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Chapter 1662 - Eight Imperial Concubine

Standing at the gap in the Realm Sealing Formation, Wang Lin looked at the female cultivator from the Summoned River. The cold woman stopped 100 feet away from him.

She was very beautiful; although she was inferior to Mu Bingmei, she was still quite stunning. As she stood there, her purple dress fluttered, making her look like a celestial.

Her pale face added more points to her appearance. It gave people a weak yet determined feeling.

The woman in purple and Wang Lin looked at each other. After a long time, the woman said in a cold voice, “Zi Xia.” As if she hadn’t spoke in a long time, her voice seemed a bit raw.

“Could you be the Lightning Celestial Realm’s Celestial Emperor Xi Xia?” Wang Lin had vaguely guessed the woman’s identity. He clasped his hands at her.

Zi Xiang pondered for a bit and then coldly said, “Hand over the celestial imperial concubine you have sealed.”

Wang Lin’s expression remained calm, but his eyes shined indiscernibly. His eyes narrowed as he looked at the woman in purple and coldness began to appear.

“What is your ranking as the Celestial Sovereign’s concubine?” Wang Lin’s words were shocking. The woman in purple’s eyes narrowed as she coldly looked at Wang Lin. After a long time, she slowly said,

“The Celestial Sovereign’s eighth concubine, Zi Xia.”

His expression remaining calm, Wang Lin slowly asked, “Which celestial imperial concubine did I kill?”

“You killed the second concubine, and the one you sealed is the fifth concubine… The one that escaped was the sixth concubine.” Zi Xia’s voice no longer felt raw, it was now a lot smoother, but the coldness hadn’t decreased.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He had met a majority of the eight celestial imperial concubines. At this moment, their figures took shape in his head. The fourth concubine was the one that tried to control Tuo Sen and was trapped in the ancient tomb, unable to escape.

The third concubine was the cold woman who had interacted with Wang Lin and was released from the ancient tomb by him. She didn’t participate in the war against the Inner Realm.

As for the second concubine, she had the most connections with the Outer Realm. From clues he had obtained from her words, she seemed to have some cooperation with the Sovereign, but she ended up dying by his hand.

There was also the fifth concubine that was sealed inside Wang Lin’s Emperor Furnace and couldn’t be completely refined.

If what Zi Xia said was correct, the one that escaped was the sixth concubine! As a result, there were only two out of the eight concubines Wang Lin hadn’t met.

These two were the first and seventh concubines!

“In the rift in the Cloud Sea, that woman who has an agreement with me is also likely a celestial imperial concubine. I just don’t know if she is the first or seventh concubine!” A thought flashed through Wang Lin’s mind.

“The fifth sister you have sealed has great value to me. Give her to me.” Zi Xia’s cold was filled with an indisputable intent. It was obvious that she was used to having high status even back on the Immortal Astral Continent, so she subconsciously spoke like this.

Wang Lin frowned. Seeing that she had helped the Inner Realm so much, he pondered for a bit and was ready to hand the fifth concubine over.

However, just at this moment, the woman in purple spoke once more.

“Also, you need to go to the Outer Realm and capture all the other concubines. Bring them to me, I have great use for them. You should do this as soon as possible. As for guarding this place for three years, it is really pointless once the Celestial…” The woman’s voice was indifferent and she was speaking in a commanding tone. However, before she finished speaking, Wang Lin frowned and his eyes lit up.

The coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes became even stronger. He looked at Zi Xia, who was giving orders, and coldly said, “Enough!

“Your request is too much!”

“Nonsense. Who are you to speak to me like this? Aren’t you doing all this in order to awaken the Celestial Sovereign and obtain a great fortune? You do what I tell you to do. Once the matter is done, I’ll naturally report what you have done to the Celestial Sovereign.” Zi Xia’s phoenix-like eyes stared at Wang Lin and her expression became gloomy.

Wang Lin was startled for a moment as he looked at Zi Xia, then he started laughing. As he laughed, his eyes became cold.

“So it’s like this. Not all of the Celestial Sovereign’s eight concubines betrayed him. There is still you, the eighth concubine, who is royal. But forget your request to capture the other concubines; I won’t even give you the fifth concubine!” Wang Lin waved his sleeves and sneered.

Zi Xia’s eyes also narrowed after hearing Wang Lin’s words. She vaguely felt like she had guessed something wrong. She didn’t know much about Wang Lin; she only knew that he was the previous Lord of the Sealed Realm’s disciple. She also knew that Wang Lin had done a lot for the Inner Realm, like the previous battle and slaughter.

In her eyes, Wang Lin did all of this because of the title of Lord of the Sealed Realm. The previous Lord of the Sealed Realm should have informed Wang Lin of everything. Wang Lin should’ve been someone who belonged to the Celestial Sovereign!

