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Chapter 1686 - Little Red!

While retreating, the fire dragon let out a howl and used its full power. Fire covered its body and it rapidly retreated.

The way Wang Lin had casually gathered the scattered fire was frightening, and it also clearly felt the fire essence in Wang Lin’s body.

It also had a fire essence, but it was obviously a lot weaker compared to Wang Lin’s fire essence. As a result, this fire dragon simply didn’t have the courage to fight Wang Lin.

Feeling terrified, the fire dragon rapidly retreated. Wang Lin calmly looked at the retreating fire dragon. He squeezed his right hand and crushed the fire in his right hand.

A heat wave spread out from Wang Lin’s palm in all directions. Want Lin didn’t chase but casually formed a seal.

This seal was given to him by the second generation Vermillion Bird to control this fire dragon!

After this seal appeared, the fire dragon that had retreated far let out a miserable scream. An identical seal appeared between its eyebrows.

This seal was deeply imprinted on its head, engraved in the bones of its soul!

“None of you Vermillion Birds are good people, it’s so painful… You said you’d let me go but still left this seal on me…” The fire around the fire dragon collapsed, revealing its body. In a flash, its body expanded to more than 100,000 feet. 

Its large dragon body gave off a powerful pressure.

However, at this moment, this pressure couldn’t affect Wang Lin at all. The fire dragon’s body twisted and the pain from between its eyebrows made it shed dragon tears.

“So painful… I won’t run. I surrender, I surrender. You can do as you wish, I won’t run anymore…”

Wang Lin dispelled the seal in his right hand and, in the blink of an eye, stood on top of the fire dragon’s head. The dragon wanted to struggle, but it remembered the intense pain it had just suffered and shivered in fear. It was too scared to resist, and water vapor filled its eyes and it was filled with grievance.

It looked into the distance where the Celestial Dragon Sect was and even more water vapor gathered in its eyes.

“Come on, my Celestial Dragon Sect… Damn it, I shouldn’t have come this way… I should have gone elsewhere…”

Wang Lin sat above the fire dragon’s head. Waves of hot energy came from the dragon’s head and surrounded him as he looked ahead. Even his vision became distorted from these heat waves.

The divine senses from the third step cultivators of the Ancient Star System were still in the area. They had watched Wang Lin capture this fire dragon, but they weren’t surprised. Although this fire dragon was strong, equal to an early stage Nirvana Void cultivator, to them it was simply too weak.

If it was the before Wang Lin knew this was a cave world, he would’ve still captured this dragon, but he wouldn’t have acted so quickly, without wasting time.

This dragon was different from all the demonic beasts Wang Lin had seen before. Not only could it speak, but it was very intelligent; not even the Nether Beast was a match.

It even called itself a “Celestial Dragon” and had created the Celestial Dragon Sect. It had also enslaved cultivators to serve it; this already showed how extraordinary the dragon was!

Most importantly, this dragon’s body contained a faint force of the celestial bloodline. This was very weak and was very difficult to notice. However, Wang Lin had the Immortal Celestial Body blood drop, so he was able to faintly see it.

Wang Lin stood above the giant dragon head. His eyes shined as he looked at the fire dragon below him.

There were only three hours left until the end of the three year period. These three hours were enough for Wang Lin to get some information from this dragon.

“The Immortal Astral Continent is your hometown, right…” Wang Lin’s divine sense that surrounded the dragon suddenly sent out a message.

The fire dragon was startled. It blinked with its giant, dragon eyes and began to shake its big head.

Wang Lin coldly stare at this dragon as he raised his right hand and the aura of a soul search spell appeared on his palm. He looked at the fire dragon and slowly sent out a message.

“With your intelligence, you know the effect of the spell in my hand. I’ll ask you again: are you from the Immortal Astral Continent?”

Horror appeared in the dragon’s eyes, but for some reason, it looked at the thousands of Celestial Dragon Sect cultivators in the distance. It clenched its teeth and shook its head.

Wang Lin frowned. He couldn’t use the soul search spell right now. This was the Ancient Star System, and there were divine senses of several powerful cultivators here. If he used soul search, it would give them a chance to attack.

As a result, it would affect his plan in three hours.

His eyes became even more cold. Wang Lin scattered the soul search spell and was going to send the dragon into his storage space. He was going to get some answers from it after he dealt with the Ancient Celestial Realm first.

