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Chapter 1684 - Celestial Dragon Reveals Dao

Wang Lin didn’t understand what a powerful person was when he was young. He only knew that the neighbor’s children were stronger than him, so they were powerful people.

Wang Lin only understood what responsibility was a few years ago after more than 2,000 years of cultivation.

The Lord of the Sealed Realm was a powerful person, and being that person came with responsibility. Wang Lin didn’t have this title for long, but it had pushed him toward a true sense of maturity for cultivators.

This kind of maturity was a spiritual feeling, a sense of self-empowerment.

Only after understanding responsibility could one truly become powerful! This perhaps seems a bit empty, but the most direct example of a powerful person to Wang Lin was his father.

His father was only a mortal, but to the young Wang Lin, his father was powerful. At the same time, he carried the burden of the family. He was like a mountain that shielded Wang Lin and his mother from the wind and rain.

As long as his father was there, his home was there.

This was a powerful person!

Wang Lin had cultivated for more than 2,000 years. At this moment, he slowly comprehended a lot from his memories of his father.

Things in this world were often like this. To use the smaller things to see the bigger picture.

He had guarded the Inner Realm for three years, created the new Celestial Realm, and killed countless until his hands were dyed red with blood, but he couldn’t look back. He could only move forward until he either died or broke the obstacles before him!

He would continue to walk the path toward the future.

His white figure was like a willow leaf floating among the stars. It had no root, but it was not lost. It quickly fluttered as if it was looking for something and was eventually engulfed by the darkness of space, leaving no trace behind.

Wang Lin’s original body was sitting in the wheel formation in the Cloud Sea. In the last three days of the third year, he slowly opened his cold eyes.

He turned around and looked into the Inner Realm. In his gaze, his avatar walked closer and closer from the Inner Realm. His steps caused no ripples and didn’t cause any rumbles, but every step was extremely heavy.

Wang Lin’s avatar arrived next to his original body. He turned his head and looked back toward the Inner Realm like his original body.

This was like a picture. If it could be preserved, it would become a legacy. In this picture, the sea of stars was the background and the wheel formation was the hue. Two identical faces stood there, gazing into the distance.

After a long time, Wang Lin’s avatar turned around and stepped toward his original body. A soft light shined as his avatar fused with his original body. Popping sounds echoed as Wang Lin’s white hair fluttered, and he stood up. He redirected his cold gaze toward the Outer Realm.

“The last three days, then the four generals of the Ancient Celestial Realm will appear. The final secret of this cave will be revealed… Unfortunately, even now I don’t know what that third thing is!” Wang Lin silently pondered.

“However, no matter what, this final battle will be very interesting… Seven-Colored Daoist, Old Ghost Zhan, the four celestial generals that want the Celestial Sovereign to awaken, and finally the cultivator from the Immortal Astral Continent that came from the passage in the Wind Celestial Realm...

“Before all this, let me begin a chaotic prelude for this final battle!” Wang Lin’s eyes shined and he stepped off the wheel formation, heading toward the Ancient Star System.

“I’ll destroy the Outer Realm’s Ancient Celestial Realm!” Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with killing intent as he charged into the Ancient Star System. He turned into a ray of light and charged forward while releasing his full cultivation.

He didn’t hide his aura or his figure; he directly told the entire Outer Realm that he, Wang Lin, had arrived!

The stars rumbled, and as Wang Lin’s divine sense spread out, all the powerful cultivators of various clans were shaken. No matter what they were doing, they all looked up at the sky.

They could clearly feel a shocking killing intent coming from the Inner Realm!

Wang Lin didn’t know where the Outer Realm’s Ancient Celestial Realm was and he didn’t blindly search for it. Instead, he went into the depths of the Ancient Star System. He didn’t know where it was, but it didn’t matter. In three days, when the Ancient Celestial Realm in the Inner Realm opened and the four generals descended, he would be able to sense the Outer Realm’s Ancient Celestial Realm that would open at the same time!

As Wang Lin’s divine sense swept across the Ancient Star System, the Sovereign was in his other palace, staring straight ahead. His dried-up right hand clenched in a fist and didn’t loosen for a long time.

He silently pondered for a long time, and in the end, he couldn’t make up his mind to kill Wang Lin. He feared Wang Lin’s bow a lot, and before Wang Lin used up those last two shots, he wouldn’t dare to act!

Two years ago, he wanted to launch a sneak attack during the chaos, but he had been detected by Wang Lin. Then he was forced to helplessly retreat when Wang Lin called him out.

