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Chapter 1663 - Destroying the Formation!

The Outer Realm cultivators condensed essence from the power of Joss Flames to nourish their whole body and become eternal. However, in the Inner Realm, Joss Flames were rare and had become a problem. Not only did this prevent people from entering the third step, but after reaching the third step, if too much essence was consumed, it would be difficult to recover.

Wang Lin hadn’t relied Joss Flames to reach the third step. He had relied on his comprehension to complete his three ethereal essences. He had devoured to complete his thunder and fire essences.

As a result, he didn’t need Joss Flames at the third step, he just needed essences that other people had formed. Devouring endless amounts of essence would recover his cultivation and increase it!

Similarly, his body didn’t have a Joss Flame realm like normal Spirit Void cultivators. There was no need to fuse the Joss Flame realm with his body to reach a state of perfection.

Wang Lin’s body was an ancient god body, which was something beyond perfection. It was with the combination of his ancient god power and cultivation that he could kill early stage Arcane Void cultivators at the mid stage of Spirit Void!

Wang Lin even dared to fight mid stage Arcane Void cultivators. Although it would be difficult to determine the winner, it would still be very difficult for them to kill Wang Lin!

The third step path Wang Lin had taken was very different from that of other cultivators. Even the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign walked a different path. Even the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign required Joss Flames, only the Joss Flames he absorbed were not poisonous.

It wasn’t that no one had walked Wang Lin’s path, it was just extremely difficult. It was a matchless path with endless possibilities. If he wanted to become an Arcane Void cultivator, then he would need to obtain a few more essences and complete them!

When other people reached the third step, it was almost impossible to complete another essence. However, it was very different for Wang Lin. He could still obtain a seventh, eighth, ninth, and even 10th essence.

Also, because he didn’t absorb Joss Flames, his essences didn’t possess the fatal flaw of not being able to reach completion after becoming a third step cultivator! What he needed now was to find a seventh essence. Once he obtained a seventh essence, he would reach the late stage of Spirit Void!

If the eighth essence appeared and reached completion, he could reach the peak of Spirit Void!

With nine essences, he could step into the Arcane Void stage! Then all nine would fuse back into one. If he had the wisdom and fortune to fuse all his essences together and turn them into a power called the Void Power on the Immortal Astral Continent, he could face the calamity at the third step. Once he survived this calamity, he would become a Void Tribulant Exalt!

The difference between Void Tribulant and Arcane Void was a life and death calamity. Success meant life and defeat meant death. Throughout the ages, there were no exceptions, and it was a gap everyone had to face!

This calamity was referred to as the Arcane Tribulant. It was divided into nine stages, and after surviving all nine stages, one could successfully step into the Void Tribulant stage.

Even someone as strong as the Sovereign had only gone through three Arcane Tribulants and didn’t have the courage to endure the fourth one.

Dao Master Blue Dream hadn’t even gone through the first one and was staying at the peak of Arcane Void. He wasn’t afraid of death, but he still had things he hadn’t finished, and he couldn’t face the regret of failure.

Over the tens of thousands of years, many talented people had been born in the Inner and Outer Realms. Some of them had reached the third step, but to this day, only one person had gone through eight Arcane Tribulants with the identity as a cave cultivator. Just one more and he could be considered an Exalt!

He was Old Ghost Zhan! Back then, he failed his fifth Arcane Tribulant and should have died; the Sovereign knew this. However, what the Sovereign didn’t know was that Old Ghost Zhan had obtained a great celestial fortune!

This celestial fortune caused his cultivation to erupt, and he had endured all the way to the eighth Arcane Tribulant and stopped before the ninth one.

Those who reached the Void Tribulant stage on the Immortal Astral Continent were considered Grand Exalts! This was a cultivation level at the peak of the third step, and if you could take that legendary step forward, you would trample the heavens!

The Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign was a Void Tribulant Exalt, only his cultivation level wasn’t peak Void Tribulant but mid stage Void Tribulant!

Although he was only at the mid stage, it allowed him to game some fame on the Immortal Astral Continent and start his own sect! He formed the Seven Dao Sect!

Wang Lin didn’t know any of this, and at this moment, he didn’t have time to think about it. At this moment, he opened his eyes and stood up, looking into the stars. He wasn’t tall, but the aura he gave off felt like he could support the heavens. His back was toward the Inner Realm, and he gave off a sense of security like the Ancient Blessing.