However, just as he was about the scatter his soul search spell, the fire dragon’s plead entered his mind.

“This… Can you give me some face… You can see my disciples are looking at me. If you can give me some face and cooperate with me, then I’ll cooperate with you and tell you every, OK…”

Wang Lin was startled and revealed a strange expression. He looked at the fire dragon below him, and after a long time, he nodded.

The moment the fire dragon saw Wang Lin agree, it was very happy. It straightened its body and flew out from under Wng Lin.

Its eyes shined brightly and it looked very majestic. Its large, dragon claws pointed at Wang Lin and its mighty voice echoed.

“You said you want to enter my Celestial Dragon Sect. This dragon won’t take offense to what you have done and will let you join my Celestial Dragon Sect, er…” As the fire dragon spoke, it paid attention to Wang Lin’s expression. When it saw Wang Lin’s brow began to wrinkle, it trembled and quickly said,

“Uh… For a powerful person like you to join my Celestial Dragon Sect, it is my luck. Hehe, hehe, you can be the vice sect master…”

After it spoke, the frightened cultivators, shocked by what had happened, were all startled for a moment.

Before those cultivators could react, the fire dragon suddenly turned around toward them and let out a roar.

“OK, all of you, go back. This Celestial Dragon will give some pointers to the new vice sect master and will be busy. I’ll be back later, so watch the sect for me!”

Although those cultivators were filled with doubt, they didn’t dare to display it. They all revealed expressions of awe toward the fire dragon like and then respectfully left.

After all the cultivators left, the majestic aura of the dragon disappeared. It had an awkward expression and was about to speak when Wang Lin stood back on its head. Wang Lin waved his sleeves and brought the dragon to where he was sitting before.

“Master, this little dragon indeed came from the Immortal Astral Continent. If you have any questions, please ask. This little dragon promises to tell you everything.” The fire dragon revealed a flattering expression and quickly sent out a divine sense message.

“How did you enter this place from the Immortal Astral Continent?” Wang Lin sat down on the dragon.

“I followed my former master and a damned fellow. That damned fellow knew Master favored me more and refused to accept it in his heart. So he told Master that the Seven Dao Sect had a treasure and deceived my former master to come here...

“I was faithful to my master and was naturally worried about him, so I came with him…” The fire dragon seemed to be filled with indignation. As it sent out the divine sense messages, it looked into the distance as if it was afraid.

After hearing this, Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed. He looked at the fire dragon for a long time until the fire dragon’s hairs stood up and it sent out a divine sense message.

“What I’m saying is true, uh… A bit of a lie. I didn’t come because I was loyal to my former master, but my former master rode me here…” the fire dragon spoke carefully.

“What is your name?” Wang Lin’s mind trembled. He had a faint guess!

“Master, you can call me Little Red, my nickname is Little Red.” The dragon waved its big head and sent out a message.

Little Red!! Wang Lin’s eyes suddenly shined brightly. He stared at the fire dragon and his mind rumbled. The madman’s words echoed in his mind.

“Little Red, Little Red, where are you…”

“Hmph, all of this king’s things are with Little Red, go find Little Red for them…”

“Little Red, quickly go find my big brother. Tell him I’m being bullied…”

Not only did the fire dragon feel his hair stand up under Wang Lin’s gaze, its heart also pounded. It didn’t know if it had offended Wang Lin and was about to send out a message in fear.

“Who is Lian Daofei to you?” Wang Lin slowly send out a message.

After the fire dragon heard “Lian Daofei,” it was startled for a moment.

“Ah? You know my master? Lian Daofei was my former master… It’s unfortunate that he is dead…”

“Sure enough!” Wang Lin’s mind continued to tremble. He no longer asked question and put the fire dragon inside his storage space. He could no longer ask any more questions.

Time was almost up, so he had maintain a peace of mind so he could use his full cultivation. He needed to remain calm!

If he got more information from the fire dragon, it would be very difficult for Wang Lin to stay calm. At this moment, Wang Lin sat there with his eyes closed to calm the waves set off in his heart.

Time passed. As the hearts of the people observing Wang Lin with their divine sense continued to speculate, the last three hours slowly went by!

The moment the last three hours passed, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes!

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