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Chapter 1678 - Still Should Accept It

Sitting inside the wheel formation, Wang Lin looked outside. Miao Yin and company didn’t leave. They thought that with the three of them working together, they could battle against Blue Dream.

Li Qianmei had a nervous expression as she watched her father fight the three of them. There was worry in her eyes.

Outside the formation, the star system trembled. Blue Dream was fighting three by himself and was remaining calm. Every time he attacked, he released blue light that turned into powerful spells.

After watching for a moment, Wang Lin closed his eyes and no longer paid attention to any of this.

The thunderous rumbles were blocked from Wang Lin’s ears and he focused himself on cultivating. He left a sliver of origin soul around him, so if anything happened, he would know.

During the two years of healing, Wang Lin had recovered most of his injuries. He had spent most of this time comprehending the Tearing the Heavens spell from the eight drops of blood.

He had to learn this skill and be proficient in it. Wang Lin had personally experienced the Tearing the Heavens spell and knew how powerful it was.

As for integrating the eight drops of blood to increase his ancient power, it would take even more time. The current environment wouldn’t allow Wang Lin to immerse himself in this, so he delayed it.

Three days of time passed in a flash. Wang Lin seemed to notice something and opened his eyes. The space outside the formation was in tatters and there were many black holes all around. They were created by Blue Dream and company fighting.

There were countless dead Joss Flame souls floating among the stars. They were like invisible smoke that slowly drifted by.

After taking a few glances, Wang Lin could feel how fierce the battle was. He didn’t see the other tree, but he saw Blue Dream step into the circle in the formation and arrive before Wang Lin.

Dao Master Blue Dream looked tired. It seemed that even for him, battling the three of them was not easy.

“Miao Yin is seriously injured, so much so that he can’t recover to his peak cultivation in 100 years. His cultivation level fell to Spirit Void, so the next time you see him, you can kill him!

“Nine Heaven’s injuries are slightly less severe than Miao Yun’s, but his Joss Flame Realm was destroyed by me, injuring his mind. In the future, he will not be your match!

“Great Desolation was injured the most and escaped using a secret spell. He won’t last more than 10 years!” With that, he sat down and closed his eyes to cultivate.

Li Qianmei’s expression was complicated. She had witnessed the three days of battle. She had watched her father fight and saw the dangers he had faced.

Wang Lin silently pondered, and after a long time, he slowly spoke.

“I already have a wife for my life…”

Dao Master Blue Dream opened his eyes and stared at Wang Lin. His expression became gloomy.

“Even with me helping you, you won’t change your mind… This old man doesn’t want you to give up your wife but to give my daughter a promise!

“This matter should not be difficult for you! If not for my daughter, even though you’ve reached the Spirit Void stage and have the ancient inheritance, even though you can kill early stage Arcane Void cultivators, you wouldn’t amount to much in my eyes.

“You could pull the Li Guang Bow to kill these old bones! But even if I die, I won’t bring my Blue Silk Clan to the Inner Realm!

“I, Blue Dream, was born in the Ancient Star System. I’m one of the Five Masters of the Ancient Star System. Do you think I would lie to a junior like you? What do you have that would make me want to lie to you? This old man has cultivated for countless years, I won’t sink that low!

“The Heaven Defying Bead is in your hands. If I were greedy, I would have taken it long ago! You hadn’t even reached the third step back then; if this old man wanted to kill you, I could have done so long ago. If not for the matter between you and Qianmei, why would I delay until now?

“The matter between you and the Sovereign, the battle between the Inner and Outer Realms, and the battle between the Seven-Colored Daoist and Old Ghost Zhan, I could just guard my Blue Silk clan, and no one can force me to join this battle. It is likely that they will even give me favors if I join them!

“Right now I have given up everything only for you to give my daughter a promise. Wang Lin, don’t force me to go too far!!” Blue Dream stared at Wang Lin and anger appeared in his eyes.

Everything he had done was just as he said, for his daughter.

Li Qianmei shed tears. She only now understand what her father had done for her, what he had sacrificed...

Wang Lin revealed a complicated gaze. He stood up and clasped his hands at Dao Master Blue Dream.

“Junior doesn’t doubt what Senior has done…”

“Don’t say more, you…” Dao Master Blue Dream saw Li Qianmei’s tears and his heart softened. He stared at Wang Lin and swallowed the words he was going to say.

“This old man can take one step back. I want you to make me a promise. If your wife resurrects, then you and my daughter will become brother and sister, but if your wife can’t be resurrected in the end, you will become a dao couple with my daughter! This is my bottom line. Wang Lin, choose wisely!” Dao Master Blue Dream’s expression was cold.

