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Chapter 1666 - Memorial

This bow swept across the dark star system like the wind. As the wind swept by, those sleeping souls in the four star systems seemed to awaken from the void.

Whether they died in glory, pride, helplessness, or survival, they all appeared after hearing Wang Lin’s words.

A sense of sorrow spread out from everywhere within the four major star systems.

This sorrow came from those souls. Although they had died, their souls still remained as they silently watched the Inner Realm. Throughout the ages, they never entered the reincarnation cycle.

They weren’t willing to enter the reincarnation cycle, and they weren’t able to. They could only turn into resentful souls and watch in sorrow. They were waiting for the day all the Outer Realm cultivators died. They were waiting for a day when the Realm Sealing Formation would collapse. They wanted to see if this unending war would end.

As Wang Lin bowed, he didn’t look up but maintained his posture. His head was lower, covering up the sorrow in his eyes.

Illusory souls appeared from the star system. The first to appear were the ancient cultivators who lived before there was an Inner Realm or Outer Realm.

They were the first generation of life under the Ancient Celestial Realm. They had received the teachings of the Ancient Celestial Realm. They were the first wave of sentient life in the cave.

Their clothes made them look like savages, but the auras that came out from their bodies were filled with understanding of the world. When the Realm Sealing Formation appeared, they were confused and afraid. They all tried to rush out of the Realm Sealing Formation, but they all died.

At this moment, after an unknown amount of time, their souls were called by Wang Lin. They appeared all over the four major star systems and silently looked at Wang Lin, who was in the Cloud Sea.

What appeared after them were the cultivators that existed before the four Celestial Realms were destroyed, the celestials of those four Celestial Realms!

Although they were not true celestials from the Immortal Astral Continent, in Wang Lin’s heart, they were real celestials! Countless of them had died trying to leave the Realm Sealing Formation.

During the many invasions of the Outer Realm, many died. Although Wang Lin had his head lowered in a bow, he could feel those mournful souls.

He clearly remembered when he first saw the Scatter Thunder Clan’s statue the first time he went into the Seven-Colored Realm. He looked into the memories of the statue and saw the celestials all rush at the Realm Sealing Formation, but they all died one by one.

Today, these dead celestial souls were summoned for the first time from the void since they died.

After the celestials came the cultivators of this era. They were cultivators that had died during this 100-year war. Wang Lin knew a lot of them, but there were even more he didn’t know. However, the endless souls that appeared had died for the Inner Realm. Their deaths needed to be remembered by future descendants!

Throughout the ages, far too many cultivators and and living beings had died during the wars between the Inner and Outer Realms. No one had ever built a memorial for these dead cultivators, not during ancient times or during celestial times. It wasn’t until now that Wang Lin paid tribute to the souls that had died in battle!

“Are you all willing to become this formation’s immortal spirit?” Wang Lin raised his head and looked at the souls. He spoke loudly to all those souls.

As Wang Lin spoke, the endless souls in the Inner Realm became distorted and turned into an invisible aura that flew toward Wang Lin.

The first to reach Wang Lin was an ancient cultivator. His expression was vague and his soul was bleak. He appeared 1,000 feet from Wang Lin and looked at him profoundly. Wang Lin maintained a bowing posture. The soul clasped his hands at Wang Lin.

After he clasped his hands, he charged into the giant wheel and willingly became one of the formation spirit!

Behind him, the souls that had died during ancient times all came. They all clasped their hands at Wang Lin from 1,000 feet away and entered the wheel formation without hesitation.

Although they still had the resentment from their deaths, the moment they clasped their hands, there was no regret as they willingly integrated with the wheel formation. They had died for the Inner Realm, and even after death, they had offered their souls for the Inner Realm.

They were heroes in life and heroic souls in death!

One, two, ten thousand, twenty thousand, one hundred thousand, hundreds of thousands! All the ancient cultivators that had died appeared and clasped their hands at Wang Lin. They came alone, in small groups, in hundreds, or in tens of thousands. They all fused with the formation after clasping their hands!

