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Chapter 1681 - The Tip of the Sword That Entered the Immortal Astral Continent!

Wang Lin’s divine sense allowed him to see everything in this mysterious place. This place wasn’t very big but was like a long, narrow passage!

The side of the passage was very bleak and there were some broken areas on the side, making it seem as if this passage could collapse at any time.

One end of the passage was where Wang Lin was, and the other end was very deep inside. Even Wang Lin’s divine sense couldn’t spread toward it, and he could only vaguely see a giant, stone door!

There was a piece of paper on this door. It was a paper charm that kept it sealed!

After pondering for a while, Wang Lin walked forward and disappeared. When he reappeared, he was at the end of the passage, 1,000 feet away from the stone gate.

No divine sense could spread past this point, and a powerful pressure prevented anyone from entering. Wang Lin stood 1,000 feet away, staring at the stone door before him, and his eyes became serious.

This stone door looked very old and also had some complicated words on it. He had never seen these words before, but he could feel the ancient aura these words gave off.

After some careful observation, he saw that the stone door didn’t seem to be standing there perfectly. Instead, it was as if someone had forced the stone door to be here so that it could support this passage and allow it to exist forever.

After pondering for a bit, Wang Lin stepped forward into the 1,000 foot area. The moment he entered, his expression changed. A powerful pressure rushed out, making it difficult for his steps to land.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. This place was strange, and even now, he still had no idea what was going on. However, his right foot suddenly landed and the entire passage rumbled.

After one step, he took another step, and every step crossed several dozen feet. In the blink of an eye, he arrived in the middle of this 1,000 foot distance!

Here, popping sounds came from his body as if he was going to collapse. He was not here with his ancient god body, so he could not withstand the pressure if he went further. He formed a seal with his right hand and sat down, then he closed his eyes and pointed to between his eyebrows.

Wang Lin’s body suddenly trembled and a vortex appeared between his eyebrows. His origin soul left his body and then a blood light shined. The blood light was his blood sword! 

Wang Lin fused his origin soul with the blood sword. With the protection of the blood sword, Wang Lin’s origin soul flew past the last 500 feet and headed toward the stone gate. For the blood sword and his origin soul, these 500 feet passed by in a flash.

The rejection force was shocking. It continued to bombard the blood sword in an attempt to shatter Wang Lin’s origin soul. At the last 100 feet, the rejection force reached a terrifying degree.

The blood sword trembled and Wang Lin’s origin soul was about to be pushed out from inside it. His origin soul held on and the blood sword slammed into the side of the passage to stabilize itself.

Although it had stabbed into the side, the blood sword was still being pushed back.

The distance of 100 feet was already very close for Wang Lin. His origin soul appeared above the blood sword and he stared at the stone gate and the paper charm on it.

Observing it closely, Wang Lin was almost certain that someone had placed this stone gate there later, and its purpose was to support this passage!

There was also the paper charm on the stone door. The rejection force was coming from the paper charm. Its role was to seal the door so that no one could come in from the outside or leave from the inside!

“What kind of place is outside the door…” Wang Lin thought quickly, but the blood sword was still being pushed back. As a result, Wang Lin went from 100 feet from the door to 200 feet.

The blood sword was pushed out from the side of the passage until it was 500 feet away. Wang Lin’s origin soul returned to his body and his eyes opened.

“If my original body was here, while the 500 feet would be difficult, I could walk to the door by using the immortal spell! However, if I were to leave now to fuse with my original body, it would waste a lot of time…”

There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes. During his life of cultivation, he had never bowed to any force. At this moment, he let out a cold snort and his eyes formed a seal. The thunder in his left eye flashed and his thunder essence appeared.

At the same time, the fire in Wang Lin’s right eye raged, revealing a burning flame.

He raised his hands as he sat there. His left hand was life and his right hand was death. Open palm was karmic cause and closed palm was karmic effect. His eyes opened and closed as the true and false essence revolved around him.

In the end, a shocking slaughter aura erupted from his body. His sixth essence, the slaughter essence, rushed out.

The six essences condensed between his eyebrows and the vortex between his eyebrows appeared again before his origin soul rushed out. His origin soul returned to the blood sword with the six essences. Thunder flashed, fire burned, the three ethereal essences rotated around it, and the slaughter essence opened a path. At this moment, the blood sword charged toward the stone door 500 feet away!

