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Chapter 1661 - Rest

In the four star systems, all the invading Outer Realm cultivators had died to the wheel that used the combined power of all the Inner Realm cultivators to turn.

The only one that escaped was the one celestial imperial concubine who had torn open a rift and escaped in panic. There was another person who didn’t die, that person was Yun Luo!

Yun Luo was the person that feared Wang Lin the most in the Outer Realm. The divination she saw back then was something she couldn’t forget. When Wang Lin’s arrow forced the Sovereign to retreat, she crushed the life-saving jade her teacher had left her without hesitation.

This jade was refined by her teacher during death and was fused with space itself. It could move her from any location back to her clan’s alter in the Ancient Star System. After one use, the jade would shatter.

She had kept this jade with her at all times, but even when her avatar died, she didn’t use it. Today, she had used it to save her life.

As for Wang Lin, at this moment, his aura was unstable. Although he had the ancient god body, he had suffered serious injuries. These injuries came from when he killed the celestial imperial concubine, whose name and ranking he didn’t even know. They also came from when he used the Emperor Furnace to suppress the old man in black and the other celestial imperial concubine.

But the worst of it came from fusing the three essence wheels into a formation that could change the operation of the world. Forming this wheel had taken almost all his strength, and completing the fourth turn left had him exhausted.

Although he was at the mid stage of Spirit Void, this load still made him extremely exhausted.

Right now, his face was pale without blood and he no longer looked at strong as before. It was as if any gentle breeze could knock him over. However, his eyes were still filled with a cold and determined gaze.

He hadn’t retreated or fallen but said he would guard them for three years!

Just as Wang Lin spoke, in the distance, Situ Nan and the thousands of cultivators arrived. They were late, but because they were late, they hadn’t participated in the battle and weren’t injured. They became the only other guardians in the Inner Realm beside Wang Lin.

He didn’t even have time to say a word to Qing Shui or the people he knew before he left. Time was of the essence. Although right now the Inner Realm was calm, Wang Lin knew this was just the beginning.

All of this was just the first step.

The real calamity would reach its peak in these next three years or after three years. That event may completely destroy Inner and Outer Realm.

After all, in the view of those people from the Immortal Astral Continent, even if all the people in the cave died, it wouldn’t matter. As long as the Heavenly Dao was there, sentient beings would appear. Then, after millions of years, countless lifeforms would appear, and among them there would be third step cultivators struggling to become stronger!

However, Wang Lin wasn’t willing to allow such a thing to happen. He had his own plan, a crazy idea. With this plan in mind, he pushed the three-essence wheel though the star system.

Behind him, Mu Bingmei looked at Wang Lin’s departing figure and bit her lower lip. There was no complicated look in her eyes anymore, only some confusion. After a long time, she lowered her head and Wang Lin’s words from before lingered.

“Although she is not my woman, she is my son, Wang Ping’s, mother…” Mu Bingmei raised her beautiful head and the confusion in her eyes scattered, replaced with determination. She flew into the air like a beautiful, blue phoenix and chased after Wang Lin.

In the distance, Qing Shui’s origin soul returned and he opened his eyes. He looked at the woman in pink next to him, who was looking at Wang Lin leaving. He let out a sigh and slowly said,

“You already know him, correct…”

The woman in pink pondered for a moment and then turned around to look at Qing Shui. She gently nodded.

“His life is miserable and he has been lonely so far. If you want to accompany him, then don’t hesitate… Sometimes, if you hesitate, you lose what you’re after. Don’t be like me in the past…” A flash of reminiscence appeared in Qing Shui’s eyes.

The woman in pink lowered her head, and after a moment, she softly asked, “You… Why did you save me?”

Qing Shui silently pondered for a long time and then revealed a bitter expression. He shook his head and didn’t speak. Some things you just can’t say. If he could say it, he would have done so when he recognized her at his daughter, but he didn’t know how to express it.

After waiting for a long time, the woman in pink looked at Qing Shui with a complicated expression. She didn’t understand and let out a sigh. She turned toward the sky and chased after Wang Lin.

Qing Lin stood up in the distance as he looked at the stars and closed his eyes.

