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Chapter 165 – Palpitating with Eagerness

The old man grumbled, “This is really troublesome!” He coldly looked up at Zhao Chuanliang and said, “I don’t want to kill right now, so scram!” The old man wasn’t lying; the mysterious Corpse Sect was more scary to him than rank 4 or 5 cultivation countries.

Unless he had to, he really didn’t want to get into a fight with them. What angered him the most was that the fight wasn’t even for himself but for a junior that had no relation to him other than him needing to use this brat.

Zhao Chuanliang’s pupils shrank as he stared at the old man. That casual wave of the old man’s hand was able to destroy his attack. This secretly shocked him. He had already heard about this old man from Hou Fen. The reason he had brought all of the Nascent Soul cultivators from the sect was to prevent this person from acting.

But now it seemed that this person’s cultivation level was much higher than he had anticipated. Zhao Chuanliang pondered for a bit and then said, “Senior, this person is connected to an important matter of my Corpse Sect. I have to take him with me today.”

The old man secretly sighed. He wondered why this brat was so troublesome. Out of all the people he could have offended, why did this brat have to offend the Corpse Sect? If he had a choice, he would just leave and not get involved in this anymore.

But he had no choice. Offending the Corpse Sect wasn’t a big deal if he were successful in that place.

And looking back at that brat Ma Liang’s previous actions, the brat was sure that he was going to act. Although he hated this, he couldn’t help but admire this brat as well.

Those who cultivated the demonic method were different from normal people. The Eighth Extreme Demon Lord believed that Wang Lin’s actions were correct. If it was he himself in that position, he would have done the same thing.

After hearing Zhao Chuanliang’s words, the Eighth Extreme Demon Lord frowned. He looked at Wang Lin and asked, in a lukewarm tone, “How did you offend the Corpse Sect?”

Wang Lin looked at the vicious members of the Corpse Sect and calmly said, “I don’t know.”

Zhao Chuanliang’s eyes were like lightning as he stared at Wang Lin and said, “You don’t know? You killed Corpse Sect disciples on the Burning Gold mountains and you dare to say you don’t know?”

Wang Lin rolled his eyes and said, “I still don’t know.” With that, he didn’t even look at Zhao Chuanliang as he closed his eyes and began to cultivate. However, in his heart, he was prepared to escape into the Sea of Devils with his earth escape technique if the old man decided to not help him.

Zhao Chaunliang sneered. He looked toward the old man and said, “Senior, not only has this person killed disciples of my Corpse Sect, he also captured the soul of a disciple of Tian Gang, Xu Liguo, who came to possess a body. I spent a lot effort and even took a trip to Tian Gang to buy this information from old man Tian Di. This can’t be wrong.”

The old man’s face became a bit ugly as he muttered, “Old man Tian Di…”

“Old man Tian Di’s cultivation is very powerful. He was able to find out what happened back then using Xu Liguo’s soul lamp. It was this person called Ma Liang who killed my Corpse Sect’s disciples and trapped Xu Liguo’s soul!” With that, Zhao Chuanliang waved his hand and his body disappeared.

The four Nascent Soul cultivators behind him also disappeared and reappeared before the Eighth Extreme Demon Lord. As for Zhao Chuanliang, he appeared above Wang Lin and quickly threw down a mass of black smoke from his hand. At the same time, the Core Formation cultivators inside the formation began a mysterious chant. The formation immediately expanded at a very quick pace and covered the surrounding 1000 kilometers.

A cold light flashed across the Eighth Extreme Demon Lord’s eyes as he quickly split from one to two. This avatar quickly appeared between Zhao Chuanliang and Wang Lin. He opened his mouth and sucked in all the black gas.

“Impudent!” the avatar shouted, as a green gourd suddenly appeared in his hand. With a slap, the cork on the bottle came out and a powerful force came out of the gourd.

Ripples appeared in the air with the mouth of the gourd as the origin and spread wider and wider. Zhao Chuanliang’s expression immediately changed as he and the other four Nascent Soul cultivators teleported multiple times to return to the formation.

The old man’s eyes were cold. His voice was low as he slowly said, “There are several reasons why I haven’t massacred people in a long time, yet a mere early stage Nascent Soul cultivator dares to act so impudently before me. If you harm even a hair on Ma Liang’s head today, I, the Eighth Extreme Demon Lord, will go wipe out your Corpse Sect!”

With that, he reached up and formed a giant hand. Like breaking a child’s toy, the Corpse Sect’s transfer formation was shattered. The energy within it quickly spread out in all directions and disappeared.

Aside from five pale-faced Nascent Soul cultivators who were able to dodge it, all of the Core Formation cultivators were turned to dust by this shock wave along with the coffins behind them.

