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Chapter 1668 - The One Year That Belongs to Xi Zi

There were nine of these floating fragments, and they formed a circle. They moved in a strange track and the sound they made echoed across the star system. Because of the formation, anyone without celestial bloodline couldn’t even see any of this.

Even if they passed by, they would ignore this place. Without a celestial bloodline, you couldn’t sense the invisible formation blocking you.

The Sovereign respectfully bowed on one of the fragments. Seven of the nine fragments released seven different colors and gathered to form a rainbow.

The remaining two fragments were pale without any light. They were overshadowed by the seven-colored light.

As the seven-colored light continued to flash, a shadow slowly appeared among the seven-colored light. Not long after, the figure became clear and walked out of the light.

If Wang Lin was here and saw this person, he would recognize him as the Seven-Colored Daoist that appeared in the Seven-Colored Realm when he was saving Qing Shui!

“Disciple greets Teacher.” The Sovereign silently pondered for a bit as he looked at the Seven-Colored figure before him. There was a complicated gaze in his eyes.

“The Outer Realm has lost the battle against the Inner Realm… Before, Teacher asked Disciple to send the Li Guang Bow to the Inner Realm, and now it is in Wang Lin’s hands. I’m unable to fight against it. Teacher, please give instructions!”

The seven-colored light gathered on Seven-Colored Daoist. His expression was calm and his gaze swept past the Sovereign’s body.

“Is he really crazy…” the Seven-Colored Daoist suddenly spoke.

The Sovereign trembled and closed his eyes. After a long time, he opened his eyes and nodded.

“I don’t think so…” The Seven-Colored Daoist smiled and looked into the distance. His eyes revealed a strange light.

“I’ll help you open the Ancient Tomb and let those people come out. As for what to do next, you can go deal with it yourself… This game is almost over… The third one has been hidden for countless years and reincarnated countless times. This time, they should come out…” The Seven-Colored Daoist smiled and his eyes were filled with anticipation.

The Sovereign hesitated for a moment and asked, “Is Wang Lin the third one?”

“Aside from you, I, Old Ghost Zhan, and a few others could all be the third one… He is too well hidden… Or perhaps he doesn’t even know his own identity yet...

“As for this Wang Lin, he doesn’t seem like it… But it’s not impossible,” the Seven-Colored Daoist said slowly.

The Sovereign let out a sigh in his heart. He clasped his hands at the Seven-Colored Daoist and turned to leave. However, he only took a few steps before he stopped. He didn’t look back but spoke with a serious tone.

“When you asked me to worship you as my teacher, I agreed. The thing you promised me…”

“Your master won’t be able to leave this place! When I devour the third one, Old Ghost Zhan won’t be my match. Then your former master will be my tonic…” The Seven-Colored Daoist smiled. His body turned into seven-colored light and dissipated.

The Sovereign revealed a complicated expression. After a long time, he let out a sigh and walked into the distance.

Time slowly passed. Wang Lin was sitting inside the three-essence wheel formation, and below him was the Emperor Furnace. There were two Arcane Void cultivators inside. One was the old man in black and the other was the fifth concubine!

These two people’s spells were shocking, and they could only be imprisoned inside the Emperor Furnace; Wang Lin wouldn’t be able to refine them in a short period of time. At this moment, his eyes were closed as he sat on top of the Emperor Furnace, suppressing and sealing them.

Guard for three years, the most difficult three years.

After an unknown amount of time passed, three rays of light vaguely appeared in the Cloud Sea, which had been expanded greatly. They turned into the silhouettes of three women.

The three women were less than 10,000 feet away from Wang Lin. They floated there, looking at Wang Lin’s back.

This back was very bleak and gave off a sense of loneliness. However, this figure also gave off the feeling of a mountain. He was like a mountain that sat there and protected the Inner Realm.

The first that went up was Xi Zifeng. Her figure was weak and she slowly walked forward 10,000 feet. She looked at Wang Lin, who had his eyes closed, and revealed a soft gaze. A beautiful smile bloomed on her face.

“I have thought it through. I don’t want to be your disciple… I never want to be!

“Cultivators like us live for very long. I don’t know when our lives will be over. I just want one year of your life!

“Only one year is enough… You are going to guard the Inner Realm for three years. Let me accompany you for one year,” Xi Zifeng said softly.

