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Chapter 1664 - A New Era!

When the axe appeared, ancient god aura rolled out like ocean waves. This aura caused the Realm Sealing Formation to tremble even more violently.

Thunderous rumbles echoed in one’s ears and continue to linger. If you closed your eyes, you would feel the endless slaughter the axe had faced in its countless years of existence. Many lives had been ended by this axe. 

The moment the axe appeared, Wang Lin stood before it. He saw countless illusory souls filled with grievance surround the axe, letting out ghostly howls. From a distance, they looked like a lot of bumps.

It looked as if the axe carried death souls and came out of the underworld. It was a shocking scene!

After it appeared, it didn’t dissipate like the other seven spirits. It floated there and became even more solid. It was as if it had intelligence and was making a choice!

Would it choose to recognize Wang Lin as its master, or destroy itself?

Time slowly passed. The rumble of the Realm Sealing Formation became even louder. After 15 minutes, Wang Lin frowned, seeing the axe remain motionless.

“Since you’re not willing to follow me, then vanish!” Wang Lin raised his right hand and pressed down on the Heaven Splitting Axe. The formation collapsed even faster and the axe trembled, and its giant body flew toward Wang Lin.

In an instant, the Heaven Splitting Axe seemed to break free from the Realm Sealing Formation. It let out a heaven-splitting howl as it chopped down on Wang Lin!

“A mere royal ancient god treasure dares to hurt me?” There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes and he stepped forward. His body instantly swelled up to more than ten thousand feet tall, transforming into his ancient god body!

This tens of thousands of feet body was like a giant standing on the Realm Sealing Formation. The axe closed in and Wang Lin threw a punch at it.

Thunderous rumbles spread like crazy and space itself trembled. The Realm Sealing Formation shattered and collapsed even more. The Heaven Splitting Axe couldn’t chop down and was knocked back by the power of Wang Lin’s punch.

However, it also wasn’t easy for Wang Lin; he was knocked back thousands of feet. A deep cut that reached his bones appeared on his fist, and even the bones were cracked. The Heaven Splitting Axe was extremely powerful!

While retreating, Wang Lin’s eyes shined, and as his right hand recovered, he reached out. A monstrous blood light appeared along with the blood sword. He waved his hand and the blood sword expanded to 1,000 feet. The blood light was extremely dazzling.

Holding the blood sword, Wang Lin charged forward. He raised the blood sword high up and sliced down. A monstrous ray of sword energy shot out toward the Heaven Splitting axe. 

They were both invincible treasures, and they collided countless times, causing thunderous rumbles. The sword and axe continued to collide, but the axe was still slightly inferior. After all, it had no one to control it and was moving based on the treasure spirit. It was being pushed back!

Countless sword marks appeared on the axe and the light from the axe became unstable.

Wang Lin’s sword fell and he roared, “I give you one last chance to recognize me as your owner!”

There was a thunderous bang as the axe was knocked down. There was a bang and it opened a giant rift in space.

The blood sword in Wang Lin’s hand disappeared, and at the same time, he stepped forward. Just as the axe flew toward the rift and its monstrous ancient god power spread out, Wang Lin grabbed the axe handle!

Wang Lin’s right hand mercilessly held on, and no matter how much the Heaven Splitting Axe struggled, it couldn’t escape. However, at this time, the shadow of an ancient god appeared on the head of the axe and seemed to let out a roar. It was impossible to see his face clearly, but he rushed like a gust of wind toward Wang Lin as if he wanted to devour him.

The shadow was tens of thousands of feet tall and was shaped like a cone; he was larger at the higher part of his body. It was like smoke that expanded countless fold as it flew up.

This shadow was the treasure spirit of the Heaven Splitting Axe. It rushed toward Wang Lin along with a howl.

Wang Lin’s ten thousand foot body was like a teen before a man in his prime; it felt like Wang Lin had no chance to resist. However, Wang Lin stared at the eyes of the shadow rushing at him and let out a roar.

“You dare?! I’m a royal ancient god and I have the inheritance of the ancient ones. You want to devour me? You’re courting death!” Behind Wang Lin, the giant ancient head appeared and roared with him!