Therefore, she had come to Wang Lin and issued that series of orders even after he showed power that shocked her. She had never thought that he would refuse. After all, she was a concubine of the Celestial Sovereign, and their goal was the same: to awaken the Celestial Sovereign!

Once the Celestial Sovereign awakened, both of them would obtain great benefits!

However, Wang Lin’s laughter and rejection immediately caused Zi Xia to become sober. She retreated a few steps as she looked at Wang Lin and suddenly said,

“The previous Lord of the Sealed Realm didn’t tell you about his mission and where he came from?”

“Immortal Astral Continent, Seven Dao Sect. Of course I know this!” Wang Lin coldly looked at Zi Xia. If not for the fact that she had done much for the Inner Realm, even though it was for her own purpose, he would have already knocked away this woman who was way over her head.

After he spoke, Zi Xia’s expression changed greatly. She subconsciously retreated more than 100 feet and revealed a shocked expression.

“I know everything. You can leave, and don’t appear before me again!”  Wang Lin’s words were cold as he looked at the woman in purple and waved his sleeves.

The woman in purple was deathly pale and retreated a few steps. Her expression constantly changed. Finally, she stared at Wang Lin and clenched her teeth.

“Since you know all of this, why don’t you join forces with me? We can team up and awaken the Celestial Sovereign. Once the Celestial Sovereign awakens, he will gift us a great fortune…

“The Celestial Sovereign is considered powerful even on the Immortal Astral Continent. Once he awakens, I can request him to accept you as a disciple and you can leave this cave, become a Seven Dao Sect member, and obtain the identity of an Immortal Astral Continent cultivator. The Immortal Astral Continent is the real world; it is tens of thousands of times bigger than the cave world and much better…

“Only we will get the credit. The Celestial Sovereign will grant you a powerful cultivation so you will have a place on the Immortal Astral Continent. You will even gain a small amount of fame there. That place is the real Celestial Realm. Even your cultivation level will increase a lot…”

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he blandly looked at the woman in purple. Her words hadn’t moved him at all.

“Can the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign and his dao partner compare to the Nine Suns of the Immortal Astral Continent? One of the powerhouses of the Immortal Astral Continent… What a joke! He is merely an overlord of his area. Even your Seven Dao Sect is only a small sect on the Immortal Astral Continent. I fear you have other intents in awakening him.”

“You… You actually know about the nine suns?!” Zi Xia’s expression changed and her eyes became filled with disbelief. Her eyes suddenly narrowed as she thought about how Wang Lin had drawn the Li Guang Bow and what the Sovereign had roared.

“Scram for me. If not for the fact that you have done so much for the Inner Realm, I would’ve killed you simply for being a Seven Dao Sect member!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and killing intent landed in the eyes of the woman in purple.

The woman in purple rumbled and her expression changed. She quickly retreated and no longer spoke. She turned into a ray of purple light and quickly left.

“The Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign, I’ll find a way to revive him. However, it’s not for a fortune but to… kill him!! Kill him and this cave will have no master. Then I’ll take the Heavenly Dao and take the people in the cave to the Immortal Astral Continent!

“I have been a heaven-defying cultivator all my life. If I’m going to do this, this is the way it will be done. How could I become someone’s dog to beg them for survival, to beg them to take me out of here?

“Even if I don’t leave and end up being killed the Celestial Sovereign, I’ll still be a man who walked against the heavens!” Wang Lin smiled. He didn’t say these words out loud, but they echoed in his heart.

Her gaze looked at where the woman in purple went and didn’t even ask other about the Heaven Avoiding Coffin. He didn’t need to ask. If he could leave here and enter the Immortal Astral Continent, he would know everything, even the method to revive Wan Er.

However, if he failed, there was no need to ask. To die with Wan Er would be the best he could do at that point.

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze and turned around. He looked at the dying Realm Sealing Formation and his eyes lit up. He walked up and closed in on the web-like formation. He sat down and closed his eyes. His cultivation activated and he began to absorb energy from the world.

As Wang Lin cultivated, the origin energy in the Cloud Sea came in from all directions. The origin energy circulated through his own body and was absorbed by this origin soul and flesh, helping his ancient god body recover.

At the same time, Wang Lin’s right hand reached out and he extracted balls of light with his Karma Print. He crushed them and inhaled the essence power inside. This essence power entered his six essences and allowed them to slowly start up again.

After reaching the third step, origin energy could only help his ancient god power recover faster; it didn’t help his cultivation at all.

At the third step, there was only one thing that could be used to improve and heal cultivators: essence!

Time passed. Several hours later, Wang Lin’s eyes suddenly opened, revealing a shocking pressure.

“Since the Realm Sealing Formation is dead, then I’ll destroy it completely. Then I’ll use my cultivation to rebuild the formation!”

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