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Chapter 1683 - The Trip to Defy the Celestials!

The howl echoed across the stars, and this sound became even more intense. Under Wang Lin’s control, the large Wind Celestial Realm continent charged out.

After reclaiming the Summoned River, some of the Summoned River cultivators in Allheaven had returned to their hometown in the last three years. They were familiar with this place and they would recover better there.

The Lightning Celestial Realm of the Summoned River was very different from the other three. It was completely open, and as long as one entered the northern part of the Summoned River, they would clearly see the bright, silver river.

This silver river was the Lightning Celestial Realm!

Wang Lin had come to the Summoned River several times, but each time he was in a rush. He had seen this silver river too and knew it was the Lightning Celestial Realm, but he had never entered.

The Wind Celestial Realm rushed in, and the moment it appeared in the Summoned River, a ripple spread out along with its a powerful pressure.

The Wind Celestial Realm continent slowly stopped before the silver river in the north. Wang Lin stood up and looked at the Lightning Celestial Realm. He stepped forward and entered the silver river.

The silver river contained countless small fragments. The lights coming from them formed this eternal silver river.

On the third step since Wang Lin entered the Lightning Celestial Realm, he stepped out from the silver river, looking tired. He waved his hand and the entire silver river shook. The silver river flew toward the Wind Celestial Realm continent and slowly rotated around it.

As it rotated, the Wind Celestial Realm continent was shrouded by this silver river. From afar, it was very beautiful.

“The destruction of the Lightning Celestial Realm is irreparable. It can only exist as a guardian river for the future Celestial Realm.” Wang Lin let out a sigh as he controlled the Wind Celestial Realm continent and the silver river to leave.

The third place he was going to go was the Thunder Celestial Realm in Allheaven!

Wang Lin was very familiar with the Thunder Celestial Realm as he had been to many places there. Soon, the giant Wind Celestial Realm continent surrounded by the silver river appeared in Allheaven.

The ripples caused by their appearance were immediately noticed by the recovering cultivators in Allheaven. They all trembled and spread out their divine senses. What they saw shocked them.

At the entrance of the Thunder Celestial Realm, the bolt of thunder at the gate had long disappeared, pulled away by Wang Lin years ago. Upon returning to this familiar place, he didn’t hesitate to step into the Thunder Celestial Realm.

The collapse of the Thunder Celestial Realm was too destructive. A lot of the continents were taken by Master Flamespark, and after all the things that happened, very little remained.

The entire Thunder Celestial Realm was in ruin and was filled with desolation. It was extremely unstable here, as if it could collapse on a large scale at any moment.

Looking at everything before him, Wang Lin let out a sigh.

“This place can no longer be used. The Thunder Celestial Realm is unsalvageable.” After pondering for a moment, Wang Lin shook his head and withdrew his divine sense, then he turned to leave.

Deep within the Thunder Celestial Realm was Old Ghost Zhan, and his eyes revealed a mysterious light. Although Wang Lin couldn’t perceive his presence, he could see Wang Lin.

“To gather the four Celestial Realms… How much does he know… Is he the third one…” Old Ghost Zhan pondered, not stopping Wang Lin from leaving.

The moment Wang Lin walked out from the Thunder Celestial Realm, his eyes shined an  undetectable amount. When his divine sense first spread out, he didn’t notice Old Ghost Zhan. However, the Heaven Defying Bead inside his body suddenly moved and released a strange power. With this power, Wang Lin suddenly noticed Old Ghost Zhan looking at him from the depths of the Thunder Celestial Realm!

Wang Lin didn’t act recklessly but left without revealing any change in his mood.

“So he is still hiding here!!” After leaving the Thunder Celestial Realm, Wang Lin moved at full speed toward the last Celestial Realm, the Brilliant Void’s Rain Celestial Realm!

Several days later, Wang Lin stood at the intersection of the four Celestial Realms. In less than half a month, Wang Lin had gone to all four Celestial Realms and gathered enough resources to reform the Celestial Realm.

Looking at the space of the Inner Realm, Wang Lin closed his eyes. A moment later, he suddenly opened his eyes and pointed at the space below him.

“The Wind Celestial Realm continent will act as the root of the new Celestial Realm!”

After he spoke, the Wind Celestial Realm continent flew out from behind Wang Lin toward where he pointed. As it moved, it released a powerful pressure, and celestial energy filled the area.

It was located at the intersection of the four star systems. If it was divided by star system, each star system would occupy more than 20%.

