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Chapter 1680 - Unexpected Discovery

The wind to his left howled and a black line rushed toward him. This black line was tens of thousands of mosquito beasts, forming a shocking sight.

At the front was the ferocious mosquito beast that was thousands of feet tall. Its eyes were filled with excitement, and when it saw Wang Lin, its body began to tremble.

A sharp roar echoed as the mosquito beast rushed forward, directly colliding with Wang Lin. The wind created by its movements was like knives on Wang Lin’s face.

In particular, the scene of it charging forward was enough to terrify anyone who saw it.

This mosquito beast was already accustomed to Wang Lin’s powerful body, so it rushed forward in excitement. Wang Lin could only let out a wry smile. He was only here with his avatar, so he couldn’t withstand the mosquito beast’s fierce embrace.

Wang Lin raised his right hand and gently patted forward. A ripple echoed and surrounded the mosquito beast as it closed it. This caused the mosquito beast to slow down.

The mosquito beast let out an excited hiss when it arrived next to Wang Lin. Its mouth started to rub Wang Lin, and deep inside its excited gaze lay a deep sense of attachment.

Wang Lin was indeed its master, but he was more like a parent. This thought was already deeply engraved into the mosquito beast’s soul and would never disappear.

As it rubbed Wang Lin with its mouth, the mosquito beast let out whimper, as if it was complaining about Wang Lin taking so long to come and find it.

Wang Lin laughed and was very happy. In a flash, he stood on the mosquito beast and looked ahead. He saw ten of thousands of mosquito beasts surrounding him. Some obviously knew Wang Lin, but those that joined later looked at Wang Lin with puzzled gazes.

Wang Lin’s heart was filled with joy after reuniting with the mosquito king that had accompanied him for so long. He had been lonely all his life and only had a few fierce beasts with him. This mosquito beast had been with him the longest.

Wang Lin patted the mosquito king’s big head and smiled. “You seem a lot more powerful than before.”

The mosquito king let out a roar and revealed a smug expression. Its roar seemed to be telling Wang Lin of its experience over the last hundred years, but unfortunately, Wang Lin couldn’t understand it. However, Wang Lin had watched it grow up, and after pondering for a bit, he guessed a few things.

“Ok, take me to the deepest part of the Wind Celestial Realm!” Wang Lin smiled.

The mosquito king’s eyes lit up and it went on its way. It moved in a flash and quickly shot forward. The tens of thousands of mosquito beasts quickly followed, and the storm of mosquito beasts charged forward.

The mosquito king’s speed was much faster than before. As Wang Lin stood on its back, he took a closer look. His eyes revealed a strange light.

Although the mosquito beast wasn’t weak back then, it was nowhere near as strong as it was now. It was infinitely close to a third step cultivator, as powerful as a fifth Heaven’s Blight cultivator.

This change surprised wang Lin greatly.

It seemed as if the mosquito beast was just one step away from transforming into a terrifying force like a third step cultivator. This was beyond Wang Lin’s expectation.

“What kind of fortune did it obtain to progress so much?”

While Wang Lin was pondering, the mosquito beast let out a roar as it flew past across countless fragments. It seemed very familiar with this place, and it brought Wang Lin to the depths of the Wind Celestial Realm.

Wang Lin had been here once before, and he immediately saw the thick fog ahead. There was a giant rift inside the fog. This rift led to an unknown place and gave off a cold aura.

There were several continents below the fog, and they remained the same. One of the continents had a human-shaped statue before.

However, there was no trace of that statue now.

The corpse of a mosquito beast ten of thousands of feet tall laid on top of a continent. Its eyes were open, but there were no light in them, and death aura filled its body.

When Wang Lin saw this, his eyes narrowed.

The mosquito king led Wang Lin into the fog and landed next to the corpse. Its mouth stabbed into the corpse, and as it inhaled, its body gave off a golden glow.

The tens of thousands of mosquito beasts surrounded them, but none of them dared to come forward and absorb.

Wang Lin jumped down and stood beside the corpse of the mosquito beast. This mosquito beast had been dead for many years, but its body had not rotten. Instead, it seemed dried up, but it still contained the essence of the mosquito beast.

Although it had died, it still gave off a powerful pressure. Wang Lin could clearly feel this pressure, and it was similar to the pressure a third step cultivator would give off!

