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Chapter 166 – Ancient Transfer Array

But just as the idea appeared, it disappeared. He secretly sighed in regret. If it wasn’t for the fact that they needed to enter that place, he would have taken him as an inner disciple. However, whether or not the kid would still be alive in the end was still up for debate.

At this moment, his expression suddenly changed as he raised his head and looked into the distance. Wang Lin immediately noticed an unnatural spiritual energy fluctuation coming in from the distance. This fluctuation was very mild, but it was also filled with a sense of power.

He saw a scholarly person wearing a grey robe with a square bandana on his head coming in from the distance. This person’s face was as white as snow and hints of coldness could be seen in his eyes.

His body moved like a willow swaying in the wind as he descended from the sky. He waved his hand and calmly said, “Duanmu Ji, was my earth boat useful?”

Wang Lin’s pupils shrank. He wasn’t able to see through this person’s cultivation just like he couldn’t see through Eighth Extreme Demon Lord’s. Seeing how he talked to Eighth Extreme Demon Lord as equals, their cultivation levels must’ve been similar.

Eighth Extreme Demon Lord Duanmu Ji snorted as he took out the earth boat and threw it at him. He said, “As useful as a fart! You consider this broken thing a treasure? I wouldn’t even want it if you gave it to me for free.”

The grey-robed scholar caught the earth boat with his right hand and put it away. His gaze fell on Wang Lin as he calmly asked, “Why is there a Core Formation junior?”

Duanmu Ji rolled his eyes and said, “I obviously have a use for him. Let’s go. That place is about to open.” With that, he threw out the gourd, which immediately expanded. With one step, he jumped onto the gourd.

Wang Lin looked at the grey-robed scholar before taking a step and jumping onto the gourd. He was very cautious because ever since the grey-robed scholar arrived, his divine sense had been scanning Wang Lin.

Just at this moment, he suddenly heard a voice transmission from Duanmu Ji. “This person is Wang Qingyue. He is a messenger sent by the Yin and Yang Sect from a rank 4 cultivation country. His cultivation is terrifying, so don’t anger him.”

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same, but he became even more vigilant in his heart. The three of them quickly charged into the Sea of Devils. Wang Lin coldly observed Wang Qingyue the whole time. He didn’t have any treasure under his feet, but he was moving as fast as the gourd. The fog three feet in front of him would automatically move to the sides.

Not long after, the three of them were deep inside the Sea of Devils. Nan Dou city quickly appeared before them, but the three of them didn’t stop there.

Along the way, the face of any cultivator who saw the three of them would immediately change. Some of them seemed to recognize the gourd and would respectfully stand to the side. Only after the gourd disappeared did they dare to move.

Wang Qingyue’s expression remained calm. As he flew, he slowly said, “Eighth Extreme Demon Lord’s reputation is not bad. There are even people in the outer sea that recognize you.”

The three of them were moving very fast, but the words clearly entered everyone’s ears. The old man Duanmu Ji glanced over and said, “If we were in the inner sea, then there would be even more people that know me. If you saw that, would you want to say even more insults?”

Wang Qingyue chuckled as his gaze swept past Wang Lin and he said to Duanmu Ji, “You’re taking a Core Formation cultivator into that place. Aren’t you asking him to die?”

Duanmu Ji blandly said, “Don’t underestimate this guy. He knows the death spell, which can be very useful in the third realm!”

Wang Qingyue was stunned, but soon his eyes shined like they had never shined before. He revealed a very strange smile as he stared at Wang Lin. Soon, the light in his eyes disappeared as he shook his head. “Regrettable. If you were at the Nascent Soul stage, I would have liked to have a fight with you.”

Wang Lin remained silent.

Wang Qingyue stared at Duanmu Ji and suddenly said, “Duanmu Ji, when you went there 1000 years ago, you must have gotten some treasures. Why else would you want to go back so badly? Where exactly is that place? Is the thing you talked about really there?”

Duanmu Ji pondered for a bit before saying, “I got this gourd for that place. Wang Qingyu, I can only tell you this much: once you are there, you will naturally know. Sorry.”

Wang Qingyu looked at the gourd without displaying any abnormal expression. After that, he silently followed Duanmu Ji. The three of them flew at a very high speed. In the blink of an eye, one month passed.

During this one month of time, the three of them never stopped once. Along the way, Wang Lin saw a total of four cities. Each city had more cultivators then the last. These cities were much more developed than Nan Dou City.

On this day, a very large mountain range with no end in sight appeared before them. Duanmu Ji hit the gourd and quickly flew toward the mountain range.

