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Chapter 1659 - Decisive Battle (3)

When Wang Lin killed, he always relied on his plans. Although the plans might not be amazing, at the short moments of life and death, they always played a big role.

In particular, his grasp of timing had reached another level. Like how when the celestial imperial concubine was about to use her celestial bloodline spell, Wang Lin had brought out the Li Guang Bow without hesitation.

The moment the bow appeared, the celestial imperial concubine gave up casting the spell and escaped in fear. The celestial imperial concubine wasn’t sure if Wang Lin had the determination to fire another shot!

Then, when the celestial imperial concubine was forced to the limit by the War Spirit Print and was about to use her celestial bloodline spell again, Wang Lin said that line that shocked her!

That line might have only caused the celestial imperial concubine to pause for a moment, but for cultivators, that pause was fatal!

The moment the celestial imperial concubine paused in shock, the War Spirit Print closed in. At the same time, Wang Lin raised the blood sword and slashed down.

All of this happened in a flash, fast beyond belief!

A monsterous rumble echoed. The War Spirit Print landed and the blood sword chopped down. This was a life and death calamity for the celestial imperial concubine. Her scream slowly became faint as her body trembled and collapsed, then her soul was destroyed!

Wang Lin also coughed out blood. At the moment of her death, she completed her bloodline spell. Although it was covered by the War Spirit Print, its power entered Wang Lin’s body.

It caused Wang Lin’s body to tremble, and he retreated another 1,000 feet as he coughed out blood.


He had only killed one person and was injured himself, but it was worth it!

When he killed the celestial imperial concubine, the slaughter between the Inner and Outer Realms had already formed a river of blood. The screams of slaughter echoed across the stars.

Wang Lin retreated as he coughed out blood. He was secretly adjusting himself, but he suddenly felt a moment of danger. Wang Lin avoided the danger and turned around to see a ray of sword energy pass by. The sword energy swept across the stars and ripped open a big spatial rift.

The old man in black that was part of Wang Lin’s life and death crisis had taken advantage of Wang Lin’s injury and launched a sneak attack. The old man in black held up a sword and shot a ray of sword energy at Wang Lin.

“He is injured, this is the best chance to kill him!”

Coldness filled Wang Lin’s eyes and he immediately retreated. His body turned into black gas and retreated into the Outer Realm army that was batting against the Inner Realm.

The mist his body turned into spread out and shrouded the Outer Realm cultivators. Miserable screams echoed, and as the mist left, corpses that had been drained of vitality, flesh, and blood slowly scattered.

The killing intent in the eyes of the old man in black became even stronger as he chased after Wang Lin.

The mist that Wang Lin had turned into rapidly retreated, and all the Outer Realm cultivators it engulfed died. In just a few breaths, tens of thousands of Outer Realm cultivators died.

At this moment, the old man in black moved even faster. With one step, he closed in on the mist that Wang Lin had turned into. He then raised his sword and mercilessly chopped down.

A ray of monstrous sword energy appeared.

Just as the sword energy closed in, the mist rapidly shrank and Wang Lin reformed his body. A majority of his injuries had recovered after devouring that many Outer Realm cultivators.

At the moment his body reformed, there was a flash of killing intent in Wang Lin’s eyes. As the old man closed in, Wang Lin raised his right hand.

“Karma Formation!” With this, the motionless wheel formed by the Karma Formation appeared before Wang Lin. With a push from Wang Lin. the giant karma wheel flew forward and collided with the sword the old man as he chopped down.

A thunderous rumble echoed. The old man’s sword energy shattered and he coughed out blood as he was knocked back. The Karma Formation also collapsed and shattered!

However, the loss of the formation didn’t make Wang Lin feel heartache at all. Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a mysterious light. He started laughing, then his hands formed a seal. His right hand formed a fist and waved.

“Karma Formation, take form. Your sword is the karmic cause of my formation. The wheel shattering into countless pieces is the karmic effect! Karma Formation, open!” As Wang Lin waved his hand, the shattered Karma Formation turned into cloud of chaotic gas and swept the area. There were more than 50,000 strands of karma gas!

Each strand instantly changed into the sword energy that the old man had released. As a result, more than 50,000 rays of sword energy appeared!

This was the Karma Formation!

As Wang Lin waved his hand, the sword energy formed by the Karma Formation scattered toward the Outer Realm cultivators. Miserable screams echoed, and in an instant, more than rays of 50,000 sword energy killed more than 50,000 Outer Realm cultivators!

Their deaths dyed space dark red!

