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Chapter 1676 - Skinny Li Qianmei

In the fifth month since the woman in pink had been next to Wang Lin, he opened his eyes and spat out a mouthful of foul air. His eyes were replaced with a bright glow.

However, there was exhaustion in his eyes. Wang Lin had been injured by the Tearing the Heavens spell from Ye Mo’s child. Even when he thought about it now, he felt that its strength was terrifying.

“You’ve awakened…” The woman in pink, who was very beautiful, sat beside Wang Lin. She looked toward Wang Lin and smiled.

“She left?” Wang Lin turned around and found that Xi Zifeng was gone. Only Mu Bingmei sat motionless in the distance.

“You spent more than one year healing. Little Sister Xi Zi already left,” the woman in pink spoke softly.

Her beautiful eyes looked at Wang Lin and then, with a smile, she said, “Before she left, she asked me to pass a message to you. She went to planet Qing Ling, but she didn’t find Xie Qing, the disciple you spoke of…”

Wang Lin silently pondered for a bit and then nodded.

At this moment, there seemed to be nothing for them to say. As Wang Lin pondered, the woman in pink also became silent. The star system was very quiet. Without the Outer Realm cultivators coming, one could sometimes see the distant stars shine.

Their weak light was very beautiful in this starry sky. With the stars and starlight accompanying this man and woman, an inexplicable feeling arose between them.

After a long time, the woman in pink looked at Wang Lin with a complicated expression and softly said, “It has been many years since we parted… You… Do you know who I am…”

Wang Lin didn’t look at her. He looked at the Inner Realm and calmly said, “Red Butterfly.”

“So you already knew.” The woman in pink closed her eyes.

“It was Zhou Wutai who reminded me. He found a formation in Xue Yue that had a strand of your hair. It seems you avoided that calamity by using that formation.” That formation appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes.

This woman in pink was Red Butterfly!

However, the proud woman from the past had changed a lot since then. That pride had been hidden deeply. From the outside, one couldn’t see how she was brilliant as a butterfly like in the past.

“Do you still remember what happened in the Rain Celestial Realm back then… At that time, we fought each other…” Red Butterfly smiled as she recalled the past and spoke with Wang Lin like friends.

“There was a period of time when I hated you, Wang Lin. You cut off one of my arms in the Rain Celestial Realm…”

Wang Lin smiled bitterly and subconsciously rubbed his nose. He didn’t speak.

“I never would’ve thought that we would talk like this after 2,000 years…” When Red Butterly saw Wang Lin rub his nose, she covered her mouth to smile. Her eyes squinted like a crescent moon while she smiled, looking very beautiful.

“At that time, you wanted to kill me and I didn’t even provoke you.” Wang Lin shook his head and also laughed.

“Although Little Sister Xi Zi is gone, she left the wine here.” Red Butterfly looked at Wang Lin as she grabbed the jug of wine and handed it to him.

Wang Lin accepted the wine jug and took a sip.

“Also, on planet Suzaku, during out battle, you stole my Soul Lasher…” Red Butterfly laughed.

“It’s all in the past now, but you still remember.” Wang Lin smiled bitterly and didn’t know what to say.

“Of course I remember. If I wasn’t seriously injured, I wouldn’t have been controlled by Gan Feng… Speaking of that, thank you for freeing me in the Suzaku Tomb.” Thinking about the past, Red Butterfly let out a sigh.

“There is no deep hatred between us, and it’s all in the past now. You asked me to go to Xue Yue to find the blue rose, and I found it.” Red Butterfly was the woman that had given him the deepest impression beside Li Muwan and Liu Mei.

Her red butterfly-like figure, this proud woman was something difficult to forget.

She reached had the Soul Formation stage in just 100 years, she was a blessed woman!

“At that time, I didn’t think you would reach this point today… Everything is like a dream, I have this unreal feeling.” Red Butterfly shook her head. 

Time slowly passed. In the blink of an eye, three days went by. Wang Lin didn’t heal but recounted memories with Red Butterfly. They slowly recalled the feeling of what it was like being a weak cultivator.

This feeling was very warm, very comfortable.

“Later, in the battle between Allheaven and the Alliance, I saw you… But you didn’t remember me anymore.” Red Butterfly looked at Wang Lin. She had seen him on planet Suzaku and watched his light become brighter and brighter. This light slowly spread until it shrouded the entire Inner and Outer Realms.

Red Butterfly also felt admiration for Wang Lin. There was no one Red Butterfly liked in her life. If there was anyone, it was Wang Lin. However, they didn’t have feelings for each other but some unexplainable connection. She was not sure what it was.

Perhaps just like wine, as time passed, a familiar feeling developed.

