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Chapter 1688 - Get Out!

Qing Shui’s eye glowed red and killing intense filled his body. His daughter was on the new Celestial Realm, and this new Celestial Realm had been built by them. This was their home!

At this moment, someone had broken the door and was going to destroy his home. It didn’t matter who that was; even if they were ancient celestials, he, Qing Shui, was still going to kill!

Qing Shui charged forward.

Master Hong Shan and Master South Cloud were frozen for a moment before their expressions changed greatly. After hesitating for a moment, they clenched their teeth and rushed forward!

Qing Lin was stunned, and his struggle was the most intense. However, he saw the dozens of celestial laughing wildly as they ripped open the silver river. The gap revealed tens of thousands of Inner Realm cultivators who were filled with fear. Qing Lin let out a roar and stepped forward!

“Stop! Fellow ancient celestials, this is my Inner Realm’s Celestial Realm…” Qing Lin rushed forward as he roared, but before he could finish speaking, about seven or eight people turned around. Their eyes revealed domineering, golden light and they waved their hands at the four of them.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and a golden storm filled with the power of the celestial bloodline rushed at the four of them. As the storm rumbled, Qing Lin, Master Hong Shan, and Master South Cloud trembled.

“What guts. You dare to stop us celestials from absorbing Joss Flames?” one of the sneered. His words contained endless arrogance and a sense of superiority!

This golden storm contained the celestial bloodline and produced a suppression that was the natural enemy to people of the Inner Realm. This caused Qing Lin, Master Hongshan, and Master South Cloud to retreat in shock.

However, this bloodline force had no effect on Qing Shui; it was as if he didn’t notice it at all. He charged through the golden storm, toward the dozens of celestials, filled with shocking killing intent.

However, he was still a bit slow. The dozen of celestials that had come out first had already arrived above the new Celestial Realm. They looked at the tens of thousands of cultivators looking at them in fear and laughed.

A few people immediately released their bloodline suppression so that the cultivators below wouldn’t dare to move. Then a few of them descended. One of them grabbed a female cultivator from the Summoned River and was about to inhale.

Once he inhaled, he would be able to turn this female cultivator into Joss Flames and absorb them.

However, just at this moment, an ancient celestial spread out his divine sense while laughing wildly. Just as his divine sense spread out, his laughter stopped and his eyes widened. An unimaginable amount of panic appeared on his face and he let out a scream!!

His scream was mournful. The moment he screamed, everyone else was startled. The celestial that had grabbed the female cultivator subconsciously loosened his grip on her and looked up at the person that had screamed.

“His statue!! There is a statue of him there!!” The mournful scream echoed. The dozens of celestial that had arrived and the dozens that came after all froze for a moment. Their divine senses spread out, and after looking at the distant peak, they all gasped.

The celestial that had grabbed the female cultivator loosened his grasp and his face turned pale.

“It’s him!!”

“Why is his statue here?!”

This sudden discovery caused fear to appear on the faces of dozens of celestials. They could not forget the power of that arrow in the Ancient Celestial Realm three years ago!!

It wasn’t until this moment that Situ Nan awakened. He raised his head and raised his hand without hesitation and took out a jade. This jade was given to him by Wang Lin when they met on planet Suzaku and Wang Lin told him about the Ancient Celestial Realm. Wang Lin had told him that once the celestials appeared, if they tried to kill the cultivators, crush this jade!

Situ Nan took out the jade and crushed it. Once it was crushed, Wang Lin’s aura erupted from this jade!

Those dozens of celestials were very familiar with this aura. The moment this aura appeared, they suddenly looked up at the sky.

The sky distorted and a white figure appeared. This figure was Wang Lin! That jade contained a sliver of his divine sense. Although it was only an illusion, his cold gaze spread out.

“Vermillion Bird, Black Tortoise, Azure Dragon, White Tiger, is this your so-called agreement?” Wang Lin’s eyes stare coldly at the dozens of celestials and then waved his sleeves..

“Get the hell out of here!” he roared.

With that roar, a shocking killing intent spread and triggered the memories of those dozens of celestials. They let out screams and their faces turned pale while they quickly retreated. In the blink of an eye, they left the new Celestial Realm.

