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Chapter 1675- One Year!

Cracking sounds echoed next to Wang Lin’s ears. A crack appeared in his skull, and in his chest, his bones began to shatter.

At this moment of life and death, Wang Lin closed his eyes. When his eyes closed, everything in this world became false and all the pain disappeared.

At the same time, Wang Lin raised his hand and waved with his eyes closed.

This wave caused the sky to become dim and the earth to wither. The three ancient clan auras disappeared. One portion flew into the sky and another flew into the earth.

“Dream dao, fuse with Dream of Ancient Times. This dream will be my dream… Auras of the three ancient clans, turn into the power of dream to form my spell, Immortal Dream… With my eyes closed, everything is false; with my eyes open, enter my dream!!” Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes.

Wang Lin had studied Dream of Ancient Times, and although it was strong, it had limitations. Dream of Ancient Times was just the owner of the shield summoning everything he remembered and turning it into a dream to kill.

However, the master of the shield had died and the dream was also dead, unable to change. Wang Lin’s own dream dao was inspirited by this. At this moment, he became the master of the shield and the master of this dream!

When he became the master, his thoughts could change everything about the dream!

The moment he opened his eyes, he became the Dream of Ancient Time! His eyes opened and the illusory heaven and earth trembled. Heaven became his eye and the earth also became his eye!

When his eyes opened, the world opened. The world had become Wang Lin’s eyes. Ye Mo’s child’s face turned pale as he looked back. What he saw shocked him, so much so that he awakened from his madness!

He saw a faint pupil appear in this world, and it was filled with coldness and killing intent. The sky was the upper eyelid and the earth was the the lower eyelid. Together, they formed a giant eye.

If this was it, he wouldn’t be terrified. What terrified him was what he saw with his divine sense.

His divine sense spread out and broke free from this illusory world. He saw that there was a giant face outside. His body was located in front of the left eye of the face.

That wasn’t just a face but also an infinitely large body. The body had a white robe and white hair that fluttered in the wind. It was Wang lin!

This scene shocked him and he was stunned there. He didn’t dare to believe what he was seeing with this divine sense and eyes.

He froze.

Just as he froze, there was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s left eye and it slowly closed. A power that could kill anything spread out as the left eye closed.

“Impossible!” Ye Mo’s child turned around to look at Wang Lin, who he was tearing, but when he turned around, he saw no one before him!

Wang Lin had disappeared. Not only had Wang Lin disappeared, but this rapidly closing world had nothing beside him. A sense of fear from being alone immediately filled his mind.

“What kind of spell is this?!” Ye Mo’s child’s face was extremely pale. His eyes were filled with horror and he quickly retreated, but he wasn’t faster than the collapsing world. Wang Lin’s left eye slowly closed.

“I don’t believe it, it’s all fake!!” Ye Mo’s child suddenly looked up at the sky that was pressing down and threw punches at it. Thunderous rumbles echoed, but he couldn’t stop the sky from collapsing.

A moment later, as the world continued to squeeze, there were only several thousand feet of space left. Ye Mo’s hands held up the sky and kicked against the earth. His expression was twisted from pain as he resisted.

“This is all fake!!” With a bang, Ye Mo’s child’s knees collapsed and he knelt down. The world squeezed until it was only few thousand feet high!

“I’m Ye Mo’s child, I was formed by the essence blood from his head, I can’t lose!!” Ye Mo’s child let out a painful roar and his arms exploded. The world darkened and completely closed. There was no gap remaining!

If one looked from a distance, the giant Wang Lin’s left eye had completely closed! Then his body flickered and dissipated into specks of crystal light.

The dream was over!

When the dream ended, the world disappeared. They were still in the space outside the wheel formation. The tens of thousands of cultivators watching didn’t know what had happened at all.

From their view, Ye Mo’s child had just stopped there and started letting out painful roars. There was nothing before him.

Wang Lin stood tens of thousands of feet away with his eyes closed.

After less than 10 breaths of time, Wang Lin opened his eyes. His eyes were filled with fatigue and killing intent as he stepped forward like a meteor. There was a flash of blood light and the blood sword appeared in his right hand as Wang Lin closed in on the terrified Ye Mo’s child.

