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Chapter 1708 - First One!

The man in the royal robe stared at the eyebrows of the statue with a hint of surprise. Four drops of blood wasn’t enough to shock him though. Even Ye Mo had obtained three drops.

Although a majority of people only obtained one drop of blood during this calamity, there were still a lot who obtained two drops. Aside from Ye Mo, most with the royal bloodline could obtain at least two drops of Ancient Race Heavenly Blood.

What’s more, the royal-robed man himself had obtained six drops of blood. He was the strongest person among the Dao clan aside from Xuan Luo!

Therefore, he became the king of the Dao clan. His status was very high and he was revered by countless people. Even so, he was not taken as a disciple by Xuan Luo. He had already brooded over this matter, but didn’t dare to bring it up.

When he heard Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo say that he was going to take Ye Mo’s heir as a disciple, he felt very gloomy, but he didn’t reveal it.

“Four drops of blood, this kind of thing hasn’t happened in a long time.”

“However, four drops of blood should be the limit. You can see that the light from the statue is becoming dim.”

“With 13 days of time, four drops isn’t a lot.”

There was a lot of debate from the people around the statue. Their eyes were all gathered on the statue. They watched the monstrous, red light slowly dissipate until only a tiny bit remained between the eyebrows.

At this moment, the nearly 1 million ancient clan members knew that this was about to be over.

The man in the royal robe remained calm but sneered in his heart.

“Merely four drops of blood. How could he have the power to protect my Dao clan? Today’s matter was made a bigger deal than it really is.

“If uncle wants to accept a disciple, my Dao clan has several members who obtained four drops. Even when I obtained six drops, he didn’t consider me!

“If he still decides to accept Ye Mo’s heir, then I’ll be the first to disagree!”

The man in the royal robe didn’t reveal his true thoughts at all and instead revealed a hint of regret. He shook his head and smiled bitterly as he spoke softly to Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo beside him,

“Uncle, four drops is quite a lot. Ye Mo’s heir can be considered a genius in our Dao Clan.”

Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo’s expression remained bland, as if he hadn’t heard the man in the royal robe at all. He looked at the eyebrows of the statue and watched the red light become more faint until only a sliver remained.

He also watched the four drops that had appeared emit a crystal clear light. They broke through the void and disappeared into the distance.

After a long time, the black-haired young man slowly said, “Let’s wait a bit more.”

The man in the royal robe nodded in agreement, but his heart was filled with disdain.

“Aside from Uncle, no one else in the Dao clan has better talent than me. Ye Mo wasn’t talented enough and his heir is also not talented enough!”

Time slowly passed on the Immortal Astral Continent. At this moment, inside the rift in the Cloud Sea, Wang Lin’s avatar was sitting on the edge of the altar. He looked at the drop of blood formed by his original body, which was at the center of the altar.

This drop of blood quietly floated there, motionless, but at this moment, a howl began to echo inside this strange space. Ripples echoed from nowhere and a powerful, ancient aura slowly spread out.

This aura was far beyond anything in the cave world, and not even the Grand Empyrean could compare to it. However, this aura wasn’t scary and didn’t attract the attention of anyone else. Only Wang Lin could feel it.

Ripples echoed above the altar and a giant vortex appeared. It slowly rotated and thunderous rumbles echoed from it. The vortex shrouded the entire altar and a powerful force spread, pushing Wang Lin’s avatar off the altar.

This force that pushed Wang Lin’s avatar caused Wang Lin’s mind to tremble. This force was more powerful than the might of heaven, it was more powerful than any pressure Wang Lin had ever faced!

Forget him, even Seven-Colored would be forced off this altar!

Wang Lin felt like the drop of blood formed by his original body was burning, and it released a blood light that seemed to be communicating with the vortex.

As the blood light came out from the vortex, a drop of blood flew out and shot toward the drop of blood formed by Wang Lin’s original body. Soon, the two drops of blood fused into one.