His eyes were filled with calmness, and he walked forward. With this step, he landed on the dying Realm Sealing Formation. The formation trembled and revealed a light that was far weaker than before.

While pondering, Wang Lin raised his right foot and stomped down. With a bang, the entire Realm Sealing formation trembled and the large, net-like structure appeared. The formation revealed itself all over the Inner Realm.

Even the tens of thousands of cultivators recovering in Allheaven opened their eyes and saw the Realm Sealing Formation!

The power of this step caused the formation to appear completely. Only by making it reveal itself could Wang Lin allow the dying formation to finish the last of its life.

“You have sealed the Inner and Outer Realms for many years. You have prevented the Outer Realm from invading for countless years and are a guardian for the Inner Realm… Because of this, I will bow to you!” Wang Lin clasped his hands and bowed at the Realm Sealing Formation.

“But similarly, because of your existence, there were rarely any third step cultivators in my Inner Realm. As a result, the power balance between the Inner and Outer Realm became disproportionate. Your presence trapped and sealed my Inner Realm!” Wang Lin raised his hand and mercilessly pressed down.

The Karma Print appeared as Wang Lin’s palm fell. Then his fingers clenched into a fist and he pulled out.

“Karma, extract the spirits!” Wang Lin roared. As his right hand pulled back, the formation trembled violently. A bolt of thunder was extracted from the formation.

It was an illusory lance formed by thunder. This lance contained endless thunder and was the holy treasure of the Scatter Thunder Clan!

Wang Lin squeezed and the thunder lance collapsed. Countless bolts of thunder scattered in all directions and lit up the surrounding space.

Since the thunder lance was first fused into the formation, this was the first time it was extracted and destroyed. From now on, this spirit would no longer exist inside the formation!

When the lance collapsed, the formation began to tremble and fine cracks appeared on it!

“I don’t know who created you, but you’re dying today, so disappear. I, Wang Lin, will set up another formation. This formation will be born only for my Inner Realm, will exist only for my Inner Realm, and will completely belong to my Inner Realm!” Wang Lin raised his right hand and slammed down on the formation six times!

Six rumbles, six karmas, and six clenched fists. The formation began to immediately collapse for real. The endless net began to rumble and shatter.

Blood red light appeared before Wang Lin, and the whole formation seemed to give off a blood light. A painful howl that seemed like it could collapse the world echoed. The Nine Head Meteor Mace suddenly appeared with the howl. The mace trembled and black blood dripped from the heads. However, after leaving the formation, it collapsed and disappeared before Wang Lin.

After the meteor hammer, a heat wave surged and a huge fire catapult appeared. Countless Inner and Outer Realm cultivators had died to it, but most of them were Inner Realm cultivators!

At this moment, the catapult was pulled out and was rapidly torn into mist. It then rapidly dissipated.

After the catapult, a golden light shined and a golden blade appeared. After the golden light, it was a monstrous, purple light. A giant, purple whip appeared. It was covered in runes and twisted like a python!

After the whip, the formation trembled an ancient aura appeared. A giant wolfstick appeared, and it was covered in thorns. There were also countless restless ghosts around it, showing how much it had killed before.

However, as soon as these formation spirits appeared, they all exploded. They disappeared forever from this world, disappeared from the Realm Sealing Formation!

What was destroyed with them was another formation spirit that hadn’t taken shape and was still a mass of fog. The moment it appeared, it collapsed.

Now seven of the nine formation spirits had been destroyed.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he looked at the Realm Sealing Formation that had lost six formation spirits. It began an irreversible collapse, causing thunder rumbles to echo. It began to collapse across the entire Inner Realm. All the Inner Realm cultivators could see the Realm Sealing Formation collapse layer by layer! There was no longer any obstruction between the Inner and Outer Realms!

“The eighth formation spirit, my ancient clan’s holy treasure, the Heaven Splitting Axe. Will you return to my hand or be destroyed along with this formation? I’ll give you the choice!” Wang Lin raised his right hand and a thunderous rumble echoed. The eighth formation spirit appeared!

The power of this spirit was beyond the previous seven!

This spirit was the ancient gods’ holy treasure, the Heaven Splitting Axe!

As the rumble echoed and the formation collapsed, a giant axe shadow carrying dense ancient god aura slowly flew out.

1. The spell his ancient gauntlet has

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