It was as if a hurricane had swept by from the void and landed on the shadow from the Heaven Splitting Axe. The shadow let out a scream in fear and rapidly retreated. His body was torn apart but quickly reformed.

After it reformed, his body trembled and struggled to bow at Wang Lin. Then he quickly returned back into the Heaven Splitting Axe and disappeared.

The Heaven Splitting Axe no longer struggled and slowly calmed down.

Wang Lin grabbed the axe, bit the tip of his tongue, and spat out blood. A blood-colored mark landed on the axe and fused with it.

The Heaven Splitting Axe had submitted. This time, he had suppressed the axe with his own strength. Back then, he lacked the cultivation and required the help of the previous Lord of the Sealed Realm to control this axe.

Armed with the giant axe, his white hair fluttered. At this moment, Wang Lin was no different from his statue on planet Suzaku!

He waved his right hand and the Heaven Splitting Axe turned into specks of golden light and disappeared into this ancient god stars.

Wang Lin looked down at the collapsing Realm Sealing Formation and his eyes revealed a strange light. This last spirit was the most powerful, and the previous Lord of the Sealed Realm had integrated himself into this spirit to control the formation.

However, when the gap appeared and all those others things happened, the Lord of the Sealed Realm’s soul had died. This also caused the final spirit to lose some vitality.

This was related to the reason why the formation was dying.

Wang Lin raised his right hand and formed a palm. Wang Lin used the Karma Print. His palm descended and clenched into a fist.

The collapsing Realm Sealing Formation released a loud sound as if it was struggling for the last time in its life. As it trembled, a broken jade was extracted.

This jade had deep rifts on it and contained more than 10 cracks. One of them was obviously created about 100 years ago. It lacked the ancient auras the other cracks had.

Although there were many rifts on the jade, one could still see the word carved on its surface!

This word was simple, it was the word “celestial!”


As the jade was extracted by Wang Lin’s Karma Print, the Realm Sealing Formation began its final collapse. The layers of net surrounding the four major star systems collapsed!

This collapse was complete, absolute, and irreversible!

As it collapsed, the remaining cultivators in the four major star systems were all shocked. The star system itself seemed to be churning and the Realm Sealing Formation that had trapped the Inner Realm for tens of thousands of years was shattering.

In the Cloud Sea, Mu Bingmei, the woman in pink, and Xi Zifeng had gathered together. They stopped flying as they looked at the star system around them. They were still a distance away from Wang Lin.

However, when the Realm Sealing Formation collapsed, they couldn’t move forward, so they gathered together. They watched the giant net below them shatter, and the shock this brought caused their faces to turn pale.

Wang Lin looked at the jade, and after pondering a bit, he waved his right hand. With that, the jade completely flew out from the Realm Sealing Formation. The moment it flew out, it was like a tree without roots or a fish out of water. It scattered into dust.

As the jade shattered, the Realm Sealing Formation suddenly collapsed!

At this moment, the Brilliant Void no longer had the Realm Sealing Formation around it. The Summoned River was completely exposed to the Outer Realm.

At this moment, Allheaven and the Cloud Sea were completely free!

After tens of thousands of years, the barrier between the Inner and Outer Realms had disappeared, they were one again! The Realm Sealing Formation that seemed to have existed forever and was remembered by generation after generation had collapsed and vanished!

Without the Realm Sealing Formation, the mysterious force stopping the Inner Realm from gathering Joss Flame disappeared. At this moment in Allheaven, all the third step cultivators revealed looks of excitement. Not even Qing Lin was an exception.

Wang Lin had destroyed the Realm Sealing Formation!

Throughout the ages, he was the first person to do this. The first to have the courage to destroy the Realm Sealing Formation after slaughtering the invading Outer Realm cultivators!

His name was destined to be passed down for tens of thousands of years in this cultivation world because he was the Lord of the Sealed Realm. Not the Seven Dao Sect’s Lord of the Sealed Realm, not the Lord of the Sealed Realm under the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign’s command, but the Lord of the Sealed Realm of the Inner Realm cultivators. He was going to take the Inner Realm cultivators out of this cave and shock the Immortal Astral Continent!

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