At this instant, Wang Lin’s avatar immediately sat down. Intense pain came from his mind. This pain made it almost impossible to control his avatar, and he had to focus all his attention on his avatar.

The moment he sat down, his consciousness left his avatar and was completely immersed inside that drop of blood.

Unspeakable pain echoed through his consciousness. Although he had no body, he felt the pain of his body burning. The drop of blood that had fused with him seemed to be boiling.

Just at this moment, the second drop of blood flew out from the vortex and fused with Wang Lin. The pain inside wang Lin’s consciousness increased several fold, but he could not let out a roar, he could only endure!

Shortly after, the third drop of blood flew out from the vortex and fused with Wang Lin. This caused Wang Lin’s drop of blood to expand to three feet wide, and the shadow of a naked body condensed!

This body had a head of white hair. It was Wang Lin!

His body was covered in intricate runes that looked extremely bizarre. His eyes were shut and muffled groans of pain came from his mouth. His body gradually took shape.

The fourth drop of blood flew out of the vortex. When it flew out, red light filled this endless space. A ray of red light shot out and landed directly between Wang Lin’s eyebrows.

With this, Wang Lin’s body trembled and his eyes suddenly opened. His eyes were red and his body was trembling. A powerful force surged in his body, causing popping sounds to echo inside him.

After fusing with these four drops of blood, a bloodline was born. This bloodline was that of the ancient ones. From now on, Wang Lin was a real member of the ancient clan and a citizen of the ancient country!

After the fourth drop of blood flew out, the vortex above showed signs of dissipating, and once it was gone, this calamity would be over. Although Wang Lin had passed it, he could only obtain four drops, just one more than Ye Mo!

This was already a lot for him. After all, he had obtained Ye Mo’s inheritance, and four drops was already one more than Ye Mo. This was already Wang Lin’s limit!

He was not a genius, not born on the Immortal Astral Continent, and he was merely a lowly cave creature. He could not compare to the man in the royal robe who had obtained six drops of blood and became a member of the royal family. Wang Lin didn’t have anything compared to a blessed individual like that!

He also couldn’t compare to Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo, who was one of the nine suns, one of the strongest nine people on the Immortal Astral Continent. Such a legendary existence was above all others, and he had obtained eight drops of blood. Wang Lin could not compare to such a person.

The only thing he had was his fortitude and unyielding nature and his unwillingness to be controlled by others. Through countless life and death struggles, he had gone from a weak mortal to his current self. Looking back, such hardships were really shocking.

While he faced countless life and death struggles, the emperor and the ancient ones of the Immortal Astral Continent cultivated in peace. With the Grand Empyrean guarding them, they rarely faced life and death encounters.

While Wang Lin went through countless life and death struggles to gain his resources, the man wearing the royal robe was guarded by countless people while he cultivated. No matter what he wanted, his clan would immediately send it to him.

While Wang Lin hugged Li Muwan and cried out, and while Wang Lin struggled desperately to revive Li Muwan, the man in the royal robe played with the strange treasures his people had brought him. He could choose any woman and make them one of his many concubines.

“Four drops of blood is my limit…” The bloodline in Wang Lin’s body gradually condensed. He looked at the gradually disappearing vortex above him. He was not satisfied!

Although he didn’t know the commotion he was causing on the Immortal Astral Continent, this was his personality. He was not satisfied, he wanted his bloodline to be even stronger!

For nothing else but his unyielding, heaven-defying will!!

“Since you recognize my ancient bloodline, then four drops of blood is not enough!!” There was coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes as he leaped into the air and charged toward the dissipating vortex!

He was different from all the ancient ones on the Immortal Astral Continent. He had survived in the cave world, and in his heart, he never respected the Ancient Ancestor. He didn’t respect such an ethereal existence, he only believed in his own strength!

This was something that no one on the Immortal Astral Continent, not even Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo, could comprehend. Even Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo still held great respect for the existence of this ancestor.

But Wang Lin was different!

He was the first person who was not satisfied with the drops of Ancient Race Heavenly Blood, so he rushed into the vortex!

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