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Chapter 1673 - Ye Mo Had No Child!


Wang Lin’s body trembled and the energy and blood in his body churned. Blood flew out from the corner of his mouth and he was forced back a few steps.

Every step he retreated created a bang as if he was standing on the pulse of the star system, causing the star system to tremble.

Popping sounds came from the middle-aged man’s right arm and a ripple spread across his arm. Blood flowed from the corner of his mouth and he was forced to retreat several steps.

A cultivator that had a much higher cultivation level than Wang Lin could directly injure him like this by colliding with his spell.

However, between the ancient clan members, the terrifying collision of two bodies with similar force could do this!

This was the difference between the ancient ones and celestials!

While retreating, Wang Lin’s right foot stepped back, stopping himself from retreating more. The battle intent in his eyes became even stronger as he charged out once more with a roar.

The middle-aged man also stopped his retreat. When Wang Lin charged over, he let out a roar.

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the star system once more. The two of them collided nine times! Every time their fists collided, a powerful ripple spread in all directions.

After nine punches, the ripples were like monstrous waves that swept the star system. This caused the tens of thousands of cultivators to retreat more than 100,000 feet. They were terrified as they observed the two fighting with their divine sense!

The wheel formation also distorted greatly when the impact land on it, but it dispersed a lot of the aftershock.

After nine punches, Wang Lin coughed out blood. He felt as if his body had been hit by nine planets in a row. His body was knocked back toward the formation, but he suddenly stopped himself. He looked up with a fierce gaze. Not only did the battle intent in his eyes not lessen, it became even stronger!

The middle-aged man also coughed out blood and was pushed back. He stopped hundreds of thousands of feet away. He wiped the blood from the corner of this mouth before he let out a roar and charged forward once more.

The space between the two was filled with the blood they had spat out. One drop landed on Wang Lin due to the shockwave.

That blood didn’t belong to Wang Lin but the middle-aged man.

Wang Lin wiped off the blood and licked it. His eyes were filled with battle intent, which then became a strange light. He jumped into the air and his two hands clenched into one giant fist.  He let out a roar as he descended from the above and smashed down.

With this, Wang Lin was above the middle-aged man!

From above, Wang Lin’s fists were clenched together, smashing down on the middle-aged man!

The middle-aged man stopped and suddenly looked up. As Wang Lin smashed down, he pointed up. A giant ancient god shadow appeared before him.

This ancient god shadow was incomparably large and was wearing a full set of armor. There were eight stars between its eyebrows.  The middle-aged man’s finger was pointed up, so the ancient god also pointed up at Wang Lin!

Ancient God Finger!

The giant, illusory finger collided with Wang Lin’s fist. The moment they collided was like a picture. If there was a way to preserve this image, it would shock anyone’s mind. 

The star system’s background. Wang Lin was tens of thousands of feet above and his hands were clenched together as they smashed down.

Below, the middle-aged man’s black hair fluttered and shined as he looked up. The shadow had its finger raised, and because it was so large, just that finger was over a thousand feet tall. And it was pointing at Wang Lin.

With a thunderous bang, Wang Lin’s double fist collided with the illusory ancient god. When they collided, a thunderous rumble echoed across the stars.

Wang Lin coughed out blood and his white hair was blown back, but his body didn’t retreat. He let out a shocking roar as his fists smashed down.

The illusory ancient god finger collapsed! It was penetrated by Wang Lin’s fist as if it were split in half.

As the finger disintegrated, Wang Lin broke past the finger of the ancient god shadow, broke open its right hand, and directly split the ancient god shadow in half.

When the ancient god shadow dissipated, Wang Lin charged at the middle-aged man with powerful killing intent. In the blink of an eye, Wang Lin was within a few hundred feet of the middle-aged man!

A few hundred feet of distance for the ancient ones was less than seven feet for mortals!

The instant passed and Wang Lin’s fist collided with the middle-aged man’s finger.

The resulting cracking sounds were difficult to hide even under the thunderous rumbles. The middle-aged man’s finger shattered and blood spattered. His finger was a bloody mess and he was knocked back.

