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Chapter 1679 - Reunion With the Mosquito Beasts

Li Qianmei eventually left with her father, Blue Dream. The fifth concubine was taken away by Blue Dream

They would return to the Blue Silk clan and bring their entire clan back here. They would then pick an area in the Inner Realm to become the new home for the Blue Silk clan.

With Dao Master Blue Dream here, although he was injured, there would be no danger unless the Sovereign acted personally. Even the Sovereign wouldn’t dare to force Dao Master Blue Dream too much now that his dao heart was no longer flawed.

Because Dao Master Blue Dream could enter Arcane Tribulant as long as he willed it. Once the Arcane Tribulant started, even the Sovereign would have to retreat.

Li Qianmei disappeared into the Outer Realm with her father. After the two left, the blue light outside the formation slowly dissipated and the star system became dark again.

When Li Qianmei left, she was very happy. Her smile was the same as the past. She look at Wang Lin with a tender gaze. This was the man she had chosen. She didn’t regret it before and she wouldn’t regret it now. Even if she were to die because of this, she still wouldn’t regret it.

This was Li Qianmei’s personality.

At this moment, inside the wheel formation, only Wang Lin and Mu Bingmei remained. She had witnessed everything that had happened, and her mind was a mess.

There were no words that could be said between the two of them. After a long time, Mu Bingmei opened her mouth to break the silence, but Wang Lin had closed his eyes to cultivate and comprehend Tearing the Heavens.

Mu Bingmei’s words dissipated in her mouth and she never spoke. Her personality was not the same as Li Qianmei’s; she was different from Xi Zifeng and even from Red Butterfly.

She was herself, Mu Bingmei.

Soon, five months of the last half year passed, leaving only one month.

On this day, Mu Bingmei stood up. There was no complication in her eyes; they were clear. She looked at Wang Lin for a long time.

“Take care…” This was the first thing she said and the only thing. After that, Mu Bingmei turned and walked toward the Brilliant Void.

She was the saintess of the Brilliant Void, so she needed to return to the Brilliant Void.

It was as if she had accompanied Wang Lin for 11 months just to say that one line. Mu Bingmei left before the year finished. 11 months, still one month short.

Mu Bingmei remembered this month and placed it to the side. Her lonely figure traversing among the stars looked extremely lonely and bleak. She felt weak, and anyone who saw her would feel their heart ache. She had nothing else.She envied Li Muwan, she also envied Li Qianmei.

Li Qianmei still had her father, and Li Muwan had Wang Lin, but she had no one. Her home was gone, her teacher was gone, and all the people she was familiar with, those who accompanied her as she grew up, were all dead… If there was anyone, then it would be Wang Lin. It was a fact that couldn’t be changed, as she was Wang Ping’s mother.

“Even if I die, no one will know… Ping Er hates me too…” Mu Bingmei’s expression became dim as she walked further and further away.

It wasn’t until Mu Bingmei’s figure disappeared that Wang Lin opened his eyes. He looked at where she disappeared to and silently pondered.

Wang Lin no longer felt hatred toward Mu Bingmei, but there was also no love.

“One more month…” Wang Lin’s eyes became serious as he looked at the space before him. He raised his right hand and pointed to the spot between his eyebrows.

With this, Wang Lin trembled and popping sounds echoed inside his body. As the popping sounds echoed, Wang Lin’s body became blurry and turned illusory.

It was as if two Wang Lin were overlapping, and the overlapping became unstable due to that point. After a few breaths, the figure distorted and another Wang Lin appeared!

The overlapping figure separated and the popping sounds were gone. The blur disappeared and two identical Wang Lins appeared!

The one sitting there was Wang Lin’s original body. The one with the ancient god, ancient demon, and ancient devil stars that has the inheritance of the ancient one! The one standing was his cultivator body!

There was a period of time where Wang Lin was always like this. His original body cultivated, while his avatar went out. This way, he cultivated both at the same time.

It had been a long time since he did this, but now his avatar was out again!

His original body and avatar looked at each other. A moment later, his avatar disappeared and went into the Inner Realm. His original body closed his eyes and sat inside the formation to guard for the last month.

Wang Lin walked through the star system in a white robe. At this moment, he no longer had a powerful physical body, but his cultivation level was still mid stage Spirit Void. This was something that wouldn’t change.

The him right now was a pure cultivator. He would be unable to kill enemies with his body, he would have to rely on his spells.

“This is the last month before the four great generals come out of the Ancient Celestial Realm, and there is still something I have to do! I need to reform the four great Celestial Realms into a new Celestial Realm. From now on, the Inner Realm cultivators will live in the Celestial Realm and will be able to condense Joss Flames! 

