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Chapter 1706 - Ancient Race Heavenly Blood

The ancient gods faced the Three Trials Seven Calamities, and the ancient demons and ancient devils faced the same thing. Every calamity was like a new beginning, and anyone who survived would have their strength increased greatly.

However, Wang Lin’s Three Trials Seven Calamities were much more powerful than that of others. Not only had his ancient god one arrived, but his ancient demon and ancient devils ones had arrived as well.

The first trial of the ancient clans has two calamities. The second trial also has two calamities: the divine calamity and soul calamity. Wang Lin had already passed the first two trials, and the one that was coming was the strongest of the three trials: the third trial that had three calamities!

However, his ancient demon and devil bodies, which had fused together, hadn’t gone through the first or second trials. As a result, when he reached eight stars on them, a total of eight calamities would arrive at the same time.

The ancient clan’s calamities had to be passed one by one. The eight ancient demon stars in his left eye rotated, forming a vortex. Demonic energy spread out from his left eye and covered his entire face before shrouding his whole body. At this moment, Wang Lin didn’t look like a cultivator at all.

His face was blue and his expression was ferocious. His veins swelled up and demonic energy spread out from his body. Wang Lin looked like a real demonic cultivator!

His white hair moved behind him eerily and popping sounds echoed inside his body. The nails on his hands extended until they were more than one foot long!

Those ten nails were completely purplish-red and looked extremely demonic! The demonic energy around his body condensed into a purplish-red armor. This was a set of demonic armor the ancient demon clan members could create once they reached eight stars!

Covered in demonic armor, Wang Lin sat down on the altar. The ancient one shadow dissipated and was replaced by a huge ancient demon shadow. Its whole body was glowing green and its eyes had a strange light. It floated behind Wang Lin and was also sitting.

The ancient demon’s hair fluttered in the air, and it was thousands of feet tall. From a distance, the ancient demon’s hair looked like smoke!

At this moment, even if someone that knew him saw him, they wouldn’t be able to recognize him immediately. Wang Lin closed his eyes as he slowly cycled the ancient demon power in his body.

At this moment, the first trial and two calamities of the ancient demon arrived!

Similar to the ancient god calamity, it was the bone calamity and the flesh calamity. These two calamities erupted inside Wang Lin’s ancient demon body. Just as they appeared, the demonic energy around Wang Lin became chaotic. He remained motionless, and his eyebrows were locked.

His closed eyes seemed to hide all the pain he was facing.

The bones and flesh of his ancient demon body were being destroyed, but this pain was far from Wang Lin’s limit.

The ancient god calamities he faced back then were countless times stronger than what he was facing now.

Time slowly passed. In the blink of an eye, five days went by!

After five days passed, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes. There were no stars between his eyebrows or in his right eye, but eight ancient demon stars were rapidly rotating in his left eye, giving off a monstrous demonic energy.

“The ancient demon clan’s first trial and two calamities is only this strong?” Wang Lin was calm. He was indeed qualified to feel this. The ancient demons’ first trials and two calamities were no threat to him.

After the first trial, the second trial began shrouding Wang Lin’s divine sense and soul. The demonic energy around him became violent and the ancient demon shadow behind him became twisted, as if it was going to let out a roar in pain.

Wang Lin raised his right hand and pointed at his left eye, and his face became ferocious. He used his full attention to suppress the second trial, and after 10 days of suppression, the two calamities of the second trial collapsed!

After going through two trials and four calamities, Wang Lin’s ancient demon power surged and spread across the star domain. A powerful demon was born!

Wang Lin’s twisted expression slowly calmed down. His hands formed a seal and then he placed his hands on his knees. The ancient demon stars in his left eye gradually faded away. The moment they completely disappeared, the ancient devil stars in his right eye lit up!

Eight ancient devil stars appeared. The demonic energy around Wang Lin scattered and was replaced with boundless devilish energy. This monstrous devilish energy formed a black mist that released the screams of countless miserable souls.

Under this monstrous devilish energy, the ancient demon armor around Wang Lin shattered and a strange, black-as-ink armor appeared. This armor created a shocking contrast with his white hair, which was a shocking sight for anyone who saw him.

Devilish patterns appeared on Wang Lin’s face. As the devilish energy surged, Wang Lin changed from a demonic cultivator to a devil!

A devil, something that coexisted with celestials, gods, and demons. Throughout the ages, all the so-called devils were fake; even ancient devils were not true devils. A real devil had no body, soul, or cultivation. It was a will!

A will to be the only ruler!

Wang Lin’s path was similar to a devil’s, but he had never become a true devil. After all, his main body was an ancient god!

