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Chapter 167 – Gathering of Devils

There was a mysterious force holding these shattered rocks in place. This 1000 foot wide area was what gave this place the name “Chaotic Broken Stars.”

This was also considered a dead zone. If someone at the Nascent Soul stage wanted to get through the red mist by force without waiting for that one day, then out of ten people, a few would still succeed.

However, if they wanted to get through the Chaotic Broken Stars by force, then out of the ten of them, all of them would die. This was considered one of the most dangerous places in the Sea of Devils.

Legend had it that this place existed before all of the water in the Sea of Devil became fog. Throughout the countless years, many cultivators wanted to go inside but were forced to give up. Even those that had successfully entered never came back out.

Even the rank 5 cultivation countries found it hard to send people here due to how chaotic the area was. Also, no one knew exactly what was inside, so if they were to spend all this effort only to find nothing inside, it really wouldn’t be worth it.

As time passed, fewer and fewer cultivators wanted to go inside.

However, this situation changed 10,000 years ago. A powerful cultivator from the only rank 6 cultivation country in Suzaku came. He had challenged countless powerful cultivators and none of them were a match for him. In the end, he entered the chaotic broken stars, but he was never heard from again.

Ten years later, Suzaku sent countless experts to the Sea of Devils to seal the Chaotic Broken Stars. They announced that anyone who dared to enter would be killed without mercy.

As a result, this place became a forbidden area. Although the fear had died down after all these years, there were still no cultivators within 10,000 kilometers of it.

On this day, in a dark valley outside the Chaotic Broken Stars, a giant vortex appeared. This vortex continued to grow until an opening appeared on the ground. There was a very ancient transfery array on the ground that began shine. It shined brighter and brighter until three figures appeared within it.

The moment Wang Lin appeared in the transfer array, the first thing he saw was the circular area with rocks floating around. Stones of various sizes connected by threads of purple lightning moved in a circular motion.

From a distance, that area was 1000 feet wide with no end in sight.

This was also the first time Wang Qingyue had been here. His eyes shined as he stared at the Chaotic Broken Stars and asked, “This place is the Chaotic Broken Stars?”

Duanmu Ji looked over with regret. After a long time, he slowly said, “Yes, this is the place. After 1000 years, there is no change at all.”

Wang Qingyue’s eyes shined as he licked his lips and said, “Rumor has it that 10,000 years ago, Suzaku’s number one expert disappeared in the Chaotic Broken Stars. I want to see what’s so mysterious about this place.”

Wang Lin pondered for a bit before saying to Duanmu Ji, “The place senior talked about is inside this Chaotic Broken Stars?”

Duanmu Ji nodded as he looked toward the Chaotic Broken Stars. He revealed a worried expression as he said, “That area of broken rocks contains a mysterious force. Once you have entered the area, the mysterious force will enter your body. Those broken rocks will use an extraordinary power to create an avatar exactly the same as you. This avatar will also be one level above you in cultivation. No matter what method you use to suppress your cultivation, it won’t work. Once the avatar appears, you must defeat it to move 500 feet. Once you pass those 500 feet, two more avatars will appear. Only by defeating them can you pass through the Chaotic Broken Stars.”

Wang Lin raised his head and looked up. Duanmu Ji seemed to know what Wang Lin was thinking and said, “Although you can avoid the rocks by flying above or below, the avatars will still appear, and it will be ten at a time.

Wang Lin stared at the area and silently pondered.

Wang Qingyue stared at it for a while before his eyes shined and he let out a cruel smile. He said, “Such an interesting place. I have to go check it out for myself!” With that, his body disappeared and reappeared outside the Chaotic Broken Stars. Without any hesitation, he stepped inside.

Wang Lin became focused as he carefully looked over without even blinking once. He only saw that right when Wang Qingyue entered, some of the broken rocks gathered together and formed a net of purple lightning. Inside the net of purple lightning, an avatar that looked exactly the same as Wang Qingyue appeared.

Even the smile on their faces were exactly the same. Without a word, the avatar charged forward and the sounds of fighting echoed from where the two were.

Duanmu Ji snorted. “It won’t be long before he comes back. How do you fight an avatar that is one level above you?”

Wang Lin pondered for a bit and suddenly asked, “How did you guys enter last time?”

Duanmu Ji pointed at the transfer array and said, “Through that! We had a transfer array expert last time. We had obtained some inheritance item from the Chaotic Broken Stars which documented a method to create the transfer array to go inside. Only by using ten top-quality spirit stones did we manage to enter.”

Wang Lin slightly frowned and asked, “What exactly is inside the Chaotic Broken Stars?”

Duanmu Ji looked at Wang Lin before waving his hand and taking back the divine sense mark he had left on him. He slowly said, “Forget it. Since we are already here, it’s fine to tell you. From the recording we found, the corpse of an ancient god is inside the Chaotic Broken Stars.”