At the moment Ye Mo’s child opened his eyes and revealed a confused gaze, Wang Lin flashed by with the blood sword. Ye Mo’s child’s body was split in half. Even at the moment of his death, his eyes were still filled with confusion.

When his body was split in half, the two halves turned into eight drops of purple blood that flew toward Wang Lin and entered his forehead.

Wang Lin became even more exhausted. After taking the eight drops of blood, he didn’t immediately absorb them but took one step toward the wheel formation.

When he entered the formation, he could no longer suppress his injuries and coughed out blood. He immediately sat down next to Xi Zifeng and began healing.

That battle earlier was extremely dangerous. Killing Ye Mo’s child was extremely difficult for Wang Lin without the Li Guang Bow. Although he had won, he had been injured by that terrifying Heaven Ripping spell.

The Heaven Ripping spell still made Wang Lin feel a lingering sense of fear. That line of blood still existed between Wang Lin’s eyebrows. Everything that had taken place in Dream of Ancient Times was real.

He was nearly torn to pieces and killed by Ye Mo’s child!

At this moment, the tens of thousands of Outer Realm cultivators saw him healing. After a brief moment of silence, roars filled with killing intent echoed.

“He is injured!!”

“He is healing, this is the best time to kill him!”

“When he is injured, the wheel formation can’t function properly. Break the formation and kill him!”

Those tens of thousands of cultivators became hot-blooded when they noticed that Wang Lin was injured. They all rushed toward Wang Lin, who was inside the formation.

Thunderous rumbles echoed. As the tens of thousands of cultivators attacked like crazy, the formation became distorted as it withstood the attacks. Xi Zifeng sat next to Wang Lin and anxiety appeared in her eyes.

Outside the formation, the five injured third step cultivators clenched their teeth and also flew out, ignoring their injuries. They began bombarding the formation with their Joss Flame spells.

As the tens of thousands of cultivators bombarded, the wheel formation faintly trembled. The countless slave souls pushed the wheel to offset all those destructive attacks.

However, just as Xi Zifeng was worrying and Mu Bingmei and the woman in pink also became anxious, Wang Lin opened his eyes. His eyes gave off a cold gaze.

“Although I’m injured, it isn’t difficult killing you all!” Wang Lin suppressed his injuries. His right hand formed a seal and pressed down on the formation.

“Wheel, appear and rotate!” Wang Lin roared as his cultivation poured into the formation. The formation rumbled and a giant wheel appeared outside the formation.

This wheel had countless slave souls pushing it, making it turn. This wheel had the power to change how the world functioned. As the wheel turned, it erupted with the power of death.

As the wheel continued to turn, all the Outer Realm cultivators trembled and their bodies exploded. Their origin souls were absorbed to become slaves to turn the wheel.

Tens of thousands of Outer Realm cultivators retreated in terror, and in the blink of an eye, the wheel turned three times! After three turns, countless people died. At this moment, the Outer Realm cultivators lost their wits. They rapidly fled and no longer dared to turn back.

Just at this moment, Wang Lin suddenly stood up and waved his hand. The drop of celestial blood appeared from between his eyebrows and the Li Guang Bow appeared!

Wang Lin pulled the bowstring back until it was fully drawn. Although Wang Lin was tired, his eyes were filled with killing intent as he stared at the void outside the formation.

“Take one more step and I’ll kill you again!”

When he said that, ripples echoed 1,000 feet outside the formation and the Sovereign appeared. He stared at Wang Lin, and after pondering for a long time, he left.

After the Sovereign left, Wang Lin put away the Li Guang bow, and the injuries in his body became even worse. Blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth and he sat down.

Time moved like a river without any pause. In the blink of an eye, it had been nine months.

During these nine months, no Outer Realm cultivators had come. Xi Zifeng had warmed the wine again and again, but he never drank it again. Then, after one full year passed, Xi Zifeng looked at Wang Lin with a complicated expression before letting out a soft sigh and leaving.

After her, the person that came to Wang Lin was the woman in pink.

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