Soon, he went around the mountain peak and arrived in a valley inside the mountain. The valley was very quiet without any signs of life.

Duanmu Ji was very familiar with this place. They soon arrived at the center of the valley. He jumped off the gourd and formed a seal with his hand. A strange wind appeared and cleared out everything in the surrounding area, creating an opening.

Wang Lin jumped down from the gourd and immediately saw a circular formation in the clearing. There were countless symbols carved on this formation that released an ancient aura.

After Wang Qingyue saw the formation, he revealed a strange expression and thoughtfully looked at Duanmu Ji.

Duanmu Ji slapped his bag of holding. He carefully took out a spirit stone that released a milky white light. He revealed a sad expression as he placed it into the groove in the formation.

Duanmu muttered, “This damn formation is made to eat spirit stones. After the transfer is complete, this top quality spirit stone will be destroyed.”

Wang Qingyue’s eyes shined again as he stared at the spirit stone and asked, “Duanmu Ji, that top quality spirit stone is also from… that place?”

Duanmu Ji grumpily said, as he messed with the formation, “That is correct. Back then, I was able to obtain three pieces, or else it would be impossible to enter that place. Only this ancient formation can take us there. Back then, me and some old friends searched through ancient texts and spent 1000 years to find this place. Then we used a lot of spirit stones and materials to exchange for a few top quality spirit stones from Suzaku in order to enter.”

Wang Qingyue stared at the top quality spirit stone and said, “Top quality spirit stone… top quality spirit stones are very rare everywhere in this planet. Rumor has it that it is the main currency used to do business between planets. If that place really has top quality spirit stones, then even if there is no Soul Transformation pill, it is still worth exploring it.”

Duanmu Ji stared at Wang Lin and muttered, “This transfer array is not what you imagine it to be. It does not take us directly there but to the Chaotic Broken Stars in the Sea of Devils. Once we are there, we will meet with a few friends and go inside together. Otherwise, it would take too long to fly there. Without one hundred years, it would be impossible to make it there in time. Not to mention the dangers outside the Broken Stars, just the red mist between the outer and inner seas is bad enough. With our cultivation levels, just being careful is enough, but this kid will die for sure. Why else do you think I would be so wasteful as to use a top quality spirit stone to rush there?”

Duanmu Ji formed a few seals with his hand and sent it to the transfer array. The top quality spirit stone at the center of the formation began to shine. Shortly after, the countless symbols on the formation began to light up. When all of the symbols were lit up, the top quality spirit stone shattered.

The entire transfer array suddenly began to move as it released a large amount of spiritual energy. This spiritual energy almost became solid as it moved like the wind, moving the fog along with it. Soon, a giant vortex of spiritual energy appeared. The vortex became larger and larger.

Such a shocking scene caused Wang Lin to take a deep breath as he stared at the groove in the center of the transfer array. The top quality spirit stone had already turned to dust and was blown away by the wind.

However, the spiritual energy inside the top quality spirit stone tempted Wang Lin. Not even tens of thousands of high quality spirit stones could match this amount of spiritual energy. They weren’t even on the same level.

Duanmu Ji moved next to Wang Lin and said, “Go inside!”

Wang Lin sneered in his heart as he saw through Duanmu Ji’s thoughts. He must’ve been afraid that there might be a problem if he let Wang Lin go last. Wang Lin silently walked through the vortex and stood at the center of the array.

Duanmu Ji quickly walked into the array as well. The last one was Wang Qingyue. He carefully checked it before walking in.

Shortly after, the vortex suddenly paused. Then it all came crashing down, causing the whole mountain to shake. The three of them inside the formation suddenly disappeared.

It took a long time for the place to return to normal. The fog that was pushed aside slowly surrounded the area again.

The Sea of Devils was very large. Between the inner and outsider seas, there was a zone of red mist. If one didn’t have a high enough cultivation level, their body would decay the moment they come into contact with the red mist. Their soul would also not be able to escape and would be forever trapped within the red mist.

This red mist was a natural barrier between the inner and outer seas. The barrier was only passable for one day when the fog turns into sea.

Most cultivators that wished to enter or leave the inner sea would choose to quickly pass through on that day.

The inner sea was filled with powerful cultivators. Many infamous demonic cultivators lived in the inner sea.

The inner sea was also very large. If one were to fly, it would take at least 100 years to cross it. To the extreme north of the inner sea, there was a plain called the Chaotic Broken Stars.

This was the one place in the Sea of Devils that was never affected when the fog became sea. There was a ring of mysterious broken stones that created a natural barrier around the area.

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