Wang Lin silently pondered. His eyes were still closed and he didn’t say a word.

“After a year, I’ll leave. If I die, then I’ll disappear. If I live, I’ll cultivate in peace!

“You don’t have to speak, you don’t have to look at me, but I’ll be here. You can’t drive me away!” Xi Zifeng didn’t mind Wang Lin’s attitude. She sat beside him and silently looked at him.

She was already a beautiful woman, and she had gained some age as time passed. However, at this moment, beside Wng Lin, she felt like she had returned to more than 1,000 years ago. Wang Lin was the first person she liked and also the last. Between that was endless time.

She was no longer young. She could also feel that Wang Lin didn’t have her in his heart. After all, they were only together for a very short period of time. Perhaps she was only a passerby in his life.

She understood all of this. Xi Zifeng didn’t want forever, she just wanted this one year. One year of accompanying him to end this life of love.

She was a woman without courage, but now she mustered her courage and said all those things to Wang Lin. Although she looked calm, her heart was afraid, afraid that Wang Lin wouldn’t even give her that one year.

She looked at Wang Lin and bit her lower lip.

Wang Lin didn’t open his eyes and didn’t look at her. He calmly said, “You can go.”

This line seemed to take away all of Xi Zifeng’s strength, and her face immediately turned pale.

“I only ask for one year… Wang Lin, just give me one year, OK…” In Wang Lin’s silence, Xi Zifeng’s voice trembled and water vapor filled her eyes. Although she was a weak woman, she never cried much.

Those few short tears were mostly given to her by the unforgettable figure before her.

“Ill-fated relationship…” Her teachers words seemed to still echo in her ears.

“One year, is just one year not enough!! Wang Lin, I know you can’t accept me, but I just want one year. Is one year too long…” Wang Lin remained silent and didn’t open his eyes. Xi Zifeng felt a deep sting in her heart. She got up with a miserable grin and staggered back a few steps.

She felt like a ridiculous actor who was talking to herself. Eventually, all her words turned into thorns that stabbed her own heart. This feeling was very painful.

A long sigh came from Wang Lin and he opened his eyes. He looked at Xi Zifeng, at the woman he had memories of. His gaze became gentle and he spoke softly.

“I’ll give you one year!” Wang Lin didn’t know if he could revive Li Muwan. He didn’t know if he could leave this cave; perhaps he would die.

After learning all these secrets, what strength did he have to reject this woman’s request for just one year?

He knew that if he refused again, this woman would wither and eventually become part of his memory. Perhaps he would still remember a woman named Xi Zifeng many years from now.

Xi Zifeng’s tears flowed out. These were tears from a very complicated emotion. She silently sat down next to Wang Lin.

Xi Zifeng softly murmured, “One year is enough. Wang Lin, I won’t take any more of your time…”

In the distance, Mu Bingmei and the woman in pink silently pondered. They sat down 10,000 feet away. When they arrived here, they came to an agreement. One year each.

One year of time was not long. It was not long for mortals, and even more so for cultivators. Often, one cultivation session or one closed door cultivation period would make several years go by in a flash.

However, for Xi Zifeng, she hoped this year would pass by slowly.

Wang Lin was not a person who was good at talking, especially with women. He often remained silent even when he was with Li Muwan. He often looked at her with a gentle gaze.

In the blink of an eye, three months of the first year passed by.

During these three months, Wang Lin rarely spoke, but Xi Zifeng was very satisfied. The two of them passed the three months sitting on this formation.

She knew Wang Lin liked wine. Before her was a small pot with boiling water inside. There was a wine jug inside the boiling water. She was using the boiling water to nourish the yin of the wine.

The water was boiling, but the wine hadn’t been warmed yet. A cold wind that shouldn’t exist blew by and caused ripples to appear on the surface of the boiling water.

Coldness appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes. He raised his head and looked at the Ancient Star System. He saw rays of light gather toward him. It was the reformed army of the Outer Realm!

Among these cultivators, there were five people that erupted with the aura of third step cultivators. They flew over like five arrows.

In addition to these five people and 100,000 cultivators, there were war chariots tens of thousands feet large being pushed by cultivators.

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the calm star system. This sound became louder and louder until it was like thunder was descending.

“They’re here!” A flash of coldness appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes.

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