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Chapter 1677 - Second Year, Another Six Months

Wang Lin looked at Dao Master Blue Dream. He then picked up the wine pot Red Butterfly had passed him and took a sip before closing his eyes.

Dao Master Blue Dream was in no rush. He sat there, looking at the Outer Realm, waiting for Wang Lin’s reply.  Li Qianmei was silent for a long time and slowly sat down. Her position was very clear. She was closer to Wang Lin, as if she was on guard against her father.

How could Dao Master Blue Dream not notice his daughter’s action? His eyes dimmed an indiscernible amount, but Li Qianmei didn’t notice.

Time passed. In the blink of eye, the last three months of the second year had gone by. This second year was very calm; there was no fighting.

On the last day of the second year, Red Butterfly stood up and looked at Wang Lin. This year was very quick for her.

Wang Lin seemed to notice that Red Butterfly was about to leave. Wang Lin opened his eyes.

Wang Lin calmly asked, “About to leave?”

Red Butterfly smiled. She nodded and said. “I have already taken up a year of your time. Big Sister Mu is still waiting.”

“Take care.” Wang Lin looked at Red Butterfly. He could no longer see any trace of her pride.

Red Butterfly smiled and looked at Wang Lin profoundly. She turned to leave, but she suddenly stopped and turned back toward Wang Lin. There was hesitation in her eyes.

“Teacher said that in her earlier years, she met a grand scholar named ‘Wang.’ I originally had no chance of survival, but the grand scholar left a formation for my teacher...

“And gave me the name ‘Red Butterfly…’”

When Wang Lin heard this, his eyes shined brightly. His body became tense and he revealed a look of disbelief and shock.

“What did you say?”

Red Butterfly saw the change in Wang Lin’s expression. She pondered a bit and then repeated what she had said.

After hearing Red Butterfly’s words, Wang Lin didn’t speak for a long time. At this moment, a monstrous wave was set off in his heart. He didn’t understand. All of it was supposed to be a dream he had created using the deception dao. It should have all been fake, to give himself a perfect cycle.

However, Red Butterfly’s words shattered all of this. This suddenly made Wang Lin unable to distinguish what was real or not.

“How could it be like this… What exactly is true, what is false… Why is it like this…” Wang Lin thought he had comprehended the essences, but at this moment, he was confused.

Had he really comprehended them...

Red Butterfly turned around and left. However, after a few steps, she stopped and, with hesitation, turned to ask one more question.

“Qing Shui, your senior brother, he… Do you understand him...”

Wang Lin forced himself out of the shock. He looked at Red Butterfly and slowly said, “What do you want to ask?”

“He… Does he have any family?” Red Butterfly bit her lower lip. After a long time, she seemed to have made a decision.

Wang Lin frowned and carefully looked at Red Butterfly. He recalled what happened back in Allheaven, when Qing Shui was standing before Red Butterfly. Wang Lin saw from the distance that he was blocking an attack for her.

“Senior Brother has lived a bitter life… His clan perished during his childhood. After that, he entered the Celestial Realm and his wife died… He also had a daughter who had entered the reincarnation cycle again and again. She has likely forgotten everything from the past… If there was really any relative, it would be that daughter…” Wang Lin spoke softly.

This caused Red Butterfly’s body to tremble and she closed her eyes.

After a long time, she opened her eyes. There was confusion in her gaze.

“His daughter’s left shoulder had a red brightmark. This mark will follow through reincarnation and not dissipate…” Wang Lin looked meaningfully at Red Butterfly.

Red Butterfly staggered a few steps back and her face instantly turned pale.

“Thank you…”

When she said two words, she couldn’t even hear herself. She turned into a ray of red light, heading back to Allheaven. Her speed reached the limit that her cultivation level allowed. She was returning to Allheaven to see Qing Shui!

Red Butterfly left!

In the last day of the second year, Mu Bingmei arrived beside Wang Lin. She didn’t say a word and just calmly sat there. She nodded at Li Qianmei and closed her eyes.

Li Qianmei knew Mu Bingmei. The two had met in the Cloud Sea and knew each other’s identities.

Wang Lin didn’t give Dao Master Blue Dream an answer right away. He was also thinking about what Dao Master Blue Dream had said.

It wasn’t until six months of the third year had passed that Wang Lin opened his eyes and looked at Dao Master Blue Dream.

“I have a wife.” This was the first thing Wang Lin said to Dao Master Blue Dream.

Li Qianmei lowered her head so Wang Lin wouldn’t see her depressed expression.

Dao Master Blue Dream smiled as he looked at his daughter and softly said, “You can still have a second wife.” 