At this moment, the ancient devil stars rotated and monstrous devilish energy surged. Wang Lin’s eyes opened, revealing merciless, cold light as he welcomed the ancient devil’s first and second calamities!

The power of the ancient devil calamities was similar to the ancient demon calamities, but just a bit stronger. Among the three ancient clans, the ancient gods were the strongest, followed by the ancient devils, and the ancient demons were the weakest.

Their Three Trials Seven Calamities were the same.

After seven days, Wang Lin’s ancient devil body went through the first and second calamities. The pain of having his flesh and bones destroyed was still not as bad as the ancient god calamities he had faced.

He then used another 13 days to suppress the second trial for the ancient devil. The sharpening of his divine sense and soul allowed Wang Lin to almost reach completion with his ancient devil body!

After his ancient devil body successfully passed the two trials and four calamities, his three ancient clan powers reached a balance. As he sat on the altar, the eight ancient god stars appeared without hesitation!

Ancient god, an 8-star ancient god!

Wang Lin had cultivated for more than 2,000 years. Through various fortunes and life and death situations, he had reached today and had become an 8-star ancient god!

Not only was he an ancient god, but he was also an 8-star ancient demon and 8-star ancient devil!

When the three fused into one, with the ancient god as the main body, they would become an ancient one! Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a strange light, and a total of 24 stars rotated at the same time. The aura of an ancient one spread out and filled the stars.

A powerful feeling appeared in Wang Lin’s mind. Wang Lin mercilessly clenched his fists. He knew that what he would face now was the real calamity!

The third trial of the ancient clans, all three would come at once!

The third trial had three calamities, the first being the Ancient Race Heavenly Blood!

The second calamity being the Ancient Dao Three Distractions!

As for the third calamity, it was the strongest calamity the ancient ones faced. It was called the Blessing of the Ancient Ancestor! 

Wang Lin didn’t know much about the specifics. Although he had obtained the inheritance from Ye Mo, the memories were limited. He just knew that when facing the last two calamities, he would have to go to the ancient temple in the ancient country on the Immortal Astral Continent to attempt them.

Any time a member of the ancient country reached the last calamity, a grand event would be held throughout the entire country. There would be a grand ceremony!

Ancient One Ye Mo had gone through the last calamity in the ancient temple. He then obtained the title of Ancient Dao and became one of the powerhouses of the ancient country, admired by tens of millions of people.

Even the celestials attached great importance to the final calamity of the ancient clan.

As Wang Lin sat on the altar, his body was being shrouded by even more powerful ancient one aura to meet the first calamity of the third trial. Once he passed this calamity, he would become a true 8-star ancient god!

With the power of eight stars from all three ancient clans, even without his cultivation, Wang Lin would be confident in overpowering early stage Arcane Void cultivators. If his cultivation level increased further with the formation of the seventh essence, not even mid stage Arcane Void cultivators would be his match after his cultivation and ancient one power fused. He could directly battle late stage Arcane Void cultivators!

Ancient Race Heavenly Blood, this calamity arrived!

The so-called Heavenly Blood calamity required one to condense all the power of the three clans in one’s body into one drop of blood. This drop of blood was everything for the person going through the calamity!

They would use this drop of blood to break through the heavens and offer it as a sacrifice to the ancient race. Once you obtained the recognition of the Ancient Ancestor, then no matter where you were, a drop of blood would be sent back.

This drop of blood would fuse with the drop of blood that was formed by the essence of the person going through the calamity. Once they fused, the body that would reform would have the true ancient one bloodline!

This bloodline was an equal existence to the celestial bloodline!

The difficulty of this calamity wasn’t the pain of condensing that drop of blood, but obtaining the recognition of the Ancient Ancestor. It was not something that just anyone could obtain!

Even if one obtained the recognition of the Ancient Ancestor, the amount of blood obtained in return would be different as well, depending on the level of recognition. If it was ordinary, then only one drop, but if the recognition was high, then it could be two drops.

Ancient Dao Ye Mo obtained three drops of blood when he went through the calamity. Throughout the ages, the person that obtained the most before Ye Mo had obtained eight drops!

This person was one of the nine suns of the Immortal Astral Continent, the Ancient Country’s Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo!! It was also him who battled against Grand Empyrean Dao Yi to obtain that fragment outside of the Seven Dao Sect!

Wang Lin was sitting on the altar. After pondering for a long time, he closed his eyes and his ancient aura around him condensed inside his body. He began the first step of this calamity, refining that drop of blood.

A vague shadow overlapped with his body and another Wang Lin gradually walked out. This was his avatar, his cultivator avatar!

After his avatar left, Wang Lin’s original body was now pure ancient one!

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