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Chapter 1674 - Tearing the Heavens!!

The hair of the middle-aged man who called himself Ye Mo’s child fluttered in the air as he stood there. As his arms moved, the three ancient clan shadows roared nonstop and charged at Wang Lin.

Behind the three ancient clan members was the shadow of Ye Mo’s giant body. At this moment, was walking toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a strange light. His hands formed a seal, and instead of retreating, he stepped forward, pointing ahead with his right finger. The ancient head without a left eye let out a roar and flew forward, merging with Wang Lin’s 10,000 foot body.

With this fusion, Wang Lin’s body gave off a dazzling glow. After fusing with the ancient head, Wang Lin was standing in the hole where the left eye was!

“Since Ye Mo’s inheritance was missing his left eye, then today I’ll become the left eye so it could be slightly more complete!” The glow from Wang Lin’s body shrouded Ye Mo’s left eye. This made the head look complete.

At this moment, the head flew out and collided with the middle-aged man’s three ancient clan shadows and the shadow of Ye Mo.

In a flash, a thunderous sound storm echoed. The middle-aged man’s three ancient clan shadows were like three sharp swords that pierced the eyes and the area between the eyebrows of the ancient head.

Shortly after, the Ye Mo shadow formed by the middle-aged man closed in and threw a punch.

At this moment, if the star system were the heavens and earth, then the heavens and earth became twisted. Wang Lin’s ancient head opened its mouth and blew a gust of ancient aura out.

This breath was the essence of Wang Lin’s inheritance and a spell of the ancient clan.

Thunderous rumbles echoed. As Wang Lin and the middle-aged man collided, the middle-aged man trembled. His three ancient clan shadows collapsed and the shadow of Ye Mo also disintegrated.

The middle-aged man’s face turned pale and he coughed out blood before being knocked back.

Wang Lin didn’t fare any better. The three swords that had been stabbed in between the eyebrows of the ancient head pierced through and hit his body.

There was also the punch from Ye Mo’s body, which caused the ancient head to tremble and explode. Wang Lin coughed out blood and rapidly retreated.

There was a wound between his eyebrows, leaving behind a line of blood. Two shocking lines of blood tears flowed from his eyes. His vision was blurry, dyed blood red.

While Wang Lin retreated, he looked extremely ferocious. He raised his head and stared at Ye Mo’s child!

Ye Mo’s child also looked up at Wang Lin with monstrous killing intent. This was a life and death battle where either he would die or the other person would die, there was no third choice!

At this moment, he raised his head and battle intent filled his eyes. He stepped forward, but he didn’t reform the illusory bodies. He flew forward and pointed at the void.

“Stars, become the heavens!” Ye Mo’s child roared. Then the space outside the wheel formation became distorted. It was as if a power had surged in and messed up the Inner Realm.

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed. The strange distortion of space shocked him greatly. It also gave him a sense of life and death. This made all the hairs on this body stand up.

Wang Lin was very familiar with this feeling, it had accompanied him for most of his life. Without hesitation, Wang Lin reached at the void and a green light flew out.

There was a small shield inside this light. This shield had been restored, and although it wasn’t industrucible, it contained a spell called Dream of Ancient Times!

With Wang Lin’s low cultivation level in the past, using Dream of Ancient Times was enough to kill a Heaven’s Blight cultivator. Right now, with Wang Lin’s research, he had managed to change it by using the dream dao.

With the green light shield in his hand, Wang Lin’s ancient power surged from his body and entered the green shield. It was going to summon that spell.

A feeling of desolation appeared from the star system. The star system around the wheel formation seemed to have gone back to ancient times. The space was replaced with heaven and earth.

Although all of this looked false, it was so was real, it would shock one’s heart. On the earth, the giant shadow of the ancient demons, ancient devils, and ancient gods appeared. The rumbling spread across the earth, and the sky was also trembling.

As the three ancient clan members appeared one by one, they covered the ground. Although there were only 3,000 of them, because their bodies were simply too large, they looked endless.

