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Chapter 1658 - Decisive Battle (2)

“Outer Realm cultivators, you all have invaded my Inner Realm for 100 years and taken countless lives… And now you’re sieging this place. Since you all don’t want to leave and since you’re all so determined to kill, then all of you don’t need to leave. Today is the decisive battle!” As Wang Lin spoke, he raised his right hand and pointed at the sky. A thunderous rumble echoed and a huge, motionless wheel appeared.

“Kill!!” Wang Lin let out a roar and then charged forward.

As Wang Lin roared, the remaining Inner Realm cultivators became hot-blooded. They no longer hid inside the planet formation but charged out!


Those that charged out with them included Qing Lin, Master Hong Shan, the woman in purple from the Summoned River, as well as Mu Bingmei, the God Sect, and countless Inner Realm cultivators that had been pushed to the limit.

There were less than 80,000 people from the Inner Realm remaining, but these 80,000 people were not afraid of death. With Wang Lin’s roar, they went crazy!

“Life and Death Formation, suppress all life!” Wang Lin pointed at the sky and the motionless wheel began to turn. As it slowly turned, a monstrous suppression force spread out and descended on the tens of thousands of Outer Realm cultivators!

A thunderous rumble echoed and tens of thousands of Outer Realm cultivators coughed out blood due to the pressure. Some directly exploded and died.

However, there were simply too many Outer Realm cultivators. After a brief panic, the Outer Realm cultivators struggled to let out a roar. They resisted the suppression and began a battle to the death with the Inner Realm cultivators!

The Inner Realm cultivators all flew out from the planet formation. Wang Lin charged in front, and after using the Life and Death Formation that shocked the hundreds of thousands of cultivators, he charged at the Outer Realm’s Arcane Void cultivators!

His goal was to kill all the third step cultivators here!

His gaze swept by, and among the hundreds of thousands of cultivators, the first that Wang Lin saw was the celestial imperial concubine with the harp! This woman had used the Five Burial spell to cause Wang Lin extreme pain back then. He still remembered having his five internal organs wither and turned into black water. That pain was enough to turn into deep hatred. Wang Lin ignored her identity and her beauty; she had to be killed!

With one step, Wang Lin turned into a ray of light and entered the Outer Realm army. He charged through, setting off a monstrous rumble. Anyone that blocked him collapsed and died. As Wang Lin moved forward, he left behind a bloody path!

The Outer Realm cultivators that died had their bodies collapse, but their heads were preserved. They followed behind Wang Lin, forming a human head cape!

This cape continued to grow as Wang Lin charged through the army; it was still increasing in number!

A thunderous rumble echoed as he moved. The expression of the celestial imperial concubine that was locked on to by Wang Lin changed greatly and she quickly retreated. Although Wang Lin was only at the mid stage of Spirit Void, she felt fear toward Wang Lin due to the Li Guang Arrow, so she ignored Wang Lin’s cultivation level!

In her view, Wang Lin was very difficult to beat. Fighting with him would lead to her death!

This was an unspeakable feeling, but it felt so real that the fear in her heart became even stronger!

As she retreated, Wang Lin closed in from the distance. As he moved, blood splattered everywhere as countless cultivators screamed and died. The heads floated behind Wang Lin, giving him an aura as if he was going to destroy the world.

With a single step, Wang Lin arrived within 1,000 feet of the celestial imperial concubine. His eyes were red and he let out a roar as he took a step forward. With this step, he swept across the world and space itself seemed to collapse. He appeared 100 feet away from the celestial imperial concubine!

The celestial imperial concubine’s face turned pale when she felt Wang Lin’s killing intent. She clenched her teeth and waved her right hand at the void. The ancient harp Wang Lin was familiar with appeared!

She put the harp before her and her hands touched it. Music notes began to appear, forming a sound wave that shot toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression was fierce as the ancient god stars between his eyebrows rotated rapidly.  Popping sounds echoed from his body, but he didn’t expand. Instead, his ancient god power gathered in every part of his body.

With one step, space itself rumbled as the endless sound waves echoed. These sound waves were indeed strong and caused Wang Lin a certain amount of harm, but at this moment, he simply didn’t care. He endured it with his powerful ancient god body and rushed forward.

Seeing Wang Lin closing in, the celestial imperial concubine’s face turned pale. Without hesitation, her hands formed a seal and she pressed on the harp. The harp echoed loudly and five sound waves appeared.