Their conversation gradually calmed down after a few days. Wang Lin began to cultivate to heal, and Red Butterfly just silently sat there, staring at the stars. There was confusion, complication, and brightness in her eyes.

One month, two months… Unknowingly, the ninth month of the second year passed by.

On this day, a soft, blue light appeared outside the formation and gradually filled the star system. This blue light replaced all other lights, and the entire star system was filled with blue light.

This blue light was like a sea that dyed the wheel formation, giving it a sorrowful kind of beauty.

Blue would often give people a sense of sadness, like melancholy.

Wang Lin opened his eyes, looked at the blue light outside the formation, and silently pondered. He saw the two figures walking out from the blue light.

It was a man and woman, a father and daughter. It was Dao Master Blue Dream and Li Qianmei.

After thinking about it for one year and nine months, Dao Master Blue Dream had chosen to come. He and his daughter stopped outside the formation. Wang Lin’s gaze swept over Dao Master Blue Dream and landed on Li Qianmei.

Li Qianmei had became a lot thinner.

Her expression was dim and she no longer had the demeanor she had before. When Wang Lin looked over, she looked at Wang Lin with a bitter expression.

In this world, aside from Li Muwan, Wang Lin was able to remember Liu Mei because of Wang Ping, and Red Butterfly because of their karma. Li Qianmei was a beautiful and unforgettable encounter.

They knew each other due to three questions and an undying pursuit they continue to meet. What Li Qianmei said back then would forever linger in Wang Lin’s heart.

“If there is a day when I’m not there, will you still remember that there was a woman named Li Qianmei in your life…”

Wang Lin could not make himself forget Li Qianmei. She had smeared blood on his statue for 10 years as her beauty withered. She had even gone to get medicine for him. Then, in the crack in the Cloud Sea, when she was close to death and was about to close her eyes, there was no regret in her gaze.

For her, Wang Lin had gone to the Outer Realm to find Dao Master Blue Dream so that she could live on… Then, when she awakened, Wang Lin climbed Mount Blue while facing the endless pressure. He just wanted to take a look and see if she had awakened.

However, that line “Who are you?” was like a blade that cut off everything!

That line made Wang Lin realize a lot, and he gave up resisting. He allowed the rejection force from Mount Blue to push him further and further away.

Wang Lin looked at Li Qianmei, and after a long time, he said, “You’ve lost weight…”

Li Qianmei’s body trembled and tears flowed from the corners of her eyes. She had long awakened her memory and remembered what had happened. Now that she heard what Wang Lin just said, she was unable to endure it anymore and shed tears.

Red Butterfly looked at all of this and was startled for a moment. She looked at the two of them and silently pondered.

Dao Master Blue Master let out a sigh and brought his daughter toward the formation. In the blink of an eye, they were less than 100 feet from the formation. The wheel formation buzzed showing signs of activating.

Wang Lin’s gaze moved away from Li Qianmei and looked toward Dao Master Blue Dream. His eyes shined brightly, but that light soon dissipated.

Wang Lin waved his hand and the wheel formation stopped. A oval-shaped hole opened up before Dao Master Blue Dream that led to Wang Lin.

Dao Master Blue Dream didn’t hesitate and brought Li Qianmei inside. He appeared before Wang Lin and sat down. He looked at the Emperor Furnace behind Wang Lin and his gaze became gentle.

“I know you like wine. This is the blue silk wine I made. Do you want a drink?” Dao Master Blue Dream waved his right hand. A water blue wine jug flew toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin looked at Dao Master Blue Dream. He smiled as he accepted the wine and put it on the side.

Dao Master Blue Dream picked up a wine jug and took a sip. He slowly said, “In my whole life, I’ve rarely been wrong about a person. However, when it comes to you, I admit that I had underestimated you each time… In the illusion formation, I had to act. Part of it was for myself and part of it was for my daughter… At that time, I had always believed that although you were excellent, if you didn’t cut your connection with the Inner Realm, you would not be qualified to be my son-in-law…

“I didn’t think you would reach your current cultivation level… Give me the fifth concubine and become my son-in-law… From now on, I’ll take the Blue Silk Clan and join the Inner Realm!

“I’ll use my old bones to sweep the path ahead for you!” Dao Master Blue Dream took a big gulp of wine and voiced the decision he had made after thinking for nine months.

Li Qiangmei’s body trembled and she turned to look at her father. Along the way here, her father didn’t say a word. She understood that her father was one of the Five Masters of the Ancient Star System. With such an identity and cultivation, he didn’t just say those words for her mother...

Dao Master Blue Dream calmly said, “Let the past be bygones… Wang Lin, I will wait here for your reply.”

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