expectation appeared in their eyes.

At dusk of the thirteenth day, a change occurred!

The blood light between the eyebrows of the statue seemed to reach a limit and covered most of the sky. The surroundings were shrouded in the blood light, and a few breaths later, a drop of blood slowly formed between the eyebrows of the statue! 

After a long time, a second drop still hadn’t appeared!

“Only one drop?” The man in the royal robe revealed an undetectable amount of contempt in his eyes.

Not only him, but all the ancient clan members around were all filled with disappointment. They had waited for 13 days in order to witness a miracle, and they didn’t expect to only see one drop.

However, just at this moment, loud exclamations came from people. A second drop of blood flew out from between the eyebrows of the statue!

Shortly after, the third and fourth drops of blood flew out!

“Four drops!!”

“It’s actually four drops!!”

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