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Chapter 1654 - Qing Shui’s Daughter

“He won’t die so easily… Is the future I predicted true… Or false…” The worry in Yun Luo’s heart had become even stronger as time passed.

She could never forget those scenes from the past. During her divination, she clearly saw the back of the figure that would destroy the Ancient Star System.

At this moment, she could only suppress the worry in her heart. She raised her jade-like hand and the surrounding cultivators all rushed forward.

The Outer Realm army attacked from eight different directions like eight sharp swords toward the planet formation.

Thunderous rumbles echoed, and shortly after, a monstrous shockwave spread out. The observing Arcane Void cultivators waved their hands to dissipate the shockwave so it couldn’t affect the attacking Outer Realm cultivators.

Mu Bingmei stood on a planet with thousands of God Sect cultivators around her. Over the years, as the God Sect’s sect master, Mu Bingmei had used her unique charm and Wang Lin’s parting words to unite the God Sect. Since then, the God Sect had always listened to her and had used their full force in the battle at the Cloud Sea, at the Summoned River, at the Brilliant Void, and this final battle.

They had suffered large amounts of deaths and injuries, and she herself had almost died twice. However, only a few thousand people from the God Sect remained.

“Sect Master, please go to the core altar, we can guard this place!” Beside Mu Bingmei, an old man with white hair looked at her with a sorrowful gaze and clasped his hands at her.

As he spoke, the surrounding God Sect cultivators all looked at Mu Bingmei. They all clasped their hands at her and said the same thing!

“Sect Master, please go to the core altar, we can guard this place!” 

Mu Bingmei’s eyes remained calm. She didn’t look at the member of the God Sect that had followed her through countless battles. She looked up at the sky at the tens of thousands of Outer Realm cultivators that were bombarding the formation.

Between her and the Outer Realm cultivators was a light screen from the planet formation, which the Outer Realm cultivators were bombarding. Once that light screen collapsed, the cultivation planet would perish as well.

There was a young man wearing green among those Outer Realm cultivators. He was very handsome but gave off an evil aura. He had countless ghosts of beautiful woman who were formed by spells. They let out miserable screams and attacked the light screen.

The young man’s gaze penetrated the light and landed on Mu Bingmei. He smiled.

“Beauty, don’t worry, this light will break soon. I heard you were the dead Lord of the Sealed Realm’s woman. I have always been interested in pair cultivation with someone else’s woman.” This voice slowly came from the light outside. Not even the thunderous rumble of tens of thousands of cultivators bombarding could stop his voice from echoing.

This young man was one of the seven third step cultivators below the Arcane Void cultivators!

He raised his right hand and pointed at Mu Bingmei inside the planet and smiled

“You are mine!”

Mu Bingmei’s gaze was calm and her eyes became cold. The young man’s name was Dao Feishan, the head of the Dao Fei Clan, who were good at pair cultivation. His personality was cruel, and many God Sect disciples had died to him.

This Dao Feishan not only liked woman but also handsome men. Mu Bingmei had faced two life and death crises. One of them was being hunted by him. If not for Qing Shui making a move to help, it would have been difficult for her to escape humiliation.

“Sect Master!! I ask the Sect Master to enter the core altar! This old man doesn’t believe the Lord of the Sealed Realm is dead. If anything happens to you and the Lord of the Sealed Realm returns, we…” This came from an white-haired old man beside Mu Bingmei, his voice sounding anxious.

“I’m the God Sect’s sect master!” Mu Bingmei said softly, her words filled with determination!

In another direction, the woman in pink who said “Lord doesn’t know me” stood on a cultivation planet. Behind her were the cultivators from the Cultivation Alliance from the Brilliant Void. Although the Alliance had collapsed years ago, many cultivators remained. However, as the battle continued, less than 3,000 remained.

These 3,000 cultivators all came from the Brilliant Void. Although they were tired, they still stood there. They stood behind the woman in pink, ready to die!

Above them, outside the light of the planet formation, tens of thousands of Outer Realm cultivators continued bombarding like crazy. Among this group of cultivators was a topless middle-aged man. He had a ferocious expression as he attacked with wind and thunder. Endless wind and thunder bombarded the planet formation.

His attacks alone were a match for these tens of thousands of cultivators!

This person was also one of the seven third step cultivators! His body was large like a murderous mountain. He let out a roar as he attacked with the tens of thousands of cultivators. He grinned and attacked the light screen, causing it to distort and become unstable.

