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Chapter 1670 - Ancient Fierce Beasts

The not-warm wine entered his mouth with a hint of chill and burned inside his stomach. He looked up and laughed as he threw the wine jug back into the boiling water. He then pointed at the Ancient Star System.

“Anyone that wants to enter the Inner Realm in these three years will have to walk over my dead body!”

A sense of passion spread out from Wang Lin. As he pointed, the giant Seven-Colored Lance released a heaven-shattering howl.

As it roared, the Seven-Colored Lance charged at the ancient light coming from the vortex formed by 100,000 souls!

The moment the lance appeared, the stars trembled and seven-colored light shined. A powerful aura came from the lance. This lance didn’t belong to this world, it belong to the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign of the Seven Dao Sect!

This spell was a top secret of the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign, and it was difficult for outsiders to learn it. Only the madman could use his identity to steal a spell like this.

The moment the Seven-Colored Lance appeared in the Ancient Star System, the Sovereign revealed a complicated gaze filled with hatred. He saw the Seven-Colored Lance from a distance. He had seen his master use this spell and had personally witnessed its power in the war in the past.

“Master, I have followed you for a long time, but over those countless years, you never taught me a spell of such a degree. Yet you passed it to a mere cave ant… Your nature was eccentric and moody. In those countless years, I stayed loyal to you, but you were always stingy with me!!” the Sovereign murmured and clenched his fist.

Outside the wheel formation, the Seven-Colored Lance flashed and shot toward the vortex. It closed in on the vortex and collided with the ancient light.

At this instant, thunderous rumbles spread out and formed wave-like ripples that scattered in every direction. This set off a monstrous wave.

As the rumbles echoed, the star system rumbled. This rumbling shook a bit of the cave world’s foundation.

As the thunderous rumbles echoed, the ancient light from the vortex was torn apart and collapsed. The Seven-Colored Lance that collided against it disintegrated at the same time. The light was blinding, but at the next moment, all the light disappeared.

At the same time, the Ancient Umbrella began to rotate and destructive fire began to spread from it. Finally, the fire shot up from the umbrella toward the ancient vortex that had lost its light.

Although the light from the vortex had collapsed, the vortex was still there. It seemed like new light was going to start pouring out.

The seven-colored light had only delayed the light for a bit, not completely destroyed it. After all, Wang Lin was just one person, and he wasn’t the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign!

However, he could break the light with the lance and cover the sky with the umbrella!

At this moment, the Realm Burning Umbrella rotated and shot toward the vortex. The huge umbrella canopy blocked the black hole inside the vortex.

After it was covered, the giant Realm Burning Umbrella released a thunderous bang and flew into the vortex formed by the 100,000 origin souls, completely blocking the black hole inside.

After the black hole was blocked, the fire raged and burned the vortex formed by 100,000 origin souls!

Thunderous rumbles continued to echo. The vortex collapsed and the origin souls inside all scattered. They all coughed out essence energy and some were directly burnt to nothing by the fire.

After the vortex collapsed, the origin souls that survived all returned to their bodies. The origin souls of the five third step cultivators also returned to their body. When they returned, they coughed out blood.

Not only them, but those tens of thousands of cultivators opened their eyes and coughed out blood as well.

Wang Lin stood inside the wheel formation. Even though he was at the mid stage of Spirit Void, using the Seven-Colored Lance and the Realm Burning Umbrella had still brought him a great deal of stress. Although he looked normal, stinging pain came from his origin soul.

Wang Lin waved his sleeve and he said coldly to the Outer Realm cultivators, “Come again!”

The give third step cultivators were weakened and their eyes were dim. However, they couldn’t retreat at all. They had received the order from the Sovereign Council. If they retreated, their entire clans would be erased.

They had to battle!

At this moment, the five of them roared at once. The white-haired old man that was leading them let out a roar.

“Chariot bombard!”

As he roared, the dozens of fierce chariots wrapped in strange beast skins were pushed forward by many cultivators. The skins were lifted off the chariots, and at that moment, an ancient aura spread out from these chariots.

These dozens of chariots were the same as the sixth formation spirit in the Realm Sealing Formation, that fire-throwing catapult. However, they had no fire, but they were no less fierce.

These chariots were treasures that belonged the Sovereign Council. Each one had taken countless treasures to refine and, most importantly, each required the soul of an ancient fierce beast.

Although the ancient fierce beasts were born in this cave, their ancestors had been brought here from the Immortal Astral Continent by the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign.

Although they were not from the Immortal Astral Continent, they had the aura of the Immortal Astral Continent. They were various ranks of celestial beasts from the Immortal Astral Continent!

Their souls contained the memories of their ancestors. Among the dozens of fierce beasts that appeared over the chariots, there were hundred thousand-feet dragons, strange beasts, and even a fierce beast Wang Lin had seen before, the Ji Qiong!

Thunderous roars echoed from the chariots, and cultivators that were prepared to die sat down in the throwing arms of the chariots.

These cultivators’ bodies gave off the aura of death and madness. After setting down, there was a thunderous rumble and their dying bodies were thrown like meteors toward the wheel formation.

These cultivators were prepared to die, and as they were thrown, they exploded. They traded their lives to erupt with the strongest attacks in their lives on the wheel formation.

If the wheel formation was the water’s surface, then these crazy cultivators were stones that were thrown into the water, setting off countless ripples.

Wang Lin was inside the formation, watching the chariots throw out more and more cultivators. These cultivators smashed into the formation at the cost of their lives.

However, with their cultivation levels, they could only cause slight distortions on the formation, not destroy it. However, Wang Lin’s gaze became more serious and his eyes revealed a strange light.

“Something is wrong!”

The thunderous rumbles echoed in his ears. Those Outer Realm cultivators were smashing into the formation and exploding. Although their bodies were gone, an aura of death remained on the formation.

This aura contained the soul force of each chariot. As more and more cultivators died, this death aura formed a strange rune.

Just at this moment, just as a cultivator was thrown out from a chariot, the hundred thousand foot dragon on the chariot let out a roar. It originally had its eyes closed, but now it suddenly opened them, revealing a fierce gaze before it ate the cultivator. It then flew out from the chariot and charged at the formation!

It was as if the rune that had appeared on the formation was a deadly attraction. The dragon desperately rushed over.

The moment the dragon charged out, a strange fierce beast that looked like a ball opened its eyes and charged out with a ferocious gaze.

At the same time, almost all the fierce beasts on the remaining chariots let out roars and rushed out. This included the many Ji Qiongs.

With a thunderous bang, the dragon hit the formation first and the formation distorted. The countless slave souls pushing the wheel let out miserable screams, and some instantly collapsed.

The round ancient fierce beast soon followed and its ball-like body smashed into the formation after the dragon.

Thunderous rumbles spread in all directions. The formation distorted and ripples rapidly echoed.

Shortly after, as the dozens of ancient fierce beasts souls closed in, the wheel formation began to tremble.

Wang Lin felt the fluctuations from the formation. He looked at the fierce beasts and coldness appeared in his eyes.

“Ancient fierce beast, I have that as well! And it’s not just a soul but a surviving ancient fierce beast!!” Wang Lin pointed between his brows.

With that, a vortex appeared between his eyebrows and an ancient aura spread out. Shortly after, there was a flash of ghostly light.

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