Outside the new Celestial Realm, among the dozens of celestials that had come out, there was an old man. He was the Azure Dragon. He had a gloomy expression as he stared at the people that had broken into the new Celestial Realm. He let out a cold snort before taking a step forward and clasping his hands.

“This old man was not strict enough and came a step too late. I hope Fellow Cultivator will forgive us. This old man will give you an explanation! Fortunately, there were no casualties, so, Fellow Cultivator, please don’t be anger… Our deal is still on. We from the Ancient Celestial Realm won’t kill a single Inner Realm cultivator!”

In the Outer Realm, Wang Lin opened his eyes and revealed a cold gaze. He had long expected this, which was why he had left the jade there. He saw those celestials leave in defeat and was about to speak when he suddenly looked into the distance.

There was no hesitation. Wang Lin stood up and charged off into the distance!

The Ancient Celestial Realm was the original one and was then split in half. Although it had been split between the Inner and Outer Realms, they were still linked. Now that the Inner Realm’s Ancient Celestial Realm had opened, the Outer Realm’s Ancient Celestial Realm would open as well!

Although there was a formation blocking the upheaval inside the Inner Realm, some of the third step cultivators in the Outer Realm still felt it. In particular, the Sovereign’s eyes were flooded with disbelief when he suddenly understood what Wang Lin was going to do!

“Not good!! He is going to use the power of the arrow to destroy the Outer Realm’s Ancient Celestial Realm!! He… He is this crazy!! He must have learned about everything, that this place is only a cave world!” The Sovereign’s expression changed and then he charged into the stars.

At this moment, not only his, but the expressions of all the third step cultivators who were observing Wang Lin changed. They all understood what Wang Lin was going to do at the same time!

Wang Lin moved at full speed. From his position, he only needed an instant to arrive anywhere in the Ancient Star System. He disappeared, and when he reappeared, he was in a star domain where there were large amounts of spatial rifts!

This star domain right now had countless rifts, and thunderous rumbles came from within them. The moment Wang Lin arrived, the star domain seemed to collapse and a giant gap appeared.

The aura of the Ancient Celestial Realm came from within, and mad laughter followed. Golden figures walked out from the gap!

These figures were also ancient celestials. They were all disciples of the Seven Dao Sect, but they were no longer loyal to the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign but to the concubines! To be more precise, they were loyal to the dao partner the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign had abandoned to save his own life!

Without the order from the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign’s dao partner, they wouldn’t be following the commands the seven concubines. It could be said that this was the root cause of the great war in the cave!

They were the final ace the celestial imperial concubines held. When everyone realized what Wang Lin was going to do, the seventh concubine’s expression changed greatly and she rushed toward Wang Lin.

Even the third concubine was shaken and quickly rushed over.

Mad laughter echoed inside the gap as the golden figures flew out. However, everyone that came out immediately saw the white-haired cultivator in white that seemed to be waiting for them with his eyes closed!

They didn’t recognize Wang Lin. Although Wang Lin had a cultivation level, they didn’t consider him a threat. The laughed wildly and excitement filled their eyes.

“We’re finally able to come out!!”

“Since we are here, then the four generals must have come out as well. Kill! Kill them and obtain the dao tome and we can form a new Seven Dao Sect!”

“Not only must we kill them, but we must end all the lives in this cave world. Only then can we reopen this cave!”

The golden celestials flew out as they roared. One of the celestials revealed a cruel expression as he charged at Wang Lin. He was extremely fast, and when he got near Wang Lin, he raised his right hand with a grin.

“You ant cultivator, you have bad luck by being at our door. This celestial will absorb you and turn you into Joss Flames!”

“Ordinary cultivator of the Immortal Astral Continent, common disciple of the Seven Dao Sect, you dare to call yourself a celestial!?” Wang Lin opened his eyes and golden light shined from them.

This golden light was formed by condensing the power of the Immortal Celestial Body blood drop. This light contained extremely pure celestial bloodline!

When he saw the golden light in Wang Lin’s eyes, the celestial that had charged forward stopped and his expression changed greatly. He subconsciously retreated in shock and a rumble echoed in his mind.

“Who are you??”

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