Zhao Chuanliang’s body shivered as he stared at the old man and bitterly said, “Senior’s cultivation level is very high, but becoming enemies with the Corpse Sect is not wise! With senior’s cultivation, you should have some understanding of our Corpse Sect, but what you understand is only the tip of the iceberg. I once again advise senior to not make an enemy of the Corpse Sect. Even if senior is the city lord of one of the Seven Plum Flower Cities, it would be hard to escape death!”

The Eighth Extreme Demon Lord didn’t want to offend the Corpse Sect, so he didn’t kill these five. As for those Core Formation cultivators, he checked them with his divine sense to make sure that none of them were being possessed. He killed them all only after he confirmed that they weren’t.

The old man frowned and slowly said, “This person is of great use to me. I wouldn’t bother protecting him otherwise. You guys should leave. If it wasn’t today, I wouldn’t be bothered with this.”

Wang Lin looked coldly at everything that was happening. Although his expression remained normal when the old man broke the transfer formation, his heart was shocked. This Eighth Extreme Demon Lord was able to break the Hou Fen Union’s sect protection formation with one palm and easily crushed the transfer formation of the Corpse Sect. Wang Lin had been wondering what exact cultivation level this old man was at and reached a conclusion that caused him to stop breathing.

In truth, he already had this guess very early on. From when the old man started chasing him in the Sea of Devils, everything this old man had done showed how powerful his cultivation was.

Soul Formation!

This Eighth Extreme Demon Lord’s cultivation level was very likely Soul Formation, or else there was no way for him to be able to so easily do what he had done.

After hearing Zhao Chuanliang speak of the Seven Plum Flower Cities of the inner Sea of Devils, Wang Lin recalled that name. His eyes turned to the old man and locked onto the seven plum flower on old man’s clothes.

Zhao Chuanliang pondered for a bit before staring coldly at Wang Lin. He slowly said, “Ma Liang, the Corpse Sect is far beyond your imagination. Offending the Corpse Sect is the biggest mistake of your life!” With that, he disappeared.

The four Nascent Soul cultivators also coldly looked at Wang Lin before disappearing.

Wang Lin pondered for a bit. If it wasn’t for the Corpse Sect disciples attacking him first with the intent to kill, he wouldn’t have killed them. If he had let Xu Liguo go, it would have created a series of problems.

However, the cultivation world runs by the law of the jungle. The Corpse Sect was like a very large and powerful creature. If it said it was your fault, it was your fault. Even if it wasn’t your fault, it still was your fault.

Wang Lin took a deep breath. Even though he had already been very careful, he still got into this much trouble. In the end, it was because his cultivation level wasn’t high enough. If he had the same cultivation level as the Eighth Extreme Demon Lord, then even if he had killed one person, it wouldn’t be such a big deal.

Wang Lin became even more determined to reach the Nascent Soul stage. Whether it was for himself or for returning to Zhao to get revenge on Teng Huayuan, he absolutely had to succeed in reaching the Nascent Soul stage, or everything he wanted to do would just be dream.

The Eighth Extreme Demon Lord turned toward Wang Lin and gloomily said, “Little guy, this is the second time I have helped you. No matter what misunderstanding we have, this should be more than enough to make up for it. I hope that when we go in, you won’t try any unnecessary scheming!”

The Eighth Extreme Demon Lord now had some understanding of Wang Lin’s schemes from these days with Wang Lin and the time he had spent chasing him. This Ma Liang was a good seed for demonic cultivation. He easily guessed what had happened after hearing about the matter from Zhao Chuanliang. This brat was very ruthless and bold.

In the Sea of Devils, the brat dared to move around openly with the kill order. He used the kill order to draw people to him in order to kill them until they ran away scared. It could be said that this person was very decisive and ruthless.

When he chased him out of the Sea of Devils, the brat dared to leave a flying sword to ambush him, which even drew blood. This showed just how bold this person was.

If those were the only things, then he wouldn’t really be much, but this person even borrowed someone’s power to force the War God Shrine to let him see the Divine Path. This person was a true schemer.

Just now, when Zhao Chuanliang attacked him, he was able to not even bat an eye. He didn’t show a hint of panic. This showed just how calm and determined he was.

In addition to all of this, the Eighth Extreme Demon Lord remembered that it took him three years to finally trap this person. In the end, the only words the old man had that could describe him was “as sly as a fox.”

This person was ruthless, bold, and decisive. He was also very brave, cunning, determined, and as sly as a fox.

Even the Eighth Extreme Demon Lord became tempted after carefully analysing the situation. He stared at Wang Lin as one thought entered his mind.

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