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Chapter 1695 - Three Souls, Seven Fragments!

“I didn’t see that battle myself; everything is from my little sister’s memory. Lian Daofei was extremely powerful; he single-handedly battled against the four generals and many Seven Dao Sect disciples.

“With overwhelming strength, he seriously injured them all. It was also at this time that my little sister and several concubines rebelled and attacked with Lian Daofei.

“Just at the most chaotic moment, Lian Daofei flew past everyone and went toward where Seven-Colored was in closed door cultivation. This forced Seven-Colored to come out and battle him.

That battle was extremely fierce. Seven-Colored was already injured, so he was no match. He summoned the Heavenly Dao stored in the caved world and used its devouring ability to confront Lian Daofei.

In the end, Lian Daofei was seriously injured and was devoured by the Heavenly Dao, leaving his whereabouts unknown. However, due to his Immortal Celestial Body, he can’t die, so he should still be in this cave world.

“However, the Heavenly Dao was also seriously injured and died. Countless drops of its blood scattered across the world and eventually dissipated. However, the fact that lives continue to be born in this cave world means that the Heavenly Dao didn’t die!

“Seven-Colored’s body collapsed and divided into three main souls. One of them contained all his spells and dao spells, becoming the him that is outside this ship right now.

“Another contained his comprehension and essences. It escaped after the great battle and exists inside the Inner Realm.

“The last soul contained all of Seven-Colored’s memories, including how to summon the Heavenly Dao and where he hid the secret he obtained from that fragment.

“This last soul had no essences or spells, and even now, no one knows where it is. He may be a cultivator, he may be a mortal, he may be some fierce beast… Over countless reincarnation cycles, perhaps even he has forgotten who he was, his memory still in slumber.

“The soul that inherited all the spells is the Seven-Colored Daoist outside. He is the most powerful one, and he has forced several of the concubines to work for him. He even took Lian Daofei’s palmprint servant boy to work under him before settling in the Outer Realm. He has been looking for the third soul for all these years...

“He gradually obtained his own will. Once he finds the third soul and devours it and then devours the second soul that inherited the essences, he will become the new Seven-Colored!

“Similarly, the second soul in the Inner Realm is also looking for the third soul. Whichever one of them obtains the third soul first will become the one in charge!

“Because the third soul contains the memories, it is impossible for them to devour each other and fuse without it. That’s why the Seven-Colored Daoist and the second soul still can’t devour each other.

“Not only them, but even the other fragments that scattered when Seven-Colored scattered can’t devour each other either.

“When Seven-Colored died, aside from the three main souls, there were seven fragments. These seven fragments changed identities over countless reincarnations, but their souls belong to Seven-Colored!

“The Seven-Colored Daoist and the second soul completely ignored them. Even if they did find them, they can’t be devoured, so they just let them cultivate on their own. Once they find the third soul and devour the other, the remaining seven fragments will return to them and form the complete Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign!

“This is the whole secret of this cave world!”

A huge wave was set off in Wang Lin’s heart. Earlier, Wang Lin could keep calm when this woman talked about the matter about the Immortal Astral Continent, but after hearing everything else, he began to take deep breaths. He retreated a few steps and his expression rapidly changed.

He finally knew what the third one was!

He finally knew that the Seven-Colored Daoist was different from the statue he had obtained!

He finally knew what the woman in silver in his storage space meant when she said she hadn’t opened the door. The door was very likely the door to the cave.

It wasn’t that someone had opened the door, but the woman before him had told the madman how to open the door!

There might be some other things that didn’t match up, but Wang Lin hadn’t seen it himself, so he could only create his own images based on what the woman had said.

Perhaps the facts might be slightly different, but this was likely the truth of what had happened!

“Three souls, seven fragments… So it turns out there are three souls and seven fragments! The Sovereign said that Old Ghost Zhan should have died when they met at the Cloud Sea. The Sovereign’s shock doesn’t seem to be fake!

“Even he didn’t know… Also, in the Seven-Colored Realm in the Brilliant Void, when I went to save Qing Shui, the Seven-Colored Daoist appeared. He seemed to admire Old Ghost Zhan...

“He said that Old Ghost Zhan was different… Could it be that Old Ghost Zhan is the second soul?

“Only then would he be qualified to confront the Seven-Colored Daoist! Or it can be said that there is another soul inside Old Ghost Zhan, and that is the second soul!

“It must be like this: the war between Inner and Outer Realms continued due to Old Ghost Zhan and the Seven-Colored Daoist. They were trying to find the third soul under the endless slaughter!

