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Chapter 1657 - Decisive Battle (1)

Dao Feishan’s body trembled. That gaze had caused his mind to tremble. He had heard about Wang Lin but never considered Wang Lin a threat. After he heard that the Sovereign and the others had killed Wang Lin with a trap, he though they were making a fuss about Wang Lin over nothing.

However, it wasn’t until this moment that he realized how terrifying Wang Lin was. It had only taken one arrow to kill the Sovereign, which he still couldn’t believe. The fear in his heart reached a peak.

Now, while being gazed at by Wang Lin, his heart pounded rapidly. Wang Lin’s gaze was like a sword that swept across the sky and landed on Dao Feishan. Dao Feishan subconsciously backed up a few steps and his face turned pale.

He had almost lost his wits. Wang Lin’s words were like the sound of death, leaving his mind blank. He was only at the Nirvana Void stage, and when facing Wang Lin, he had the illusion that he was looking up at a mountain.

At this moment, remorse drowned him like a raging sea. He should not have provoked Mu Bingmei. He shouldn’t have had thoughts about the Lord of the Sealed Realm’s woman.

This was the root of his death! However, in the end, he was still a third step cultivator. Although he was shaking and felt extreme fear, there was still a sense of clarity in his mind. He knew that he was almost certain to die. If there was a hint of hope, it was Mu Bingmei!

As Wang Lin spoke, Dao Feishan didn’t hesitate to charge toward Mu Bingmei after he subconsciously retreated a few steps. His eyes were filled with madness.

A madness for survival!

He was going to capture Mu Bingmei and trade her for his survival. This was his last and only hope!

The 100 feet distance was nothing for a third step cultivator, but this depended on who was watching. In Wang Lin’s eyes, Dao Feishan wasn’t qualified!

He got within 10 feet of Mu Bingmei, but she didn’t dodge at all. She coldly looked at Dao Feishan, her beautiful eyes revealing disdain.

Wang Lin’s expression remained calm and he took a step forward. His speed was far beyond Dao Feishan’s imagination. His shadow was still there when he appeared before Mu Bingmei and his hand reached out.

It was as if Dao Feishan had presented himself and Wang Lin had caught his wrist.

“You’re courting death!” Wang Lin spoke coldly. He stepped forward while holding Dao Feishan’s body. Dao Feishan couldn’t control his body at all as Wang Lin dragged him into the air, and he was smashed into the ground below!

A thunderous rumble rang out and miserable scream echoed. Only then did the surrounding cultivators react.

After Dao Feishan’s body smashed into the ground, he was thrown into the air by Wang Lin once more. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. Just as he had said, Mu Bingmei was not his lover, but she was Wang Ping’s mother. This Dao Feishan had dared to have vile intents toward her, and this was something Wang Lin would never allow!

He stepped forward and instantly closed in on Dao Feishan. His right hand pointed at Dao Feishan’s chest and a power surged into Dao Feishan’s body. This power went for Dao Feishan’s right hand, which exploded into a mess of flesh and blood.

Without pausing, Wang Lin pointed once more. A thunderous rumble echoed and Dao Feishan’s left arm collapsed.

Dao Feishan let out a miserable roar after losing both his arms. He was powerless before Wang Lin, and the rest of the Outer Realm cultivators were still shocked by that arrow, so no one dared to come to save him.

Even if they were to come, they were in no rush!

Wang Lin’s right hand pointed out several times. Dao Feishan’s legs shattered into a mess. The last palm was the palm of death. After destroying Dao Feishan’s limbs, he mercilessly smashed down on Dao Feishan’s forehead.

Popping sounds echoed inside Dao Feishan. He coughed out large amounts of blood and his eyes dimmed. Even his miserable screams weakened.

Then his body trembled and exploded. Blood splattered everywhere, but none of it landed on Wang Lin. Wang Lin waved his sleeve and all the blood was pushed away.

After his body collapsed, Dao Feishan’s origin soul was seriously injured but not dead. He flew out of his collapsed body and was in a daze when Wang Lin grabbed his neck.

Wang Lin mercilessly squeezed, and with a bang, a third step Nirvana Void cultivator died!