As it charged forward, the rejection force became even stronger, but it couldn’t stop the full force of Wang Lin’s cultivation. His origin soul was like an invincible sword!

In a flash, he closed in to 100 feet, but this time he didn’t stop, he charged forward. In a flash, the blood sword stabbed directly into the stone door!

The sword pierced three inches deep into the stone door!

There was a buzz as the sword shook violently and a powerful rejection force rushed out. It collided with Wang Lin’s six essences and wanted to break his origin soul.

The moment the blood sword pierced the paper charm and went three inches into the stone door, Wang Lin’s origin soul felt an aura that didn’t belong to the cave but he was very familiar with!

This was the aura of the Immortal Astral Continent, the place his divine sense had explored right after his dream dao ended!

The Immortal Astral Continent, a world that had existed for countless years. It was the size of countless Inner and Outer Realms. Even third step cultivators needed a very long time to cross it.

The Immortal Astral Continent was known as the most spectacular place in the universe!

In the eastern part of the Immortal Astral Continent, there was an endless mountain range. It was covered in fog and filled with celestial energy. Birds and flowers filled the area and flying cranes danced in the sky.

This mountain range’s size was equal to about 10% the Brilliant Void Star System. The mountain range looked endless, but it was merely a speck of dust compared to the entire Immortal Astral Continent!

There was a mountain in the mountain range that pierced into the sky like a sword, pointing upwards. Although it looked endlessly tall up close, it still only looked like a small hill from afar!

There was a large group of palaces on this hill. This was a branch of a sect on the Immortal Astral Continent, this sect was call the Gui Yi Sect!

This sect was about the same as the Seven Dao Sect, it couldn’t be considered a big sect!

At this moment, within the main square of this branch, there was a giant clock 10,000 feet tall floating there. It looked very majestic from a distance.

However, just at this moment, the clock trembled and a buzz that echoed across the entire sect came from it. Several rays of light immediately flew over from the surrounding palaces.

When they arrived, a shocking blood-colored light came from the clock. The moment the blood light appeared, it radiated brightly.

It was as if this light had left the Immortal Astral Continent for far too long, but today it had returned once more!

A scarlet red sword tip appeared within the blood light! It had stabbed three inches through the clock, and the shocking blood light was coming from it!

“Ye Mo’s sword!!” One of the rays of light arrived faster than others and instantly closed in. This was a middle-aged man wearing a strange robe. His eyes shined and his peak Arcane Void cultivation spread out.

There was a hint of Arcane Tribulant power coming from his Arcane Void cultivation. It was obvious this person had already passed an unknown amount of Arcane Tribulants!

As he closed in, the remaining rays of light arrived, revealing eight people. They all stood under the clock and stared at the tip of the sword that had pierced through with strange gazes!

Under their gazes, the sword tip slowly retracted and the blood light disappeared from the clock, leaving only the mark that would remain for eternity!

Everyone silently pondered as they coldly stared at the clock. Everyone was silent.

One of them slowly said, “Senior Brother, should we open this Eastern Pill Clock…” 

“No need for now. Before Senior Brother Ma took some people and left, he said that this clock must not be opened. He will come back on his own!”

“Ye Me’s Blood Sword! It seems that the rumor that Ye Mo was lured into the cave of the Seven Dao Sect is true!”

“That Seven-Colored Sovereign abandoned his dao partner and sealed the Seven Dao Sect. He must have obtained a valuable treasure… Senior Brother Ma studied this for a long time and used my Gui Yi Sect’s treasure to open a passage to the cave. With Senior Brother Ma’s cultivation level and methods, there is no need for us to worry!”

Inside the strange passage, the blood sword withdrew from the stone door, and Wang Lin’s origin soul was in shock. The rejection force knocked the sword back 500 feet. His origin soul returned to his body and then he grabbed the sword and retreated 1,000 feet. Wang Lin looked at the stone door with a serious expression and his heart rate accelerated.

His full cultivation was active and he was extremely alert.

He felt a sensation of his mouth turning dry. After a long time, he saw that there was still no change to the stone door. Only then did he finally let out a deep breath.

“Immortal Astral Continent!! Outside this stone gate is the Immortal Astral Continent!!!” Wang Lin looked at the surrounding passage and enlightenment appeared in his eyes.

“I understand…”

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