“Five Burial Spell, heart, liver, spleen, lungs, kidney!” The celestial imperial concubine let out a sharp scream. She raised her right hand and pressed down on Wang Lin!

With this press, Wang Lin’s body trembled and he felt intense pain. However, he was not the same as back then. He was now a mid stage Spirit Void cultivator, and with his ancient god body, he could kill Arcane Void cultivators!

The intense pain was still as unbearable as before, and his internal organs began to break, but Wang Lin was even faster. With determination and killing intent, Wang Lin threw a punch with his right hand.

Thunderous rumbles echoed. The ancient head appeared before Wang Lin along with the shadows of the three ancient clans. All of them entered his fist as he punched.

From far away, this scene looked shocking, and Wang Lin’s punch caused the star system to tremble. The countless Outer Realm cultivators all retreated in terror. As Wang Lin punched, a shadow ten thousand feet tall flew toward the celestial imperial concubine!

In an instant, this illusory punch landed on the celestial imperial concubine and collided with the ripples of her Five Burial Spell.

A thunderous rumble echoed across the the battlefield. The illusory punch collapsed, revealing the retreating celestial imperial concubine, who was coughing up blood.

Blood also flew from the corner of Wang Lin’s mouth. This time, he was battling the celestial imperial concubine’s original body, not a shadow like before. She was a someone who didn’t belong here, someone from the Immortal Astral Continent!

The celestial imperial concubine wiped away the blood from the corner of her mouth, and the fear in her eyes became even stronger. She valued her life far more than anyone else here. She understood that she was not someone from here. This was merely a cave world, and her status was far above this cave. The more she thought this way, the more she feared death.

As she retreated, Wang Lin rushed forward, ignoring his injuries, with killing intent in his eyes along with crazed determination. The pale celestial imperial concubine formed a seal and a golden light shined. The power of the celestial bloodline spread across the stars.

The power of the celestial bloodline turned into a pressure that shrouded the area.

“Wang Lin!! There is no great vendetta between us, why are you…” The celestial imperial concubine’s voice was sharp, but before she could finish speaking, her voice turned into a twisted scream. She gave up all celestial spells and retreated like crazy.

Because as she spoke, the bow that killed the Sovereign appeared in Wang Lin’s hand!

The moment she retreated, Wang Lin charged forward. As he moved forward, he waved his hand and the bow disappeared. He didn’t want to shoot the bow, he took it out to suppress the other so the other wouldn’t dare to use their spell!

At this moment, as the celestial imperial concubine was retreating in fear, Wang Lin pointed at her and roared,


With one word, the celestial imperial concubine’s body stopped, but only for a moment. She had the celestial bloodline and was able to break free after only a moment. However, that was enough for Wang Lin to catch up.

As Wang Lin closed in, his hands formed a seal and a monstrous, black wind formed black dragons. Endless rain fell and an illusionary earth appeared and shattered. It was Bai Fan’s celestial spells.

However, this was only a set up; the purpose of using these celestial spells was to use the last spell, Dark Moon Clear sky!

The moment the spell appeared, a blood moon appeared, and its shadow landed on the celestial imperial concubine’s body!

“Dark Moon Clear Sky!” Wang Lin let out a roar and a moon mark appeared on her face. A miserable scream came from her as her beautiful face was ripped open. She turned around and looked viciously at Wang Lin. She gave up on escaping and charged at Wang Lin.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and their bodies collided. Their spells collided, but the celestial imperial concubine’s body was knocked back. Her face was deathly pale and she coughed out blood.

Wang Lin also retreated and coughed out blood. However, he only retreated a few steps before he charged forward once more. He raised his right hand and let out a roar. The War Spirit Print appeared.

The giant palmprint charged at the celestial imperial concubine the moment it appeared.

The celestial imperial concubine’s expression changed greatly and she quickly formed a seal, causing celestial energy to gather. A vague shadow appeared before her, and before the shadow could take shape, Wang Lin’s voice entered her mind.

“Cultivator of the Immortal Astral Continent. Concubine of the Seven Dao Sect sect master. Do you think I don’t know everything?”

The truth was exposed, and the celestial imperial concubine’s spell paused for a moment. Her eyes were filled with disbelief; she didn’t expect Wang Lin to know of this!

Just at this instant, there was a flash of blood light in Wang Lin’s hand and the blood sword appeared. Wang Lin raised his hand and mercilessly sliced down!

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