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Chapter 1694 - Fan Shanmeng!

Fan Shanlu’s face was deathly pale and she didn’t respond to Wang Lin’s words. She struggled to sit down and place her hands on her knees. She closed her eyes and began cultivating.

Seven-colored light flickered from her body, and the seven-colored light between her eyebrows became extremely bright. Eventually, a faint vortex appeared between her eyebrows. Not only did seven-colored light come out from the vortex, it was accompanied by bursts of cold energy.

The moment the cold energy appeared in this large ship, the deck froze and white mist scattered. Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed and he retreated a few steps.

However, just at this moment, Fan Shanlu’s face suddenly turned red and she coughed out a mouthful of blood. The blood turned into drops of ice and scattered across the deck.

Shortly after, the vortex between her eyebrows suddenly enlarged and started rotating rapidly. Wang Lin’s eyes shined, and he saw a face suddenly appear inside the vortex!

This face was almost identical to Fan Shanlu’s, an extremely beautiful and alluring face!

The moment this face appeared, Fan Shanlu revealed a painful expression and the veins on her face swelled, her expression fierce. Her eyes opened and the vortex between her eyebrows collapsed. The vortex returned back into her head and the beautiful face disappeared with it.

A miserable scream came from Fan Shanlu and she coughed out blood. Her hands reformed the seals and she began cultivating again.

When Wang Lin saw all of this, his expression became extremely serious. He seemed to have seen through some stuff but wasn’t sure.

While pondering, Wang Lin’s divine sense spread out and surrounded the entire ship. Soon, the entire ship appeared in his mind.

This ship was very large and there were many restrictions that even Wang Lin felt were mysterious. As his divine sense spread out, he was shocked to find that almost the entire ship was made of restrictions. Even the deck below his feet was made of restrictions.

It could be said that this ship was a giant restriction formation.

The layers of protection were created by the ship itself. They formed fine, overlapping layers, and it would be very difficult to break them.

Wang Lin vaguely noticed the core of this formation as his divine sense spread out. It was the ghostly-faced sail on the ship. The ghostly face seemed to be alive, and its eyes were locked onto Wang Lin.

Although it was completely silent, when Wang Lin was stared at by the ghostly face, he seemed to hear hideous cries and roars in his mind.

This sound penetrated his mind and caused his expression to change. He couldn’t help but retreat a few steps.

“Time Restriction, Life and Death Restriction, Ancient Soul Restriction, Annihilation Restriction… Not only does this ship have the four ancient restrictions, but there are also many I have never seen before…

“If I have the time to master all these restrictions and research them, I could reach small completion in my restriction essence!” Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a strange light. His restriction knowledge was extraordinary, but unfortunately, most of the restrictions in this cave world were incomplete. If he tried to deduce them by force, not only would it waste a lot of time, it might be wasted effort as well.

However, now it was different. The restrictions on this ship opened a new path for Wang Lin. If he could gain enlightenment and deduce them all, there might be a chance for the restriction essence to appear!

Shortly after Wang Lin observed the restrictions here, a bright, seven-colored light appeared outside the ship and lit up this area. The Seven-Colored Daoist slowly walked over.

“This ship… is somewhat familiar…” The Seven-Colored Daoist looked at the ship with  reminiscence in his mind. However, no matter how much he tried, he couldn’t remember where he had seen this ship before.

“I didn’t obtain the memory, so I can’t remember a lot of things.” The Seven-Colored Daoist pondered for a moment and shook his head. He then waved his right hand.

Thunderous rumbles suddenly echoed!

As the deck on the ship trembled violently, a muffled rumble came from outside. Wang Lin turned to look out through the protective layers. He saw that inside the seven-colored light was the calm Seven-Colored Daoist, who looked as if the world was between his fingers.

Thunderous rumbles echoed once more, and as the deck trembled, the outermost layer of protection collapsed. The impact caused the giant ship to be pushed back a few hundred feet.

“Although this ship’s restrictions are powerful,only 20% of them are activated… With just 20%, I fear it won’t be able to stop the Seven-Colored Daoist…” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. It was a moment of life and death. The Seven-Colored Daoist might not kill him for some reason, but he was going to take away the Li Guang Bow and arrow.

Wang Lin could not hand over the Li Guang Bow, it had great use for him. It was the only thing that could allow him to suppress all the Arcane Void cultivators! Most importantly, he wouldn’t allow his life to be in the hands of others. He didn’t want his life to be controlled with just a thought!