“He appeared in the Ancient Star System, why did he come… Is he trying to provoke me so he could lure me out and kill me…” The Sovereign’s eyes were filled with suspicion. He couldn’t understand why Wang Lin would so arrogantly appear in the Ancient Star System.

“This old man won’t get close, I want to see what he can do!” The Sovereign could only suffer silently. His cultivation was heaven-piercing, and if not for his worry about the bow, he would immediately kill Wang Lin.

Also in the Ancient Star System, in the vortex formed by several stars, where seven-colored light shined, was the Seven-Colored Daoist. He had an indifferent gaze as he looked into the distance and revealed a faint smile.

“The Li Guang Bow and arrow are in his hands. Although I told the Sovereign to hand it out, it is still his own fortune. Now that he came here again, what is he going to do… He is very similar to Old Ghost Zhan. If he is not the third, then he is a mysterious existence in his cave world.

“A cultivator like him, if he is not the third one, then it would to be a pity to kill him… However, he has a flaw, and if he doesn’t die in the end, he can be used by me.” The Seven-Colored Daoist withdrew his gaze.

“The blood formation is complete, so soon I’ll know where the third one that had reincarnated countless times is! I have searched for you for countless years. I want to know who the present you is after so many reincarnations!!!”

In the Ancient Star System, on a cultivation planet, sat a woman in white. She was very beautiful but had a cold aura that made her feel like an ice mountain; it was as if she was made of snow. Her eyes were closed, but at this moment, she suddenly opened them.

“It’s him!” This woman was the third of the Celestial Sovereign’s eight concubines!

She hadn’t participated in the war against the Inner Realm. Instead, after leaving the ancient tomb, she remained here, silently waiting for something.

“For him to appear here, what is he going to do…”

Also in the Ancient Star System, there was a huge rift. In this rift, filled with birds and flowers, the seventh concubine sat.

At this moment, the seventh concubine opened her eyes, her gaze revealing a strange light.

“What is he going to do…”

These were not the only people who had guesses about Wang Lin’s action. Even people like Dao Master Miao Yin, Devil Master Nine Heaven, and company all awakened from their healing. They looked at the stars with gloomy expressions.

Wang Lin’s presence gave them a large amount of pressure because of the bow in his hand.

Almost all third step cultivators locked onto Wang Lin’s aura from a distance. They didn’t know what Wang Lin was going to do, so they were very serious.

When these third step cultivators’ divine senses locked onto Wang Lin, he stopped flying. At this moment, he was already near the center of the Ancient Star System. No matter where he needed to go, he could get there almost instantly.

After he stopped, Wang Lin sat down and closed his eyes. He began to silently cultivate as he waited.

He behavior shocked all the third step cultivators who were observing him.

Time slowly passed. In the blink of an eye, there were only 12 hours left of the last three days of the third year. Once these 12 hours passed, a shocking change would occur in the cave world!

However, at this moment, aside from Wang Lin, no one else knew it was going to happen. Not even the Seven-Colored Daoist and Old Ghost Zhan had control over this matter.

There might be one other person who would have a feeling something was happening. That would be the All-Seer, who was sitting on that piece of rock in the Summoned River that Wang Lin hadn’t detected!

The All-Seer’s eyes revealed a strange light as he lowered his head and his hands continued to change before him. As he divinated, his eyes became brighter and brighter, and he revealed an exhilarated expression.

“Almost there… The last 12 hours…”

Wang Lin’s figure remained motionless as he slowly cultivated to maintain his aura at its peak. He also kept the drop of celestial blood fully active.

11 hours, 10 hours, 9 hours… Soon, the three-year period was about to end. When there was only 4 hours left, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes.

When he did this, everyone who was observing him was shocked and had many speculations.

“It’s that thing…” Wang Lin turned his head toward the right and gradually revealed a strange expression.

To the right of Wang Lin, in the distant stars, there was a group of hundreds of Ancient Star System cultivators flying over. Their hair was a mess and they had some unknown substance smeared over their faces. They were very colorful and strange.

As they moved forward, they roared loudly at the same time.

“The Celestial Dragon reveals the dao. Believe my words and avoid world destruction disaster. Don’t believe me and all will perish… The Celestial Dragon is mighty… The Celestial Dragon is mighty….”

“The Celestial Dragon reveals dao, believe in this apostle. It will take us to the endless Celestial Realm and become immortal…”

As the words spread, thousands more cultivators came after the first few hundred. They all let out the same roars.

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