There was wind in the ancient world, but even the wind was ancient and filled with death.

Ye Mo’s child was pulled into the Dream of Ancient Times. He looked up at the sky, and after clearly seeing the world around him, his expression changed greatly.

Just at this moment, the world distorted and a giant foot stepped down from the clouds in the sky. A thunderous rumble echoed, causing the earth to tremble violently.

Cracks began to spread endlessly.

When the large foot lifted, a deep pit was revealed. This time the foot was landing on Ye Mo’s child.

Ye Mo’s child had a ferocious expression and his hands reached out. After casting the previous spell, he formed the seals for the next spell. At this moment, he let out a thunderous roar.

“The strongest strong spell I have inherited from father. I will turn everything in the world into heaven and use my ancient hands to rip open the heavens. This spell is named Tear the Heavens!”

As he roared, Ye Mo’s child mercilessly grabbed the void and fiercely pulled!

A sharp, tearing sound echoed and the world tremble. The world trembled and he actually tore open giant irft.

This tearing power was an extremely powerful spell from Ye Mo. Even Wang Lin only knew of its name from his inheritance but not the method of using it.

When the foot landed on Ye Mo’s child, he let out a roar and raised his hands. He tore again and the giant foot trembled. It was unexpectedly ripped in half by the tearing force.

After tearing open the large foot, Ye Mo’s child turned around and stared at Wang Lin in the distance. He charged at Wang Lin while tearing layers of heaven apart. The world rumbled and large rifts appeared.

Every shadow of the three ancient clans that blocked him was torn in half by this heaven-tearing force!

Ye Mo’s child couldn’t be blocked when he used this spell. It was as if all living things before him would be torn apart by him.

Dream of Ancient Times wasn’t able to stop him at all. His roar was filled with madness as he rushed through layers of ancient clan sieges. He tore open a blood path and was less than 1,000 feet from Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with battle intent and solemnity. As Ye Mo’s child closed in, he raised his right hand to form a palm and pressed down.

As this palm fell, Ye Mo’s child let out a roar. Wang Lin’s palm was like the heavens, and he used the Tearing the Heavens spell to try to tear Wang Lin’s palm apart.

Wang Lin’s right palm landed and his fingers clenched into a fist, making the Karma Print appear. His right hand formed a fist and pulled out an invisible aura form Ye Mo’s child’s hand. Wang Lin crushed this aura, causing Ye Mo’s child’s hands to pause for a moment, but he still tore at Wang Lin. Wang Lin felt a sharp pain spread from between his eyebrows as if two large hands wanted to tear him in half!

“What a powerful spell!” Wang Lin’s pupils shrank and he retreated. The Tearing the Heavens spell shocked him, but at the same time, he was filled with desire. He wanted to kill Ye Mo’s child to obtain his everything, including this spell!

While Wang Lin retreated, Ye Mo’s child seemed to go crazy and rushed forward. His hands moved to tear once more. With a thunderous bang, his hands stopped as if there was resistance when he tried to tear Wang Lin apart.

“Tearing the Heavens!!” Ye Mo’s child roared once more, and intense pain washed over Wang Lin. A line of blood spread out from between Wang Lin’s eyebrows, reaching his chest and lower abdomen.

Blood sprayed out in a line and he could hear his body being ripped. He could feel that his skin was ripped and his bones were exposed!

The blood line had also spread out to between his eyebrows, revealing his skull. Even his nose and chest were the same; the skin was split and the bones were revealed!

Even his bones began to struggle and began to break.

At the moment of crisis, Wang Lin’s left hand raised and his hand filled with life force slammed down on the ferocious Ye Mo’s child. At the same time, his right hand filled with death also smashed down on Ye Mo’s child.

The Life and Death Seal appeared!

However, this wasn’t able to stop the crazy Ye Mo’s child. He doesn’t care if he became injured or even died. The only thought in his mind was to tear Wang Lin apart!

“Tearing the Heavens!!” With a roar, Ye Mo’s child mercilessly tore at the heavens again!

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