“Even if he was at full power, this Soul Search Ship could stop him for dozens of hours.” Just at this moment, a cold voice came from behind Wang Lin.

Fan Shanlu slowly opened her eyes.

“Even though less than 30% of the restrictions are activated, he is also not the same as back then. It can stop him…. For three days,” Fan Shanlu spoke coldly, and her gaze contained a hint of coldness as she looked at the Seven-Colored Daoist outside. There was a complicated sense of hatred in her eyes.

Wang Lin turned around to look at the woman, and after a long time, he suddenly said, “You’re not Fan Shanlu!”

The woman withdrew her gaze from outside the boat and looked at Wang Lin. A moment later, a hint of admiration appeared in her eyes and she nodded.

“You’re indeed worthy of someone chosen by my little sister to work with. I’m indeed not Fan Shanlu. I’m her big sister, Fan Shanmeng!”

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed and he carefully looked at her, but he didn’t speak.

“You should know my identity from my little sister, I’m the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign’s dao partner.” As she spoke, she raised her right hand and formed a seal. With a wave, seven-colored light came from her hand and flew toward the barrier outside.

After it fused with the barrier, a powerful aura came from the ship and the barrier became even stronger. The rumbles from outside the barrier were almost completely blocked out, and the sounds that reached their ears were barely detectable.

“Since you are cooperating with me and my sister, I won’t keep any secrets from you. Back then, two of the nine suns, the Grand Empyrean Dao Yi and the ancient countries’ Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo appeared near our Seven Dao Sect. Their powers were heavenly and they were fighting for a storage fragment that had somehow flew out from the Immemorial God Domain.

“Normally, Seven-Colored and I could not participate in this matter and could not get any benefits, but in the end, fortune favored us… Even now, I still don’t understand how Dao Yi or Xuan Luo didn’t notice that a piece was missing, even if the storage fragment was broken.

“That missing piece landed in Seven-Colored’s hand, and it was then that I saw his true heart. In order to cover up the aura, I gave up all my cultivation to fully suppress it and wished to quickly return to the Seven-Dao Sect.

“However, during the trip back, he backstabbed me. I was caught off guard and he took my full cultivation to suppress the fragment. He then destroyed my soul. He wanted to kill me because he was afraid the news would spread.

“He also needed to use my cultivation to open the fragment. After all, the fragment came from the Immemorial God Domain, so it would be very difficult to open.

“However, I didn’t die. I’m a core disciple of the Great Soul Sect, so a part of my soul had been left with my teacher. Teacher used the great reincarnation spell and allowed me to be quickly reborn.

“There were people inside the Seven Dao Sect that listened to me, especially my little sister. I borrowed my teacher’s spell to tell my little sister everything, and thus the war began!” The woman slowly talked about the past.

“I knew that he must have opened the fragment and obtained what was inside. I also knew that he had lured Ye Mo inside and sealed the Seven Dao Sect. But how could I let him succeed? I told the news to Lian Daofei, who had always coveted my beauty, and lured him to the Seven Dao Sect!

“With my sister’s connection, most of his concubines defected and caused the Seven Dao Sect disciples to split. This is how the Inner and Outer Realms formed!” At this point, the woman looked at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression remained unchanged and he didn’t release any fluctuations. He had speculated on most of this, and even now he only believed some of her words. There were many parts that were skimmed over, and although what she was saying sounded complete, there were still some issues.

After silently pondering for a moment, Wang Lin slowly said, “What kind of place is the Immemorial God Domain?”

“There is a legend in the Immortal Astral Continent stating that the Immemorial God Domain will open nine times. Each time it opens, the person who obtains the final fortune will become a Grand Empyrean… Up until now, it has opened nine times, and there are indeed nine suns.

“Perhaps the tenth sun will appear when it opens for the tenth time...

“As for what the Immemorial God Domain is, I don’t know what it is either.”

“You said that this Seven-Colored is different from the Seven-Colored of the past. I need an answer to this.” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he looked at the blurry figure smashing up the protection around the ship.

The woman pondered a bit and suddenly said, “He is not complete!” 

“I don’t know how he got Li Guang to help him kill Ye Mo, but I know that after I told Lian Daofei how to break into the cave, a fierce battle occurred!

“This battle happened shortly after Ye Mo died. Seven-Colored then went into closed door cultivation due to his injuries and was studying something he got from that fragment. It wasn’t until later that I learned that there was a Heavenly Dao inside that fragment!”

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