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Chapter 1653 - Heading to Allheaven

The Life and Death Formation had evolved from the vortex, solidifying into a wheel. If it didn’t move, life and death didn’t move. If it moved, then life and death would reverse!

As the giant wheel rotated, thunderous rumbles seemed to come from the distance. The sound broke through the void and arrived in the area surrounded by fog. When the wheel moved, life and death was decided.

A powerful pressure came from the wheel and descended on the continent that was halfway through the hole in the Realm Sealing Formation.

This pressure suppressed life and death. It could wear out the souls and origin souls of all tangible and intangible things!

The continent trembled and countless cracks appeared along its edges. The collapse quickly spread from the edges of the continent.

The thunderous rumbles were deafening. In an instant, the cracks on the continent were like gullies. The howling sounds of the gullies echoed across the continent.

The continent’s trembling became even more intense as the wheel rotated. Many of the cultivators on the continent turned pale and coughed out blood from the suppression. Popping sounds were echoing from their bodies and their expressions showed their pain.

Some of those with lower cultivation levels had their bodies explode from the pressure. Their origin souls were sealed inside their heads before their heads flew into the air.

The giant temple that had taken rudimentary shape trembled and became covered in cracks as the wheel rotated. Soon, the temple collapsed into ruins.

Blood flowed out from the corner of the old man’s mouth and fear appeared in his eyes. He struggled to let out a roar before jumping up. His hands formed a seal and black wind gathered around him to form a giant mouth that flew at the wheel. It seemed like he wanted to devour the wheel!

Wang Lin could only use two words to describe this kind of action!

Overestimating oneself!

This old man had overestimated himself and dared to try to devour Wang Lin’s Life and Death Formation. He was not worthy of devouring it! There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes and he let out a cold snort.

As the wheel rotated, the old man was surrounded by black wind and the mouth opened even wider. It expanded to more than 100,000 feet tall and barely devoured the life and death wheel.

This old man had to do this; he knew he couldn’t escape. Since it was death either way, he had risked it all. If he succeeded, not only would he survive, but he would become famous!

With a monstrous roar, the giant mouth the old man had formed devoured the life and death wheel. However, just at this moment, a miserable cry came from inside the mouth. A shocking force erupted from inside; this force contained life and death, contained the suppression force.

The giant mouth collapsed with a bang and the pieces scattered in all directions. It was an amazing scene, looking as if the clouds covering the sky were split apart. The black fog collapsed and the life and death wheel appeared once more!

At this instant, a powerful force came from the wheel and entered the old man’s body. He coughed out blood and was smashed into the temple that had become a ruin.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and even more cracks covered the continent. A 10,000-foot-deep pit appeared where the old man landed.

In the deep pit, the old man’s body was covered in injuries and blood dyed his clothes red. He was very weak, and the fear in this eyes had reached a limit. He struggled to try and stand up.

However, just at this moment, Wang Lin waved his sleeve and pointed downward. The motionless wheel in the sky descended nine inches!

Nine for divine retribution. The pressure shattered the world!

As it descended, the old man that was struggling to get up coughed out blood once more. He was suppressed by the increasing pressure and had no strength to break free. He was slammed back into the earth.

The continent began to collapse once more. Large amounts of boulders separated from the continent and turned into dust.

The remaining Outer Realm cultivators on the continent collapsed and countless died. Only the more powerful ones sat down on the continent and resisted this pressure. Their faces were deathly pale and despair appeared in their eyes.

“The slaughter in the Cloud Sea is over!” Wang Lin closed his eyes and waved his right hand.

The life and death wheel suddenly descended nine more inches toward the collapsing continent! At this moment, the old man inside the deep pit let out the last miserable scream of his life.

His body exploded and his origin soul and soul were sealed inside his head. His head was sent flying into the air after his body exploded.

The moment the old man died, the remaining Outer Realm cultivators all exploded and died!