“Everything is about to end… This is good as well…” The woman in pink had hidden her deep exhaustion. Her body looked very weak, as if even the wind could cause her to collapse. She withdrew her gaze from the sky and looked at her fellow cultivators from the Brilliant Void.

She wanted to say something, but her words were interrupted by a rumble in the distance.

A planet in the distance collapsed. The thousands of cultivators on the planet died to a wave from an old man in blue. Another planet was destroyed.

This formation was originally made of 999 planets. Each planet would form a light screen, and 999 layers would combine together to form a powerful reflective force.

However, as the planets were destroyed and the layers of light shattered, the power of the planet formation was decreasing rapidly.

The woman in pink turned her head and murmured softly, “Born as an Inner Realm cultivator and dying as an soul in the Inner Realm… It’s just that I’m a bit unwilling in my heart… I haven’t told him who I am…” 

Tens of thousands of Outer Realm cultivators were bombarding the western part of the planet formation and the light screen was on the verge of collapse. On the planet, Xi Zihong was biting her lower lip along with other cultivators of Allheaven. Zhang Conglie and Shengong Hu were also there.

Master Flamespark was also among them.

They were all Allheaven cultivators, and they felt helpless facing the tens of thousands of cultivators outside, watching the light screen being destroyed bit by bit. They were waiting for the light screen to collapse before erupting with the last power in their lives.

“When the light screen breaks, we all self-destruct. Are you all ready…” Master Flamespark spoke in a low voice.

They weren’t the first group to choose to self-destruct. Almost all the cultivation planets here had chosen to self-destruct when the light screen was broken.

In the distance, a thunderous rumble echoed. Another planet collapsed after the light screen was destroyed.

A sharp laugh came from the planet formation and a ray of green light flew out toward the Outer Realm army. The moment the green light appeared, a laughter came from the Outer Realm Arcane Void cultivators. The old man that had participated in attacking Wang Lin collided with the green light.

With a thunderous bang, the green light dissipated a bit and retreated a few steps. On the other side, the old man retreated 1,000 feet and his eyes shined. With a grin, he formed a seal and black fog filled the area.

“You are powerful, Rain Celestial Realm’s Emperor Qing Lin. You are worthy of being the last Lord of the Sealed Realm’s disciple! Your cultivation is clearly not as powerful as mine, but you are able to borrow the power of Joss Flames!”

The green light scattered, revealing Qing Lin’s body. His face was pale and he was seriously injured. He had only rested for a bit before he left to battle the Outer Realm’s third step cultivators!

Since the day the siege started, he had been like this!

Just as Qing Lin appeared, a chilling aura came from the planet formation. A woman wearing purple walked out. Her expression was soft, but her eyes contained killing intent. She was from the Summoned River, she was the master of the Summoned River!

When she walked out, one of the Arcane Void cultivators watching laughed. The woman who destroyed Wang Lin’s internal organs flew out toward the woman in purple.

Deep within the planet formation, there was an altar shrouded in fog. Qing Shui was sitting there, his figure obscured by the fog. His body trembled and his expression became twisted as he endured endless pain.

Seven strands of black gas shrouded his orifices. This black gas was like venomous snakes, and no matter how much Qing Shui struggled, he couldn’t force them out.

Master Hong Shan was sitting behind him. His fingers continued to land on Qing Shui’s back. He was helping Qing Shui force out this black gas.

“Master Hong Shan, don’t worry about me!” Qing Shui’s eyes opened and were turning lax. There were seven faint, black dots circling.

“If I don’t help you, you will die within 45 minutes!” Master Hong Shan’s forehead was covered in sweat. He waved his right hand and a black light appeared out of thin air. A puppet charged out while he remained behind Qing Shui.

Qing Shui clenched his teeth and let out a roar. His slaughter essence erupted and collided with Master Hong Shan’s finger. His body trembled and he coughed out a large amount of blood, then he turned around and roared,

“Don’t worry about me!”

Master Hong Shan looked profoundly at Qing Shui with sorrow in his eyes. He then got up and stepped outside the altar. A thunderous rumble echoed. The Arcane Void old woman from the Outer Realm greeted him with a sneer.

Qing Shui breathed heavily on the altar as black blood flowed out from his mouth. His vision became blurry and he struggled to raise his head to look at a planet in the distance. That planet was where the woman in pink was.

“Is it her… It should be…” A softness appeared in Qing Shui’s eyes. He had noticed many years ago, but he hadn’t confirmed it.

Just at this moment, the light around the cultivation planet the woman in pink was on was broken by the burly man using wind and thunder. The burly man let out a laugh and charged in with tens of thousands of cultivators.

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