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Chapter 1682 - Outsiders

“I originally thought this was the door to the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign’s cave… However, it is obvious now that this isn’t the door but a passage someone else opened!” Wang Lin stared at the stone door 1,000 feet away with a gloomy expression as he retreated.

As he moved, the strings of mosquito eggs gave off flickers of light, causing this whole place to look extremely bizzare.

“This passage should not exist. Someone opened this passage directly into the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign’s cave… Who opened his passage…” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and his brain began to work. He quickly searched his mind, looking for traces of clues.

Through these clues, Wang Lin began deducing what happened back then!

“Who is it… Is it the madman… Or someone else…” Wang Lin retreated and arrived back at the place where the mosquito beast was absorbing the eggs. The mosquito beast didn’t know what Wang Lin was thinking and was still happily absorbing. Its body shined as it slowly digested what it had absorbed.

Just as Wang Lin retreated to the edge of the rift and was about to leave, he suddenly stopped and looked up. Lightning rumbled in his mind as he remembered something!

“At the Scattered Thunder Clan, I learned that a long time ago, a group of mysterious people appeared. They wore strange clothes and had unprecedented spells and treasures…. When I absorbed the eternal thunderbolt, I saw its memory and saw vague images of that group of people...

“There was also the Soul Lasher. That whip was a treasure that belonged to them. I had thought about going to the Planet Five Elements to find Na Duo! The leader of that group looked like Na Duo!

“From the news of the Scattered Thunder Clan, those mysterious cultivators came from the outside the Ancient Star System. However, there is nothing outside, so they are clearly cultivators from the Immortal Astral Continent!” Wang Lin’s eyes shined brightly and his mind became clear as he continued to analyze.

He didn’t hear the words of the people in the Gui Yi Sect, but as Wang Lin continued to analyze, he gradually began to grasp the truth. A bold speculation appeared in his heart!

“The Seven-Color Celestial Sovereign of the Seven Dao Sect won the Heavenly Dao and abandoned his dao partner. He sealed the Seven Dao Sect and comprehended the Heavenly Dao inside his cave.

“However, his behavior caused others to become suspicious. On a certain day, someone with amazing talent on the Immortal Astral Continent used a special method to open up a direct passage to the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign’s cave!

“They arrived through this passage!!

“These people are the mysterious cultivators that the Scattered Thunder Clan met! They didn’t first appear in the Outer Realm but in the Wind Celestial Realm! However, no one in the Wind Celestial Realm noticed their appearance!

“They sealed this passage and left the Wind Celestial Realm. Perhaps they had searched the inner realm, but in the end they left the Realm Sealing Formation and went to the Outer Realm!

“Then, for countless years, they disappeared… After a long time, the four Celestial Realms collapsed and the passage that was sealed suffered damage. Perhaps it was always unstable, or a passage to somewhere else opened up. There are many possibilities, but the end result is that it attracted a group of mosquito beasts from an unknown place!

“These mosquito beasts reproduced inside the passage and ripped open the seal. They rushed into the collapsed Wind Celestial Realm and occupied this place!”

Various images appeared in Wang Lin’s mind. They were all illusory, things he imagined. He looked at the end of the passage and pondered.

“This is the second time this rift has been opened!

“However, it is obvious that these people still exist in this cave, and they haven’t left. Otherwise, this stone door and passage wouldn’t exist. They would’ve sealed it completely and leave no trace so they couldn’t be detected in the future...

“Since they haven’t left, where are they? Planet Five Elements! They haven’t found what they want yet. Perhaps what they want is the same as the Seven-Colored Daoist and Old Ghost Zhan!

“The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind! These people must have this idea!” Wang Lin’s body moved and his right hand reached toward the mosquito. He was going to bring the mosquito out of the rift with him.

However, the mosquito beasts revealed a reluctant gaze as it looked at all the eggs. It let out a hiss at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin turned and looked at the millions of mosquito eggs. His eyes lit up and he waved his right hand. A gust of wind rushed through the passage, causing the eggs to disappear. They were put into Wang Lin’s storage space.

The mosquito king hissed cheerfully and was no longer reluctant to leave as it followed Wang Lin out of the rift. Outside in the Wind Celestial Realm, the wind howled and fog covered the rift.

Wang Lin stood beside the rift and his hands formed a seal. Then his hands closed together and the edges of the rift trembled. Soon, the rift closed in and melded back together.