This bloody scene caused the Outer Realm cultivators to gasp and retreat. The burly man before Qing Shui felt his scalp go numb. He retreated without hesitation.

However, just as he started retreating, Wang Lin suddenly turned. His red eyes locked on to the burly man. The burly man trembled, and after a moment of pause, fled even faster.

“You hurt my senior brother, how could I let you escape?” Wang Lin moved in a flash and appeared behind the burly man. He waved his right hand.

The burly man let out a crazy roar and suddenly turned around. His hands formed seals and his palm shot toward Wang Lin.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and the burly man coughed out blood. Cracking sounds came from his arms as they collapsed. He screamed as his body was pushed back over 1,000 feet.

Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with killing intent and he caught up to the burly man. His right hand closed and moved toward the burly man’s chest. The burly man’s eyes were filled with madness from despair. He roared as he bit the tip of this tongue and shot out an arrow of blood. It turned into a bloody gust of wind that turned into a storm that rushed toward Wang Lin.

Inside the storm, there were countless red balls of thunder. This made it look like the blood arrow could destroy the world.

“After reaching the third step with the wind essence, you also obtained an incomplete thunder essence. That is indeed rare!” Wang Lin’s gaze swept over, but this hands didn’t stop at all. His palm landed on the storm and then his fingers clenched into a fist as he pulled back.

With this, the blood storm collapsed, and as it collapsed, the thunder inside trembled. Wang Lin was the master of thunder in this world, and his thunder essence had reached perfection. All thunder had to surrender to him, much less these small balls of thunder.

“Scram!” Wang Lin yelled, and the countless balls of thunder inside the storm trembled and scattered in all directions. In the blink of an eye, they disappeared without a trace.

The power of wind and thunder couldn’t even withstand one blow from Wang Lin. After the storm was destroyed, Wang Lin stepped forward and appeared beside the burly man, who was filled with despair.

He raised his right hand and formed a sword with his finger. He then casually pointed at the burly man’s neck!

“As punishment for injuring my senior brother, I want you to suffer the greatest pain in the world!” With a point, the burly man’s neck began to swell. The blood in his body moved rapidly as it was being sucked away by Wang Lin’s finger.

In an instant, the burly man let out a miserable scream and his face turned pale. All the blood in his body condensed at his neck. His neck was now dark purple and a giant bump had appeared on it.

This bump contained all the blood in his body. All the blood in his body gathered at this point in an instant.

The dark purple bump exploded and large amounts of blood sprayed everywhere until the very last drop of blood was gone. His scream was heart wrenching!

This kind of pain was difficult to describe, but even cultivators found it almost impossible to bear.

However, this was not the end. Although all the blood was drawn out, the suction force remained. Thus, what was being sucked was his life force. Large amounts of vitality was sucked out rom his neck. He screamed, and in an instant later, he turned into a skeleton.

His eyes were bulged and his expression was terrifying. However, his face had no color left, as if he was dead.

However, the suction force from Wang Lin’s fingers didn’t decrease but increased. Under this powerful suction force, the burly man’s skeleton-like body trembled. Then his miserable screams weakened and his bones began to melt.

His body turned into liquid, and when it melted, even his origin soul was pulled out. This gave a powerful blow to the minds of all the people watching.

They had personally witnessed a third step Nirvana Void cultivator have everything sucked out from his body. In the end, all of it formed a ball of gas in Wang Lin’s hand!

This ball of gas was the burly man!

Holding the ball of gas, Wang Lin arrived before Qing Shui. He pressed his free hand on Qing Shui, who had his eyes closed and was about to die.

This caused Qing Shui’s body to tremble, and he suddenly opened his eyes. Seven strands of black gas rushed out of his body, moving like pythons. They were reluctant to leave, but they had been forced out of Qing Shui’s body by Wang Lin’s powerful cultivation.

As the seven stands of black gas dissipated, although Qing Shui’s eyes were still dim, the death aura in his body dissipated. Then vitality began to return to his body.

After dispelling the poison in Qing Shui’s body, Wang Lin pushed the ball of fog he had extracted from the burly man into Qing Shui.

“After absorbing this, Senior Brother’s recovery can speed up!” Wang Lin glanced at the stunned woman in pink beside Qing Shui, who was staring at him, and then turned toward the sky.

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