“The celestial imperial concubine was difficult to kill, but killing an early stage Arcane Void cultivator like you is easy!” Wang Lin stepped through the collapsed Karma Formation and charged at the old man.

“Left hand is life, right hand is death, Life and Death Seal!” Wang Lin closed in on the old man and completely ignored the spells the old man was trying to use. His left hand pressed down, followed by his right. The life and death aura touched the old man’s body and caused a thunderous rumble.

The old man coughed out blood and retreated with a fierce expression. His hands started forming a seal to use a spell, but Wang Lin didn’t see any of this. He closed his eyes, and at this moment, everything in the world was false.

With his eyes closed, he quickly moved forward and went through the old man’s spells. He arrived before the old man and pressed his right hand down on the old man’s chest. His fingers clenched to form a fist and then he pulled back.

“Karma Print!”

A thunderous bang echoed and the old man let out a miserable scream and retreated. A part of the old man’s essence had been pulled out by Wang Lin, and at this moment, Wang Lin opened his eyes. He squeezed with his right hand and crushed a portion of the old man’s essence.

As the old man retreated, Wang Lin waved his left hand and his storage space opened. He grabbed all the Seven-Colored Nails and waved his hand.

Those several Seven-Colored Nails moved at unimaginable speeds and stabbed into the old man’s chest. The old man’s eyes became filled with fear and blood started flowing out from the corner of his mouth, making him retreat even faster.

Just as Wang Lin was about to chase, a ray of killing intent closed in. Another celestial imperial concubine that wore blue and was surrounded by blue light closed in. The moment she closed in, a blue ribbon rushed toward Wang Lin.

Behind the woman, Qing Lin quickly followed. It was obvious that the three were doing battle before, but the celestial imperial concubine had escaped their attack and pursued Wang Lin.

Even further away, the woman in purple from the Summoned River was like a demon and had killed several Nirvana Void cultivators. She was battling the last two.

The Arcane Void old woman from the Outer Realm was battling her! The last of the three imperial celestial concubines was battling Master Hong Shan. Master Hong Shan was obviously no match, but he continued to hold her back.

In the distance, a large amount of Inner Realm cultivators died, but more than 100,000 Outer Realm cultivators had died. The sounds of slaughter echoed across Allheaven.

Wang Lin suddenly turned around and madness appeared in his eyes. If the Arcane Void cultivators from the Outer Realm didn’t die, this battle wouldn’t end. The moment he turned around, his ancient god stars shined and the Emperor Furnace appeared. The moment it appeared, it expanded to cover the surrounding area, including the celestial imperial concubine and the old man in black.

The Emperor Furnace released a soft energy that pushed Qing Lin out. At the same time, it devoured the man in black and the celestial imperial concubine before suddenly shrinking.

Thunderous rumbles came from within the Emperor Furnace. Although it had devoured the old man in black and the celestial imperial concubine, it was very difficult to refine the two of them. As the thunderous rumbles echoed, it felt like the Emperor Furnace was going to break.

Wang Lin’s body moved and he sat on top of the Emperor Furnace. He then spat out blood on the Emperor Furnace and formed seal with his hands. Next, he pointed to the spot between his eyebrows and his ancient god stars flew out and landed on the Emperor Furnace.

The drop of golden blood formed by the Immortal Celestial Body flew out and he pressed it on the Emperor Furnace. This caused the furnace to release a monstrous, golden light.

“The celestial bloodline and the ancient bloodline, I fuse them into the Emperor Furnace and seal you two for 100 million years!” Wang Lin waved his sleeve and his self-created spell, Flowing Time, appeared. It turned into a giant, stone door and was pressed onto the Emperor Furnace!

When the stone door appeared, time rapidly moved. With Wang Lin’s current cultivation level, he could make time flow endlessly!

Sweat appeared on Wang Lin’s forehead as he was sitting on top of the Emperor Furnace. His eyes were completely red and he let out a roar.

“Senior Qing Lin, Master Hong Shan, and Senior from the Summoned River. The three of you, hold off the last two Arcane Void cultivators to give me enough time to set up the Life and Death, Karma, and True and False Formation!!”

The three of them nodded. They started working together to hold off the last two Arcane Void cultivators so they couldn’t interrupt Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s hands formed a seal while his eyes were filled with madness. This battle was a game between the Seven-Colored Daoist and Old Ghost Zhan. This war was something they had to carry out for a certain purpose.

Then Wang Lin wouldn’t mind killing all Outer Realm cultivators to end this battle. He wanted to see exactly what those two were looking for!

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