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Chapter 1655 - Sovereign Appears!

Qing Shui’s body trembled and his dim eyes erupted with the last of his power. He had lost his parents, lost his teacher, lost his lover, lost all his friends from the Celestial Realm, and in the end even Wang Lin seemed to have died.

He had lost everything!

He wouldn’t allow himself to lose the woman in pink before him. Qing Shui felt the aura of his daughter’s soul from his woman!

This aura made Qing Shui very excited. He had laughed like crazy and had watched the woman countless times. She seemed to have become the reason for him to live on.

She was his everything!

Even though Qing Shui was seriously injured and he could not live for more than 45 minutes without Master Hong Shan’s help, during these 45 minutes that he was alive, he wouldn’t allow his daughter to suffer any injuries!

This was something he had to do as a father. He felt a lot of guilt for his daughter and had searched for a very long time to find her!

His mouth let out a roar that sounded like a wild beast. His hand smashed down on the altar and the altar cracked. An extremely powerful rebound force came from the altar.

Borrowing this rebound force, Qing Shui’s body shot out from the altar and flew toward the planet that had its light screen shattered!

His vision was blurry and he couldn’t see the world clearly anymore. At this moment, the only thing he could see clearly was the figure of that woman on that planet!

The woman in pink was pale. She saw the light curtain collapse, and the burly man was rushing in with the power of wind and thunder. The tens of thousands of cultivators behind him rushed in.

She felt the cultivation planet below her tremble violently. As if it could not withstand the pressure of the burly man and the tens of thousands of cultivators behind him, the planet began to collapse.

Countless gullies appeared on the earth and the ground began to move up and down like the sea. The cultivators beside her all rushed forward with red eyes. They were like moths flying into the flame as they charged at the invaders!

When moths fly into the fire, do they really not know they are flying to their death? Perhaps they don’t know, or perhaps they do know!

As the violent wind raged, the woman in pink’s face was pale, but it contained a hint of red. There was still a hint of unwillingness within her, but she decisively cut it off and walked forward.

Her cultivation level wasn’t high, but she was a member of the Inner Realm.  She was afraid of death, but she wouldn’t mind dying a martyr as their kingdom was about to be destroyed!

The wind and thunder burly man grinned and ignored all the weak Inner Realm cultivators. Instead, his hand mercilessly pressed down.

With this press, the black wind turned into a storm, and there were countless balls of thunder mixed in. The storm formed a black thunder dragon that rushed at the earth below!

The only person blocking him was the woman in pink!

The wind and thunder burly man stood on the head of the black thunder dragon. He instantly passed thousands of cultivators and was only a few hundred feet from the woman in pink.

“Ant-like cultivator!” The burly man revealed a look of disdain. The woman in pink wasn’t qualified to resist. His target was to destroy this planet and go after the next one!

However, just as he was within 100 feet of the woman in pink, his expression changed greatly. He looked toward the altar deep inside the planet formation.

A roar of a wild beast came from the altar. It was filled with the power to destroy the heavens. It was filled with the wrath of a father that would kill anyone who dared to hurt this woman.

“Die for me!!!” A ray of blood light flashed and countless red snowflakes appeared out of nowhere. The red snowflakes rotated rapidly and Qing Shui charged out.

His speed reached a limit. He was crazy, and his slaughter essence was erupting from his body. The thunderous rumbles even caused people who were battling far away to look over.

The expression of the burly man changed greatly. He knew Qing Shui and how strong Qing Shui was; almost no one among the Nirvana Void cultivators was his match. At this moment, he stopped thinking about the planet and changed the black thunder dragon to prepare for Qing Shui.

However, this behavior made Qing Shui’s madness reach a never-before-seen peak!

The woman in pink was too close to him. At this moment, the thunder dragon raised its head and was going to touch her. No one in the world knew of their relationship. Not even Wang Lin knew, only Qing Shui himself understood.

