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Chapter 1656 - Grand Eruption!!

The burly man grinned as he closed in on Qing Shui and his daughter. Qing Shui’s eyes were dim and were about to close. At this moment, he looked into the distance, and although his vision was blurry, his mind felt a familiar aura.

This familiar aura belonged to his brother, his junior brother!

The woman in pink holding him also raised her head. Her eyes shined like never before and looked ahead.

The burly man trembled and suddenly turned around. His eyes were filed with disbelief.

On another planet, Mu Bingmei was filled with despair when her body trembled. Her eyes lit up, and with this light in her eyes, she looked extremely beautiful!

A happy smile appeared on her face. She was rarely this happy in her life. She knew, she believed that he wouldn’t die!

Dao Feishan, who was less than 100 feet from Mu Bingmei, was startled when he felt an aura that made his scalp numb. He saw the gentle and happy smile on Mu Bingmei. Although he had never seen Wang Lin, his mind trembled and a terrifying speculation appeared in his mind.

He suddenly looked back!

There was also that other cultivation planet where countless people that knew Wang Lin was at. Xi Zifeng, Zhan Conglie, Shengong Hu, Master Flamespark, and countless others! They all looked into the distance and saw the powerful arrow pierce the void!

This was an arrow that was hundreds of thousands of feet long and had the power to destroy heaven itself. The tip of the arrow was a circle, and it howled through space, causing the space before it to collapse. Nothing could stop it!

There was a person standing on the tip of the arrow. A person wearing white with a head of white hair! One could also faintly see two giant, motionless wheels following closely behind.

At this moment, Qing Lin, Master Hong Shan, and the woman in purple from the Summoned River that Wang Lin didn’t know all looked at the terrifying arrow closing in from the distance!

Qing Lin’s eyes were filled with disbelief. He vaguely felt like this arrow was familiar and vaguely recognized something, but he didn’t dare to imagine!

Master Hong Shan was completely stunned. Not only had Wang Lin not died, but his cultivation level had reached such a degree. He was also rushing here in such a heaven-shattering and unimaginable method!

The shock of the Inner Realm cultivators couldn’t be compared to what the Outer Realm cultivators felt at all. At this moment, the minds of the hundreds of thousands of Outer Realm cultivators all trembled. Their eyes were filled with horror. Some of them recognize Wang Lin and were terrified.

In particular, the Arcane Void cultivators that had participated in killing Wang Lin all turned around in shock!

“Wang Lin!”

“He is still not dead!!”

“This is Li Guang’s arrow!” The expressions of the two celestial imperial concubines that had witnessed the power of the arrow changed greatly.

This all happened in an instant. The arrow howled and closed in from the distance. Every star domain it passed collapsed, forming a giant gully that would exist for an eternality!

This gully came from the border to the Cloud Sea!

This arrow contained Wang Lin’s anger and his slaughter after he went through the Brilliant Void, Summoned River, and Cloud Sea. It instantly flew toward the palmprint outside of the Sovereign’s palace.

This was Wang Lin’s battle against the Sovereign!

All of this happened several times faster than lightning. While everyone was still shocked, the arrow closed in on the descending palmprint!

At this moment, everyone’s gazes gathered here. Wang Lin’s appearance replaced all light in the world. All the Outer Realm cultivators, especially the ones at the third step, had to turn their attention toward him!

Under their gazes, the howling arrow collided with the Sovereign’s palmprint!

The moment they collided, the palmprint trembled violently and erupted with seven-colored light. This seven-colored light was bright, but it couldn’t suppress the arrow that had no light and only killing intent!

Thunderous rumbles echoed like crazy, creating a shockwave at a level that had never been seen before. As the shockwave spread in all directions, the palmprint trembled violently and collapsed!

When the palmprint collapsed, the shocking arrow pierced through it, and it seemed to become even more shocking. It took everyone’s breath away and dissipated the danger the Inner Realm was facing. It flew toward the palace that had come out of the rift.

On the palace, the Sovereign’s black robe was blown back by the wind, revealing his dried-up body. At this moment, there was a twitch on his face and his eyes became filled with a rare trace of madness.

“This old man doesn’t believe that the Li Guang Bow in your hands can create enough power to kill me!” The Sovereign let out a roar and stepped forward to meet the arrow!

In an instant, the Sovereign’s body appeared before the tip of the arrow. He waved his dried-up right hand and a seven-colored light curtin appeared. It collided with the arrow.

