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Chapter 1687 - The Ancient Celestial Realm Opens

“Time is up…” Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with coldness. He had waited three years for this day!

The three-year period was over! It had also been a full 100 years since the Inner and Outer Realm war had begun!

The four generals of the Inner Realm’s Ancient Celestial Realm wouldn’t disappoint Wang Lin. The deal they had made with Wang Lin was about to begin! The stars were silent as the last breath passed.

The divine senses surrounding Wang Lin didn’t notice the upheaval the Inner and Outer Realms were going through!

The first sign of this upheaval was in the Brilliant Void in the Inner Realm.

In the vast Brilliant Void, there were bursts of colorful lights that lit up the star system. This caused the darkness of space to look like a blooming flower field.

A thunderous rumble rang out among these beautiful lights. This muffled roar echoed across the star system. If this star system was a door, then this muffled roar came from behind the door.

It was as if a giant was bombarding the door like crazy. The giant seemed to want to break open the door and walk out!

As the thunderous rumbles echoed, the muffled roar also came from Summoned River. The muffled rumble was even heard and echoed in the Cloud Sea and Allheaven.

This violent sound appeared during the first breath and reached its peak in the fifth breath. It spread across every inch of the Inner Realm, to every planet, and into the ears of every living creature!

At this instant, the countless living beings in Inner Realm, whether it was the cultivators, mortals, beast, or even vegetation, all trembled and entered a daze.

There was an uninhabited savage planet that had no people but was filled with many fierce beasts. These beasts had lived here for generations; they hunted and killed in the rainforest here.

However, when the thunderous rumble echoed, the planet became silent. All the beasts, whether it was the pouncing tiger or the giant python that had just caught a little beast, trembled. They were terrified as they looked up at the sky in a daze.

The little beast that hadn’t died forgot to struggle. It looked up and was stunned.

Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble!

The sound was heaven-shaking, during the eighth breath, it was almost crazy. It created countless ripples that echoed across the four star systems.

At this moment, it seemed like countless creatures from the Ancient Celestial Realm were roaring. Their roars was this rumble!

On a planet in the Summoned River, inhabited by only a few dozen cultivators. They hadn’t gone to the new Celestial Realm but were looking for mortals that could cultivate, searching for seeds for the future of the Inner Realm.

At this moment, their face were all pale and they coughed out blood. They looked at the sky in fear. They didn’t know what had happened, but the roar in their ears had entered their minds and made them panic.

“Could it be that the Outer Realm is invading again!?” Everyone was shocked. They were about to fly out, but just as they flew into the sky, a thunderous rumble echoed and they were pressed against the ground by a pressure that descended from the sky.

During the 11th breath, the rumble echoing across the four star systems created a pressure!

This pressure came from the Ancient Celestial Realm. This aura was ancient and shrouded the entire Inner Realm. It seem to be telling the world they had returned!!

On a planet in Allheaven, there was no longer any cultivators left, only mortals. At this moment, the cities that were supposed to be lively became deathly silent.

The elderly man that was selling wine at the edge of the city and the dozen or so people drinking were all frightened when they saw the previously cloudless sky turn dark. A thunderous rumble echoed and all the mortals blacked out.

The mortals that passed out couldn’t see the change in the sky. The sky continued to darken until all light was gone and it turned to night!

At this moment, it was the 16th breath since the rumble echoed!

During these 16 breaths of time, the four star systems lost all light. All planets and continents were shrouded in darkness.

During the 17th breath, a thunderous rumble that suppressed all the sound from the previous 16 breaths echoed in the Brilliant Void!

This thunderous rumble sounded like a door breaking! Like the sky collapsing!

As the rumble echoed, a crack appeared in the Brilliant Void, and it soon formed a giant rift!

The moment the rift appeared, roars filled with excitement and madness appeared. The aura of the Ancient Celestial Realm rushed out from this rift and swept across the Brilliant Void.

At the same time, as the roar echoed, hideous gazes appeared inside the rift, and dried-up hands wanted to reach out. It was as if there was  group of people behind the rift that were about to go crazy and tear the star system open!

