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Chapter 1660 - Decisive Battle (4)

There were more than 100,000 heads behind Wang Lin. The miserable howls coming from those heads combined with the sounds of slaughter on the battlefield.

“The Life and Death Formation is done and the Karma Formation is broken. I’ll form another Karma Formation!” Wang Lin, still sitting on the Emperor Furnace, waved his right hand. 50,000 of the heads formed a giant vortex before him.

The vortex suddenly began to rotate and howls echoed. Soon, it stopped rotating and the Karma Formation appeared!

“Eyes open is true, closed eyes is false. True and false dao complete, True and False Formation!” Wang Lin’s voice was erratic, and as he spoke, the 50,000 remaining heads behind him flew out to form another large vortex.

This vortex was in a state between an illusion and real, as if it didn’t belong in this world. It was twisted and blurry, and its rotations created loud rumbles. The aura of the true and false essence spread out.

In a moment, the vortex was formed and the True and False Formation took shape!

With a serious expression, Wang Lin pointed at the life and death vortex. At this moment, the three wheels representing life and death, true and false, and karma gathered. They began to overlap before Wang Lin!

When they overlapped, the formation formed by the three great ethereal essences was formed!

“I need 10,000 fellow cultivators to willingly give up their origin souls and become the formation spirits of my three essence wheels. Change the track of the heavens, disrupt the operation of the heavens, and kill all the Outer Realm cultivators here!” Wang Lin’s expression was serious. His three-wheel formation needed 10,000 origin souls to become the formation spirits so it could operate at full strength.

As his words echoed, 10,000 Inner Realm cultivators sat down with no hesitation. Their origin souls flew out and flew toward Wang Lin’s three overlapping essence wheels.

In an instant, these 10,000 origin souls arrived. The three wheels began to roar and rotate. Then the three fused into one and began to rapidly expand. It soon grew into a giant wheel as tall as heaven itself!

This wheel gave off life and death, true and false, and karma essence. When it rotated, the trajectory of the world would change. When it moved, the sky would collapse!

This was the strongest of Wang Lin’s self-created spells, and he wouldn’t be able to use it again in his life. This was a fusion of his three great ethereal essences, and there would not be a second one!

The 10,000 origin souls were below the giant wheel and became the formation spirits that pushed the wheel. They roared as they pushed the giant wheel toward the hundreds of thousands of Outer Realm cultivators.

They rotated the wheel once!

The heavens and earth shattered. The planets that formed the planet formation began to collapse. All vitality seemed to have been drawn out from space, and there was an absence of aura. Nearly 30% of all the hundreds of thousands of Outer Realm cultivators’ bodies collapsed and died.

After just one turn, the 10,000 origin souls that had pushed the wheel became dim; they had no strength to push it a second time. Just at this moment, the Inner Realm cultivators all retreated and sat down; even Mu Bingmei did this. When they sat down, their origin souls all flew out and  flew toward the huge wheel. Together, they pushed the wheel that was like fate itself to rotate once more!

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the star system. The giant wheel rotated once more, and at this instant, another 30% of the Outer Realm cultivators collapsed and died to this indescribable force.

Fresh blood formed a river that drifted through the star system.

The remaining Outer Realm cultivators felt extreme fear. They went crazy and their minds trembled from fear due to the sudden change. At this moment, they all fled in different directions!

Facing a power they didn’t understand, they didn’t dare to resist and weren’t able to resist!

Even the two Arcane Void cultivators battling Qing Lin and company were terrified to the limit. The old woman and the last celestial imperial concubine desperately retreated and finally broke free from Qing Lin and company. Their cultivation methods weren’t normal, so they instantly escaped far.

Facing these scattering Outer Realm cultivators, even the tens of thousands of origin souls of the Inner Realm didn’t have the power to turn this giant wheel a third time!

Qing Lin closed his eyes and his origin soul flew out. As a third step cultivator and the Rain Celestial Realm’s Celestial Emperor, his origin soul’s strength was shocking. His origin soul turned into a giant, and he stepped toward the wheel and mercilessly pushed.

At the same time, Master Hong Shan and the woman in purple from the Summoned River closed their eyes and their origin souls flew out. In the distance, Qing Shui ignored his injuries and his origin soul also flew out!

The four giant origin souls pushed the wheel, causing it to rumble and slowly rotate a third time!

When the wheel turned a third time, space itself collapsed, a real collapse, and layers of fragments scattered in all directions. Those Outer Realm cultivator that had escaped far weren’t able to escape from this power. All their bodies were destroyed by the wheel’s power to change how the world operated.

After the wheel turned a third time, there was still some extra force and it slowly turned even more, but it couldn’t complete the fourth turn. Wang Lin’s hands formed a seal and then his origin soul flew out and he pushed the wheel!

With this, the wheel rotated once more and finally completed the fourth turn! This fourth rotation caused the star system to buzz. A strange force fused the origin soul of Wang Lin with all the Inner Realm cultivators’ origin souls to launch a shocking sweep. 

Under this sweep, all the remaining Outer Realm cultivators, no matter where they were in Allheaven, trembled and their bodies collapsed.

The old woman that had tried to kill Wang Lin trembled and disappeared. Her soul was destroyed!

Only the the last celestial imperial was one step ahead. When the power from the wheel swept by, she broke open the void using a life-saving spell she had placed. She entered the rift and barely survived.

Everything was over!

Outside the wheel, the weakened origin souls all returned to their bodies. The moment they returned, they all coughed out blood and were all seriously injured.

Wang Lin also coughed out blood. This wheel formed by the three great essences was a great burden even for him; not even his ancient god body could bear it.

If it wasn’t for the fact that there were tens of thousands of Inner Realm cultivators, he would not have been able to turn the essence wheel. Similarly, if the other three Arcane Void cultivators hadn’t been killed or captured by him, then once they joined forces to resist, he wouldn’t have been able to get the Inner Realm cultivators to help him turn the essence wheel.

“Three years… The last three years!” Wang Lin was exhausted as he stood up from the Emperor Furnace. He took the Emperor Furnace and the essence wheel and flew off into the distance.

“You all, recover for three years. I’ll guard everyone!”

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