After carefully observing it for a bit, Wang Lin saw the fatal injury that caused its death on its neck. The injury was three holes, each the size of a finger.

If one didn’t look closely, it would be extremely difficult to find this injury.

Wang Lin’s pupils shrank and he arrived beside the wound. He looked at it for a very long time before he slowly stuck three fingers into those three small holes.

They fit very well. These three small holes were indeed made by three fingers penetrating through!

“What kind of spell could kill this beast with three fingers?” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up, he had seen this beast before. It was the giant mosquito beast that had struggled to fly out of the rift.

Its size was different from before, but its aura was extremely similar.

“Three fingers… The aura from the three fingers that remain on this beast feel vaguely familiar… I feel like I have sensed this somewhere before…”

The mosquito beast beside Wang Lin withdrew its mouth from the mosquito corpse, looking very satisfied. It looked at Wang Lin before flying up into the air and pointing its mouth at the giant rift inside the fog.

Wang Lin raised his head and his eyes lit up as he looked at the rift in the fog. The mosquito king let out a hiss and flew toward the rift. Wang Lin stepped forward, following the mosquito king, and they both arrived at the edge of the rift at the same time.

Although it was inside the fog, the coldness that came from the rift caused Wang Lin to become alert. He didn’t immediately enter. In truth, he hadn’t come to the Wind Celestial Realm to investigate this rift.

However, now that he was here and had seen the mosquito corpse along with the familiar aura from the three fingers, Wang Lin started to feel doubt toward this rift.

What exactly was inside this rift?

This was the first time Wang Lin had observed this giant rift up close. As he observed, Wang Lin slowly found something to be wrong. The edge of the rift had jagged edges, but there were marks showing that they used to be connected at some aparts.

While pondering, Wang Lin waved his right hand and a jade appeared in his grasp. He squeezed and a cracking sound came from the jade. The jade split in half, and there were may irregular edges along the crack.

When he put the two pieces of jade back together, it was complete once more. Then Wang Lin injected some of his cultivation into the jade and glued it back together. Now he could only see some fine cracks.

Staring at the jade, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he squeezed it again. The jade split in half once more. Some of the glued-together parts separated, but new edges also formed.

Holding the jade, Wang Lin took a few close looks, then he looked at the edges of the giant rift once more. His eyes slowly became bright.

“It’s very similar… This rift must have been ripped open then mended back together, but later it was torn apart again. As a result, these edges were crafted.

“The second time it was ripped open was during the collapse of the Wind Celestial Realm, making it a haven for the mosquito beasts…. Then, when was the first time the rift was opened… Who opened it…”

A hiss interrupted Wang Lin’s thoughts. Wang Lin’s mosquito beasts was wandering outside the rift and looked like it really wanted to go in. It looked back at Wang Lin with an eager expression.

“Forget it, let us go inside and see.” Wang Lin looked at the mosquito beast and nodded. The mosquito beast let out a hiss and then flew inside the rift. From its movement, this wasn’t its first time going inside; it seemed like it had gone inside more than once over the last hundred years.

Wang Lin raised his foot, but he was extremely cautious. This caution had accompanied him for his entire life and would not decrease due to the increase in his cultivation level. The higher his cultivation level, the more he understood how mysterious the world was.

After entering the rift, a cold aura surrounded him. Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed and he activated his cultivation. He didn’t spread out his divine sense but swept the area with his eyes.

With one sweep, he was frozen and his eyes shined brightly.

The inside of the rift was a bright world with large, glowing ovals. These oval were countless mosquito beast eggs!

The mosquito eggs filled the area and were filled with mosquito beasts waiting to awaken. At a glance, there were millions.

The deeper one went, the more eggs there were, and the larger they were. There were even eggs thousands of feet large, and the mosquito beasts inside emitted a golden glow. They had completely taken form and seemed ready to wake up.

The moment Wang Lin’s mosquito beast entered, it let out a cheerful hiss and rushed toward a string of eggs. Its huge mouth stuck into an egg and sucked everything from it.

As Wang Lin looked at all of this, he understood why his mosquito beast had changed so much, it was all because of this place!

“What is this place…” Wang Lin spread out his divine sense as he silently pondered. He slowly expanded his divine sense until it shrouded this whole area.

When his divine sene spread out, he instantly saw this whole place. At this moment, his eyes were filled with shock. He subconsciously took a few steps back and suddenly looked up.

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