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Chapter 1672 - Ancient Clan Battle Mark

When the coffin exploded, a red arm appeared as the fragments scattered in all directions.

This arm was covered in red hair. It didn’t look like the arm of a human but of a beast!

The fierce five fingers and sharp nails gave off a powerful aura. This aura was also an ancient aura!

This was a left arm!

Thunderous rumbles echoed and a similarly fierce red arm appeared from another coffin that exploded. The red hair swayed and the veins on the arm bulged, creating a shocking sight.

Shortly after, two legs giving off ancient aura appeared from the coffins that exploded. This was a shocking scene, and as Wang Lin observed, the seriousness in his eyes became even stronger.

With a thunderous bang, the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth coffins exploded and the torso that was divided into four appeared. They fused together to form a floating, limbless body.

At the same time, the arms and legs flew over, connecting with the torso to form a headless body!

This mysterious existence was nearly 10,000 feet tall, it was like a giant. Although it had no head, it gave off a ferocious aura. The aura of Ye Mo surrounded its body.

The ninth coffin suddenly scattered and a head suddenly appeared. At this moment the strands of hair that were spreading out from the coffins began to gather, forming a fan shape above the head.

The head was a middle-aged man with his eyes closed. His appearance was ordinary, but for some reason, he gave off a sense of majesty. Just looking at his eyes would make you feel shock.

What caused Wang Lin’s pupils to shrink was that the man had two stars between his eyebrows!

These two stars were ancient god stars!  

Although there were only two, they were completely different from any ancient god stars Wang Lin had seen before. Looking at them closely, they looked more like two drops of blood!

Just at this moment, the head moved and connected with the body. When they connected, a complete body appeared!

At the same time, the man suddenly opened his eyes.

As his eyes opened, two rays of strange light shined out. The star system shook as if it was going to collapse and a terrifying aura spread out from his body.

Inside his left eye, three ancient demon stars shined. In his right eye, three ancient devil stars flashed!

“Who is he?” Wang Lin stared at the middle-aged man. There was no clue about this man’s identity in his inheritance. He was also confident that this wasn’t Ye Mo’s left eye. Although his aura was strong, it couldn’t match Ye Mo’s left eye.

However, the aura coming from this man was extremely pure. It was real ancient aura!

Although Wang Lin had his own ancient aura, it came from an inheritance. Although he could create his own when he fused the power of the three ancient clans, it wasn’t Ye Mo’s aura.

However, the aura the man gave off belonged to Ye Mo!

In the Ancient Star System, the Sovereign was still observing with his divine sense, and coldness appeared in his eyes. The person sealed inside the coffin was a treasure of the Sovereign Council. He and the Seven-Colored Daoist had killed countless ancient clan members to gather this. They had started many slaughters.

Unless it was the last resort, he wouldn’t be willing to take it out. This thing had great use for him in the future.

However, in order to force out Wang Lin’s two arrows, he had taken this out and given it to the cultivators of Ancient Star System to use to kill Wang Lin.

“Although, he is not perfect. He’s missing one more… But they all inherited the ancient ones’ power and slaughtered each other to cause the heavens to change. This may put some cracks on the formation!” The Sovereign’s eyes lit up.

At the same time, the middle-aged man’s nine body parts gathered and slowly condensed. Deep in Allheaven, there was an area of boundless pace. There was no planet there, and there was not even a sliver of life.

However, there were countless dust particles invisible to the naked eye. In one of the dust particles, there was another world!

This world was a world of ice, and the entire world existed inside a grain of dust. It was endless, and looking at it, the entire world was sealed in ice. Even the clouds and the earth gave off a chill.

This was where planet Dong Lin was located, where the only ancient family from Allheaven lived! There was a female ancient god here!

Although the battle between the Inner and Outer Realms had spread across the four major star systems, it hadn’t affect this place. As an ancient family, they had the ability to avoid destruction through all these wars; they had the ability to stay hidden.

At this moment, in this frozen world, there was an altar on top of a mountain. The cold wind howled and a beautiful woman sat on the altar.