“Then who is the third soul!?” Wang Lin’s mind trembled. This news ripped open all the fog in his mind and allowed him to see the truth!

“There are also the seven fragments… Back in the Seven-Colored Realm in the Brilliant Void, I noticed that the Seven-Colored Daoist looked at Qing Shui as if he was looking at himself. I found it strange at the time, but I couldn’t get the answer. However, now the answer seems obvious!

“Senior Brother Qing Shui is one of the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign’s seven fragments!! No wonder his life is miserable, no wonder he could obtain the slaughter essence… No wonder he was so powerful as soon as he entered the third step!

“Among the seven, the only one I know is Qing Shui. As for the other six, who are they… I… Am I, Wang Lin, one as well…” Wang Lin silently pondered and coldness appeared in his eyes.

“My goal is to kill Seven-Colored; only by killing him can I eliminate my hatred for him. Our purpose is the same, it will be a win for both of us!

“I can ask Teacher to welcome you to the Immortal Astral Continent to reduce the penalty. I don’t want the Seven Dao Sect. Once Seven-Colored is dead everything belongs to you!

“As for the other people in the cave world, they can’t leave here. They can’t survive the penalty of leaving. Not even my teacher can help with this.

“However, I still have another method. Although they can’t enter the Immortal Astral Continent normally, they can still reincarnate there. By using the reincarnation method, their souls can follow you to the Immortal Astral Continent, and once their memories awaken, you can find them.

“This is the best method I can think of!”

Wang Lin silently pondered for a long time. He looked up at the woman while pondering.

“Even if we cooperate, with the power of the Seven-Colored Daoist and Old Ghost Zhan, we are no match. How do we kill them?”

Hearing Wang Lin’s words, the woman laughed. It has to be said that the woman was extremely beautiful. When she laughed, she was like a flower blooming and would make one’s heart pound.

“I have two methods of killing Seven-Colored!

“Because of the countless seals on the cave and the destruction left on the cave during the great war, I’m unable to come in person. I can only borrow my little sister’s body and gather a bit of my origin soul here.

“However, if you can lure the Seven-Colored Daoist or the second soul to the core of the cave, where the door to the cave is, then I can gather more of my origin soul. Then I can kill them with my own strength! That is the first method.

“This method is not perfect, but I still have a second method. The key is the third soul. I’ll teach you a spell, and if you can find the third soul, you can use this spell to devour it and completely erase its existence.

“From then on, you will be the third soul. I’ll help you devour the Seven-Colored Daoist and the second soul. You will absorb the remaining seven fragments, and from that moment on, you will be Seven-Colored!

“My little sister and I can stay with you. She can be your concubine and I can be your dao partner. Then everything will return back to its original trajectory.

“If you have other women, they can also become your concubines. Even on the Immortal Astral Continent, if you take fancy to any female cultivator, I can capture them for you and we can cultivate together.

“Seven-Colored was like that back then, I helped him capture a lot of female cultivators. Aside from my little sister, I helped him find most of his eight concubines...

“With the help of my teacher, once we pair cultivate, our souls will fuse and our cultivation levels will increase. With the treasure you obtain from that fragment from the Immemorial Gold Domain, we can have free reign on the Immortal Astral Continent. It is much better than being stuck in a mere cave world!” The woman smiled and her words slowly drifted toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin calmed his heart and looked at the woman. For some reason, he thought of something he had encountered a long time ago.

That matter had left a profound feeling on Wang Lin. Although it had been more than 1,000 years, he still couldn’t forget it.

In the Demon Spirit Land, Wang Lin had met the Sovereign’s daughter, the holy ancestor of the Tattoo Clan. She was extremely miserable, her eyes were dug out, and her whole body was suppressed in Qing Lin’s cave. Her resentment was monstrous.

This woman’s resentment toward Qing Lin was very similar to that of the woman before him. That woman’s words were extremely mournful, and Wang Lin had almost believed her. However, he eventually heard what had happened personally from Qing Lin, and it confused him.

He didn’t know who was right in this matter.

“We can talk about this matter later. Right now, the important matter is how do we avoid the pursuit of the Seven-Colored Daoist outside!” The moment Wang Lin heard her words, he sneered in his heart. However, he was cunning and wouldn’t refuse her outright. After all, their initial cooperation of killing Seven-Colored benefited everyone.

“This matter is not difficult. Once we exchange oath of blood that we will cooperate then I’ll manipulate this ship to safely send you out.” The woman smiled.

“Oath of blood?” Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed and he suddenly understood. Her leading him here and saying those words, there was obviously a deeper meaning.

“This matter is not urgent, where is the altar you talked about back then?”

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