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Chapter 1652 - Strong!

Wang Lin was in the Cloud Sea!

He didn’t go directly to Allheaven. He couldn’t subvert this war with his own strength. Even if he used the Li Guang Bow, he could only temporarily change the battle.

He had to consider how to hold out for three years.

When the people from the Ancient Celestial Realm come out in three years, he will still need to go destroy the Outer Realm’s Ancient Celestial Realm. All of this required the Li Guang bow, and he didn’t have enough celestial energy to use the bow that many times!

Therefore, knowing the danger that resided in Allheaven, he chose not to slaughter his way there. He would first slaughter the Outer Realm cultivators in the other star systems. He needed their heads and origin souls to complete the strongest formation!

As Wang Lin moved forward, he passed by many continents. As death became widespread, the number of heads behind Wang Lin exceeded 50,000!

The moment the number passed 50,000, Wang Lin waved his hand. His left hand pointed at the void.

“Left hand is life!” With this phrase, the 50,000 heads moved. Half of them flew to his left and formed a giant vortex.

“Right hand controls death!” Wang Lin pointed with his right hand and half of the heads flew over to form a death vortex.

Wang Lin’s eyes were serious as his hand rapidly formed seals that flew into the two vortexes. A moment later, Wang Lin let out a roar.

The two vortexes that represented life and death overlapped and instantly fused into one!

This resulted in thunderous rumbles that caused space itself to tremble. The fused vortex rotated rapidly and expanded. 10,000 feet, 100,000 feet, over 1,000,000 feet!

This giant vortex rotated above Wang Lin, and even space itself seemed to rotate along with it.

“Life and Death Formation, form!” Wang Lin bit the tip of his tongue and spat out his third step essence blood. The blood turned into mist and fused with the vortex.

As they fused, cracking sounds came from the vortex and the giant vortex stopped rotating. Not only did it stop rotating, it began to solidify.

In the blink of an eye, the giant vortex completely solidified. It looked it was formed by many rings and gave off a terrifying aura!

From afar, the solidified vortex looked like a huge wheel! This wheel represented life and death. If it wasn’t rotating, everything would live. If it started rotating, everything would die!

What formed the wheel was the more than 50,000 screaming heads!

Wang Lin jumped up and stood on top of the wheel. The wheel didn’t rotate but rushed forward. Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a strange light as the wheel moved toward another continent.

He was going to kill. He wanted even more heads and origin souls to form the second formation. The Karma Formation!

He quickly moved past continents and they collapsed before him. All the Outer Realm cultivators died and their heads were taken by Wang Lin. There was now a large number of heads following him!

This represented death. The smell of blood around him was so strong, it was as if a rain of blood was going to fall. After killing thousands of Outer Realm cultivators on a continent, he stepped forward.

The number of heads gradually reached tens of thousands behind Wang Lin, but his slaughter was not over. Wang Lin waved his right hand and raised his palm. Thunderous rumbles echoed and many Outer Realm cultivators on the continent before him tried to escape. However, their bodies trembled and their blood sprayed everywhere before the head flew towards Wang Lin.

This didn’t take long. As Wang Lin swept through the star system, even more Outer Realm cultivators died. A moment later, a giant  planet appeared before Wang Lin. This planet was covered in seaweed. The moment he arrived, the aura of a third step cultivator erupted from the planet.

This planet was where the woman was. When she noticed Wang Lin, she didn’t dare to attack early but couldn’t find a way to escape. She could only wait for Wang Lin to come and then battle him using this planet!

This planet was completely under her control by her, and the andless seaweed came from her Joss Flame souls. Although she couldn’t beat Wang Lin here, she could reach her strongest peak!

A sharp noise came from the planet when Wang Lin arrived. When it rang out, the seaweed on the planet began to grow like crazy. They grew to be 10,000 feet, 100,000 feet, 1,000,000 feet, or even 10,000,000 feet long. And they were still extending!

In a flash, the cultivation planet went through a strange change that had never taken place before.

As the endless seaweed grew, the cultivation planet turned into a head! The seaweed that was still growing was the long hair of this head!

The flowers on the planet bloomed and the beautiful woman revealed her face. Her murmur shrouded the planet and caused the mountains and rivers on the planet to change.

Some mountains fell and some rose. Some rivers dried up and some appeared out of nowhere! As a result, the planet changed drastically and the planet turned into a giant head!

This was the head of a woman. As the planet’s surface changed, it took on the appearance of the woman. This scene was extremely strange to watch in space!

The giant cultivation planet became her head. Her face was very beautiful and her eyes were closed! The seaweed that formed the hair floated without any wind. This made her even more beautiful and gave her a thrilling sense of charm!

A mountain peak formed her nose, mountains formed her eyebrows, the canyons her lips, and the oceans her eyes. All of this showed how shocking her spell was.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he looked over. Just at this moment, the eyebrows of the woman’s head trembled. The trembling of the eyelashes was actually the collapse of mountains on the planet. Then the woman suddenly opened her eyes.

A merciless gaze stared at Wang Lin, and a scream that could collapse the void came from her mouth!

“This spell is not bad, but your cultivation is too weak!” Wang Lin’s right hand reached at the void before him and blood light surrounded the area. The blood sword appeared out of nowhere. Fire appeared in his left eye and thunder flashed in his right. Between his eyebrows, life and death, karma, and true and false appeared. They all fused into the blood sword before him!

The blood sword gave off a monstrous sound as if it was extremely excited. It was as if it had been hungry for many years and now it could finally erupt!

Staring at the head with the merciless gaze, there was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes. His right hand held up the sword and mercilessly chopped down!

When the sword fell, a rumble echoed across the sky, replacing everything. A large ray of sword energy that could cut everything descended and fell on the giant head in the blink of an eye. The woman’s merciless gaze collapsed and became filled with fear and despair. Her spell was interrupted and her head split in half!

There was a flash of light and the sword energy penetrated through. The woman’s original body’s head also separated from her body, her eyes filled with confusion.

Wang Lin’s right hand fell and the blood sword dissipated. He no longer looked at it and walked past the planet. As he passed, his left hand casually reached toward the head.

In an instant, the woman’s head flew from the planet and landed in Wang Lin’s hand. He then threw it behind him and left.

It wasn’t until a long time after he left that the planet completely split apart and shatter.

The nightmare of the Outer Realm cultivators in the Cloud Sea was coming to an end. Wang Lin appeared in areas his divine sense had swept by, and all the Outer Realm cultivators found it difficult to escape death!

No one could stop Wang Lin from leaving behind a blood trail as he left with heads with origin souls sealed inside. Soon, the number of heads behind Wang Lin reached 50,000!

After taking the heads of all the Outer Realm cultivators, aside from the ones inside the fog, there was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes. He looked into the distance. That was where the hole to the Outer Realm surrounded by fog was located.

There was a floating continent there, and it was rapidly moving. The thousands of cultivators were pushing the continent toward the hole to the Outer Realm. When Wang Lin looked over, more than half were in the Outer Realm already.

“Want to run? Too late!” Wang Lin waved his right hand and the wheel below him that represented life and death flew out. It broke through the void and shot toward the last continent in the fog.

“I’ll take you all as sacrifices to my Life and Death Formation! End the slaughter in the Cloud Sea!”

In an instant, the fog above the continent churned and the life and death wheel suddenly appeared!

After it appeared, an unimaginable pressure descended on the continent. The expression of the old man on the statue changed when he saw the giant wheel slowly rotate once!

Life and death was one rotation!

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