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Chapter 1665 - Establish!

The formation being destroyed didn’t mean that everything was over. Creating a new formation that belonged to Wang Lin and Inner Realm was a new beginning. This was the first step toward Wang Lin’s plan to killing the Celestial Sovereign!

The Realm Sealing Formation collapsed and the aura from the Ancient Star System entered, shrouding the Inner Realm. This aura was unfamiliar but at the same time familiar.

At the earliest time, before the Realm Sealing Formation appeared, the Inner and Outer Realms were one. Countless mortals had breathed this aura and countless cultivators had cultivated this aura. A few third step cultivators had borrowed this aura to create their own Joss Flame realms to gather Joss Flames to help themselves cultivate!

However, after the Realm Sealing Formation was set up, all the Joss Flames were extracted from the Inner Realm until none remained. This created a vicious cycle for tens of thousands of years until the Inner Realm couldn’t compare to the Outer Realm at all.

However, today, the aura that had been gone for so long returned to the Inner Realm, like a wandering child that was locked out of his home. One day, the door will open and the child will return!

The unfamiliar yet familiar aura surrounded the four major star systems. If you were to say this aura revitalized everything, it would be exaggerating. However, its existence allowed the Inner Realm cultivators that had just won a tragic victory to feel hope!

Layers of formation net continued to disintegrate until they disappeared completely. During these hours, the rumbles echoed across space.

As the formation collapsed, the sound went into the Ancient Star System. This caused the minds of the Outer Realm cultivators to tremble. Those with high cultivation levels and a few third step cultivators flew out and looked toward the direction of the Inner Realm.

They may not be able to see from where they were, but they clearly felt the aura of the Ancient Star System rushing over as if it was going to fill the Inner Realm.

It was unknown who flew out in shock, but more Outer Realm cultivators flew out from all over the Ancient Star System toward the Inner Realm!

They wanted to see what would happen to the Inner Realm after the Realm Sealing Formation collapsed!

Wang Lin stood among the stars and calmly looked at the Realm Sealing Formation that had dissipated. He felt the aura of the Ancient Star System, and his eyes shined brightly.

After a long time, he slowly raised his right hand and waved. He let out a sound that echoed across all four major star systems in the Inner Realm.

This sound was like an eternal thunderclap, but everyone who heard it could clearly hear his words!

“Today, I destroyed the Realm Sealing Formation and will create another one. This formation will have no name!”

As Wang Lin’s words spread out, he waved his arms. The giant three-essence wheel flew out and stood before him.

A buzzing sound echoed and the giant wheel began to grow and spread out in all directions. It turned from more than ten thousand feet to millions, tens of millions, until it was endless!

It would replace the Realm Sealing Formation and become the new formation!

As it spread, thunderous rumbles echoed. As it continued to spread, Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a strange light. He pointed at the void above.

“All the treasures that were destroyed in these 100 years and all the treasure spirits that dissipated in the previous wars… Today, I, Wang Lin, call upon your spirits to come from the void and enter my formation to become eternal…”

Wang Lin’s voice contained the power of essence as well as his lifetime of comprehension. At this moment, an invisible ripple spread out with him as the center through the Cloud Sea, Allheaven, the Brilliant Void, and the Summoned River.

As his voice echoed after the ripple passed, colorful shadows appeared out of nowhere. These shadows were swords, blades, and various treasures.

These treasures were all broken. They had already been broken and had dissipated, but they had spirit. These spirits heard Wang Lin’s promise of eternity and all appeared. After pondering for a bit, they all flew toward the three-essence wheel.

As they fused with it, they caused the expanding wheel to give off a powerful sense of majesty. After millions of treasures spirits fused with it, the wheel gave off a powerful life force.

The masters of all those treasure spirits had died and the spirits should have disappeared. However, there was a reincarnation cycle in this world, and those treasure spirits had walked out from the reincarnation cycle. Treasure spirits appeared from everywhere within the four major star systems and fused into the wheel.