At this moment, a similar rift appeared in the Summoned River, Allheaven, and the Cloud Sea. The four rifts tore open the star system and released the aura of the Ancient Celestial Realm!

The Ancient Celestial Realm was about to awaken!

In the Thunder Celestial Realm in Allheaven, Old Ghost Zhan suddenly stood up and his expression changed. He stepped forward, leaving the Thunder Celestial Realm, and appeared in Allheaven. His eyes revealed a strange gaze as he looked at rift that, and his eyes became cold!

“Ancient Celestial Realm!!”

The rifts in the four star system trembled and spread out like crazy. On the 19th breath, the entire Inner Realm seemed to be split. The four rifts spread until they met at the intersection of the four star systems, which was directly above the new Celestial Realm!

A thunderous rumble echoed when the four rifts overlapped, and a giant cross appeared in the sky. The aura of the Ancient Celestial Realm leaked out and excited roars came from within. All the light in the Inner Realm collapsed!

At this moment, the Inner Realm had no light. The endless light was all sucked away and was changed in a bizarre way. It all gathered outside the four rifts and gave off a dazzling glow!

Thunderous rumbles echoed, causing the silver river around the new Celestial Realm to tremble. Even the new Celestial Realm buzzed. Many Inner Realm cultivators looked up at the sky.

Qing Lin’s face turned pale and he charged into the sky.

“This is the aura of the Ancient Celestial Realm. The Ancient Celestial Realm has returned. Master Hong Shan, Master South Cloud, and Qing Shui, come with me to greet the ancient celestials!” Qing Lin flew into the sky and three rays of light followed him. They were Master Hong Shan, Master South Cloud, and Qing Shui! 

The four of them flew toward the sky. Below them were the Inner Realm cultivators and a giant statue standing on the highest peak.

This statue had been moved here from planet Suzaku by someone during these past three days so that it could be worshiped by all future generations!

When Qing Lin and company rushed out from the silver river, they looked at the giant, cross-like rift. Even Qing Shui revealed a look of respect.

There was no need to mention Qing Lin and others, they didn’t dare to show any sign of disrespect. The ancient celestials were like gods to these old fellows!

Only Situ Nan stared at the sky among the cultivators below. In his mind, Wang Lin’s words still echoed. He hadn’t told anyone else about this. Looking at the rift, there was not the slightest bit of awe, only a complicated sense of confusion.

The Ancient Celestial Realm, it had been gone for a long time, and now it was descending upon the world once more!

Shocking roars came out from the cross-shaped rift. In the end, the rift was completely ripped open and all the surrounding light gathered to form a block of light. In the blink of an eye, another block of light appeared. Soon, hundreds of blocks of light appeared.

These blocks of light soon formed a giant staircase that floated there!

After the stairs appeared, figures covered in golden light excitedly walked out. Soon, dozens of figures rushed out.

“Finally free!!”

“Now that our cultivation has recovered, us celestials have returned!”

Roars came from these dozens of golden figures. They each had the aura of a third step cultivator! However, these auras were different from that of the cultivators of the cave world!

However, it was very difficult to describe what the exact difference was!

After these dozens of people, there were still more golden figures flying out. Looking from afar, this made for a shocking scene!

Qing Lin and company were the closest. As the golden light filled the sky, they all had solemn expressions. Master Hong Shan and Master South Cloud clasped their hands.

However, compared to them, Qing Lin was the most excited me. He stepped forward and clasped his hands at the golden figures. He spoke with respectful tone.

“The Lord of the Sealed Realm’s disciple Qin Lin greets the ancient celestials!”

However, his existence and words didn’t catch the attention of any of those ancient celestials. The celestials laughed wildly and directly flew past them. They shot toward the new Celestial Realm!”

“This celestial hasn’t devoured Joss Flames in a long time. Although the Joss Flames here aren’t strong, they will satisfy me for now!”

“Joss Flames, this place has the aura of Joss Flames!”

“Haha, I didn’t expect there to be Joss Flame prepared for us when we awakened. Disciple of the Lord of the Sealed Realm, you’re very good!”

These celestials rushed toward the new Celestial Realm. When Qing Lin and company saw this, their minds trembled!

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