There were seven ancient god stars rotating between her eyebrows. Her closed eyes suddenly opened and looked into the distance.

“I felt my father’s bloodline aura…” After pondering, the woman’s right hand pointed to the spot between her eyebrows. The seven stars suddenly began to rotate until they were a blur. Then the seven stars suddenly fused into one to form a blood mark.

This blood mark gave off a demonic red glow between her eyebrows.

Outside the wheel formation, the middle-aged man that was split into nine and fused back together let out a roar at Wang Lin.

The moment he roared, he raised his right hand and pointed at Wang Lin.

As he pointed, his right hand formed a strange seal. This seal had no attack power, it was a symbolic gesture. After forming the seal, the man pressed his hand against his chest.

A shocking battle intent appeared in his eyes.

“Ancient clan battle mark!” When Wang Lin saw this mark, battle intent also erupted in his eyes.

In Wang Lin’s ancient inheritance, he saw this mark. Such a mark existed in the three ancient clans, or it’s better to say that it was a supreme mark in the Ancient Country.

This mark was named “battle mark.” This was a mark that had to be offered when the ancient ones battled each other. If an ancient one displayed this mark, the person that was pointed at would have accept it.

This was a life and death battle. Once a person died, then, according to the law of the ancient clan, the loser’s everything belonged to the winner.

If you refused battle after seeing the mark, then you wouldn’t be worthy of being an ancient one! This was completely different from the celestials; once this mark appeared, you had to fight!

Of course, if the cultivation level between the two was too large, then it was fine to avoid the battle. However, if the cultivation level difference wasn’t much, then the person who refused to fight would be considered weak, and in the ancient clan, the weak couldn’t survive!  

After displaying the battle mark, the middle-aged man stared at Wang Lin, waiting for Wang Lin’s decision.

Wang Lin silently pondered for a bit and then the battle intent in his eyes erupted. He raised his right hand and pointed at the middle-aged man outside the formation. He also display the battle mark and pressed against his chest.

The moment he made this mark, the middle-aged man let out a roar. His 10,000 foot body moved forward like a giant toward the formation.

Popping sounds came from Wang Lin’s body and he walked forward. His body swelled like crazy to 10 feet, 100 feet, 1,000, until he was a 10,000 foot giant!

With one step, Wang Lin stepped out of the wheel formation for the first time and stood in the Ancient Star System. As the middle-aged man roared, a thunderous roar came from Wang Lin as well.


“Since you want to battle, let’s battle!”

Wang Lin would never admit defeat. He had lived his life amidst countless slaughter. He had no reason to refuse the middle-aged man’s challenge. He wanted to beat the middle-aged man and obtain everything!

The ancient aura had a deadly attraction to Wang Lin because it could help him attain eight stars!

The moment Wang Lin walked out of the formation, the middle-aged man closed in. His right hand formed a fist and a thunderous rumble echoed as his punch flew at Wang Lin.

The ancient clan members mainly battled with their bodies. Spells were used as support, but in the end, they relied on the terrifying force of their bodies. Once they reached a certain cultivation level, the world would decay but their bodies wouldn’t. The world would fade away, but their bodies wouldn’t!

At this moment, this punch was less than 1,000 feet from Wang Lin.

The distance of 1,000 feet was extremely close for Wang Lin and the middle-aged man!

Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with monstrous battle intent. His right hand formed a fist and he threw a punch as the other party closed in.

There was no need to speak; once the battle mark appeared, they only needed to fight!

Their fists came closer and closer until they collided. At this moment, a shocking rumble that spread across the Inner and Outer Realms set off like a storm.

A gust of wind erupted from where their fists collided, scattering in all directions. It blew back Wang Lin’s white hair and the middle-aged man’s black hair.

As their white and black hairs danced, they couldn’t cover the battle intent that was as bright as the sun in both their eyes!

Xi Zifeng inside the formation was pale but didn’t make any sound. She didn’t want to distract Wang Lin. After silently pondering, she lowered her head to continue warming the wine for Wang Lin. She believed Wang Lin wouldn’t lose!

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