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the star domain. The moment the seven-colored light screen touched the arrow, the yellow, orange, red, and green colors instantly collapsed. Then the blue, indigo, and violet colors became distorted and collapsed.

The seven-colored light screen was unable to stop this arrow! Wang Lin’s cultivation level was not high enough to fight the Sovereign, but only a few people in this world could stop this arrow! The Sovereign was not one of them!

The Sovereign continued to retreat, and the sleeves of his black robe shattered, revealing his two dried-up arms. His expression was gloomy as he retreated, and he bit the tip of his tongue to cough out blood.

This blood contained a hint of gold and instantly erupted with the power of the celestial bloodline. A golden sun appeared before him and the law of origin shrouded the star domain.

“This old man doesn’t believe!!!” The Sovereign pushed the golden sun before him toward the arrow.

“Get the hell out of here, palmprint servant boy!” Wang Lin’s voice echoed as the arrow collided with the golden sun.

A powerful sound wave spread. The countless cultivators screamed as their ears collapsed and blood sprayed out. The golden sun violently trembled, but it couldn’t move forward at all, even with the Sovereign pushing with both hands. He was being reluctantly pushed back.

In the end, a monstrous rumble echoed and the sun exploded, forming a powerful impact. However, it didn’t scatter, but under the pressure of the arrow, it all shot toward the Sovereign!

The Sovereign coughed out blood and the black robe around him shattered, revealing his dried-up body. He was pushed back and smashed into his palace.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and several cracks appeared on the palace. At the same time, the arrow closed in, and just as it was about to hit the palace, the Sovereign formed a seal. A giant well suddenly appeared before him. This well contained its own universe; it contained endless space!

This well was the Sovereign’s second Joss Flame realm! This was a treasure the madman had given him back on the Celestial Immortal Continent! The moment he took it out, the arrow arrived!

This well wasn’t laid down but vertical. The surface of the water rippled, and at this moment, an exact copy of the arrow appeared!

This illusionary arrow charged out from the water and shot toward the Li Guang Arrow. The moment they collided, the illusionary arrow collided and the Sovereign coughed out blood. His eyes were filled with disbelief.

“You are using Master’s Immortal Celestial body!!! The Immortal Celestial body is very precious and there is only one chance in your life to obtain it… You actually gave it up and wasted it like this… But how many times can you shoot that arrow? I say at most two!! After two more shots, you will never be able to become a celestial in your life. Without the celestial blood, you are nothing but an ant!!” The Sovereign’s words were interrupted when the arrow landed on him and the power transferred into his body. His body collapsed, and the palace behind him collapsed with him!

This palace had existed since ancient times and was the spiritual pillar of the Outer Realm. To the Outer Realm cultivators, this palace was a holy place that could never be destroyed!

However, at this moment, they watched their palace collapse before them. The palace split into countless pieces and exploded!

The Sovereign was extinguished, the palace collapsed, and the world changed colors!

However, the Sovereign wasn’t completely dead. The moment his body was destroyed and all power from the arrow dissipated, his collapsed flesh began to move. It quickly gathered and his body reformed outside the rift.

“The Sealing Extermination Clan’s three-life spell!!” Wang Lin’s pupils shrank.

The revived Sovereign had a pale expression. He didn’t hesitate to retreat back into the rift after he revived. His right hand reached out behind him and the rift collapsed.

His escaping figure was extremely embarrassing!

The rumble still lingered, and as the sound lingered, the hundreds of thousands of cultivators were silent. Their gazes were all locked onto Wang Lin.

That arrow was simply too shocking!

On the side of the Outer Realm Arcane Void cultivators, the old woman was pale and her eyes were filled with endless fear. That arrow had completely frightened her!

That old man in black was also terrified. When he saw the power of that arrow, it was as if he saw death!

There was also those two celestial imperial concubines. Although they had high status, they looked at Wang Lin with fear in their eyes! So what if they were celestials from the Celestial Immortal Continent? They still had to fear Wang Lin, who they considered a humble cave cultivator!

In the distance, Grandmaster Yun Luo trembled uncontrollably. From her position, she could only see Wang Lin’s back. She was familiar with this figure, and she was afraid. This was the back of the figure that destroyed the world that she saw in her divination!

“Although she is not my lover, she is the mother of my son, Wang Ping. What did you say before!?” Wang Lin turned around. His gaze was like a sword as he stared at the terrified Dao Feishan, who was 100 feet from Mu Bingmei.

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