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Chapter 1693 - Seven-Color Arrives

The lion beast below the two of them trembled and revealed a look of horror. It trembled and actually stopped moving.

Seven-colored light shined brightly behind him like the stars. It was as if someone had ripped this space open and forced the seven-colored light in.

Wang Lin’s pupils shrank and he stepped forward without hesitation. In a flash, he began moving forward rapidly. Fan Shanlu was the same and moved like a beautiful butterfly behind Wang Lin.

While she escaped, she waved her jade-like hand toward the lion beast. The lion beast let out a roar and charged at the seven-colored light as if it was crazy.

Fan Shanlu’s eyes lit up and she muttered, “Blood sacrifice!” 

The moment she spoke, the lion was covered in a blood-colored light and then exploded into a blood mist. This mist rumbled and then scattered in all directions. Soon, sharp roars came from all directions.

The aura of fierce beasts rushed toward the location.

Wang Lin was using almost his full speed and moving forward like a ray of light that broke space. He would sometimes fuse with the world and move even faster.

“Here!” Fan Shanlu was a bit faster than Wang Lin. Her cultivation level was extremely high, and although she was injured, she had managed to suppress a lot of her injuries over the years.

In a flash, she passed Wang Lin and led the way. She didn’t move straight ahead but turned to another direction. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he followed without hesitation.

However, just at this moment, a cold snort came from the void behind the two of them. There was no rumble, but a powerful pressure and shockwave came with it.

There were hundreds of fierce beasts behind them; they were attracted by the blood mist. However, as the cold snort echoed, they let out mournful cries and were knocked back by a powerful force.

As the shockwave spread, the hundreds of fierce beasts all exploded.

A few drops of blood and minced flesh flew by Wang Lin, making him even more gloomy.

As the hundreds of fierce beasts collapsed, the seven-colored light pierced through. The Seven-Colored Daoist calmly walked out with his hands behind his back.

“Wang Lin, give me the Li Guang Bow and arrow.” His words were slow, but when they entered Wang Lin’s ears, Wang Lin’s mind trembled. Wang Lin’s body trembled and he coughed out blood.

Fan Shanlu grabbed Wang Lin’s arm. Her face was pale and she anxiously pulled Wang Lin forward.

“I remember you, you are my first concubine. Why are you running from this lord after seeing me?” The Seven-Colored Daoist’s gaze swept past Fan Shanlu. He waved his right sleeve and nine burning hot red fire bird phantoms appeared before him.

The nine fire birds were not Vermillion Birds, but the heat they gave off was something not even the Vermillion Bird could compare to! Also, there were faint traces of planet souls coming from these nine fire birds!

They weren’t fire birds at all, they were clearly nine rare burning planets from this cave world that had been refined by the Seven-Colored Daoist! Or more accurately, nine suns!

At this moment, with a wave of his hand, the nine fire birds turned into nine rays of burning light that shot toward Wang Lin and Fan Shanlu.

“You block it!” At the moment of crisis, Wang Lin could no longer hide his strength anymore. He let out a roar and waved his hand. Fan Shanlu didn’t hesitate. Borrowing the power of Wang Lin’s wave, she leaped forward. Her hands formed a seal, and after coughing out a mouthful of blood, she let out a sad roar.

“Great Soul Dao, draw the soul. With my soul as sacrifice, form a soul to cut off the realm!” Fan Shanlu’s right hand reached out and the blood she had coughed out turned into a mist that entered her right hand. Soon, it turned into a blood-red knife!

With this knife in hand, Fan Shanlu raised her head and chopped down at the nine fire birds. The knife collapsed into nine parts and shot toward the nine birds to block them!

Borrowing this time, Wang Lin reached out with his left hand and the Li Guang Bow appeared. His right hand reached for the string. With a roar, sweat appeared on his forehead and golden light shone in his eyes as he drew the bow!

The Sovereign’s calculation was not wrong, Wang Lin really only had the power to draw the bow twice. However, what the Sovereign didn’t know was that Wang Lin had another drop of celestial blood!