“The new Celestial Realm isn’t big, but the dust of the Rain Celestial Realm will help make it expand!” Wang Lin waved his hand and the endless dust he had gathered in the Rain Celestial Realm flew out.

The moment the dust appeared, it fused with the new Celestial Realm. As layers and layers landed, it caused a thick layer of dust to form on the new Celestial Realm.

Just at this moment, Wang Lin raised his right hand and pointed his five fingers at the sky. Then his eyes lit up and a giant palmprint appeared in the sky.

This palmprint was the War Spirit Print!

The moment the print appeared, it slammed down toward the continent with Wang Lin’s control. The palmprint was powerful but had no destructive force. Instead, the pressure of the palm was used to condense the dust. As the dust condensed, the continent began to expand!

Thunderous rumbles echoed and the continent expanded a large amount. From afar, it was already incomparably large!

“The Lightning Celestial Realm’s silver river will protect the new Celestial Realm. This river will divide the mortals from the celestials so that no cultivator under the Soul Formation stage can enter. This is law!” Wang Lin waved his sleeve and the silver river flew over. It surrounded the entire continent and gave off a burst of silver light.

Under this light, the new Celestial Realm became its own realm!

“Wheel formation, make this new Celestial Realm the core of the formation. Fuse the aura of the Ancient Star System here!” Wang Lin bit the tip of his tongue and spat out essence blood. It sprayed on the new Celestial Realm and the silver river.

When his blood fell, the wheel formation that surrounded the Inner Realm suddenly activated. A giant wheel shadow appeared above the new Celestial Realm. It continued to absorb large amounts of Outer Realm aura and then injected it into the new Celestial Realm.

“This realm has been formed, but it is only rudimentary; however, it is no longer necessary for me to worry about how it will change in the future… Right now the last thing to do is connect the souls of all the cultivation planets in the four star systems to the new Celestial Realm. Then all the mortals that become cultivators will be led to the Celestial Realm once they reach the Soul Formation stage!”

Wang Lin sat above the illusory wheel that floated above the continent.

At the same time, due to Wang Lin’s actions during the last half month, all the Inner Realm cultivators knew what was happening. Wang Lin had sent out a message, and under the command of Qin Lin and others, the remaining cultivators scattered across the four star systems. They went to every planet and continent where life could appear.

The formation of the new Celestial Realm was not something Wang Lin could do alone, all he was doing was creating land itself. In fact, Master Hong Shan and others could do this as well, but they still needed to heal after the war. Also, they don’t know the secret that this whole place was just a cave, so they couldn’t see further.

Only Wang Lin knew everything. He understood the meaning of responsibility, and there was something he needed to do! Wang Lin knew that the war with the Outer Realm was about to come to an end, or it was already over. However, the Inner Realm was about to face an even bigger test.

Either he would pass this test and lead the people out of the cave or he would fail and everyone in the cave would die. All life would be destroyed, and after tens of thousands of years under the Heavenly Dao, new life would appear like a reincarnation cycle.

Perhaps one day, after countless years, there will be any baby named Wang Lin that will be born.

The tens of thousands of remaining Inner Realm cultivators appeared everywhere in the last half month in the four star systems. They each took a part of the soul of a planet and then moved on to another one.

In the last three days of the last month, the tens of thousands of cultivators returned one by one. They offered the parts of the planet souls they had taken, and these souls fused with the new Celestial Realm.

When the last cultivator returned, the new Celestial Realm contained the souls of all the planets in the four star systems that could hold life. Now all the cultivators that appeared would be led to the new Celestial Realm once they reached the Soul Formation stage.

After doing all of this, Wang Lin’s divided origin soul returned to his body. He opened his eyes and clasped this hands at the tens of thousands of Inner Realm cultivators looking at him.

“I’m about to go on a trip, and I don’t know if I’ll survive or not. I’ll not hold the title of Lord of the Sealed Realm. Guarding for three years and forming the new Celestial Realm are the last things I’ll do. Now I’m going to… Defy the celestials!!

“If I succeed, then the celestials will collapse! If I lose, then I’ll die! Situ, if I die, I hope you will tell everyone what I told you. Record it in a jade, place it on every planet, within every treasure, and in this new Celestial Realm. Even if all sentient beings are destroyed, this will be something the heavens can’t destroy. Give the future generation a chance of knowing the truth!!” Wang Lin looked up and flew off into the distance.

His back was filled absolute loneliness!

Behind him, the tens of thousands of cultivators, including Qing Lin, Master Hong Shan, Situ Nan, and others, all clasped their hands at Wang Lin.

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