Behind them were the celestials from the four Celestial Realms. They came from the Wind, Rain, Thunder, and Lightning Celestial Realms, but the blood that flowed through them was still that of the Inner Realm. Although they had been dead for countless years, their souls were still souls of the Inner Realm!

They were born as a people of the Inner Realm and died as souls of the Inner Realm!

They gradually appeared before Wang Lin. Like the martyrs before them, they clasped their hands at Wang Lin and fused with the formation.

This scene set off waves in the minds of the countless people that saw this. Wang Lin maintained his bow.

After those celestial souls came the fellow cultivators that had died in this 100-year war. Many familiar and unfamiliar faces appeared. They all bowed at Wang Lin and then rushed into the formation without hesitation!

Some of them had been Wang Lin’s enemies, and some had relations with Wang Lin, but at this moment, they used the last of their power to guard the Inner Realm!

An aura of sadness filled the star system. The Outer Realm cultivators that had rushed over were all terrified by what they saw.

In Allheaven, on the 19 remaining planets, all the cultivators stood up and bowed at the stars without anyone leading them.

Master South Cloud, Situ Nan, Master Hong Shan, Qing Lin, and the others all stood up without exception. They looked at the sky with sorrow and respect!

Not only them, but in the other three star systems, the few groups of remaining Inner Realm cultivators all looked up. The memories of the war flashed before their eyes and they bowed at the stars!

There were also the three women that had gathered together in the Cloud Sea and were still a bit far from Wang Lin. Their eyes were filled with sadness as they bowed at the shadows that flew by.

Also at this moment, in the Brilliant Void, in the empty star system, Old Ghost Zhan revealed a rare somber expression. He stood there looking at the souls that floated by and revealed a complicated expression.

“Lu Cai… Li Dong, Chang Yi… Are you all here… You all died a long time ago and only I still live now… At that time, we speculated why the Inner and Outer Realms fight… I didn’t think I would someday become the source of the war that I resented so much… We vowed together to change all this, to destroy the Realm Sealing Formation and allow the Inner Realm to walk out...

“However, they don’t know what I found from the celestial origin. I found a shocking secret…”

Sorrow appeared inside Old Ghost Zhan. Although he could be considered the strongest person in the cave, he was still a person, a life that was born in the cave.

He was not emotionless. As Wang Lin called for those souls, his heart felt stinging pain. He was stunned, and confusion filled his eyes. After a long time, he bowed at those souls.

However, just as he bowed, his expression became distorted and painful. It was as if a power had erupted from his body, preventing him from bowing to these lower realm ants!

“I can help you, but you can’t stop me from bowing to these souls that make me feel guilt!” Old Ghost Zhan clenched his teeth and said this word by word. He ignored the power that tried to stop him and completed the bow.

At the same time, in the Summoned River, on a meteorite that even Wang Lin noticed with his divine sense, the All-Seer slowly opened his eyes.

His expression was calm. He noticed the souls that were summoned from the stars and silently pondered. After a long time, he stepped out from the meteorite and stood there, looking at the countless souls.

“I should be the first person to awaken my memory… However, I was still a cultivator of the Inner Realm… You all deserve a bow from this old man.” The All-Seer sighed and waved his sleeve as he bowed at the stars.

Also in Summoned River, there was a person not even the All-Seer had noticed. This was the young man that came from Wang Lin’s divine retribution, from the rift leading to the Ancient Celestial Realm.

He was sitting down and his body was blurry; it was impossible to see him clearly.

At this moment, he opened his eyes and there was a flash of golden light in his gaze. Then contempt arose in his eyes.

“What’s the use of bowing to these pitiful souls? A bunch of caged birds. I can’t find the place Uncle-Teacher Ma mentioned, so I’m not going to bother. Calculating the time, Uncle-Teacher Ma should wake soon. This Seven Dao Sect cave is becoming more and more interesting…”

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