Wang Lin was startled. “Ancient god?”

“Ancient god is an existence similar to the ancient celestial cultivators, and even more powerful than the ancient celestial cultivators in some regards!” This wasn’t said by Duanmu Ji. It was an old man in black who had suddenly arrived next to Duanmu Ji.

The old man was very tall and skinny. His long, white beard flowed in the wind and his face was filled with the air of an immortal. With the whisk in his hand, he really did look like an immortal. He had a friendly expression as he smiled and nodded at Wang Lin. “Little friend, the power of the ancient god has already broken past our realm of comprehension and reached an unimagined limit. It has to be said that the time when ancient gods were alive was even before the ancient cultivation world.”

Wang Lin’s expression remained calm, but he was very cautious on the inside. Although this person looked friendly, he had a vague feeling that this person’s cultivation level was even higher than Duanmu Ji’s.

The old man finished speaking and waved the whisk in his hand with a smile on his face. However, that smile contained a sliver of malice.

Wang Lin had been on guard the whole time. When the old man waved the whisk, he felt a powerful sense of danger. He didn’t hesitate to quickly back up. He slapped his bag of holding to take out a large amount of charms. All of these charms were defensive types.

A series of crackling sounds could be heard as all those charms shattered.

At the same time, Duanmu Ji took a step forward and stood between Wang Lin and the old man. A half-circle black light screen appeared. It negated the attack from the whisk. The light screen wavered as Duanmu Ji looked at the old man with a serious expression that Wang Lin had never seen before. He said, word for word, “Ancient Emperor, this kid is very important for getting past the third realm. Don’t mess around!”

After Ancient Emperor heard those words, he didn’t act, but the smile on his face slowly disappeared. The air of a celestial completely disappeared and now he looked much more frightening as he calmly asked, “Are you sure?”

Duanmu Ji nodded and said, “He knows the death spell!”

Ancient Emperor looked at Wang Lin before turning and walking to the side. He stopped 30 feet from then and silently looked toward the Chaotic Broken Stars.

Wang Lin’s expression was very gloomy. This Ancient Emperor was clearly a madman. One moment he talks to you in a friendly tone and the next moment he attacks you, revealing his ugly nature.

Duanmu Ji stood beside Wang Lin and sent a voice transmission saying, “He is called Gun Lan, but we all call him Ancient Emperor. This person’s cultivation is very powerful; even I have no confidence in taking him on. He pretends to be a righteous person, but he’s actually ruthless. He has slaughtered countless people and is just a madman. He is a very famous demon in the Sea of Devils.”

Wang Lin was very sullen as he looked at the Ancient Emperor and then at Wang Qingyue, who was having fun fighting his own avatar while occasionally letting out bloodthirsty growls. He felt his heart become heavy.

Ancient Emperor was a madman and this Wang Qingyue was crazy. Only Duanmu Ji seemed normal.

Duanmu Ji’s expression slightly changed as he whispered, “Another one has arrived.

From the edge of the sky came a dragon boat. On the boat stood a very handsome man, but his lips were a bit thin, revealing a sense of ruthlessness. His hands were behind his back and his head was held up high. He was wearing bright red clothes with golden threads embroidered on them. His long, black hair was scattered behind him and moved with the wind.

Beside him stood a person. This person was very young; he looked to be about 20 or so years old. This young man looked plain, but a red light would occasionally appear in his eyes. After the dragon boat got close, the man in red jumped down and the young man behind him quickly followed.

Wang Lin examined the man in red. This person gave off a cold aura. This coldness pierced the bones like a piece of never-melting ice.

After the man in red landed, he coldly looked around. His gaze stopped on Wang Qingyue, who was inside the Chaotic Broken Stars, then he glanced at Wang Lin before turning to Duanmu Ji. His voice was as cold as ice. “How festive!”

Duanmu Ji laughed and said, “Six Desire Devil Lord, I haven’t seen you in 100 years. It seems your cultivation level has increased!” With that, his mouth slightly moved as he sent a voice transmission to the man in red. Six Desire Devil Lord listened until he suddenly became startled and turned his gaze toward Wang Lin. After looking for a while, he said, “Little brother, if you can get us past the third realm, then I, Xu Liqing, promise your safety!”

Just as he finished speaking, the expression of the young man behind him changed. The gaze he had toward Wang Lin gradually turned hostile.

Wang Lin clasped his hands and said, “Many thanks!”

The man in red nodded before withdrawing his gaze and said to Duanmu Ji, “The only one left is Hunchback Meng. I heard that he offended the Giant Demon Clan 300 years ago and was being chased by ten of the battle demons. I don’t know if he is still alive or not.”

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