“You can continue to think, I’m not in a hurry. This old man has brought his daughter here, and I have no intention of leaving. You don’t have the strength to deal with Seven-Color or Old Ghost Zhan, isn’t that correct…” Dao Master Blue Dream’s gaze fell on Wang Lin.

“If I wanted to, I could’ve entered the Arcane Tribulant many years ago. If I could survive nine times, then I could reach Void Tribulant… It’s just that I’m not confident… But even if the Seven-Colored Daoist and Old Ghost Zhan has powerful cultivator and even if there is that third existence, with my help, we may still win!” Daoist Blue Dream spoke slowly. Li Qianmei and Mu Bingmei didn’t understand, but Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed.

“So it turns out you also know about that.” Wang Lin’s gaze matched Dao Master Blue Dream.

“I should be the second person that was born in the cave who found out, after Old Ghost Zhan…” Dao Master Blue Dream let out a sigh.

“When I learned of this back then, I found it extremely absurd, and I wouldn’t have believed it, but the person who told me was my wife. Also, the fifth concubine sealed in the furnace behind you...

“I had to believe her words!” Dao Master Blue Dream shook his head bitterly.

“When the Celestial Sovereign’s eight concubines descended onto this world, the fifth concubine lost her body and took her soul form. My wife could perfectly merge with her soul, so she was possessed by the fifth concubine. However, she didn’t destroy my wife’s soul but used it as a means to make me complete various tasks for her.

“ I originally wasn’t going to act during your calamity, but she used my wife’s soul to force me, so I had to act… I can kill the fifth concubine, but I can’t do it...

“Two years ago, the Sovereign came to find me and promised to help me force the soul of the fifth concubine out of my wife’s body. All the people that know of this think that if they can help me do this, I will do whatever it takes, even help them do anything.

“But they are all wrong!

“I love my wife, no one understands this more than me. My wife’s soul has long fused with the fifth concubine, making it impossible to separate them from each other. If one dies, then the other will die as well.

“I couldn’t bear to take action, so I always hoped for miracle. I could only bear it alone… You have sealed her, and that relieved me of this burden.” Dao Master Blue Dream had a complicated gaze as he spoke.

“She is long gone and only sadness remains. Every time I acted, I only made my daughter resent me and be even more on guard against me, so I won’t act against you anymore… And this battle has already reached a point where it is pointless. No matter how much we fight, we are all cultivators from the same cave!” Dao Master Blue Dream stood up and waved his sleeves. His eyes revealed a bright, blue light as he looked outside the formation.

At the same time, Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed and looked coldly at the space outside the formation.

Three rays of light closed in with shocking killing intent and resentment.

Inside those three rays of light were people Wang Lin was familiar with. They were Dao Master Miao Yin, Devil Master Nine Heaven, and Great Desolation!

These three people were originally trapped inside the Ancient Tomb and shouldn’t have appeared here, but they were saved by the Sovereign. Their hatred for Wang Lin was monstrous, and they had come here with the intent to kill!

Today was the sixth month of the second year! There were still half a year left until Wang Lin’s agreement with the four great generals.

“Wang Lin, this old man knows that you’re still on guard against me, and even my daughter didn’t trust me as a father while you cultivated… Today, I’ll do what I should do as a father!” Although Dao Master Blue Dream had said this to Wang Lin, his eyes were looking toward Li Qianmei with fatherly love.

With a wave of his sleeve, he stepped toward the Outer Realm. His body turned into a ray of light and he instantly flew out from inside the formation.

“Miao Yin, Nine Heaven, Great Desolation, the three of you, scram for me!!” Dao Master Blue Dream suddenly let out a roar. This roar set off a powerful wave across the star system and formed a storm. This caused Miao Yin and company to stop!

“Blue Dream!! What are you doing?!”

“Dao Master Blue Dream, why are you stopping the three of us?”

“There is no reason. If you all don’t leave within three breaths, I’ll kill you!” Blue Dream’s hair danced as he stood there. Behind him was the wheel formation, and the three people were before him.

However, his figure was like a mountain. With him there, no one could take half a step forward!

His peak Arcane Void cultivation erupted from his body. The power of peak Arcane Void was heaven-shattering. He didn’t attack, but just the aura of his cultivation made the star system tremble.

It was as if the entire star system had to submit to his strength!

Dao Master Miao Yin’s expression changed. He, Nine Heaven, and Great Desolation all looked at each other and saw the dread in each other’s eyes.

The Five Masters of the Ancient Star System all had varying cultivation levels. Although the Sovereign had terrifying power, Blue Dream at full power was even more terrifying. If not for the fact that his wife had caused his dao heart to become flawed and he wasn’t willing to enter Arcane Tribulant, then not even the Sovereign could order Blue Dream!

The three of them understood this well!

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