As they fused, the rapidly rotating wheel gained extreme wisdom!

“All the innocent cultivation planets that collapsed during this battle, you all have souls and you all have your own strange ways of life. However, over the millions of years, countless of you have shattered… Today, I call you all to enter my formation and become eternal!” Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with sadness as he spoke softly.

As his words echoed, countless illusory shadows of planets appeared all over the four  empty major star systems.

There were many cultivation planets; they had long been destroyed, but their souls were unwilling to dissipate. When Wang Lin voiced his promise of eternal life, they all appeared.

As the souls of the planets appeared, every piece of dust, every meteorite, and every piece of broken continent trembled.

A howl echoed across the all four major star systems. Those countless dust particles, meteorites, and broken continents flew with the planet souls toward the rotating essence wheel. 

As they continued to integrate, the essence wheel gained a physical form and erupted with a pressure that was beyond this world. Wang Lin waved his hand and the wheel continued to expand. It eventually shrouded the Cloud seal and spread to Allheaven. It completely covered the Summoned River and the Brilliant Void!

The Inner Realm cultivators were all excited as they looked at the wheel formation that replaced the collapsed Realm Sealing Formation. Their mood was something that was rarely experienced in their lives.

In the blink of an eye, a new formation appeared, blocking the Outer Realm out, but it didn’t stop the aura of the Outer Realm from entering!

This formation was a wheel that was endless in size. It would last longer than the Realm Sealing Formation, and its appearance established a new age!

“The countless Outer Realm cultivators that died in my Inner Realm. You all have killed countless, and although you’re all dead, you can’t enter the reincarnation cycle. You all have to atone for your sins! Today, I, Wang Lin, will gather your soul fragments together and make you slaves to push my wheel, to work forever and never be free!!” Wang Lin’s eyes opened and his hand formed a seal before pushing down at the void.

With this, a storm was set off in the Inner Realm. This storm was formed by Wang Lin’s spell and soul. A silent roar that only Wang Lin could feel echoed across the four star systems of the Inner Realm.

Distorted soul fragments appeared among the stars. They all had ferocious expressions and struggled. However, they immediately let out cries in fear as Wang Lin’s soul storm gathered them up and fused them into the wheel!

Some of these soul fragments had died during the last 100 years, but even more were people that had died during the previous wars against the Outer Realm.

The storm raged and swept by Mu Bingmei and company. It swept through Cloud Sea, filled Allheaven, then passed the Summoned River before it went across the Brilliant Void and came back. The mournful soul fragments all roared in fear as they were captured and sealed into the wheel.

In particular, in the battlefield of the first battle in the Cloud Sea, there were more than 100,000 soul fragments. They were all sealed into the wheel!

Also, in Allheaven, there were hundreds of thousands of soul fragments. Silent roars echoed, but none of them could escape their punishment!

These soul fragments couldn’t enter the reincarnation cycle and couldn’t be reborn; they were already dead. A soul fragment was the resentment created after death. Without something to gather them all, they would remain invisible. Usually, creatures that absorbed this aura would become very cruel.

Resentment had a great effect on cultivators, especially on cultivators with weak cultivation. Their so-called souls all came from these soul fragments!

As all the soul fragments from all the dead Outer Realm cultivators from all the wars that had taken place gathered in the wheel formation, then the souls began to appear around the wheel. Their arms pushed the huge wheel and, with millions of soul fragments, the wheel began to rotate.

Every turn would cause these soul fragments to let out painful roars as if it was crushing them. However, the more pain they felt, the harder they pushed!

This cycle would last forever!

“Inner Realm, all the seniors that died during the previous wars, and fellow cultivators. Today, I, Wang Lin, am disturbing your resting souls to awaken you… Are you all willing to become this formation's immortal formation spirit? Become souls that will be worshiped by generations of my Inner Realm cultivators!!

“If you’re all willing, I ask all of you to come!!” Wang Lin clasped his hands at the stars!

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