“All the cultivators born from now on can cultivate to become celestials. After they reach the Soul Formation stage, they can go to the Celestial Realm to cultivate!” Wang Lin’s expression was solemn as he moved through the Inner Realm.

Throughout the ages, only the previous Lord of the Sealed Realm had done this. He had created the four Celestial Realms so that the Inner Realm cultivators could gather Joss Flames. However, when he died, the four Celestial Realms collapsed and the Inner Realm could no longer gather Joss Flames.

However, now it was different. Wang Lin had destroyed the Realm Sealing Formation and the aura of the Ancient Star System had flooded in. The limitation on Joss Flames in the Inner Realm was gone, and now was the best time to reform the Celestial Realm!

Before him, there were others that wanted to do this, but the conditions were not right. They didn’t have the Lord of the Sealed Realm’s treasure, and at that time, the Realm Sealing Formation hadn’t been weakened enough.

Wang Lin stepped forward. The first place he went to was the Wind Celestial Realm in the Cloud Sea! The Wind Celestial Realm was well-preserved and occupied by a large amount of mosquito beasts. Wang Lin’s cultivation level back then wasn’t high enough to shake that realm, but now he could!

Also, thanks to his connection, Wang Lin knew that the mosquito beasts that had separated from him during the battle back then had survived and settled down in the Wind Celestial Realm.

With a step, ripples echoed and Wang Lin disappeared. When he reappeared, he was deep in the Cloud Sea at the entrance to the Wind Celestial Realm.

Returning to a familiar place, Wang Lin entered the rift and rushed into the Wind Celestial Realm. The knife-like wind howled through the Wind Celestial Realm.

The sobbing of the wind was the only sound here. The desolate wind moved through the sky. The dust on the earth was peeled layer by layer by the wind until there wasn’t any dust left.

After a sweep of his divine sense, Wang Lin charged forward without hesitation, his white hair waving as he moved. The wind was unable to stop Wang Lin, and not only could it not stop him, but the wind collapsed before him.

Deep in the Wind Celestial Realm, there was a continent where the wind was stronger than everywhere else. There were two groups of mosquito beasts there, and they were slaughtering each other.

Each of these two groups of mosquito beasts numbered in the tens of thousands, and as they fought, large amounts of casualties piled up. However, those that died were all from one group. The other group revealed bloodthirsty expressions as their mouths stabbed into the others’ bodies.

This group of mosquito beasts was actually unscathed!

In just a moment, the flock of mosquito beasts that died and suffered heavy casualties let out mournful cries and retreated in defeat. This group of ferocious mosquitos rushed out and surrounded them. A golden mosquito beast over 1,000 feet long that was as big as a small mountain flew out from a distant peak.

The moment this mosquito appeared, a powerful pressure spread out. It looked ferocious and had a sharp mouth more than 100 feet long. When it appeared, it was as if the king had arrived.

The giant mosquito beast rushed out into the group of retreating mosquito beasts. It rampaged through and was extremely fierce. Miserable screams echoed, and in a few short breaths, several thousand mosquitos died.

As the mosquito swarm behind the giant mosquito rushed out, it wasn’t long before the mosquito swarm that had tens of thousands all died. Not one escaped!

The giant mosquito beast was covered in the blood of its fellow clan members. There was sadness hidden in its cold eyes. In this 100 year period, it had always been sad become it couldn’t find its master; it could only kill to vent its sorrow. The giant mosquito let out a sharp hiss. This was not out of excitement but a mournful cry like an abandoned child crying at the heavens!

As it hissed, the surrounding mosquito swarm also hissed. The sounds of their hisses linked together was heaven-shattering.

As they hissed, a large amount of mosquito beasts flew off from this continent and quickly escaped. Some of them had very large bodies, but they also escaped in fear.

In their memory, in these past 100 years, there was a group of mosquito beasts that was extremely crazy. They continued to kill and grow stronger. Whenever they came to a new continent, they would do the same and kill. If you didn’t leave, they would do whatever it took to kill you.

However, just at this moment, the giant mosquito beast suddenly trembled and its roar completely collapsed. It trembled as the coldness in its eyes collapsed and was replaced with a sense of confusion that had disappeared for 100 years!

The confusion was soon turned into excitement! The giant mosquito moved with excitement and joy. It let out another hiss and flew into the distance like it had gone crazy.

It was as if it had suddenly felt its master’s aura after being separated for a long time. It had forgotten everything and went crazy trying to find that aura!!

Wang Lin was in the air in the Wind Celestial Realm. He turned to the left and revealed a happy smile.

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