How could his finger compare to Wang Lin’s fists? Now that his finger had collapsed, Wang Lin’s fists landed on his chest.

Wang Lin mercilessly smashed down. The middle-aged man’s body trembled as his chest sunk in, but he was an ancient one, just like Wang Lin. As he coughed out blood, his right foot swept at Wang Lin.

It collided with Wang Lin’s fists.

A powerful force came from his foot. At the critical moment, when Wang Lin was releasing all the power in his fists, the middle-aged man’s foot collided with Wang Lin’s fists.

Wang Lin’s body trembled and blood flew out from the corner of his mouth as he was thrown back tens of thousands of feet. His fists trembled, and although he hadn’t used any ancient god spells, that was the strongest physical force he could display with his ancient one inheritance!

Nirvana Void cultivators would collapse before this strength, and not even Spirit Void cultivators could resist it. Even Arcane Void cultivators would have to use a powerful spell to block it.

The ancient clan’s war mark was a life and death battle!

However, in a life and death battle, the brave will hold the advantage! And Wang Lin didn’t lack bravery. His eyes turned red and he charged out toward the middle-aged man, ignoring his injuries.

“Killing!” Wang Lin roared the first word in this battle!

As his voice echoed, he was like a ferocious demon god. This caused the expression of the retreating middle-aged man to change for the first time.

“Ancient demon, devour the heavens!” The middle-aged man’s left eye shined and the three ancient demon stars turned into three drops of blood. They flew out from his left eye and turned into a giant ancient demon shadow.

This ancient demon shadow actually had nine ancient demon stars!

The moment this demon appeared, it let out a sharp scream and its body rapidly expanded. It opened its mouth and tried to devour Wang Lin.

“Ancient devil, devour the earth!’ The three ancient devil stars flew out from his right eye. The three stars turned into three drops of blood and then a pure, devilish energy erupted to form the shadow of a giant ancient devil.

The moment the ancient devil appeared, the world changed colors and the star system shook.

“Wrath of the ancient god!” The middle-aged man’s two ancient god stars appeared like two drops of blood. As the shocking ancient god aura spread out, the ancient god shadow appeared once more.

This time, the ancient god shadow that appeared contained boundless anger and roared at Wang Lin.

“Father ancient one, from ancient shadow!” the middle-aged man roared, and behind the shadows of the three clan members, an even larger shadow appeared!

Wang Lin was familiar with this shadow, it was Ancient One Ye Mo!

Compared to him, the shadows of the three ancient clan members were like insignificant children!

When Ye Mo’s shadow appeared, the middle-aged man formed a seal and pointed at Wang Lin.

“I’m the the child of Ye Mo, and you have obtained my father’s inheritance. I’ll take back my inheritance!” With one point, the shadow of the three ancient ones roared and charged toward Wang Lin along with Ye Mo’s shadow.

“Ye Mo had no child! Before he died, he scattered 3,000 drops of blood that became the three ancient clans. Among those 3,000 drops of blood, there were perhaps nine drops of essence blood that contained extremely powerful ancient aura. I fear you were formed by those nine drops of blood that were collected by the Sovereign after killing countless ancient clan members!

“Even so, you only have eight drops!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. When he licked that drop of blood before, he began to analyze. After battling until now, he was certain of his speculation.

As the three ancient clan members and the Ye Mo shadow closed in, all of Wang Lin’s ancient god, ancient demon, and ancient devil stars began to rotate rapidly.

As they rotated and the power fused, the ancient aura that belonged to him appeared. As this aura spread, the ancient one head without the left eye that Wang Lin had obtained in his inheritance appeared!

This was a life and death battle between Ye Mo’s inheritance and the offspring formed by Ye Mo’s essence blood. If Wang Lin won, he could absorb those eight drops of pure ancient one blood!

Those drops of essence blood would likely allow Wang Lin to form his eighth ancient god star! It was also likely for his ancient demon and ancient devil stars to increase in number!

This would be key for when he went to the Ancient Tomb the second time to obtain the full inheritance!

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