At this moment, Qing Shui’s eyes were completely red and instantly closed in. He arrived before the confused woman in pink and grabbed the thunder dragon. He then viciously threw it to the side.

“Die for me!”

The moment Qing Shui caught the black thunder dragon, countless red snowflakes gathered. Crackling sounds echoed and the black thunder dragon’s body stiffened.

The strongest slaughter heart erupted from his hand and entered the thunder dragon. A thunderous rumble echoed inside the thunder dragon as it collapsed!

The burly man coughed out blood and retreated in terror. However, Qing Shui instantly arrived before him, and his hand mercilessly chopped down!

This chop caused the burly man to lose his wits. He felt a life and death crisis coming, he knew he was going to die! Qing Shui’s hand contained an unimaginable amount of slaughter essence.

A thunderous rumble echoed and the burly man coughed out several mouthfuls of blood before being forced back several thousand feet. A wound appeared from his forehead and extended to his abdomen as if it was going to rip him in half!

However, his body was not cut in half. The anger-filled slaughter energy suddenly weakened during the attack until it dissipated.

The burly man’s face turned pale as he thought he was dead. He looked up and saw Qing Shui knocked back while coughing out large amounts of black blood.

Qing Shui couldn’t complete his killing blow, his body couldn’t bear it anymore. At this moment, he was dying, and his body was caught by the woman in pink.

Looking at his daughter’s beautiful face, tears fell from Qing Shui’s eyes.

The woman in pink was confused. She bit her lower lip. She didn’t understand why Qing Shui would do this. She knew who this was, she know his status was high.

The woman in pink softly said, “Why…”

Just at this moment, the burly man with wind and thunder roared. His eyes were filled with joy and killing intent as he closed in!

At the same time, a thunderous rumble echoed and the light screen around Mu Bingmei collapsed. The evil-looking young man laughed as he stepped into the formation and made his way toward Mu Bingmei, who stared at him coldly.

“The Lord of the Sealed Realm’s lover will definitely make this lord feel very comfortable!”

Mu Bingmei’s eyes revealed the determination to die. The people of the God Sect rushed out and were ready to die with their enemy!

At this instant, outside the planet formation, Qing Lin, the woman from Summoned River, and Master Hong Shan, who were battling the Arcane Void cultivators from the Outer Realm, were also facing their biggest life and death struggles!

This life and death crisis could end this battle! A power that could suppress the entire star system appeared above the the planet formation. This pressure spread across the system and shook the minds and hearts of all Inner Realm cultivators. The hundreds of thousands of Outer Realm cultivators all roared in joy.

Under the gazes of countless people, a giant rift appeared above the planet formation. The aura coming from the rift was from the Outer Realm, and a giant palace flew out!

This palace was worshiped by countless Outer Realm cultivators. This was their holy temple, this was the Sovereign’s palace!

The Sovereign had entered the Inner Realm with his original body! The Sovereign wore a black robe and stood on top of the palace. It was impossible to see his face clearly, but you could see his dried-up hand. This hand was as dry as a bone, but you could feel the destructive aura it emitted!

After raising his hand, he pressed down on Master Hong Shan, the woman from Summoned River, and Qing Lin!

“Everything is over!” An ancient and hoarse voice came from the Sovereign. As he spoke, a giant palmprint appeared.

This palmprint covered the light from space as if it was solid. It descended upon the planet formation below!

Space collapsed and a suffocating feeling filled the heart of every Inner Realm cultivator. This feeling turned into despair!

Under this palmprint, the wind and thunder burly man closed in on Qing Shui and his daughter! The evil-looking young man revealed an obscene smile as he waved his hand and blew everyone away, leaving only Mu Bingmei. He walked toward her.

However, just at this critical moment, a sharp scream came from the border between Allheaven and the Cloud Sea.

This sharp was not something a cultivator could create, it was an arrow!

A arrow that contained destruction, anger, and slaughter! The monstrous howl echoed and suppressed the sound from the Sovereign’s palm. At this moment, it replaced every sound in the world!

Wang Lin had arrived!

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