After sealing the rift, Wang Lin’s right hand began forming seals until it became blurry. Endless restrictions appeared, landing on the rift. In the blink of an eye, the countless seals completely shrouded the rift.

After doing all of this, Wang Lin silently pondered for a bit but still felt worried. He raised his right hand at the void and the world rumbled. The giant head he got from the ancient tomb that was used to grow the Ancient Leaves suddenly appeared.

There was still a large amount of dried trees on it, but a lot of Ancient Leaves had grown. Three years ago, when Wang Lin absorbed all those ancient clan statues in the Ancient Celestial Realm, he had been slowly sending ancient power into this place. These Ancient Leaves had grown as a result of that.

With one wave, a few dozen complete Ancient Leaves flew off the trees and flew into Wang Lin’s hand. He waved his hand and theses leaves landed on the sealed rift, sealing it once more!

After doing all of this, Wang Lin collected the remaining Ancient Leaves and put the head back into his storage space. He then waved his sleeve and left this fog with the mosquito king.

As the rift was sealed, it disappeared without a trace. The fog around it also thinned until it disappeared completely.

Floating there, Wang Lin lowered his head and looked at the Wind Celestial Realm below him. His divine sense spread out and covered the entire Wind Celestial Realm. The entire Wind Celestial Realm appeared in his mind.

The collapse of the Wind Celestial Realm was not irreversible, and because of the mosquito beasts, the collapse was not very complete. This place was much better than the Rain or Thunder Celestial Realms.

As for the Lightning Celestial Realm, Wang Lin had never gone there, so he didn’t know the changes that had occurred there.

“Then let’s use this Wind Celestial Realm as the foundation. If the Lightning Celestial Realm is as well-preserved, then it can be integrated as well!” Wang Lin took a breath and raised his hands. His Spirit Void cultivation rushed out into his divine sense, which had shrouded the entire Wind Celestial Realm.

The fragments of the Wind Celestial Realm gathered from all directions as if an invisible force was pushing them toward the center!

As the countless fragments rumbled, even the endless wind began to collapse. The mosquito beasts that had lived here for a long time all flew into the air. They were all terrified as they looked around in a daze.

“Gather!” Wang Lin’s white hair flowed in the wind as he let out roar, and his raised hands suddenly clapped together! With Wang Lin’s current cultivation level, he was able to make the countless Wind Celestial Realm fragments gather once more!

Mid stage Spirit Void was powerful even among the third step cultivators. There were very few of these in the Inner and Outer Realms!

The earth continued to tremble as it moved slowly, thunderous rumbles echoing. At this moment, if one looked from above, the Wind Celestial Realm was like a scattered mirror where the pieces were slowly moving toward each other and finally fusing back together.

The moment they gathered, a complete continent suddenly appeared!

The wind in the sky suddenly collapsed; there was no trace left behind. The countless mosquito beasts in the sky trembled. They detected Wang Lin and the terrifying power coming from him.

Over the last hundred years, many mosquito beasts had been killed by Wang Lin’s mosquito king. All the powerful mosquito beasts had all died for some reason years ago. The remaining weren’t strong enough to cause any problems.

After reforming the Wind Celestial Realm, Wang Lin landed on the continent and sat down. He closed his eyes and his divine sene spread out. He fused with this continent and controlled it to fly forward.

Thunderous rumbles echoed. Under Wang Lin’s control, he brought the Wind Celestial Realm out of the world it existed in by force and into the Cloud Sea!

The continent floated there, emitting magnificent amounts of celestial energy. This celestial energy was different from what was on the Immortal Astral Continent. It has been changed by Joss Flames and was a celestial energy that belonged to the cave world!

A long time, the Lord of the Celestial Realm created these four continents to gather Joss Flames. As a result, the continents of the four Celestial Realms were different from normal.

Those mosquito beasts were on the continent and was suppressed by Wang Lin’s pressure, so they couldn’t fly out; they could only tremble and move with the continent.

The stars rumbled and Wang Lin sat on the continent. Although his eyes were closed, his divine sense controlled the continent to fly toward Summoned River. He was going to the Lightning Celestial Realm!

The Lightning Celestial Realm was the only Celestial Realm Wang Lin hadn’t been to. That place gave off countless bright lights that created a gorgeous reflection.

1. The mummy who Wang Lin stole a bag of holding from back on planet Suzaku that came to Wang Lin to get it back. He was also the one who told Wang Lin the planet crystal might help break the limit of the Ji Realm

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