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Chapter 1669 - The Wine is Not Warm Enough

The chariots were covered in the skins of unknown beasts. At first glance, they didn’t look like chariots at all but ancient beasts.

There were complex runes drawn in bright red on the beast skins. They flickered in the darkness of space, making them look even stranger.

Aside from these war chariots, roars came from the distance. Behind the 100,000 cultivators, there was a giant, stone tablet being carried over by 1,000 topless cultivators.

These stone tablets were about ten thousand feet tall, and they emitted an ancient aura. What was even more shocking was the nine chains around the stone tablet. There was a coffin at the end of each chain.

Every single coffin was thousands of feet tall. From a distance, it looked like an octopus, making for a shocking scene.

This was the new force the Outer Realm had gathered. This was the first battle to kill Wang Lin and destroy this formation!

The Outer Realm had lost too many cultivators. The people that had gathered here was the limit of the Outer Realm!

Wang Lin looked at these fierce Outer Realm cultivators outside the formation and the coldness in his eyes became even stronger. Xi Zifeng looked at all of this and her face turned pale.

Wang Lin stood up from sitting down and stood on the Emperor Furnace. His white hair fluttered.

“Xi Zi, continue to warm the wine.” Wang Lin’s words were calm and then he stepped forward. His white clothes fluttered and a graceful feeling filled his body.

Xi Zifeng’s originally shaken mind was immediately calmed down by Wang Lin’s words. She raised her beautiful hand and moved the hair before her face behind her ears with a smile. She nodded.

Thunderous rumble echoed outside the formation. The 100,000 cultivators didn’t get close but stopped a distance away. They clearly knew how strong Wang Lin and this formation were. They sat down and pointed to between their eyebrows.

With this, the origin souls of these 100,000 Outer Realm cultivators flew out. The origin souls of 100,000 cultivators released a monstrous light that lit up the dark star system.

The moment the 100,000 origin souls flew out, the the five third step cultivators walked out. They were the last remaining third step cultivators in the Outer Realm aside from a limited few.

These five third step cultivators hadn’t participated in the war against the Inner Realm but remained as backup forces guarding the Outer Realm. However, now they had to come out since the Sovereign Council had sent out the order. Even the whole Outer Realm were to die, they had to die fighting.

At this moment, the five of them sat there in a line. They knew how strong Wang Lin was. Even if they attacked at once, they might not be Lord of the Sealed Realm Wang Lin’s match.

However, with the 100,000 origin souls’ help and the ancient secret from the Sovereign Council, they believed they had the power to fight. The five of them formed a seal and pressed down on the back of the person before them.

Thunderous rumbles echoed. The power of those five fused together and surged into the person in front.

The first person was an old man with white hair. He had a serious expression, and as the power of the four cultivators behind him surged into him, his hair moved without any wind. His eyes shined like they never shined before.

“With my cultivation, my bloodline, summon the ancient spell. Heaven-breaking dao, one dao extinguishes the void!” the old man roared as he pointed up with his finger. A bright light flashed and a 100,000 foot sword appeared!

After the sword appeared, the 100,000 origin souls rushed into it, and it gave off a powerful aura.

“Slash!” the white-haired old man roared. He waved his right hand toward Wang Lin’s three essence wheel formation.

The 100,000 foot sword had gathered 100,000 origin souls and the full power of five third step cultivators. Then, though this ancient spell, this power was transformed into a heaven-splitting force that slashed down.

From afar, this scene was extremely shocking. The giant sword immediately began to grow from 100,000 feet and expanded dozens of times until its size was endless. It slashed toward the wheel formation.

Wang Lin stepped forward and stood inside the formation. He calmly watched the sword close in and didn’t do a thing. He allowed the sword to close in with its monstrous howl.

In a flash, the sword reached the wheel and a thunderous rumble echoed across the star system. A ripple quickly spread across the formation.

The entire wheel formation trembled and a buzzing sound echoed, but it wasn’t damaged at all. When the sword landed, the millions of imprisoned Outer Realm cultivator souls let out painful roars and began to push the wheel. As the wheel slowly turned, the souls of the Inner Realm cultivators appeared with whips in their hands and whipped those Outer Realm cultivator souls.

Thanks to the whips, those resentful souls began to scream even more miserably. This pain was converted into strength to turn the wheel.

As the rumble echoed, the wheel rotated once.

When it completed a turn, an unimaginable rebound force erupted from the formation. The force went into the giant sword and sent it flying back before it shattered into pieces.

As it collapsed, the 100,000 origin souls scattered and became dim. They didn’t die, but they all scattered. The five third step cultivators all turned pale. Blood flowed out from the corners of the mouth of the old man leading them, but the battle intent in his eyes was monstrous.

His hands formed a seal and pointed at the sky. His hoarse voice echoed across the star system.

His expression was ferocious as he roared, “100,000 origin souls, 100,000 cultivators, condense all life force. Condense the countless years of life. We 100,000 cultivators sacrifice all our life force in exchange for a strike from ancient times to destroy this formation and kill this person!!” The old man and the four behind him spat out blood. 

At the same time, the bodies of the 100,000 cultivators all coughed out blood. Whether they were young or middle-aged, they all instantly became old. Those who were old gave off the smell of decay.

A blow that would consume the life force of 100,000 cultivators was enough to reach a peak!

“When the world was born, the world was dark and there were no light or life. The Ancient Celestial Sovereign descended and created life. He called the light of the ancient world to brighten this world!

“I offer 100,000 lives as sacrifice to call upon the ancient pact to summon that ancient light! This light gave birth to all life but also destroyed all life!” The old man’s distorted voice echoed.

As his voice spread out, the 100,000 origin souls gathered like crazy, making it difficult to separate them. They formed a dense fog that caused this part of the star system to become dark.

The fog formed by 100,000 origin souls began to slowly turn. It moved faster and faster until it formed a giant vortex. The center was like a black hole that led to another world.

TAs the vortex rotated, a ray of light shot out from the black hole. This light was golden, and it gave off a dazzling glow as it flew out.

The moment it shot out from the vortex, the surrounding area was lit up by its golden glow. Even the three-essence wheel began to slow down after it appeared, seeming as if it were going to stop.

The countless resentful souls let out painful roars. Black gas scattered from their bodies as if they were going to dissipate from the formation.

Far away, in the Ancient Star System, the Sovereign looked over. Although he was far away, he could still faintly observe this battle.

“This old man doesn’t care about the lives of the cave cultivators. Even I would find it difficult to deal with this spell formed by the life force of 100,000 cultivators. I want to see if you use the bow or not!”

Wang Lin stood in the formation, looking at the aura coming from the ray of light that came out of the black hole. He had felt this aura before.

His eyes were calm as he pointed at the Outer Realm.

“Realm Burning Umbrella, open to burn the world!” In the Outer Realm, a giant, open, fire umbrella appeared. The moment the umbrella appeared, the golden light was pushed back and a destructive fire spread out.

“Seven-colored dao, change the heavens and earth!” As the golden light and red fire clashed, Wang Lin’s words echoed. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and indigo lights appeared out of the void. They gathered to form a Seven-Colored Lance!

“This ancient light broke through the sky, so I’ll smash it with this Seven-Colored Lance. The Realm Burning Umbrella will mend the hole. This light may gave birth to all life, but it can’t erase me!” The umbrella and Seven-Colored Lance erupted.

Wang Lin waved his sleeves and turned toward Xi Zifeng. He picked up the wine jug from the small pot and took a sip.

“The wine is not warm yet. Xi Zi, warm it for a while longer.”


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