Wang Lin silently pondered. He stood up and looked into the distance. After a long time, his eyes were filled with confusion as his gaze moved toward Li Qianmei. He saw her tear and how she lowered her head to avoid his gaze.

“You… Forget it, this old man doesn’t want your immediate answer. You think about it and come find me back in the Blue Silk Clan!” Dao Master Blue Dream stood up and decided not to heal here. When he saw the sadness in his daughter’s gaze, he felt a sting in his heart. He had come here with the hope that everything would work out and Wang Lin would agree, but it ended like this.

“Dad, let us go…” Li Qianmei wiped away her tears and gently stood up. She arrived next to Dao Master Blue Dream.

“Dad, before, Meng Er didn’t understand, but now I do. Let us go home… Once we reach home, let us never leave…” Li Qianmei pulled Dao Master Blue Dream’s hand and felt the warmth from her father. She looked at Wang Lin and smiled.

“Wang Lin, can you give back the mountain and river painting you gave me…”

That painting was called “Forgot each other in the world”. Back then, she returned it to Wang Lin and chose not to keep it, but today she wanted it back.

Wang Lin’s mind trembled as he looked at Li Qianmei with pain and struggle in his eyes. His wife was Li Muwan, who had only accompanied him for a few years before death, but her soul had accompanied him for more than 2,000 years.

However, Li Qianmei was different from Mu Bingmei and Xi Zifeng. She had sacrificed a lot for Wang Lin.

Those 10 years of smearing blood and all those things that happened, how could Wang Lin forget? Her obsession, her love, and her bright smile and eyes. Wang Lin didn’t have a heart of stone, how could he remain indifferent?

“Return it to me, please…” Li Qianmei bit her lower lip. Her face was pale, but she kept smiling. She didn’t want to shed her endless tears before Wang Lin.

“Give that painting back to me… Wang Lin, when Li Muwan awakens, you have to bring her to see me…”

Wang Lin stared at Li Qianmei. His right hand trembled as he raised it up. With a wave, his storage space appeared and a scroll flew out.

That scroll contained the “Forgot each other in the world” mountain and river painting. Wang Lin held the painting, but he didn’t have the feeling of relief like when he first gave it to her.

He couldn’t calmly give it to the woman before him like in the past.

Dao Master Blue Dream looked at this and the anger in his eyes turned to sorrow. He looked at Li Qianmei and knew that his daughter’s heart was dead.

Her heart was dead.

Mu Bingmei also watched this unfold. Her mood was complicated and she couldn’t bear it anymore. However, she wasn’t qualified to persuade Wang Lin, even though she was Wang Ping’s mother.

Looking at the father of her own child saying farewell to another woman, this made Mu Bingmei feel a stinging pain in her heart.

“Return it to me…” Li Qianmei smiled as she walked before Wang Lin. She looked deeply at Wang Lin’s face and raised her jade-like hands to tidy his clothes and hair. The tears hidden under her eyes could no longer be hidden and began to flow.

She gently hugged Wang Lin, and her tears fell on his clothes, causing his white robe to become wet.

“If you don’t like me, why did you save me in the Cloud Sea… Wouldn’t it have been better for me to die with hope and stay in your memory… Wang Lin, uh, don’t understand feelings…” Li Qianmei murmured in Wang Lin’s ear and left Wang Lin’s arms. She grabbed the painting in Wang Lin’s hand and was about to pull it out to leave.

However, her hands holding the painting suddenly stopped because Wang Lin gripped the painting tightly.

Wang Lin closed his eyes, and the painting he held didn’t move at all as Li Qianmei pulled. Her face became even more pale as she looked at Wang Lin and saw him open his eyes.

“You don’t need this painting anymore.” Wang Lin squeezed and the “Forgot each other in the world” painting collapsed and turned to dust. It disappeared from his hands, her hands.

Wang Lin looked at Li Qianmei. His words were filled with determination as he gently said, “From now on, you are my woman!”

“Wan Er is my wife. When she awakens, let us get married together…”

Li Qianmei was startled, and after a long time, tears flowed. She began crying in Wang Lin’s arms.

Wang Lin hugged Li Qianmei. Since he had made this decision, he wouldn’t regret it. This was the first woman he had accepted in more than 2,000 years aside from Li Muwan. Her name was Li Qianmei!

“Brother, I have three questions to ask. Can you help me answer them…”

“When I leave, will you send me off…”

“If one day I die, will you still remember me…”

“Wang Lin, I can’t hold on much longer. All my blood has dried up. Will you awaken soon… I don’t regret it.”

“Wang Lin, you have to wait for me, wait for me to bring back the medicine. You will definitely wake up…”

Memories are like water in your palm. Although the water will flow away, the palm will remember the temperature of the water. Then, when the palm holds the water again, the palm will remember, and the water will also remember the warmth of the palm.

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