This drop of blood was what Xu Liguo and Liu Jinbiao had cheated from the madman and was eventually taken by Wang Lin! Although this drop of blood didn’t contain much power, it was enough to cause the Sovereign to miscalculate!

With a buzz, the Li Guang Bow was drawn and the arrow appeared. The moment the arrow appeared, Wang Lin let go and the bowstring slammed back, shooting the arrow out.

At this moment, the sound of the arrow replaced all sounds in this world. In an instant, the arrow flew past Fan Shanlu. It caused her hair to flutter and cut off a few strands.

After flashing by her, the arrow collided with the nine firebirds.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and a powerful shockwave spread. Fan Shanlu was hit by the shockwave and coughed out blood. Wang Lin grabbed her and the two left without even looking back to see the result.

“My cave is 4 million kilometers away. There are formations there that can resist for some time!” Fan Shanlu’s voice echoed. Wang Lin didn’t say a word as he grabbed her hand and they disappeared.

When they reappeared, they had moved 2 million kilometers. His face was pale and continue to rush forward.

Wang Lin rushed forward and didn’t dare to stop at all, but he sent out a divine sense message to Fan Shanlu. “Is he the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign!?”

“He is and is not… He…” Before Fan Shanlu finished speaking, a slow voice came from behind them.

“This old man is certainly the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign. I originally didn’t want to kill you and just wanted to retrieve the bow and arrow. I will give you one last chance to give that bow and arrow to me.” In the distance, the Seven-colored Daoist slowly walked out. He looked no different than before; that arrow had no affect on him!

However, Wang Lin didn’t believe him, but this was not the time to observe. If that person wanted to hide the truth, Wang Lin wouldn’t be able to tell the truth.

“Forget it. Since you’re looking for death, this lord will help you.” The Seven-Colored Daoist revealed a look of pity. He shook his head and pointed at Wang Lin and Fan Shanlu.

With this point, a seven-colored crystal appeared from the tip of his finger. This crystal immediately shot toward Wang Lin and Fan Shanlu.

It closed in in an instant and then dissipated into seven-colored light that wrapped around them. If you looked from afar, you would see that they were now surrounded by the seven-colored crystal that had disappeared!

At this instant, the crystal rapidly shrank. Cracking sounds echoed and Wang Lin felt intense pain from his body. Powerful pressure came from all directions to crush his body.

Fan Shanlu’s face turned pale. During this moment of danger, her right hand formed a seal and the seven-colored print appeared before her again. She spat out blood and it landed on the print.

“Sister, help me!!”

Her voice was extremely mournful. At this moment, the stars shook and an exotic aura came out of nowhere! On the Immortal Astral Continent, there was an icy land that was covered in white snow. It was cold enough to freeze all life to death; even cultivators found it difficult to survive here.

In this frozen land, there was a mountain of ice, and a woman was sitting on top of this mountain. Her appearance was exactly the same as Fan Shanlu!

At this instant, she suddenly opened her eyes and pointed to the spot between her eyebrows.

A burst of seven-colored light came from between her eyebrows. At the same time in the cave world, a burst of seven-colored light also appeared between Fan Shanlu’s eyebrows. It was as if an external force had entered her body and made it rumble.

Borrowing this power, the seven-colored print before her suddenly expanded to more than 1,000; 10,000; even 100,000 feet. It propped up the shrinking crystal that surrounded them, and the crystal suddenly collapsed.

The moment it collapse the giant seven print shot out toward the Seven-Colored Daoist.

“I have used all my power, take me away!” Fan Shanlu’s eyes dimmed and Wang Lin grabbed her. In a flash, they disappeared and reappeared more than 2 million kilometers away.

Before him was a giant ship that was the size of a mortal city. It was completely purple and looked majestic. He was surrounded by layers of protection that gave off a powerful pressure.

The sail of the ship moved without any wind, and there was a ghostly face on the sail, creating a shocking sight! Wang Lin and Fan Shanlu rushed into the layers of protection. Fan Shanlu’s body gave off a glow and none of the protection layers stopped them from entering.

The moment Wang Lin landed, he asked Fan Shanlu, “Who the hell is he?” This question had been in his heart for far too long!

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