“Perhaps he understood some truth… Like what Teacher told me back then… Back then, I couldn’t believe it and chose to deceive myself… He is stronger than me; he didn’t choose to deceive himself but decided to face it.”

As Mu Bingmei and the woman in pink flew off, a third ray of light flew off from a planet that hadn’t collapsed.

There was a woman in that ray of light, her name was Xizi Feng.

After this battle, less than 50,000 people were left. During the first battle in the Cloud Sea, the Inner Realm had nearly 500,000 cultivators. After 97 years of battle, more than 90% had died.

Those remaining were the the full power of the Inner Realm cultivators.

The amount of deaths suffered in the near century of war was something the Inner Realm had never seen before. The Inner Realm already didn’t have many third step cultivators, and now many had died. Those that remained were all injured.

There wasn’t enough Joss Flames, so it was very difficult for them to recover, and they might never recover to their peak again.

After this war, only 19 planets remained in the planet formation. The 50,000 cultivators stayed on these 19 planets to heal.

This became the new cultivation world for the Inner Realm!

Under the guard of Situ Nan and company, everyone picked one of the 19 planets to rest and heal. Those that were good at alchemy endured their injuries. Teams of cultivators from Situ Nan’s group guarded them as they flew off into the other three empty star systems to look for herbs. They wanted to refine pills to help everyone recover faster.

Everything seemed to quiet down, and these tens of thousands of cultivators began to recover. However, they didn’t relax, as this war was not over.

At this moment, the fourth ray of light flew out toward where Wang Lin disappeared. There was another woman inside this ray of light. This was the Arcane Void cultivator from the Summoned River, the woman in purple!

She had a mysterious origin, and aside from a few select people in the Inner Realm, no one else knew her identity. However, her actions in this war had earned everyone’s respect.

30 years ago, her little sister died in battle. She was also a very quiet person, and since then, she hadn’t said a word.

Those in the Inner Realm settled down and silently lived out these three years.

Wang Lin pushed the giant, three-essence wheel toward the Cloud Sea while exhausted. The gap in the Realm Sealing Formation in the Cloud Sea was the biggest hidden danger in these three years.

If he wanted the Inner Realm to have three years of time to recover, not only would it need to be sealed, but Wang Lin would have guard that place by himself for more than 1,000 days and nights.

He actually didn’t need to do this. He could actually deceive himself and find a place to live until he died of old age. However, he couldn’t and didn’t want to.

As he moved forward, howling sounds echoed across the stars. This howling came from his giant, three-essence wheel. The light in Wang Lin’s eyes covered his exhaustion as he pushed the wheel forward.

Soon, he arrived at the border of the Cloud Sea. He took a step forward and quickly moved into the Cloud Sea.

The fog that used to shroud in the Cloud Sea had long disappeared, making this star system extremely clear. The smell of blood filled the star system, and the collapsed continents were in ruin.

Wang Lin pushed the giant wheel through the ruined Cloud Sea. Soon, the first battlefield in the Cloud Sea appeared before him. This was one of the few places where the fog remained. However, when Wang Lin arrived, a roar and a gust of wind came from the wheel.

This wind caused the fog around the hole in the Realm Sealing Formation to move, and it soon dissipated. The dense fog before Wang Lin was gone and the 10,000 foot hole appeared clearly before his eyes.

This hole was like a scar, and in the past 100 years, it had been unable to heal. Inner Realm cultivators had tried to repair this, but in the end, they all left in disappointment. This hole couldn’t be repaired, because during the war, the Realm Sealing Formation was on the verge of collapse.

It was unknown who had created the Realm Sealing Formation. Over the countless years, after being attacked over and over and then having hole for almost 100 years, it had grown weak, as if it were dying.

Standing before the hole, Wang Lin silently pondered. He looked at the Realm Sealing Formation and swept it with his divine sense. He could feel the formation spirits inside, but even they were weak. It was as if weakening of the Realm Sealing Formation was going to cause them to dissipate.

“This formation is dead…” Wang Lin lamented. He turned around and looked at the space before him. A ray of purple light carrying the aura of a third step cultivator flew toward him.

This purple light was the last person to leave but the first person to catch up to Wang Lin. The female cultivator from the Summoned River!

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