When all life was extinguished, the continent collapsed completely. All the pieces that fell off would collapse once more until they became dust!

Even the half of the continent that had entered the Realm Sealing Formation couldn’t escape. It also became dust that disappeared from the stars!

The moment Wang Lin opened his eyes, thousands of heads, including the third step old man’s head, flew toward him. They became part of the tens of thousands of heads following him.

He took one last look at the Cloud Sea before stepping toward the last place he was going to go!

That place was Allheaven. That place was where many people who Wang Lin was familiar with were. That place was where the final battle was taking place! 

Wang Lin stepped toward Allheaven and the screams of the tens of thousands of heads echoed across the stars. Below him, the motionless wheel followed.

“Karma Formation, form!” Wang Lin’s voice faintly echoed. The tens of thousands of heads flew above him and rotated to form another giant vortex.

Wang Lin’s raised his right hand and his five fingers opened. He then pressed down and the vortex rotated even faster. The tens of thousands of heads seemed to merge together, making it impossible to see them individually anymore.

Wang Lin’s right hand slowly formed a fist. The moment he formed a fist, the world rumbled and the vortex suddenly stopped rotating. It turned into a karma wheel and floated above Wang Lin.

Wang Lin had a wheel above and below him. He was between them like a celestial god that controlled life and death and karma. His flowing, white hair gave off a cold killing intent.

“Allheaven…” Wang Lin’s figure flickered forward and he disappeared with the two wheels above and below him. When he reappeared, he was in Allheaven.

In Allheaven, hundreds of thousands of Outer Realm cultivators surrounded the 999 planet formation. The remaining Inner Realm cultivators on these planets all had a sorrowful expression. They knew the Inner Realm had lost this war!

These 999 cultivation planets were picked from all four major star systems and were the foundation of the Inner Realm. However, they couldn’t stop signs of collapse from appearing when the Outer Realm cultivators’ spells bombarded them. It felt like they could be destroyed at any moment.

A heaven-shaking roar that shook space itself echoed. One of the planets could no longer withstand the bombardment and finally collapsed. A storm swept the area.

The earth of the planet shattered and the ocean turned to gas. The whole planet split into countless pieces and the soul of the planet vanished.

The moment the cultivation planet collapsed, the Outer Realm cultivators roared. Hundreds of thousands of Outer Realm cultivators rushed out. They took out various treasures and began another crazed attack on the planet formation.

Events like this had taken place many times over the last few months. Although it wasn’t enough to collapse the formation, they could break many planets.

Today, there were no longer 999 planets here, but less than 300!

All the third step cultivators that were attacking were below the Arcane Void stage. All the Arcane Void cultivators were floating around, observing with cold gazes. The purpose of their existence was to stop the Inner Realm cultivators from destroying the planet formation as a way of mutual destruction!

There was a total of five Arcane Void cultivators from the Outer Realm here. Three of them were celestial imperial concubines, two of which were involved in Wang Lin’s death. The other one wore a purple dress; she looked like a noble woman.

In addition, Wang Lin knew the other two Arcane Void cultivators as well. It was the old woman and old man in black who had attacked him during that life and death crisis.

Aside from the Sovereign, the middle-aged man who had died, and Heaven Master Void God, everyone else who was part of that attack was here!

With these Arcane Void cultivators here, the Inner Realm cultivators couldn’t even attempt to destroy the planet formation for a mutual destruction. They could only watch the planets be destroyed one by one.

Aside from those Arcane Void cultivators, there were seven more third step cultivators. They varied from Nirvana Void to Spirit Void. It was those seven that were leading the Outer Realm cultivators to attack from seven different directions.

Those thunderous rumbles echoed across Allheaven and shook everyone’s minds.

Aside from these seven people, there was another woman among a group of Outer Realm cultivators. This woman was very beautiful and she looked at the planet formation with a cold gaze, but there was a hidden sense of worry in her eyes.

She was the original body of Grandmaster Yun Luo, who had lost her avatar!

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